Strange Properties of White Dwarfs Inside M13 Cluster Create a Problem

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a very unusual white dwarf that redefines our understanding of these objects

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center / S. Wiessinger.
 /Hubble & NASA, G. Piotto et al.

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  1. Xeno Bardock

    White dwarf stars faint white glow comes from coronal discharge, they don’t have photosphere and chromosphere layers as they are low energy stars. White dwarf stars will be brighter in x-rays due to coronal discharge. Also its not necessarily burning hydrogen but rather its coronal discharge likely exciting the hydrogen atoms in stars atmosphere.

  2. Riano Escate Giribaldi

    Now I preffer to share Anton’s videos than the paper links 🤣 Optimised abstracts in video versions are priceless 🤘

  3. Riano Escate Giribaldi

    Thats why I only trust turnoff stars 🤟

  4. BabylonDrifter

    i would think they are feeding on a binary or maybe had an outburst before becoming a white dwarf like a weak nova kinda thing so that a lot of gas fell back in on it something like that

  5. M D

    Hello wonderful Anton!

  6. creed 6.5

    more evidence that the theories are not reliable and yet sold as the absolute truth

  7. tom nova

    A white dwarf burning hydrogen (if correct) is kinda mind blowing
    for a small mind like mine. Did Anton say “above the galactic plane.”
    What…! Time is a human idea… the universe need not comply.

  8. Jesse Morrison

    Anton we need some new compilations!

  9. Jari

    next scientist finds a warm back dwarf enevelpoed in a 100 km ocean ..oh wait this is the news from year 1 000 000 00

  10. Eli Tolen

    Why is his head S Q U A R E

  11. Synthetic Humanoid

    Maybe these burning dwarves are leaching hydrogen from another nearby star 🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. robert jobin

    You’re a wonderful person Anton. Thanks for making such enjoyable content that is also informational. No one does space quite like you.

  13. robert bianco

    Anton keep up the good work easy to understand and you keep it simple….

  14. Ruhlov Nikita

    Спасибо большое за контент

  15. Eric The Bro Bean!

    Anton Petrov & Neil DeGrasse Tyson should do the next season of “Cosmos” together. These are some of the best interstellar storytellers!

  16. Big Zed

    Are we 100% sure the Universe is ~14 billion years old?

  17. Sneering Imperialist

    In such a dense cluster, numerous supernovae would deposit material still rich in hydrogen on the surface of every star in the cluster.

  18. Viraj Khatri

    Honestly watching this video makes me puke

  19. Karla

    Everyday anton is getting closer to our screens. Dont know why…

  20. bruticusmagnus

    What about the cluster C137?

  21. Kiv Kid

    Still can’t wait for the discovery of black dwarfs. Exciting times!

  22. Ace

    There are already Vampire Stars and Zombie Stars. What will these be called? Revenant Stars? Specter Stars? Poltergeist Stars?

  23. tjames22123

    Thanks Anton, maybe I should buy a wonderful T-shirt ;)

  24. odysseus9672

    Gotta hit that ‘t’ at the end of “white”. “Y-dwarfs” are a type of very low temperature brown dwarf, not a dead star.

  25. Vector Sol

    “Unusual discovery”

  26. Ploffy Kha

    Good, another accepted theory presented as an indisputable fact by the scientific community has fallen, and is replaced with real facts thanks to the power of observation.

  27. David Arundel


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  29. Andrey Ukhin

    Love your work Anton, you are great and wonderful teacher >:D

  30. David Kempton

    Strange White Dwarfs that burn hydrogen? That’s just Doc; Grumpy; Bashful; Sleepy; Happy; Sneezy and Dopey. Before the movie, they were employees of Disney’s mines. After the movie there became – dwarf stars… And that’s NOT hydrogen, it’s methane, Snow Can’t Cook…

  31. Vishal Singh

    I love how Anton patiently waits for others to solve the mysteries.

  32. Nalgas Aplaudiendo

    Can you cover the breakthough of the 1.3 Megajoules of fusion energy produced by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL) National Ignition Facility (NIF)

  33. Equivalenx Loves Transfor

    Let’s help him reach 900k and 1 million subs

  34. The Eclectic

    Snow White has been trying to get the Dwarfs to burn propane, but they aren’t interested.

  35. Josiffrank

    Anybody thought that becoming a white dwarf it’s the next stage in the life of a Sun-size star?

  36. Skalgar

    And yet they will not go back and question the most basic assumptions,they will simply add ad hoc theories to make this fit.

  37. danh nguyễn

    This is what happens when you lump kind of similar things together haphazardly. I don’t understand why they compared two globular clusters that don’t live in the same neighborhood. The one outside of the galaxy in the halo lives in a region that doesn’t have large hydrogen gas clouds roaming around. So it isn’t getting much in the way of “new fuel” and dying down as predicted. While the one in the galaxy is exposed to new fuel sources and is bucking the trend.

  38. Ezequiel Celario Sedano

    1:45 so Brown Dwarfs eventually decay into Antons
    (Put your phone on fullscreen)

  39. ChaosMethod23

    Just an idea but maybe since they are located in a globular cluster, the friction from the pull of close stars may be enough to kick start fusion? Not sure personally

  40. Alvydagr8

    I have three channels, I follow Anton in all of them. Makes me wonder what else we have to revisit now. My question is, did the models created fit any visible white dwarfs? or did we just assume they did?

  41. Apryl Van Ryn

    This was absolutely riveting. Thank you wonderful Anton. I have a lot of stuff to ponder

  42. Jake Lynbrook

    Excellent video Sir. Just goes to show, we really do not know anything about how the universe works and every year we learn something new about a subject we thought we knew! 👽😎👍🚀🛸🤔🧐🤗😶

  43. Matthew Reynolds

    Anton is an absolute machine, making these high quality videos literally everyday. 👏

  44. Alondro77

    And it turns out this little star orbits an Earth-sized planet! Which is populated by colorful magical ponies! :O

  45. Sonar Bangla

    Globular clusters are fascinating collection of stars and hold many secrets. To begin with they lost their clouds/dust to BH and white dwarfs.

  46. VulpisFoxfire

    I thought the whole point of a white dwarf was that it had already burned up all it’s hydrogen, hence the collapse…how can it still have a hydrogen layer to fuse?

  47. Jian Daugh

    All they need is fuel. So if a cluster travels through a gas cloud, yummy, time to feed – _edit: that is, an H2 rich gas cloud_

  48. Titijijo

    Turns out our sun will die in 998,329,562 years.

  49. Mary Ann Bittle

    It’s always interesting when science finds something that doesn’t fit – that’s where new science is born! ❤❤

  50. James Aron

    Wonderful mysterious hydrogen-burning white dwarf star age miscalculation

  51. michael blacktree

    Every time scientists think they found the easy button, Nature wags its finger and says “Nah-ah!” 😛

  52. unclebrat

    Would this be considered a type of shell burning?

  53. Jagzeplin

    is it possible that the reason the closer cluster appears to be different from the further one is because we can see it better?

  54. spheise

    Love the videos Anton! Really informative and interesting. … I’m not ever seeing the links to.other videos that you point to above your head, though. I’ve checked my settings…..not sure why.

  55. Levi Rivers

    This is indeed pretty exciting because it might mean that the first “zombie star” we discover might not be a Red Giant with a white dwarf at its core it might be a red dwarf with a white dwarf at its core.

  56. L. Scott Music

    You mentioned that in these clusters they are so compact that some stars collide. What if they White Dwarf isn’t maintaining a hydrogen envelope but rather there was a White Dwarf that later collided with a regular star? Might that produce what we are seeing?

  57. Pete Hafner

    Excellent video
    I don’t know how anyone would give a thumbs down to this

  58. Todd korson

    It’s funny to me how often we are surprised to find out we “knew” something wrong.

  59. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  60. Mike Smith

    But the science is settled and consensus or some other similar mystical rubbish!

  61. LilReaper1010

    Those darn degenerate electrons!!

  62. Mark Rice

    The more we study space, the more marvelous and wonderful we find it is. Why couldnt every white dwarf be different?

  63. jaeden Drake

    Ah, defying current models is tight!

  64. ArtistAnthony

    Welp, time to scrap the Standard Model.

  65. Bob Short

    I love your videos, Anton! Thank you for all your hard work. ☮❤

  66. auyemra

    Your previous video on red dwarfs, and their new ” subclases ” that have been discovered,.. it seems the white dwarfs have a similar thing going on eh ?

  67. Second Coming Of Bast

    Well, red giants burn helium, which transforms into a form of hydrogen, sooo

  68. MrIzzyDizzy

    So now there is an 8th white dwarf Doc Grumpy Bashful Sleepy Happy Sneezy Dopey and “Sustained Hydrogen Burning!”

  69. nimay13

    It’s ALIENS!

  70. David Fullagar

    Anton i have a question. is it possible that a black dwarf could in time become a planet ?

  71. Reuben J. Cogburn

    Mysterious white dwarfs that burn hydrogen seem to defy current models.. also known as the after-hours cast party from The wizard of Oz.

  72. test

    You can be messy. But some galaxies are Messier

  73. KAT

    we live in a black hole 🕳

  74. Lost Beagle

    Wait until they discover the other stuff. Then their heads are really going to spin

  75. Anaryl

    Yewwwwwwwwww Anton

  76. JMFSpike

    If this is true, it means that life around a white dwarf star may be much more plausible then we thought! Fascinating!

  77. SP AK USA

    How many other calculations were made, using the “White dwarf” model as a marker? I say….Start Over👊👊👊

  78. H F

    Am I the only one still waiting for the first confirmed white hole?

  79. meleardil

    Why is it weird?? I alsways thought that the degenerate electron crust is the perfect place for some nice lattice catalised fusion. Only some fresh hydrogen needs to be sprayed on the surface for the slow burning.

  80. Peter Shearer

    Boy, I can see the headlines for this episode tomorrow _Anton Petrov Says That White Dwarf Stars are no Longer Wonderful!_ I suspect the byline will be _Young Amateur Astronomers Around the World in Tears as they cry, ‘I love my White Dwarf Stars!'”_

  81. Mireille Lebeau

    As our sun will eventually turn into a white dwarf, understanding the current models is a lot like understanding our future.

  82. TigerLilyBlossom1

    I love your channel !!!

  83. Wylin Out

    Gotta love Anton!
    Helps us all peek into the unknown Space and has on the edge of new Space knowledge.
    Thanks Anton for all your work and efforts! 👍

  84. Derek Steel

    I think the first problem we have is that we don’t even know our own sun very well.

  85. Anton Gromek

    Excellent Presentation; like always🖖👏

  86. Roy Marsh

    Really? Big questions like how long have we been around? REALLY big questions. And suddenly our main time-keeper (white dwarfs) turns out to be a little bit suspect? What else can I (scientifically) believe?

  87. Raccoon Resident

    It’s ok I’m sure cosmology means something else to models as well. I think dictionary is another concept…. what? Mathematical models? Them too!

  88. Jim Myers

    Almost every new observation raises questions about our understanding of stellar formation/evolution. We need a new paradigm.

  89. cyclops centurion

    How can anything be unusual when we know next to nothing?

  90. Dillinger

    Will it even be possible to calculate ages accurately given this uncertainty?

  91. Chris Griffith

    The size/mass for the gas burning stars must be much less than what it takes to “blow off” any of that external matter, far below the mass limits of the white dwarfs.

  92. Uncle Traveling Matt

    Now that is weird.

  93. Glenn Babić

    The more we learn, the less we know.

  94. Chay Comas

    Someone called this period of discovery as the era of black holes, but it seems just as much like the era of white dwarves

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  96. Yours Truly

    Maybe they just captured some hydrogen an reignited fusion

  97. Jim Curtis

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