Strange Galaxy With a Tidal Tail That’s Losing 40% of Its Mass

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a peculiar galaxy that’s losing a lot of mass yet is also creating a lot of stars.
Press release:
Image credit: NASA, ESA and J. Olmsted (STScI)

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    Plot twist: there was a hair on the telescope sensor/camera/thing.

  2. Clank boss

    you talk about a galaxy dying.. we are in a galaxy.. and u wear “its pointless to resist” darth vader shirt!!!

  3. yongeWok

    looks kind of like a supermassive spaghettification

  4. tessie

    Galactisied. The king is dead! Long live the king.

  5. Ryan Folin

    i come here after i’ve enjoyed my stay xqcL

  6. Jacob Yocom

    JWST can go kick rocks. That thing will never get off the ground

  7. Duncan Sumter

    galactic warfare 😂

  8. souffiane yasser

    Humans are not wonderful. This planet is, the animals are.

  9. Robrt Sparkman

    Why is there a face on the head of that thing?
    Cosmic snake?

  10. Conquer You!

    Is it aliens? I have a feeling it’s aliens.

  11. Dreamcatcher Design Tshir

    Dark Matter has a Leak ;)

  12. fat earther

    dark matter clouds literally tearing the galaxy appart

  13. Dāvids Stalidzāns

    2021 – social and class issues have expanded from humanity to the universal constructs themselves.

  14. Get Real

    Oh brother. Name giving and using terms in astronomy and astrophysics is often quite quite awkward when terms from daily life are squeezed into science.

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  16. Gokush Kameha-ha-ha

    *its just the south galaxy, getting shattered by a legendary super sayain.*

  17. Ed Stauffer

    Something in passing is draining it’s dark matter to a deeper/emptier gravity well.

  18. Dan T

    I wonder if those “dead” galaxies are great places for life to evolve. Stable stars, very little chance of random events destroying your planet. And doing this for billions of years.

  19. Max Cotter-Hope

    We might be able to see it with the James Webb space telescope.

  20. dan JacksonC

    Invisible class 1 civilisation harvesting the whole galaxy for its energy needs!

  21. Xcyper33

    Predatory/Prey relationship happens on a micro and cosmic level. No matter where you’re look, something is consuming another. From bacteria to galaxies.

  22. Hunter Hall

    People who down-vote Anton’s videos wear jean shorts, shout at their parents, and pour milk before cereal.

  23. Steven Pipes

    In an electric universe, this phenomenon would have a much different explanation. Is it possible that this entire galaxy is behaving like a commet? Comets flair in a effort to equalize charge as they enter regions of canging electric potential.

  24. Jarod Bolek

    OMG! It’s literally a bright golden halo, above our head! Could the narrative of the Biblical “Halo” be a bread crumb to our origins? Perhaps, advanced life ventured into the cosmos from a “dead” galaxy on a search for the younger, more verdant galaxies. Thus propagating Carbon life.

  25. Nunyu Biznezz

    A VERY Large and Extremely FAST Object passed through it and is still pulling the matter with it.

  26. kintuk kintuk

    It’s possibly the tail after two Galaxy’s collide poorly

  27. Ильдар Бикбаев


  28. Tae Tannim

    Sounds like Universe 66 is ripping off our galaxy’s resources.

  29. Jon Wiebold

    A galaxy “dies” when its plasma cycle stops. Not enough matter is falling into the black hole to spark its renewal.

  30. Owen MacLeod

    I swear every time we learn something new about space it’s always some new and horrific way we could die

  31. R F

    I just want to know where water comes from. And how much of it is actually out there in the universe.

  32. Richard Shane

    Clusters those are monkey wrench into a lot of theoreticals

    Clusters must be a different phenomena as a byproduct

    What might those cluster phenomena be created by???

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  34. Kate 2.0

    i love your content. love that u keep me up to date with all the most important and interesting discoveries. and love that i discovered Space Engine from your videos. the greatest gift ever. im eternally grateful for all u do

  35. Kate 2.0

    someone has taken the plug out of the bathtub of eternity and all the spacetime is pouring down the cosmic drain. I knew it would happen one day. only a matter of time…

  36. Silent Wisdom

    “Galactic Murder” sounds like a cool garage band name.

  37. Giocrypt

    Aliens, it’s always aliens

  38. Jeffery Perkins

    I feel like I’m on vacation when I’m watching Anton you know from all that other stuff

  39. Jeffery Perkins

    Just think that tail is 9 million years older than what we see at this moment it’s a lot longer then what we see

  40. frin frobis

    hello wonderful anton 😀

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    Hope you’re feeling alright, Anton. You seem a bit under the weather. Love ❤️ your channel, btw.

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    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person.

  43. Epic Math Time

    The uniform color kind of gives the feeling that the dead galaxies have high entropy, like a localized heat death.

  44. Miss Sunshine

    Wonderful Anton. This was a really good video. ❤️🙏 I love how well you explains things! Just Wish your videos was a little longer so I can learn more.

  45. Vertopian Gaming

    im just imagining some poor intelligent alien species slowly watching their galaxy die with nothing they can do to stop it

  46. L Cobb

    Galactic harrasment!😂
    Someone alert the Guardians of the galaxy!

  47. Timothy Bucci

    It’s a type IV civilization that is utilizing all of it’s galaxy’s energy and demands to borrow some energy from a neighboring galaxy.

  48. Mcprol

    Ok, I’ll admit it. This was actually my fault. I promise I won’t do it again.

  49. RSK

    One of the old one’s taking a big sip.

  50. Gamer4Life

    WTH? Hrmm, a “strange” hole ripping the matter off ?

  51. Our Common Ancestry

    I love the channel but much of the “science” seems submissive to mainstream models. Its like listening to someone stating Darwin’s theories were proven correct and are ironclad evidence… albeit, a very entertaining mainstreamer

  52. there is no place 4 u in

    Good stuff.

  53. darren fulwood

    Beautiful time to be alive.

  54. Jan Ruud

    When galaxies behave weird… Isnt it always a collision with other galaxies?

  55. Xspot box

    Life and death of entire galaxies, how poetic, it makes astronomy look like Wagner’s opera.
    That’s not science, it’s ideology, please don’t turn real universe in a cartoonish joke, specially adjusted for mentally challenged cosmic audience.

  56. Justin Combs

    How dare you refer to my people in this way! Dad galaxies… HARUMPH!

  57. Chaarkol

    Galactic MURDER!!! Hahahah! That has made my day. Always love your videos man :) peace :)

  58. Alan Hutchins

    Have you ever considered doing a story on ball lightning?

  59. mike bar

    It’s ok it will spit us out when it’s done masticating

  60. TayZonday

    Maybe everything visible to us is like dark matter to a parallel universe of complex dark matter life and structures.

    They’re looking at the same thing with their telescopes and wondering where all the new energy came from.

  61. Clive 153

    artistic representation…… the reality may well provide details to make a better clarification of the situation. Speculation about an artists picture isn’t that scientific.
    Do like the channel though so keep the science coming

  62. Kei TheKurono

    Thanks Anton. Hope you’re doing well

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    I’m here for tips; I need to lose a lot if my mass too.

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    What happened ? His ex is off down the road with most of his stuff, trailing a child support vacuum behind her. As below so above.

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    Great work as usual Anton! A galaxy killing another galaxy, why that’s committing galaxycide! Let it be noted that I coined the term first. LOL… Greetings from your hometeown Anton.

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    I Love 😍 your Wisdom, Anton 💚

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    “What are you in for?”
    “Galactic harrassment”

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    Would love to get a look at this with the James Web when it launches, if it launches, wait.. hope I’m still alive when it launches ;p

  69. Mr Krunch

    6:14 – that’s nearly 27 and a half solar masses per day.

    Think about that for a second.

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    Galactic harassment 😂😂😂😂😂

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    @5:03 can we call this the owl gazing galaxy?

  72. Appalling68

    No doubt that galaxy has fallen victim to the Borg Empire. ;-)

  73. Social Enigma

    I don’t know how this galaxy is losing so much mass but I wish it would tell me it’s secret so I can get in shape before summer!

  74. Nathan Genesee

    The half-life of gravity, has emerged

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    Hi Anton!

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    It’s Lord Helmet in Spaceball 1 transformed into dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnn Mega Maid.

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    Jesus, this Prethoryn Scourge from another dimension, sucking everything in our reality (in a bad manner of course, otherwise we would have been really grateful).

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    That Galaxy is doing a Stalwell!

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    You must resist!

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    Looks like a roaming supermassive black hole penetrated it at a high velocity

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    That galaxy do be looking like a tadpole. Lmaoo👀

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    Dead Galaxies might be tye most habitable.

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    Oh God! The *Brethern Moons* from the Dead Space have finally awakened and started to mass assimilate (well *consume* ) and harvest all lifeforms as well as any mass available! The end is near for that galaxy! Let us hope they will never see the Milky Way(!)

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    fastest click in this part of the galaxy

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    Samantha didn t get the astronomy scholarship she hoped for.
    But the school did name a cluster of stars after her. It was a constellation prize.

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