Strange Ultra Massive White Dwarf Discovered

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of an unusual ultra massive white dwarf not so far from us.

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  1. J.J Whitty

    If I die from SARS-CoV-2 virus, I wish to thank Anton for I shall have died knowing the wonders of the Universe.

  2. Zack Mano

    How dense would the material on Sirius B be to generate that mass? Would that carbon be like a super-steel density to us?

  3. Matt

    would it be a Co2 star

  4. Jerry Atrick

    Stars orbiting within other stars…nature imitating Hollywood.

  5. Aurinkohirvi

    Somewhat uninhabitable Earth sounds a lot of troubles.

  6. depth386

    I don’t see why it should be considered so weird that two white dwarves would merge as long as their combined mass is under 1.4 solar masses. Seems perfectly legitimate to me that it would not explode. Thank you wonderful person Anton. Another great video.

  7. Janusha

    Doesnt a white dwarf turn into a black hole eventually?

  8. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if living around a orange star we think that’s an extremely rare condision alowing for life or being tidlly locked you think a spining planet would be to unstable. But in order to have a magnetic field the planet core has to spin. But if they had a thick atmosphere or a moon that’s generating a magnetic field. Or dust in atmosphere or wonder if life it self save what atmosphere it has or has enough gravity an holes under ground to.hold on to atmosphere

  9. E W

    I wonder what the RPM is?

  10. Atlantianreborn

    The dogon tribe knew about the binary system thousands of years before telescopes. Modern day astronomers still cannot explain how the knew about them.


    Is the core of stars is dark ?
    Because there’s no electrons

  12. voidremoved

    So… Its not the sign of the Son of Man yet…. Be strong and wait for the Lord.

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    To destroy Earth once may be counted a misfortune.
    To destroy it as often as Anton does smacks of carelessness.

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    let me guess. this is caused by DART MATTER? HAHHA HAAAAAA

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    Very interesting!

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    amazing video it was really good

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    Anton is fountain of Astronomical knowledge.

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    Can you hear an explosion in space !!!!!!!!

  28. Derek Stockley

    Do singularities orbit each other within the envelope of the event horizon when black holes collide?

  29. Cindy

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  30. TheMegaOne1000

    How can a star be in orbit INSIDE another star without being completely absorbed???
    I need an explanation for this!

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    Thanks Anton Very good video I like them very much!

  32. mrcatfish2100

    Take it easy brother. Thanks for all your lessons.

  33. liojubadu

    At that specific distance, what could plausibly happen to us if Sirius B went supernova? The animation at the end left me with more questions than answers

  34. MaximusLight

    If that theory is correct and given that we know it’s velocity shouldn’t we be able to back track it’s motion and find it’s planetary nebula(i)?

  35. Bart Ermens

    Thx you wonderfull Anton!

  36. Manglus Lember

    great video as always!

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    Ultra massive dwarf? Siriusly?
    Sounds like an oxy-carbon moron

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    Any news from Atlas Comet ❓ Cheers 🍷🍷 from Italy

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    I would love to see a video about what would happen if The supernova did occur

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    The rotations of stars can’t slow down. .we learned on another science channel. .that planets in a star system orbit in the same direction, and along the same plane, because of forces that occur during star system formation, forces that begin and increase the speed of the stars rotation. . . . .

  53. William Cox

    Bang! Zoom! And I’m Sirius!

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    Just when we thought we knew everything about White Dwarfs,we find a ultra massive White Dwarf, great info,keep up the good job !

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    When you have a star in a star wouldn’t the magnetic lines of both of them entangle with each other and create a ton of flares as well as other phenomena?

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    I have a question that’s been plaguing (no pun intended!) me for a few years & I hope you can answer it for me:
    How close together are the stars in the center of a galaxy??

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    Not reassuring!

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    “Ultra Massive White Dwarf” four words I never thought I’d hear in one sentence.

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    “It didn’t make sense until they explained it”
    Truth of the universe right there.

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    Stars can orbit inside other stars? I’d never imagined that would be a thing.

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    *strange phenomena in the universe*

    Astronomer: “prolly a binary system”

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