Something Unusual Happens on Mars During Solar Eclipse

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery from Mars that suggests unexpected effects one of its moons Phobos has on the planet during the solar eclipse.

  1. D

    Sure, our solar eclipse is “totally by accident”
    Keep your opinions to your self

  2. Killer Germ

    I know you’re going through a tough time right now, but I didn’t get my “hello wonderful person” greeting. Now I’m sad.

  3. helpdeskjnp

    Why aren’t you mentioning the hexagonal shape of the moon? It’s clearly showing in the eclipse photo.

  4. Angelo Nielo Again

    Worst eclipse Solar in Mars!
    Best Eclipse solar In Earth!
    Amazing Eclipse solar in Jupiter WTF?!

  5. Taneli Pirinen

    Richter, or Moment Magnitude? Though, on that point, they’re about the same as far as I know.

  6. Eggie X

    Hello wonderfull people.

    Always nice that i get the latest information from him.

  7. Adam Warlock

    lightbulbs can cause rock layers to shift!?

  8. Obi Michels

    mate youre just lying about alot of stuff to get hype and controversy.
    stop it

  9. Napo leano

    Something Germans would be upset about, somebody left the lights on in the mine! xD

  10. Joe Arnold

    It’s when the aliums come out to play.

  11. Marcus Boswell

    I don’t know. I was really drunk at the time.

  12. Danan Butler

    It’s easy to explain the seismic differential, when the moon passes through it affects the electric circuit between the sun and Mars causing the seismic changes, Plasma Physics 101. Oh yeah, not the current paradigm.

  13. mike mathews

    Not by little moon gravity but by a temperature difference on surface.

  14. goss1961

    Still thinking a ‘colony’ is possible? Imagine a ‘colony’ on top of Mount Everest…..without supplies and without anyone being able to nip down to Kathmandu for a break.
    How long is the notion of ‘pushing the bounds of human endeavor’ going to last before someone flips out…?

  15. Techie Science

    Very informative & knowledgable VID👍

    U have encouraged ME & MOST to start their youtube channe!🙏

  16. Clodaghbob

    It’s the god, Mars, keeping an eye on his planet.😜

  17. Hazetwo Lolmao

    What a wholesome person. Love watching your vids dude, keep it up!

  18. Twelve Imâms Against Baby

    [ Who telled you the Sun and the Moon equalizing in view in time of eclipse on planet earth is an accident? ]

  19. Jacquelyn Freund

    Just found your channel. Very interesting.

  20. George Reynolds

    “Completely by accident”? Hhmmm…just like the other 26 universal constants that make our very existence possible. All “accidents”.

  21. Joseph Grant

    Hope you are doing well, Anton. Love your channel!

  22. TheNoyouyesme

    The seismic anomolies are fascinating.. wtf,,, thank you Anton!!! 🙋

  23. Anik Samiur Rahman

    4:35 “It’s not named after you sir, it’s named after your daughter.”

  24. Uranium Rabbit

    This guy is cool. I wanna hang out with him and discuss Carl Sagan.

  25. jeff grove

    But wait a minute…. wouldn’t this happen every evening and morning?

  26. Glass

    A comment for youtube algorithm.

  27. Sil Marillian

    Another great upload hello from Australia

  28. naphackDT

    “Unusual”… Say, how many planets with moons do we have sufficient data for to establish a baseline for what’s “usual?”

  29. Gary Mathewson

    An interesting video as always, Anton. Keep up the good work brother…

  30. Cjbm08 Legend

    “By accident “ Lmao

  31. Once a bust Always a bust

    My expectation for every new upload: ITS ALIENS! 🧐

  32. Lost in the Dark

    You scientists don’t even know what happens on the Solar System, here on our space backyard, and want to explain the whole thing?

  33. Patricia Guenzler

    Anton why haven’t we tried to plant seeds in the soil surely some moisture has to be there so trees or certain plants would develop

  34. Bryan Welborn

    “…completely by accident…” LOL. Ya really gotta put that in there do ya? Silly.

  35. Dr. Otto

    … So That’s why you left your cave ?! 😉🤔

  36. GSTripleF

    Shouldn’t we also be detecting Mars quakes every time the sun sets on Mars?

  37. sinephase

    someone’s been practicing their use of the word “the”! :P

  38. Shimmy Shai

    Or to make it short and simple: Mars creaks, like when your house creaks as the temperature shifts.

  39. paolo ottimo

    They definitely should name an observatory after you!! :-)

  40. Logan Orlikoski

    if this is true then why dont we detect any seismic activity during a solar eclipse here on earth?

  41. Vulcano

    Hey I was at the BFO! Even shortly before the launch of Insight and they talked about it because they tested its seismometer

  42. Trevor Lancaster

    I wonder if having such regular micro shifts/quakes might ensure no large build ups for larger quakes?

  43. Brandon Jacky

    I like how he says “space out” at the end of his videos. I often do that anyways lol!

  44. Talib Muzik

    Blessings Wonderful Person
    I appreciate your channeling
    and I’m glad you are back ✨

  45. Maker Marx

    Once you see that the emperor has no clothes, watching videos like this is depressing. A great awakening is happening, yet many are choosing to remain amused in the “comfort” of the matrix. We have not left the earth. The wizard of Oz is still pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

  46. Stephen Thomas

    That’s mine.

    You mean, that’s a mine.

    No, I mean it’s mine, Anton.

    My name’s not Anton.

    No, mine is.

    Yes, the mine is named Anton.

    Right. So, that’s mine.

  47. heavy meddle

    Could have been a great song if pink floyd still were

  48. G BIGGA

    Keep up the grind my dude🤙sorry to hear ur homeless hope things turn around soon

  49. Andrew Ellis

    Interesting deep dove on the eclipse on Mars.

  50. BoogieThe KingTM

    Early asf ig. Saw this in a dream above nyc

  51. Jason Kenney

    I’m so happy your channel exists, I enjoy getting my science news from you.

  52. Michael Kennedy

    Gee, I fear we really need to get ourselves some of those Phobos moons.

  53. cyrilio

    Happy 9/20 everyone. Remember that psychedelics are wonderful too.

  54. flgators1986

    Mars has alot on it we have no clue about and will never be talked about.

  55. Ariel Malachi

    Anton I want to see you in person when we know that there’s extraterrestrial life outside our planet and it’s technically advanced.

    When that happens please make the effort to come to CA

  56. CJ D13

    “Completely by accident…..”!

  57. Bozo Erectus

    How is it possible that this channel isn’t called “In Other Words…”?

  58. What's Next?

    Today I am not a wonderful person 😥

  59. Kyle Smith

    “completely by accident…”

  60. Liberty4Ever

    “60 watts of energy” Not the first time you’ve said something like that. Watts are power. Energy would be watt seconds or watt hours.

  61. Evan Lyall

    love this wonderful person

  62. Louis Anthes

    Anton, I hope PBS or Degrasse Tyson get you some good PR…

  63. GraveUypo

    i was like “3 seconds? really? that fast?”
    you misspoke at the beginning

  64. Roger Allen

    Fascinating! The more we learn, the more there is to learn.

  65. Danan Butler

    “complete by accident” ha!

  66. Bronze Eagle Offical

    I think everyone who watches your videos wants you to suceed👏nothing but love bro

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    1st time i saw one of your videos that did not start with: “Hello wonderful person……” im not wonderful anymore?

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    Hey Anton, hope you are not home-less yet. Hope you’re in your new studio.

  69. Seán O'Nilbud

    All the underground Mars birds stop singing.

  70. Blazed Gaming KR

    1:15 I think you meant to say “Solar” eclipse.

  71. Poij Mc

    Night: does nothing
    Phobos: hold my earthquake

  72. Paul Walsh

    Anton, do remember ever watching “Jack Horkheimer Star Hustler” on PBS stations when you lived in Canada ? I just realized how much your channel extro reminds me of that program. You do incredible work. You both did. Very inspiring and informative.

  73. Alexander_Keith_1

    Pretty cool Anton

  74. David Asher

    The should call it a “googly eye” eclipse. 👀

  75. Trey Lewis

    Is earth (dirt) on Mars called “mars?” (Dirt)

  76. Loki Vato

    “The moon is, totally by accident, the same size isn’t he sky…”

    You really think it’s an accident?

  77. Noctus does things

    Welcome to the comment section, eclipse on mars is cool.

  78. IBAV8N 2

    “Completely by accident” … that’s funny.

  79. eye bee-sea

    2:20 For the rest of the world: that’s a temperature drop of 5.5 °C.

    Is this really a graph provided by NASA? I’m asking because NASA uses the metric system since the 70s.

  80. Barbutt


    “Completely by accident..”

    You sound very sure about that. Maybe a good topic for a video.


    Prove they didn’t name that mine after you either!!!! (-,”

  81. Lazarus Zoolander

    Thats not an eclipse, its actually one of the “Old One’s” checking out what humans are sending to its vacation spot.

  82. jebes909090

    During a martian eclipse, something odd hapoens on mars.


  83. ijansk

    Here in Chile there was a solar eclipse in July 2019 and we had no idea temperatures would go down considerably. Before the eclipse finished we went back home because of the cold we were feeling.

  84. Charles Elswick

    Lol, nothing of our universe is by “accident”.

  85. DanielRichards644

    4:56 Watch out for that ghost in that lightbulb next to your head.

  86. Zyvold

    Hi, Wonderful Person!

  87. Thomas

    I really appriciate Anton’s videos. Ive been intrested in astonomy all my life but never got the chance to really focus on it due to school and work. These videos are a great subsitute.

  88. Brandon

    It’s gotta be weird when a video doesn’t start with “hello there wonderful person”.

    Edit: huh. That is weird!

  89. ROB.T.

    “Moon and the sun are the same size during an eclipse completely by accident” *wink*

  90. ダニ姫

    “Our moon by complete coincidence is roughly the same size as the sun in the sky”
    That sentence alone is a full meal for conspiracy theorists!

  91. Wagoo

    Didn’t expect Phobos to look so big from the surface. Although having witnessed partial solar eclipses on Earth.. they’re really hard to notice!

  92. Tobias Luong

    You know it’s weird if he started the video saying huh

  93. Lisa J

    Is it monsters like in the Vin Diesel movie pitch black?

    Spoiler: It’s not.

  94. Stephen Johnson

    Even though it may be unexpected it makes sense. We include expansion joints in our structures to allow for the effect of heating and cooling. Given sensitive enough instruments you would detect the movement of the surface layer as it heats and cools

  95. coweatsman

    Mars quakes are quite safe.
    Ah, we can breathe easily.
    No, you can’t actually do that.

  96. Lance Skelly

    I imagine this is similar to a corrugated metal roof creaking as the Sun rises and sets on it.

  97. Mike Dunigan

    I imagine when we meet aliens their leading comment about earth is going to be “You guys have a massive moon. That’s so weird.”

  98. Antaxtic II

    That BFO observatory is definitely named after u, anton :0

  99. PsyintZ

    Don’t be so humble, Anton. We all know that mine is most definitely named after you. They were merely showing their respects to such a wonderful person.

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