Strange New Virus Discovery Is a Clue To Evolution of Life

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new unusual virus that might explain the origin of life – medusavirus.

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  1. Mellow Fellow

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  2. DentArthurDent

    So then an even more important question is where do viruses come from? How are they created?

  3. Michael Donavon

    Anton. How interesting! Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Thanks.

  4. Bobby Pentland

    Great video! Interesting, you think the aliens everyone says have landed on Earth are these virus 🦠? They say that we are close to finding a cure for 🦠 virus, it’s our own defensive cells that can be shown how to defeat the virus 🦠. They said these antibodies is what was given to Trump that made him better. As always good person take care.

  5. juipi feaeft

    Great Video Anton! Thank you! Not sure if you’ve heard of Jeremy England’s “dissipation-driven adaptation” but you might like to read about it.

  6. Tina AstroNerd

    This is 2020… you put that thing back where you found it!

  7. Soooby Rooo

    The way a sperm delivers its DNA material is so similar to the way viruses deliver their DNA material it would not surprise me if it was discovered that some kind of complex virus relationship with life and how we know it reproduces exists.

  8. Miss Sunshine

    I wish your videos were just a little bit longer. 😅 Allways so interesting so just wanna hear more. 😍 Thank you for sharing your wisdom wonderful person! 😊🙏

  9. OMGitsBOOMA

    why dont they use that medusa virus to freeze cancer cells and stop the spread

  10. Matt Bates

    Nature, evolution and viruses, absolutely amazing!

  11. chaztech

    im a broke guy or would def become a patrion… Luv you and your varied sci, please keep it coming :D

  12. Jonathan Rising

    being alive is so wonderful!

  13. Pat Irving

    This was one of my favorite episodes!!!! Thank you!

  14. Emer sidehack

    With all these meteors hitting the earth 60,000 miles per hour (the speed of the earth around the the sun). Could the solar system be moving through a debris field?

  15. Lavalambtron

    Soon with so much knowledge widely available everyone will be able to create their own pieces of bio-code or viruses from the comfort of their own home!

  16. The Rodestarr

    What happened to the intro ? I miss it 😢

  17. Ziamira

    Careful if they get released COVID will be the least of our worries

  18. Beady Eye

    Hello Wonderful Person!

  19. Joe Gillian

    Long ago I had the thought that viruses might hold to key to the evolution of complex life, and maybe the origin of life itself. I had no reason to think that it’s true, but it seems there may be something to it.

  20. Dionne Choyce

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  21. Allen Rhoades

    Sorry, but just-so stories might be an interesting hypothesis to test but it does not elucidate anything as actual scientific knowledge.
    Currently all scientific evidence shows life only comes from life. Dogma does not belong within scientific knowledge.

  22. Johnny James

    This video was incredible and the biology science involved is more amazing and deeper a mystery than if we’re alone in our galaxy, universe or unreachable distances in between. . . And seems like its part of the same puzzle.
    Excellent video I know Anton you are inspiring a many people from all walks of life to be a more comprehensive teacher and deeper researcher.

  23. John Lame Elk

    Well I’ll be a Son of a Virus!!! That is interesting. Thanks Anton, you’ve given me something to chew on.

  24. Jordan Jungman

    just more proof we are in a simulation. the watchers just make a virus to change our dna the way they want it. like Spore

  25. Zak Waters

    1:57 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  26. Moota Moonta

    Bacteria and Viruses have made me what I am today.
    A survivor.

  27. NoizyInSeattle

    I certainly didn’t see that coming.

  28. Someone Else

    I think there’s evidence enough for the mithochondria being bacteria incorporated to eucaryotic cells. Why else would they be having their own DNA? At least, assuming they are symbiotic procaryotes is the simplest explanation.

  29. Mark Hancock

    I thought viruses could not replicated without a cell? So how could viruses pre-date cells as they would not have been able to replicate?

  30. Thiesen

    As long as my dust bunnies don’t spell out “Hello” under my bed I am ok… :-)

  31. Allen Linnen, Jr.

    So, Agent Smith was right! We ARE a virus!

  32. Damien's Adventure

    I listened to this while listening to the highlander tv theme… It provided a whole new perspective.

  33. Mojo Neko

    I’ve been wondering if life goes all the way to the quantum level. Maybe living organism’s have a different quantum state than say a rock.

  34. Gorgrin Twofeet

    I was just watching a unexplaind mystery show talking about blood rain, that suggested that meteors were responsible for blood rain in sri lanka. They claimed to see the alien cells in the meteorite fragments that fell a week b4 the rains. They claimed the cells were unlike any cells found here on earth something about lacking Phosphorus. They claimed the cells were replicating in conditions not fit for life and survived on the meteor in a rock like form. Interesting video and timing to see that video and then yours where you mention cells turning other cells into being rock like.

  35. Afghanistan Bananastand

    Eukaryotes? Today everything is you carry out.

  36. Jeff Jacobsen

    Anton, great work my friend as always. But what happened to “welcome to what the math?”

  37. D

    I love this kid! is there anyone else as good or who does the same on yt?? Anton is my lifeline to ‘space and sciences’ ❤️

  38. Low Waste, High Melanin

    This is absolutely fascinating. I can’t wait to discuss this with my biologist friend :D

  39. sc0or

    If a virus dies after an infection without a possibility to replicate itself, this is an end of evolution of this particular virus. This doesn’t seem a realistic scenario. What we saw is a weapon against such viruses medusas invented. Or, those medusas themself were a “cure” invented by some other spice.

  40. Johnny Riviera


  41. Mary Ann Bittle

    Oh, wow – this is very cool! It’s SO close to unwrapping all of the very mysterious connections between prokaryotic and eukaryotic life! What a time to be a virologist!

  42. J. Ryan Stevens

    Third wonderful person! 🤣

  43. Martha Newsome

    I wonder if this sort of thing happened when inherited immunity is involved? There are so many people in my family immune to small pox, but not everyone. It would be interesting to figure out why this is so?

  44. MC's Creations

    Well… If the RNA world hypothesis is correct then virus were the first “life” forms on Earth. So… It’s not that surprising to be honest.

  45. joshua wilder

    Petrifying reminded me of a anime Dr. Stone

  46. BdF

    Millions of years later, it gives us Trump, Johnson, Macron & Co!!!

  47. DYLwat100

    I wonder if that’s just how life made new parts in the early days. It accidentally creates a virus which leads to the formation of the nucleus, but in doing so spread the ability to make a nucleus to other cells in the process.

  48. razeezar

    I woul love to see AI virtual petri- dishes / virtual primordial soup, simulating the chain of processes that led to bacteria & virii.

  49. Henchman Twenty1

    Oh, no. Now a certain somebody will mutate into an even bigger monster!

  50. Cyrus Dariush

    Big step you didn’t mention how did the circular DNA of prokaryotes became linear double standarded DNA of eukaryotes

  51. MrDjafal1

    Greetz go out Anton, watch yourself :) Keep healthy <3

  52. Sanguine BlackBlood

    I feel like more advanced is subjective.

  53. The Monk

    This doesnt come anywhere close to explaining how these organisms were created from primordial soup. There are several moving parts that each have their own function in a bacterias flagellum alone, and if one system isn’t present then it doesnt work. Thats what we call irreducible complexity. Therefore all systems must be created at the same time in order for the mechanism to work, and thay doesnt coincide with evolution which is a gradual change. Btw love your content.

  54. wikingagresor

    Let’s all have a round of applause for the nature’s OG commando units and hostile takeover specialists: viruses Yay!!! (cough, cough) ;)

  55. Osmosis Jones

    Are all extremophiles eukaryotes . and can they evolve multiple cell groups and from communication networks

  56. CyberPunk

    Everybody gangsta until Anton says “Hello Wonderful Person”

  57. MagBa

    It makes me want to watch that bbc documentary called “The Hidden Life of the Cell” all over again. It was truly an underrated gem.

  58. Earwaxfire909

    It is still debated about how eukaryotic cells obtained various organelles. There is for example evidence that archeal organisms have similar glycosylation as human, suggesting at least one possible pathway for multi-organelle evolution by symbiotic engulfment of archea leading to endoplasmic reticulum.

    And it is well known that early multi-organelle eukaryotes did not posses mitochondria for example. But it was noted that prokaryotes have extremely similar structure as mitochondira including circular DNA. And it is now consensus that a symbiotic engulfment of prokaryotes allowed early eukaryotes to form mitochondria, and thus process energy more effectively allowing them to become multicellular not just multi-organelle.

    Many had put forth the idea that viruses were a strong mediator of evolution in the same way. But this is new evidence suggesting that the nucleus itself had evolved by symbiotic engulfment of viruses. Good find!

  59. steve clapper

    As a species humans have faced thousands and more thousands of viruses and our immune system has always come through and there is zero evidence that it won’t this time as well. The deeper you get into a subject the the more you realize you don’t know anything. And viral infections are in this category that is why I oppose everything about the claims of a pandemic. They have what is called best practice and this changes as we know more but what they are trying to to is codify current best practice into a bureaucracy and this will effectively make it law, almost impossible to change.

  60. AJBAXTER7677

    If we evolved from viruses throughout time, does that make sentient life a complex viral phenomenon?

  61. Smokey McPot

    one object dying to give to other object is just like ,

    old primordial stars dying to give matter to the modern day stars

    i see everything in fractals

  62. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Like mutations, viruses aren’t necessarily evil.

  63. Paradigm Shifts

    2020 – year of toilet rolls, surgical masks, viruses, and…. (Fill in the blank)

  64. V R

    2:33, There could be a possibility of discovering a “proto-Eukaryotic” cell that only has a nucleus or something similar to a nucleus.

  65. onehit pick

    I have been arguing that evolution was more about about selective acquisition, and less about mutation for ages. This is being discovered now. We are being built from pre-existing, complex pieces over time. These complex pieces have been around long, long before we could possibly imaging.

  66. coweatsman

    The Medusa virus makes me think of gall stones and kidney stones and if people with them are infected with a medusa virus.

  67. vgernyc

    ….this information was brought to you by the Umbrella Corporation.

  68. Mike Hunt

    It’s the Shanti virus I’m calling it now before it happens

  69. AGDinCA

    Kinda like how stars have to die in order to produce the heavy elements that are necessary for life.

  70. Teacher inThailan

    Hey here buddy! Love your videos. You have a great style for the explaining complex stuff to the everyday guy such as myself. Very interesting and informative. Keep up the great work.

  71. Meow J Meowington

    I fell asleep at his-stones or whatever the f$%k he said. Jk I love this guy

  72. Half-a-Gram Stan

    I’m gonna need a shower after this one.

  73. Griffin Beaumont

    Wait, you’re saying there’s not a lot of evidence of endosymbiosis? I thought that was the main theory as to where mitochondria and some other organelles came from? As in, they have their own dna, and reproduce independently of the cell, and have their own membrane? Am I mistaken or is this strange wording?

  74. No Left Turns

    I’m still waiting for scientists to announce one day:
    “We found proof of God creating us – we found a message in a gene saying
    Patented by God, year -4 billion years BC – all rights reserved”

    But so far nothing…

  75. John S

    6:16 Everyone’s face this year when I tell them for the first time that viruses aren’t even alive.

  76. ayyubi 123

    Finally we found the origin of life on this planet and where it came from

  77. Aaron Cagle

    Hmm, but there is quite a stack of evidence for the endosymbiont theory.. including rRNA, the fact that certain organelles have two membrane layers of differing composition, and that some of their DNA was transferred to the host nucleus and vice versa. Biology major here.

  78. Flaron Euro

    Where’s my welcome to what the math >:(

  79. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Moral of the story: always be suspicious of anyone who wants to swap their jeans with you.

  80. Anderson N. Silva

    My mind says: what a fascinating discovery, but my heart screams: Ancient Albino Aliens!

  81. Alain Martel

    The first time that I red about virus becoming symbiotic within a host sell was back in the 70’s. It was shortly after the discovery of DNA/RNA less single cell organisms. It was the possibility that the first RNA happened within virus that then infected those cells. For some reason, the virus did not destroy the host but combined with it, resulting in the first bacteria.
    This would imply that all genetic material in today’s life is ultimately of viral origin.

  82. Robert G

    going on another planet, encountering alien viruses, alien viruses making us adapt to their environment. stonks

  83. Bill P

    a very interesting book “A Planet of Viruses”. makes a case that viruses are integral to the evolution of life on Earth

  84. Looper Birhinger


  85. FranciT98

    Had half a heart attack for a second at “strange new virus discovery” in light of current events

  86. Patrick Thomsen Mantzouri

    This is making the origin of life mystery, even more complicated. We were searching to find how life started, and now we have to search for how 2 different kinds of life started? That’s what you are saying?

  87. Todd Jobson

    Hey Anton, just wanted to say that I love the channel and am a huge supporter of your content. Your videos have really inspired me and allow me to have a greater appreciation for science

  88. TacShooter

    “You humans are a virus.” –Agent Smith

  89. Gamer X

    Nice, the Sci-fi writers are gonna love this

  90. Johnny Guillotine

    Hello, Wonderful Anton!

  91. NoQuarter Ty

    Ayeeeee, Anton, hope you’re doing well, dawg.

  92. Question Everything — Tho

    “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” 
    ― Stephen Hawking

  93. Cpt Bamboo

    Petrifying virus, how cool is that

  94. Thomas Wessel

    Seems to confirm the studies of Eugene Koonin. For everyone interested in symbiotic evolution search YT or Google for presentations of Eugene Koonin, one of the world’s leading expets in this field.

  95. Lucien Grondin

    Friendly reminder that this is called endosymbiotic theory, though as far as I know it had only been used so far to explain the origine of mitochondria and chloroplasts.
    I think it’s the first time I hear the theory of the eukaryotic nucleus as a viral endosymbiont.

  96. Lil Coco

    People saying ‘don’t talk about this, not this year’
    As if it matters xd

  97. Chubby Moth

    Itś nice to find a more positive message on virii. They really get a bad press these days. Cool story Anton., thanks for reporting this.

  98. Planetzogg

    “Several new viruses discovered”… Put them back where they came from and walk away, really fast. This is not the year!

  99. Question Everything — Tho

    “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”
    ― Carl Sagan

  100. FIRE STORM 3692

    Scientists 1 : Wow this viruz is sooo big.. How do we call it?
    Scientists 2 : Giant Virus..
    Scientists 1 : …

    Brilliant! :’o

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