Squid Based Material Takes 1 Second To Repair Completely

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about recent discoveries related to an unusual protect from the teeth of squid that would allow us to create incredible self-healing materials.
Papers: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fchem.2019.00069/full

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  1. Tau Ceti

    This seems hugely amazing for Armed Force Defense.

  2. RevolverRez

    I love how unsure you look in the thumbnail!

  3. lasarith2

    The Guyver armour just got closer.

  4. Duane Glower

    Highly improbable but let’s hope humans see this applied for their own well-being and not machines

  5. Singularity -

    Now I know where “the Old Guard” came from.

  6. Omar Velez

    Yes! At last! Self repairing reusable condoms I can share with my hommies!!! I love progress!

  7. David Burgin

    Terminator + Squidbillies. That’s my nightmare 😃

  8. INERT

    Plot twist: I’m not a wonderful person

  9. TravelReview

    Great news from now i gonna use Squid based material to make my lego big 😂

  10. Scott Taber

    Wow! This is amazing! Also the number of times I’ve thought this about one of your videos is amazing. Thanks for keeping me amazed!

  11. johnny deeep

    Thank-you Slavic King of Earth.

  12. El Loco

    Wait so that whole movie could been over with them just pouring vinegar on that guy?

  13. robinchwan

    “Look at me! … i’m the terminator now”

  14. James Winkler

    Anton I listen everyday and can’t wait for my wonderful hoodie to get here

  15. harry camper

    Make a good inner lining for a space suit or for the inner walls of the ISS.
    Just have to go easy on the salt and vinegar chips.

  16. Gaymar Gaylord Gay

    Omni-gels! Lol.

    Ongoing research on byssus theads of mussels too

  17. Mike Laffoon

    I wonder if it could strengthen human teeth? Amazing topic Anton, Thanks.

  18. Spok

    You’ve got me convinced…got a squid on my head right now. Any moment now, it’ll be fixed…any moment now… 🤤

  19. Whosoever Believeth

    Useful in spacesuits maybe

  20. golden rules

    I don’t know thats teeth when I chewing squid … Sorry 🤪

  21. Sébastien Gagnon

    Fascinating topic, thanks for sharing !

  22. UncleEric

    Self-healing spacecraft.

  23. PlasmaBurns

    self repairing gaskets

  24. Earths Crust

    This is awesome.

  25. h idden6ix

    Hi Anton , thorium reactors are being talked about recently….ish and i wondered ,considering the drop in radiation, if it could power rockets or even space ships

  26. Oma Cool


  27. Democritus8181

    This will be great for male applications, i mean my banjo needs fixing, or maybe a skin for a space craft :)

  28. Louis Anthes

    Nanobots repairing strokes instantly.

  29. kickinbackinOC

    As if biological matter was sentient, and was researching molecular biology, and came up with the right quantum bio chemistry, uh huh, sure

  30. Darren Caustin

    The never ending knowledge from Anton the wonderful person 🥰

  31. Mr Jean Deaux

    “self-healing materials” (aka. _glue_ 😉).

  32. Jagzeplin

    5:41 E-skin reminds me of the OCtattoos in Peter Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga

  33. Tony D'Agostino

    Combine that with chromatophore (the cells that change color) biotechnology and you’d have a self-repairing stealthy skin-suit that could blend into any background

  34. Chesi _7_0_7

    Imagine being able to self repair ur broken Nintendo 64, sweet

  35. Dralor D

    How the material reacts to radiation would be very good to know. This could make a great EVA suite material. Have a layer of it between the human and the traditional suits skin.

  36. Hiphophippopotamus `i`5c.

    So squids are tasty (with garlic) and can be grown into sentient squid-tooth blankets as poetic revenge?

  37. Billy_Herrington1969

    Imagine something like this, but in 50 years…

  38. Upcycle Electronics

    Turns out the real Leto II is a squid?

  39. -

    • 6:36 – Whew! I was worried that they have to harvest squid to get the material. If that were the case, it would be very offensive because it would literally be _The Matrix_ except that it’s humans forcing squid to be born in order to be harvest as batteries (per 5:35). ¬_¬
    • 7:13 – It’ll definitely be used for a bunch of medical purposes, especially those involving surgery, especially internal procedures.

  40. Ryan B

    Id love for them to use this to make my teeth heal like a squids would save me ever going to the dentist and spending a fortue there

  41. Sebastian Henkins

    If the material was luminescent as well, like a jellyfish, could it then generate light that causes itself to constantly heal itself without needing light from the environment?

  42. MC's Creations

    Really interesting!
    But… We had a squid as president here in Brazil and I don’t recommend it. 😬

  43. Brian Nolan

    I hope they make a self repairing car out of it. Get in an accident, presto it’s fixed.

  44. Marcus Boswell

    I’m sure, in about 20 years, we will have some practical uses for this technology. Right around the corner!

  45. VAS2k03

    Squid! The best Super Glue ever! :))

  46. jack the flipper

    If i can change into those wonderful patterns i want it


    Could be good for astronauts, to repair suits in an emergency. Perhaps on a space walk, their suit tears, they slap on a self repairing patch.

  48. C-S featured

    Imagine soft slippery squidgy slimy skinned robots sliding across a wet floor.

  49. Troy G

    They should develop it to repair holes in spacecraft from micrometeorites

  50. Guack

    When i see a Anton video i click very fast

  51. Bassotronics

    Elon Musk is already writing this down!

  52. adamstryker999

    Another interesting thing I can drone on to my friends about, thanks Anton!

  53. Mephistahpheles

    Makes me wanna make a “real life” game of life. Or not. I’m too lazy.

  54. Adymn Sani

    2 words: organic spaceships

  55. Ben The Shrubber

    I wonder what that kind of material would do when its leeched into the the ground water and present in everyone microscopicaly

  56. QuantumX YT

    “Squid based material”
    Like, bruh wtf

  57. SmartrMelons

    Let me know when they make car transmissions out of it.

  58. Tee

    So my favorite shirt can stay perfect forever!

  59. AF

    ah can’t wait to replace my *skin*

  60. Chris Herb

    So much what we could ‘learn’ from our wonderful nature and animals/fellow living beings in it, if we wouldn’t keep destroying everything.

  61. Masaru kun

    speaking as a neural interface engineer:
    thanks for the heads up!

  62. boulderbash19700209

    “Don’t worry, it’s not going to lead to T2000.”

  63. Baleur

    Most incredible self-healing material ever discovered.
    *brings a spraycan of vinegar*
    Well, theoretically you could probably coat this thing in a hydrophobic layer.

  64. Fleem Q Swipes

    Squid-bot dissolving in vinegar. Gives a thumbs up before it disappears.

  65. Molly_music band

    Only costs six squid

    (You know like the british quid but squid beacuse it’s from squids)

  66. Michelle Peacock

    Once we get astronauts to Mars, it will be great that tearing their suits might not have to be a death sentence.

  67. irock ireckon

    They could make clothes out of it why not be able to make a terminater maybe they can put the jeen in some body’s that an organ needs to be repaired or replaced

  68. Kamran Behzad

    I’LL BE BACK! Just popping over to the supermarket to get some vinegar.

  69. Spencer Smith

    Giant squid have been retrieved from the ocean and dissected many times.

  70. eyonex

    The giant squid thing is true google deep sea gigantism

  71. Keenan Leary

    Just waiting for cephalopod inspired camouflage, weather on a suit or vehicle, on ground, water, or in space :)

  72. Rich Mitch

    Anton, you are a cuddlefish

  73. Brokenthoughts

    I absolutely love learning things from this channel!!!

  74. Robert Smith

    I have had major surgery in the past and the scar tissue never leaves you. Great video, very interesting

  75. Throwing Down The Mask

    Skynet doesn’t care about your scientific intentions, you wonderful person.

  76. Nicholas Mortenson

    I thought this was a “The Onion” YouTube notification.

  77. Edward Carloni

    Would this be good for making suits for Astronauts or to repair them quickly? 😷

  78. The DORUK

    Ah yes Limitless Potential for *Bio Technology*

    Space Jockeys & HR Gigar indefinetly *Approves*

  79. The Unblinking Eye

    0:00 It’s a cuttlefish. You can tell by its W-shaped pupil.

  80. Pincho Paxton

    And it only costs six quid!

  81. Improperly Labeled Loser

    When you’re into comsology, and marine biology

  82. Science Troll

    I wonder if Dolphins apply squid to their cuts . . . . . ?

  83. Robin John

    This would be great for when your exgirlfriend slashes your car seats.

  84. oiSnowy

    “Not this kind of robot,” they said.

    “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature,” they said. :P

  85. Craig Napoli

    This is absolutely fascinating Anton and very exciting to ponder the outcomes, thank you for sharing, I love your work.

  86. Baleur

    I didnt even know that squid had TEETH on each individual sucker….
    That is horrifying.

  87. NorCal_Faithful77

    I see active camouflage in our future

  88. Starman Dx

    “Huh, is this a squid, or a cuttlefish…”
    Or a kid!

  89. sststr

    For whatever medical uses they develop for this, hopefully they can find a way to use it for its original dental purpose as well. No longer would we need silver or ceramic fillings, you can get your natural tooth structure back. Chipped or broken teeth and be fixed to their original structure. etc. Would be a very nice application, even if not particularly spectacular.

  90. Carlos Cruz

    Why do I see this being used on a soldier after battle.

  91. Grim Affiliations

    You’ve mentioned this won’t turn into killer robots suspiciously often Anton 🤔

  92. Mike O'Barr

    So Keratin produces wizards?
    Asking for a friend.

  93. FrogZ

    Yeah don’t worry it wont ever be used for unkillable terminator robots because that’s not what it was meant for…

  94. Sammy Smith

    Expectation: Wolverine capabilities
    Reality: a somewhat glue alternative


    When a scientist says: “But don’t worry…”

    …yep, time to WORRY BIG TIME! 😂🤣

  96. majidi

    He mentions it can store energy so can this be used to repair soft tissue disorders in the body that also must move, like Achalasia or Crohns?

  97. jumbonium

    self healing robots you were supposed to repair us not yourselves

    robots: TROLLEEEEeeeeD

  98. Jay

    Anton: “Self-healing robots.”
    Me: *getting my hopes up*
    Anton: “Not like that.”
    Boo this man! Boo!

  99. MundaneDave

    Lesson learned: Stockpile vinegar for the coming machine wars.


    Robots will be equipped with a membrane over them that repels vinegar…so, yes…WORRY!

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