Star Spaghettification by a Black Hole Recorded by Telescopes

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a detection of a confirmed spaghetification event – a black hole eating a star.
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  1. Dustin's Watson's

    232 they must be attracted if it’s massive enough

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    How can you not love this guy

  3. MUD PIE

    If this happened to starts couldn’t this happen to galaxies

  4. Thomas Fleig

    It is so cool to realize that we can literally see back in time. To something that happened when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth. Yet we are witnessing it like it’s happening right now

  5. cherry nuka cola

    spaghettification is caused when your parts are accelerating in very different rates
    roche lobe overflow of mass is not a spaghettification although it’s based on acceleration of mass as well

  6. Phillip Brewster

    Why dont they show the actual event and not just simulations?

  7. Adymn Sani

    I wonder what happened to the Kerbals that lived on the 3rd rock Kerbin, that orbited Kerbol after being spaghettified. who knows right?

  8. jeffffro7674

    One thing is w/out a doubt, that picture they rendered looks like one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen in the universe!

  9. Dave Zimmerman

    Hello wonderful Anton. We like your videos !

  10. Alex Desilets

    Lets be honest here. We saw an extremely distant energetic even that could be spagettification. We did not see spagettification.

    One day, we’ll either have better telescopes or we’ll see this happen in the milky way or a satellite galaxy. Then we’ll see if it’s what we think it is.

  11. murasaki9

    Soooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!

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    What’s everyone’s mining lvl?

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    Do black holes prefer tomato sauce or alfredo with their spaghetti?

  14. Mike

    star spaghettification 🤔😌 sounds delicious

  15. Bassotronics

    It would also be cool to see what happens with a non-Spinning black hole.

  16. Michael McConnell

    Anton I miss your intro

  17. tore springare

    Hahaha one pixel event written down on hundreds of pages that sounds like it’s the Holy Bible

  18. KFADavis1

    Somebody toucha my spaghet!

  19. Hi, I'm Ben.

    It’s amazing we can figure that out from just a pixel blob here on earth. Humans got some large feelers. Animals can sense some stuff better than us naturally but it’s almost like we’re catching up consciously with our clever awareness techniques.

  20. michael lazzarini

    Thank god its facts from observation

  21. Jim Whitehead

    Well it happened 265 million years ago 😁

  22. Dustin's Watson's

    The first two minutes

  23. Sith overlord Yoda

    (the following is brought to you by a mass effect reference) not Arcturus station Commander Shepherd we’re sending you to investigate

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    The wonderful ghetti noddle 🍝😊

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    Nice hair cut Anton! Good story too…

  28. Erich Diehl

    The scientific analysis is mostly speculation

  29. DoBe

    From the Stars point of view, does it know it has been eaten by a black hole?

  30. gordon music

    It makes sense though gravity cannot hold energy its everywhere

  31. Phillip Gonzales

    I wonder how that TDE effected life in that galaxy, if there was any.

  32. Michael D.

    Makin” me Hungreh:-b

  33. Lee Lafferty

    this is speculated to have occurred with Sag,A star not long ago

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    I think you are awesome. A truly wonderful person.

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    You share some amazing information.

  36. Volker Hett

    The light from a tidal destruction event is mostly ultraviolent with some infradead added for good measure 😊

  37. Fire Up

    What is the news NASA is going to announce about the Moon on Monday? Aliens?

  38. Aerotale YT

    Was it discovered by Italians?

  39. Plínio Vellas

    The Universe is really plenty of amazing events. And this channel is the opportunity we have to know how amazing they are.

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    People like you will be the reason humanity starts to be interested in science!

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    Microsoft Universe equivalent to right click “empty recycle bin”

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    Your videos are so informative and factually correct. I love watching them! Keep them coming!!

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    I remember earlier hypothesis regarding this ! And i find it amazing that we can capture that 215,000,000 lys away !

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    wonderful and amazing discovery. Loving your content Anton.

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    Man i love your videos but the constant switch from dark background to sudden white light background of the papers is really
    blinding it hurts my eyes.

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    great content anton

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    Very interesting! Thank you Anton.

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    1:30 I’ve always loved doing that just to make an accretion disk…

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    My goodness, artistic representations have come so far. What a time to be alive.

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    We can see your boom :o

  56. Brother Kellerman

    So they saw one tiny pixel and determined that it was this event, interesting.

  57. ronch550

    I’ve always wanted to rip a star apart.

  58. Kendo75

    As interesting as this is… The question that invades my mind is “what if you threw spaghetti at a black hole?”

  59. MasterMarioMX

    So we basically saw a black hole going: “will it blend?” on a star?

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    Hey Anton! Love your stuff! Been waiting on a new vid. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! 🤘👍

  61. II-LiveWire-ll

    I’m asking this question before finishing the entire video( so I’m not sure if he mentioned it or not)

    But how long does this entire event take?

    And also, man… I really wish we could hear things like this going on in space. Feel like these things would sound insane.

  62. Jimbo Bimbo

    “Spaghettified”… now there’s a term I haven’t heard before…

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    Wait . . . I swore you already uploaded this not too long ago. Is this a re-upload?

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    Anton, you always have the coolest information!!

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    I really appreciate that you provide us links to the actual announcing articles. Who else does that? Thanks, Anton.

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    That more realistic simulation looks gorgeous.

  68. Cliff-fishing

    imagine, we could make use of this energy that is released at such events…

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    Personally, I think it should be called sillyputtyfication.

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    These are good times to be an astronomer!

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    A long time ago…
    in a galaxy far, far away….
    a million voices cried out in terror…
    and were suddenly silenced.

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    Thanks Anton. Top notch, as always. I hope your move went well, and you’re all happily settled in?

  74. Dāvids Stalidzāns

    I love how we can get the information of Star Tidal Disruption from one tiny pixel.. all I can get from it is its color..

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    Anton – might be fun if you talked about some of the inaccuracies regarding space/astronomy in some sci-fi movies – just an idea for additional content for you – love the vids man!

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    The two uses for universe sandbox: this, and graystillplays

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    TDE: Top Dawg Entertainment

  79. scott stutzman

    Can’t imagine how powerful something like this is. To drain a star of that kind of energy is something math may not be able to explain. At least to me. Wonderful things happen out there even if Tragic for some of the players.

  80. Rich Mitch

    A long, long time ago
    I can still remember

  81. Roger Gilbert

    Didn’t we see a TDE around Sagitarius here recently, even if it didn’t sink into the hole?

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    Imagine You’re floating near this event, how massive and scary it would look.

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  94. Alan Redmond

    The event was so huge it was seen by a civilisation who would not come into existence for millions of years.

  95. Farrier

    Hi Anton. You often mention BH’s emitting astrophysical jets. I don’t understand how these jets are formed and a vid’ explaining the mechanism of their formation would be very informative.

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    This is definitely the most informative, active, interesting, and up to date space channel currently on youtube.

    Thank you Anton!

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