Strange Supernova That Was Started by a Black Hole Eating a Star

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a supernova caused by a colliding black hole
Press release:

NASA Goddard,
ESO/M. Kornmesser , CC BY 4.0
Carl Knox, OzGrav-Swinburne University. ,
ESA, NASA, and Felix Mirabel ,
Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF ,

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    “Night Sky” There is no such thing as a night sky. The sky appears the same in any direction we can look. It just so happens that our Sun blocks out some of the sky during the day time. It is still the same sky in any direction.

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    Anton what’s your thoughts on DR Stephen Greer

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    “Murder Driven Supernova” is literally one of the best heavy metal band names I’ve ever heard.

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    The first paper I ever wrote for a Language Arts class was about the burgeoning interest in black holes in the early 70’s. I got an ‘A’ for the paper, with a note that my teacher didn’t understand the information but the structure of my paper was very good. We were told to write about things we liked, I LOVED Astrophysics.

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    Man it’s hard to believe that any of this is possible at all, like it’s all made up stuff very good sir

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    As always, Anton, wonderful video.

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    Well considering that Einstein didn’t think this could happen . I hope the naming convention does not use any name associated with him , as that would be weird. The naming convention in science has a bad habit of recycling old words , and simply changing their meaning , instead of simply creating a new word.

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    And yet we continue to fight over dirt.

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    “The decade of black holes” .. loving it!

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    Awesome! Thanks Anton! Another great science video! I especially liked the details of the blackhole disruption of the star fusion processes as the black hole merged with the star while continuing the orbital motion. Very interesting!

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    Is that really a supernova?The process is totally different from a ‘normal’ supernova.

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    No Anton, YOU are a wonderful person, thank you for that.

  14. Patrick Tilton

    Is that “murder driven supernova” or “merger driven supernova”?
    One other question: in the animation at 1:40, would two stars revolving around their common center of gravity so closely and so rapidly be able to maintain their spherical shapes like that? Or would they be deformed into prolate spheroids, tidally bulging in the direction of each other?

  15. John Irby

    Your just analyzing potential outcomes in simulated realities, by smashing protons against each other. And using quantum computers to read and distribute the latest information

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    I’d love to see a slow mo animation of the black hole spiraling in and what exactly happens. You would think that the star would blink out in a second and be absorbed by the singularity maybe even before the supernova could happen given everything is sucked in at the speed of light and the star size may be a couple seconds light speed size at max.

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    “he ate me, but i survived”

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    It’s crazy to just now find out about these things, when they all happened so long ago. It’s cool we’re still able to gather data and learn from the past so well. Thank you universe! 🙂👍

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    So… premature supernovas? I’m kinda an expert in that field

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    Anton, this is the coolest thing I’ve heard in a while as I have since childhood been intrigued by black holes, quarks and the story behind stars. Love

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    Wonderful extra-galactic merger driven accelerated supernova confirmation

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    Was just wondering the other day what would happen if a giant star absorbed a smaller black hole instead of the other way around.

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    By the title I’d say it wasn’t fully devoured and what happened was the equivalent of large remaining clump going pop.

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    4:30 he starts to speak the subject, I would never say that a black hole entered a star

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    the thought alone has me curious about the supposed “big bang” impetus.

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    Any DIY about how to combine a load of phone cameras into some decent telescope? Got too many spare phone parts laying around..

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    Isn’t it amazing they actually exist!! If you were a 80’s sci fi kid black holes were common in lots of tv series.

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    So, aside from the unlikelihood of the equipment surviving the interior of the star, this validates Major Carter’s method of blowing up a star in SG-1.

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    Let’s talk about how there used to be a planet behind Mars and it got blown up and that’s what created the asteroid belt

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    Truly awesome and quite simple really, the tremendous magnetic fields of the black hole draws charged hydrogen plasma from the stars only to shoot it back out many light years in each direction on the very electric field lines black hole exists upon. Metaphysically speaking🤓

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    It basically tried to be a quasi-star, but the supernova occurred before the system could stabilize. Obviously the unimaginable temperatures and pressure inside the star had no effect at all on the black hole itself. I wonder which generated more energy?

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