Structural Similarities Between Brain and Universe Identified

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a study that analyzed similarities between the structure of the brain and the structure of the universe
Main Paper:

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Mark Miller:
Dr Jana
Nevit Dilmen

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  1. Farhan Siddiqui فرحان صدی

    Morphology of Brain and Universe is similar since underlying Mathematics is probably same.

  2. Softnumnums

    Our universe is an atom in someone else’s brain cell. Its all fractal.

  3. Kest ukas

    To be a thought in some ones head. Great video!

  4. 01DOGG01

    I used to have discussions with a friend in high school and I’d tell him that the universe is a thought process, like the act of becoming self-aware.

  5. Sebastion Anon

    Here’s a few other parallels to consider: Big Bang = conception, Dark Energy = Information, Black Holes = Memory/Knowledge storage

  6. Michelle Peacock

    I noticed this a long time ago. I’m so glad you covered it. So cool.

  7. Charles Pearce

    I’ve been aware of this for years, it’s truly fascinating.

  8. Nikolay Andreev

    I must say. Your T-shirts have seen a lot of improvement lately ;)

  9. Skaatje

    Okay, I will do it: Definitely not everyone has a brain. I’ve been on the internet, or outside for that matter. I checked.

  10. I see it like this I feel

    It’s convergent evolution, absolutely amazing and on occasion hilarious.

  11. The Cosmos Imager

    Universe Simulated as a struture of Human Brain…
    That Makes me say We are In Universe and Universe is in Us !! : D

  12. Adrian Sosa

    Thankkkkkk you for covering this I’ve always noticed how the energy of our universe acts in a very similar way

  13. darrin webber

    I’ve said many times…how I see a neural network when looking at images of universe

  14. Jay121

    Does this mean that “the mind is like a mirror” of reality is to be taken literally?

  15. lucky_

    The guy that created our consciousness was the same guy that created the universe.

  16. Kristóf Kovács

    Nice to look at them. It reminds me when we learned about atoms in school and I asked if electrons are orbiting like planets.

  17. Tara Fojtasek

    You’re SooSooo Smart! And Opened Minded

  18. MicroClases

    1:05 “this has nothing to do with an intelligent Universe…”, OK now i heard about I cant stop thinking about that idea for the rest of the video, thanks Anton!

  19. Tim MacWilliam

    Everything connects by three. Vortex energy. 3,6,9 Tesla

  20. Kevin Hanley

    Oh yes, the higher being who’s brain we are in! Just as likely as the multiverse.

  21. zejd land

    Global warming is just the organism reaction against life in form of a fever.
    Check mate liberals.

  22. opossom1968

    we all have been dead for time untold, we are only a memory in the mind of a supreme being. Where we will be for all eternity.

  23. Rasmine's Message from Sp

    ‘If I only had a brain’ lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala :P

  24. John Doe

    Kim Kardashian is filled with dark matter…

  25. Dennis Young

    This is extremely important to understand. It’s your most important video.

  26. liquidminds

    I’ve always known that I have a universe in my head. Lots of empty space and tons of black holes where stuff disappears.

  27. Black Opal

    I have been telling people this for 20 years. People really need to start listening.

  28. Atouk

    I thought this was a known. Since seeing a structure of the universe, I’ve always thought it looked like a brain.

  29. Deór

    This gives me Azatoth vibes… Perhaps there is some merit to Lovecraft’s fiction

  30. Baxter Powel

    Just like the rain allow living life!

  31. Master Chief

    Everyone gangsta until universe wakes up..

  32. Monkey D. Luffy

    Few years ago I was thinking that maybe the Universe is like a brain

  33. Solid Snake

    The implications of this is absolutely insane and indescribable just like Anton said in the beginning of this video. Think about it!

  34. memmud memmed

    both systems are quite similar to be coincidence! so wtf is going on here? this so exciting! I love how science always provides us with more questions! too many questions in my head right now!

  35. Elijah Sprague

    Does this give more credence to the “brain in the vat” theory? 🤣.

  36. ZZWild

    Really enjoying the new camera quality Anton, great video as always :)

  37. Henry Fate

    Easy Anton, you’re having a super nova.

  38. 2B-Conscious

    If you liked this, maybe check out “The electric universe” by the thunderbolts project…

  39. CleanerBen

    Big brain confirmed

  40. Lawrence Stone

    The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. — Sir James Jeans

  41. Izen

    Imagine a covid virus looking through a telescope saying “I knew it!”

  42. Lady of the Woods

    This is great ! I had never seen this before … thank you very much ! So interesting! Some make fun, yes . I find it fascinating. The singularity is being worked on…

  43. MrCdnBeef

    I love how this has sparked ethereal implicated conversations.

  44. N E S Y

    Anton: “I’m sure someone’s going to joke about it.”


    *Dies out of internal kilonova.*

  45. Gd Snuff

    I’ve been curious about this.

  46. Ahha Huhhuh

    I have been saying this. Im not smart, just a lucky deduction!

  47. Daniel Moolman

    The way I see it: Our brains aren’t universes and the universe isn’t a brain. Both are just 3D webs.

  48. James T

    When people do drugs they kill brain cells…
    When the universe does drugs it causes black holes to be created…

  49. Jin Jin

    irony of all ironies. Carl Sagan once said, ” considering human intelligence and curiosity, it is as though universe is trying to understand itself”


    So we really live as dreams of The Godhead. Hopefully it never wakes up.

  51. Spruce Willis

    Sometimes my ADD won’t let me finish your short videos but I just wanna be called a wonderful person and I like that.

  52. Chris Christopherous

    So we are the universe looking out upon itself. Some of us have known this for decades. I love it when science catches up with ancient truth.

  53. -Yttrium-

    Jokes on you, I already knew I had a galaxy brain.

  54. Raw Power

    That’s absolutely mind-boggling I’ve never heard of this! So basically we live inside of a neuron off somebody lol

  55. Laiba Gul

    Nature in general has a pattern.✨

  56. Silas Dense

    Thank you Anton.
    You’re AWESOME!

  57. SawHorse

    I have heard yogies say “The macro and the micro are of the same structure, just different complexity

  58. The Great Hadoken

    It’s my (uneducated and faith-based) contention that the Universe is fractal. It’s the very embodiment of the phrase ‘as above, so below’. What we see at the very small scale, we will continue to see at the very large scales, and the larger the scales we find, the more they continue to resemble one another. As you zoom right into a fractal pattern and see how it reproduces itself and how it looks no matter how closely you zoom inwards, the Universe will continue to hold that same structure. I believe the Universe is probably infinite, or effectively infinite.

    I believe that things such as the Mandelbrot Set (sic?) touch upon something ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL in our Universe. Perhaps even more fundamental than we already know. We might one day see that each brain is it’s own self-contained Universe within a Universe, and our Universe is really the brain of some higher-being. Not literally, necessarily, but in the fractal sense.

  59. Marcin W

    in fact i was working night and day to become a wonderful person. Thanks for noticing that.

  60. oriontherealironman

    I’d always wondered about this after seeing the simulations of universe!

  61. Melo

    I actually have been telling my friends this for years.

  62. N Mac

    If you all hit DMT you’d already know all this 😂😂😂

  63. Space Ghost

    “The math at work” wonderfully put anton.👍

  64. JorgeAraujo97

    We’re the dream of some colossal being.

  65. ElmwoodParkHulk

    Yes , reality is inside the mind of God

  66. Rockin BoBokkin

    Yesterday, we got Bulge. Today, we got Brain. Anton is off the hook this week. Try to stop this man. It can’t be done.

  67. Neutrino

    So humans are actually a parasitic being living in the brain of a giant. I knew it.

  68. MIKAL

    We’re surrounded by inactive universes.

  69. James T

    I’ve been saying this for years… Took long enough for someone else to agree

  70. allegra braun

    Memory is EVERYTHING

  71. N Mac

    I appreciate your honest and humble approach

  72. Robert Tolbert

    Do astronomers still talk about chaos theory?
    There is insects that fly in a pattern using only a few rules and these patterns are universal.

  73. Nou Noú Nico

    Our bodies are host to several different organisms all working independently without our consciousness to allow our body to survive.

  74. All Things Must Come To A

    “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus

  75. Anthony Goodley

    Just like the universe most people’s brain are full of unused, empty space.

  76. Jack Savage

    I remember the theory of the universe being self aware or something similar. How small is small and how large is large?

  77. UniquelySamuel

    We live inside someone’s neuron!
    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  78. 7 Sided Mint

    I’ve always wondered if the reason why the universe is expanding is because the brain we are inside is growing…

  79. Jamie McEwan

    Very interesting. Maybe it means something, maybe not…but fun nonetheless.

  80. jayknight139

    Maybe the expansion of the universe is symbolic to what will happen with our consciousness as we evolve.

  81. gcoffey223

    I have always felt the universe is a living organism, a neuron, a cell, who knows

  82. Peter Rabbit

    Imagine if there is no “smallest” scale, and it’s universes all the way [

  83. Mc Spicy Nut

    I mean, we dont _really_ know thats how the universe looks, but good enough I guess.

  84. Blebsed

    I’ve always thought the cosmic web looks like a neurological structure. It’s nice to know that others see that similarity.

  85. The DORUK

    So we are living inside one giant universal lobe *confirmed*

  86. Richard Groller

    now, i really feel like a one celled creature or even a strand of dna in the relationship to the universe.

  87. RedMoonDesign Beth

    “As above, so below” “The Micro is reflected in the Macro.” Hmmmm🤔

  88. Dan D

    Scientist : Sometimes the simplist solution is the ans—-

    Most people : WE ALL LIVE IN GODS BRAIN


  89. Andreas Ravnestad

    Guys hear me out
    Dark matter is intergalactic cerebrospinal fluid

  90. Gordon L

    We need to tap into the universes’ optic nerve so we can see what’s going on “outside” ;-)

  91. drrtfm

    Some days I am sure that my brain is similar to the universe: largely empty and mostly scattered.

  92. AL Can

    “Although someone in the comments will make a joke of this” (me deleting my stupid comment…)

  93. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    The Elder Scrolls were right we just live in the dream of the Godhead.

  94. forks and popsticles

    So those expanding brain memes are realistic after all?

  95. Bigg Mac

    Maybe we are just inside someones brain. That’d be neat.

  96. Archimedes of Syracuse

    It shows how fractal mathematics applies to the universe and how we are a part of the beauty.

  97. Bogdan Bordeianu

    And so the dark matter just become grey.

  98. MC's Creations

    “We are a way for the universe to know itself.”
    – Carl Sagan

  99. TTime685

    This kinda shows how fundamental patterns of nature break down and eventually repeat, ie fractals

  100. Edw Email

    It’s all fun and physics until a supernova gives you a stroke.

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