Solar System Is Accelerating! And Other Incredible Gaia Discoveries

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an incredible new data release from Gaia telescope that has already discovered so many incredible things about nearby space.
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  1. Bruce Millar

    Why, retire such a telescope?

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    How close, and when, will another star pass close to us?

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    Hello Anton! Hey, since some of your videos I can’t read your descriptions in it on my smartphone anymore, all cut off a little bit though original video format as always. ✂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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    We’re in the era of mind bogglingly precise space instruments and telescopes. That can be launched much more cheaply, and reliably with SpaceX. Gaia is incredible.

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    Great video, but a bit too many extreme, amazing, incredible.. also what is the benefit of knowing where a star will be in a few million years – what can you do with that information?

  19. Louis Brown

    what!? 3D starmaps? Has someone notified Winchel Chung? edit: wait! that’s …that’s a 4D starmap!

  20. Dr Gunsmith

    Who in the universe thumbs down a wonderful person Anton.

  21. Jason N

    I wish I were in the small or large magellanic clouds so the milky way would be my view of the night sky. That must be spectacular for whatever lives in those places.

  22. Livingvapour

    The WARP?! warhammer 40k intensifies lol

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    Cool beans !
    But sad to hear that this will be the last of this type of telescope for many years to come !

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    I look forward to seeing Gaia proved correct in the year 3500 when Gaia 25 data is released.

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    I’m stupid.

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    All this extremely precise data will become a small ballpark in the next century. Maybe they’ll call it the “Old Gaia Field”.

  42. michael dougherty

    So wasteful, shutting the telescope down when it’s running perfectly. It cost so much to put it there.

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    300k stars in a 300 light year sphere around us. That’s a lot actually.

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