Strange Structure Known As Hamilton’s Object Could Not Be Explained Until Now

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an explanation of a strange phenomenon known as the Hamilton’s Object

NASA, ESA & L. Calçada
NASA, ESA and D. Player (STScI)
ESA/Hubble & NASA, T. Treu  Acknowledgment: J. Schmidt
NASA, ESA, and T. Johnson (University of Michigan)
NASA, ESA, and F. Summers (STScI) ,

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    In the very first frame of this video, Anton makes a really funny face :)

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    you always say “stay wonderful, i’ll see you tomorrow and as always bye bye”
    but i think it could make a tiny bit more sense if you rephrased it as
    “bye bye, i’ll see you tomorrow and as always stay wonderful”
    its such a small change but really clarifies your outtro

    great videos tho i always enjoy learning about space and sciences :P

  3. Narus Ferree

    If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that the universe itself is smiling at you.

  4. Ted Toal

    It looks to me like the upper image there was rotated at right angles to the lower one. Is that true? And how can it get rotated 90°?

  5. David Campos

    There’s a chance that dark matter has a preference for two dimensions. Like ultra flat discs of some kind of regular matter.

  6. Trojan ere

    “Theoretically” solved as dark matter hasn’t been proven to exist would you not say Anton 😉

  7. Gabriel87100

    I still can’t wrap my head around the concept of dark matter

  8. Victor Torres

    This seems to support my off the wall(I know wayyyy off) theory that space is a molecular ocean where atoms and molecules create the effect of liquid water in a way that can create many means to traverse the galactic oceans as sailors of old. Focus on sailing space rather than muscle through it. Could make exploration easier and quicker until we develop the means to transcend limitations of light speed

  9. Robert Lee

    Could the *absence* of matter also cause these ripple effects on space time? Eg, a super massive void? Just wondering.

  10. David John MacKinnon

    The Smiley Galaxy is the happiest galaxy in the universe that knows no war. 🙂✌Peace, man

  11. Fook Yu

    “Imagine alot of dark matter” literally how?

  12. M Mickle

    Taught my kid about gravitational lensing with Anton’s help today😁 Thank you Anton you wonderful person!

  13. Cindoreye

    So we explain the thing we don’t understand, as resulting from something else we don’t understand and call it done. If I didn’t know how much work will continue to be done on this object and on discovering/defining dark matter, I’d be quite miffed at this explanation.

    Sarcasm aside, this seems the best explanation we have, but it still leaves much to be desired.

  14. David Hand

    It would be really crazy if the universe had such a crazy geometry that every galaxy we could see was actually our galaxy at different points in time. That’s obviously not our universe, but to put your head in that universe and try to imagine being a scientist trying to figure that out is a trip.

  15. Richard Stevens

    That’s exciting, so dark matter ripples in spacetime, fascinating…

  16. On Location Kats 2 Review

    After all these years in space, these things might just be dust on the lenses of the Hubble.

  17. Metaphysica

    Блин, чувак, я с ьебя угораю в тряпки )). Давно тебя слушаю, интересные вещи рассказываешь.

    Но твой акцент, произношение, динамика, тембр – это просто разрыв мозга! Какое-то бормотание, Настоящий король зануд))

  18. Penney Burgess

    Can you imagine living on a planet and having dark matter abundant in your galaxy? It would influence every science. Something that is now beyond our understanding being a natural part of their every day life.

  19. Full Metal Gusset

    Great to have you back Anton xx much love 💋

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    So flipping cool. Thank you Anton.

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    You’re close to a million subs now Anton! Keep at it! Truly inspiring work! 💪

  22. fearlessjoebanzai

    At this point, “Dark Matter”, is beginning to sound like the scientific name for Gremlins.

  23. Ronald de Rooij

    I find it hard to believe, that in a compact, early universe, a massive, massive concentration of dark matter would be invisible. It must have attracted matter on a huge scale, because matter was very concentrated compared to now and would have fallen into that deep gravitational trough.

  24. Michael Workman

    Thank you Anton, great stuff as usual but this was especially fascinating. Makes me wonder, can the mirror image be as real as what it reflects? Well of course, but a different kind of real.

  25. Josh Gellis

    This is incredibly interesting visually and in general.

    I used to watch COSMOS, the 1980 Carl Sagan version.

  26. nyyotam

    So spacetime itself acts as a liquid to whom we can refer to as ‘Dark Matter’: The cosmic constant simply isn’t a constant, it’s a tensor.

  27. Seth Best

    Anton, you’re a wonderful person, thank you for your mind as well as your daily contribution to my mind—


    it is the *trail* a hyperspace engine leaves when starting it’s warp process, the direction of travel is the horizontal line point area

  29. Electroflame 618

    mond proponents will still try to explain this away

  30. ꧁Shpongled꧂

    It would be interesting to see gravitational lensing happen twice or more times. Perhaps that could explain some of the weird ones?

  31. Mohammad Rashid

    Thanks alot for your very informative and interesting videos. Best greetings from Sweden.

  32. cat server

    Whenever I see your new discovery titles, my mind just automatically adds: (and it’s not aliens). LOL

  33. James Aron

    Wonderful Hamilton’s Object artifact of dark matter clumping maze of mirror lensing effect explanation

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    Welcome back! Missed your daily spoon feeding. You’re awesome.

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    Anton you make my life much more enjoyable , i hope you know that. <3

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    As always amazing!

  37. Gregory Golando

    Nice video as always, Anton. I find this explanation unconvincing. If this is just a ripple in “dark matter” why aren’t there mirrored galaxy images all over the sky?

  38. Nikolay Ivankov

    Like first, watch later. Anton, you are absolutely incredible.

  39. Thomas George Castleberry

    12 Minutes! I’ll watch that Mr Spaceman. Smiling objects I like it. Gravitational lensing vs Carnival distortion mirrors, one of them made me look skinny. I’m glad a paper was written about it, I can’t wait to read it!

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    Anton: Thank You for everything you do to bring us our daily Information!

    I look forward to your vids every day!

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  42. Walter McKendree

    Wow! I’m an astrophysics student and am currently working with the main professors who wrote this paper to conduct a follow up study! Crazy to have Anton discussing this! Thanks Anton!

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    Here here, i fully agree with you Apryl!!! I love some of the episodes you have done Anton and all of your episodes are well presented! Thank you very much, and i am not one who give or compliments very often but you are definitely on it! For that matter i don’t tend to make comments at all very often.

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    I love how it says China Uncensored viewers watch your channel. Intelligent open minds share like interests.

  45. Piotr Misiuna

    Some day we will refer to this period of astronomy as a “dark matter ages”.

  46. dc ocz

    It would be interesting to know how often this phenomenon happens, like could it be everywhere and that they are so large we can’t observe the original galaxy so what we believe we are seeing is actually mostly reflections making our universe potentially much much smaller

  47. epockismet

    If a reflection shifts, does it move with the same motional physics as an object with a direct line of sight? Answer; a big no
    Plus we see the “light” which moves very slow on large scales.

  48. Times end

    Dark matter at it again ! 👍 this is mind blowing

  49. Douglas Williamson

    Hamilton’s object….mind blown….I am now a wonderful person.

  50. ninthRing

    Perhaps this very gravitational lensing effect could be used to find Dark Matter in the future in much the same way that the radiation emitted from it’s Accretion Disc will let us see a Black Hole..?

  51. Anik Samiur Rahman

    Anton’s channel should be the gold standard for Video presentation of any paper.

  52. Tessmage Tessera

    Stop fixating upon imaginary “dark matter,” and instead start thinking in terms of more than three physical dimensions.

  53. Ploffy Kha

    One of my other top recommendations was Hamiltons pitstop at Turkish Grand Prix.

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    Anton, do you know how powerful of a telescope I would need to view Hamilton’s Object? I would love to view that. Thank you Anton! You are absolutely my favorite YouTuber! I watch your videos every day (And I love the compilations you put together on those rare times that you don’t put a new video out for each day!)
    Anton Petrov is the best!
    Anton Petrov is the best!
    Anton Petrov is the best!
    (Sorry, I can be a bit immature from time to time!) 🤪

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    Hope your enjoying the new place! Have a wonderful day bud!

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    Space just feels like a sea of existence with the whole water analogy..
    Dark Matter is the water itself..

  57. Dark Rainbow

    Like they say in astrophysics, “It’s usually aliens.”

  58. Jenna Bronson

    It’s actually refraction from galactic dark-mode plasma halos causing the distortions—not gravity.

  59. Dr Robert

    One question this interesting presentation has triggered in my mind is, can dark matter form black holes? After all, the dark matter in this example is so massive, a whole galaxy can be rippled. Has anybody attempted to calculate the mass of this dark matter?


    Let’s get this guy to a million! Great content

  61. Louis Anthes

    Ok. Now, wait, Anton. So, there has been a discovery of a “clump” of dark matter near a galactic cluster without the clump surrounding any associated nearby galaxy? Does this not show that there is no necessary correlation b/w dark matter and galaxies, and if so, why?

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    If you could arrange them how you wanted could you build a gravitational zoom from gravitational lenses?

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    I think this is one of the most insanely amazing things I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m genuinely dumbfounded. Thanks for your work Anton

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    Pretty interesting indeed! 😃
    But if this is true we should find more examples in the skies. It should be everywhere!

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    That’s kind of insane the gravitational lensed images are so far apart and are of the same galaxy!

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    “Lensing effects”. Uh huh – I know Unicron when I see him…

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    I wonder if the first astrophotographers who imaged gravitational lensing thought they were dealing with spherical aberration from their lenses.

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    That Einstein cross is beautiful.

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    I suppose it could be a galactic variant of a mirage (not exactly)….I’ve always wondered what we need to take into account when observing the night sky….the effects of the heliosphere/sheath (temperature) of our solar system, the differences of interstellar density and now reflective properties….wow!….I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot of other things….:)

  77. Br3ttM

    I want to see a model of the gravity that is bending that image. Are the conjoined, mirrored images because of a filament between galaxies, or just general clumps in the density of the dark matter?

  78. Blue Neptune

    Awesome things grow better with time –Anton has ben as solid as tungsten and chooses to grow wiser with time. I look forward to the next vids soon when we are buying tickets to space.

  79. Collin Cutler

    Do you actually think this is “dark matter” or do you think this is a lazy way if explaining what they don’t know yet?
    “God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller as time moves on”

    You could almost replace God with “dark matter” and it mean the same thing, right?

  80. Jim Curtis

    Wonderful as always anton 😊👍

  81. Michael Brown

    I think the seafloor does a great explanation of the red/blue shifts on the longer sides, but not so much about the short sides.. theres a lot here!

  82. Rob M.

    So, excuse my simplistic thinking, might this imply that the amount of observable matter is in fact less than previously thought, since some of what we ‘see’ is multiple images of the same object?
    If so, might that imply that there is more dark matter in the universe than estimated, or less?

  83. Michael Klos

    Love it when you get to the gritty of a subject like this. Keep up the great work Anton.
    I like it more than the idea of massive alien ships masquerading an invasion force as galaxies to hide

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    Mirage in ” SPACE ” – What you think is Space is truly like a Liquid – Just like Air on Earth

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    It’s definitive! We know something that we don’t understand is causing this effect!

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    Could DM (dark matter) be a halo-effect of mass from other universes’ alternative pathways, i.e. alternate realities? Even if we don’t know, it’s quite fascinating to think about.

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    How long before we discover there are only a dozen or so galaxies, positioned in the middle of a very large hall of mirrors?! 😂 (just a joke btw…)

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