Strange Filament Structures Found in Milky Way’s Center

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of an unusual thread like filament structure in the center of the Milky Way
New paper:
Old paper:


ChamouJacoN ,
 X-ray: NASA/CXC/UMass/Q.D. Wang; Radio: NRF/SARAO/MeerKAT

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  1. Andy H

    Love videos that leave me scratching my head more than when I started watching. Informative mysteries. 😆🤣

  2. Raz D

    so cool!

  3. Tricky

    it looks a bit like a bubble vat at the end of a particle accelerator

  4. Otis Wong

    the universe is electric!

  5. BOW 257

    look like microfractures on the lens, if that can happen with X-ray observatories

  6. Clutchyfinger

    Oh come on, I dont need a degree to know the jet trail remnants of a hyperspace jump when i see one.

  7. Paul Roach

    Love that you are there for us Anton, You make looking into this fun and easily accessible for those of us with a searching spirit who wonder at it all, Thank you.

  8. Dill ster

    Very cool. Great video Anton 👍

  9. Skinny to the feet

    It’s a giant portal 😱

  10. CJ Mahar

    You are great, man! Best science content on Youtube

  11. John Smith

    I feel like some major breakthroughs are coming from all of this

  12. Robert Smith

    That there is what I like to think of as “galactic noise”

  13. Burnintrees384

    I have always said the entire universe is fractal. I bet it keeps going and going and going and going. Thank you Anton!

  14. Martin

    Those are plasma filaments. Electricity plays a much bigger role in the universe than we thought.

  15. Ben O'Loughlin

    “There’s a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets in”. — Leonard Cohen.

  16. PhunkFl3xn

    How long does it take for the radio and light waves to reach earth from the center ?

  17. d g

    You are saying “a lot of” a lot of times 🤓🤣

  18. Timothy Cole

    You are such a good explainer, Anton! Thanks so much for your work

  19. Nobody Knows

    5:34 has an oddly Vincent VanGogh-esque feel to it.

  20. Nicholas Heidl

    Van Gogh clearly saw everything as a magnetic field

  21. Jedi Monk

    Explanations for new Phenomena in Cosmology we don’t understand
    “Explosion! a LONG time ago!”
    “Magnetic reconnection! – the new way to hide the fact there is Electricity up there and they are wrong!!
    “Dark Suff!”
    “Black Holes!”
    “It’s a Binary!”

  22. Deborah Anne Hart

    Wonderful Anton, you are brilliant!

  23. rommelfcc

    Wow. Seeing a lot of faces in the galaxy picture’s, and even the suns pic 😲

    They’re made by an artist, aren’t they… 😉

  24. SilverSage

    Cool new astronomical name: Galactic Magnetic Filament… Wait… What?

  25. Andrew Chuprevich

    Theres so much gas at the center it’s more like an atmosphere instead of raw space.

  26. Mr.Dragon Crypto

    I always look forward to your videos Anton! The universe is wonderful.

  27. Fenta Null

    Remember all this happened millions of years ago.

  28. Daryl Brown

    Sophie paints like van Gogh! , our galaxy’ ya dig my new threads?!

  29. Kevin McK

    The image from the Sophia telescope looks eerily similar to the sky in Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting! The man was on another plane all along!

  30. Lori Motola

    Great vid as always! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Also, now I have inspiration for cosmically inspired paintings. 🖼

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  32. Harkabir Singh Jandu

    Umm, so I shouldn’t pack my compass for my Sag A vacation later this year?

  33. Eric M. Foster

    The photo of magnetic lines looks like a Van Gogh painting!

  34. Kevin Shea

    Van Gogh is clearly a time traveler!

    Or maybe could just see magnetic lines

  35. Enes Lemes

    Pretty sure they’re gonna end up being called x-ray threads now.

  36. kryptoknightkid

    I always look forward to your new videos. Thank you for making them. And keeping us up to date on the cool stuff.

  37. Michael W

    Can we just call these “The Puppets String”?

  38. S Saj

    Can I 3d print with them?

  39. Mario G. Cardiel

    Very interesting! Love your content!

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    That’s where all the fireworks happen. Someone’s having a party!

  41. TheFlyingOtis

    I wonder what it would look like to actually be there in person. Crazy

  42. Tribal 69

    Thank you Anton as usual the most informative channel on the web

  43. Polar Bear Pours

    Anton! I have a filament in my lightbulb also! What a small universe.

  44. G P

    The thing that’s missing from their boxes/names around things in the center of the galaxy image… a giant black hole. If energy is produced there, what creates it? It sounds more like the center is a creation point, and not a giant sucking black hole.

  45. Toyo Masauce

    Looks like they found the warp from 40k.

  46. A Smilling Chihuahua

    Anton once again amazes me with scientific discoveries. and his videos are almost daily. simply amazing, keep it up!

  47. MrPhuct

    The waveforms in this picture remind me of the “time crystal” waveform…

  48. walter tobin

    Galactic lightning 🌩 be my hypothesis.

  49. joe mamy

    is the light being bent so it might not be the shape that it appears?

  50. Mark Fischer

    I’m betting that the amount of energy in each of those filaments will make the superconducting super collider look like a wristwatch battery.

  51. Kiwi Scholz

    5:25 now we know the Galaxy is actually a painting by Van Gogh

  52. Me

    ‘Heating up” the center of the galaxies………………to what degree? Any idea of the temperatures?

  53. Blue LeStrange

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  54. IndigoAce

    I love your content. Thanks for all of your hard work in reading these papers and getting this information out to us! Thanks again for doing what you do.

  55. Murray Pearson

    Would it be fair to call them plasma bubble jets?

  56. Stoweby

    Galactic Filament seems like a logical name.

  57. TurboSol

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    Wow, scientific research is going through the roof and i like it. Virtual particles, higgs field, giant magnetic storms in the center of our galaxy, i think we never discovered so much i so less time.

  63. Benj M

    That humbling feeling when you stare into Chaos.

  64. Kyle Orr

    Image at 5:41 would make a cool painting.

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    This happened right after the pulses from milkyway?

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    Rock on, Anton. Finally we’re observing what I’ve always known, that our galaxy is a giant squid!


    Thank you, Anton. Surprised to see you are still putting out videos, as you had said earlier that you were going to be taking some time off.

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    Well done Anton & Team, Thankyou.

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    At 5:39, the magnetic map look very similar to the field map of a Halbach array. The Milky Way is a refrigerator magnet.

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    “new phenomenon” are being discovered everyday.
    It’s the Age of Progress in Astronomy.

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