Solar Cycle History For the Past 1000 Years Reveals a Few Surprises

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that discovered what the solar cycles were like for the past 1000 years.
Paper: or
Carbon dating game:
Paper with an image used:

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  1. Clare Degroff

    Ofcourse a Carrington type event WILLL happen happen again at some point. Rather it is a part of a cycle or it’s random it will occur again

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    Does this guy remind anyone else of Wallace and Grommet ? lol

  4. stewitr

    The mainstream has a real struggle with new ideas, such as recurrent flares of that scale. Call it a micro nova maybe… Because that’s about the scale of some of them in the past.


    This information has been known for decade+.

  6. Timmy Little

    Thank you. That was awesome.

  7. Wesley Hartley

    The first surprise being that we have solar cycle data for the last thousand years, considering SDO and other solar centric missions to collect such data have only been around for two or three decades. Before that, we don’t have “data” per sé; Just some really try-harding guesses.

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    But wait, I thought it was all man made climate change and all other factors that can contribute to global warming wasn’t up for debate anymore. 😂 That was a sarcastic comment for those out there that don’t have a sense of humor.

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    Oh my god watch out!! There’s a gigantic sun right behind you!

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    Magnetic Reversal News has excellent info on this subject. Very interesting. Thank You Anton ✌️Be Safe

  11. Kyle A

    I would like to see long term data of the sun compared with temperature.

  12. Kyle A

    6:09 how do we know that the carbon 14 in the samples is from the wood structures and not the trees used to build said structures?

  13. Body of Truth

    They know the date of construction, not the age of the trees.

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    I don’t know why but I find the solar cycle fascinating. More so than other space phenomena.

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    I’d like a paternity test on this “son” of ours, Anton.

  18. Peetiegonzalez

    0:15 Why is that sun revolving backwards?

  19. Mike Lorrey

    The Chinese have counted sunspots for 2000years but western scientists ignore these records

  20. Bob Reed

    Anton, could you do a video on the younger dryas impact hypothesis? (geologic evidence)? Thanks.

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    Anton, CC really helps… :)

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    Anton i have to say, your channel has become my daily routine. I absolutely love your content and you as a person. Keep up informing us about theese amazing discoverys and most of all, stay wonderful! Much love!

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    You’re so adorable, your intellect looks cute on you. Says an old lady who can get away with saying such outrageous things. 😁 I really enjoy your channel for the science that is 🤭

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    It’s weird to see the south pole represented as the top of the planet.

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    If anyone wants to learn about these cycles check suspicious observers channel for explanations on these subjects!

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    Thanks for explaining good 😌

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    Great, how is Trudeau going to tax the solar cycle? hahaha

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    Our understanding isn’t all that bad it’s the main stream scientest that need the help stuck in dogma


    Why am I just now realizing how much of a nerd I am?

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    The dieholdfoundation with Doug Vogt also explains this in depth

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    love you channel. Friendly suggestion – wear the merch you’re trying to sell?

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    2:45 Wait, do we really have 10 000 years of data? I thought we had much less than that 🤔

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    playback video at 95% and the pace is great. Anton good work!

  37. Tony Lalangue

    Note: Instead of using carbon dating to measure the age of a particular piece of wood (for example), they are working backward to determine solar activity at a particular time. To be accurate this requires a lot more data.

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    Beginning to believe that Stars are more than just huge balls of Fusing Hydrogen plasma. The Universe is alive.

  45. eternal Doorman

    8:17 The problem is that the people with all the money don’t care what _anything_ costs, because it’s all economic activity and they have all the money and so they profit from everything. Typically it’s governments that pay and so the governments become dependent on the bankers for their debts.

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    Superb content, thanks.

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    “*Solar Wind* Hack”

  49. Kemal Abuhan

    Hi Anton, could you explain how the earth’s magnetic field is affected by the sun’ can you focus on our magnetic field shift; 12000-year shifts where the poles reverse. thx a bunch!

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    I am glad to see an awakening, go on and take more topics from suspiciousobserver, maybe asking for cooperative projects.

  51. John smith

    And would the historical strength of the earth’s magnetic field have been included in their retrodiction?

  52. Edysin Simon

    I imagine the sun goes thru its own dynamic solar “cycles” thru out its entire life cycle. This should be obvious but is not well known because of the duration these cycles take.

  53. Jays Tech Vault

    The wonderful person returns.

    I wonder if the historical global temperature change over time has some correlation to the cycles of the sun.

    Edit: Looks like you answered that :)

  54. Robert Schlesinger

    Very interesting, informative and worthwhile video. Many thanks for the links to the papers.

  55. Virgiliu Stancu

    1000 years is small relative with the Sun life. Maybe we have cycles under 10.000 years or 100.000 year

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    When is it going to blow up

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    Ancient Scribe: “What are you doing?”
    Ancient Astronomer: “Counting sunspots.”
    Scribe: “To what end?”
    Astronomer: “Ran out of stars.”

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    I didn’t realize that carbon dating was looking at the effects of cosmic rays. That is a bit concerning to me. How consistent is the rate of cosmic ray bombardment?

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    You’re the wonderful person. Anton

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    7:23 “something happened in the years…1052…”. Crab nebula is a supernova remnant from 1054!
    Edit: it was observed by Chinese astronomers. Maybe not a coincidence?

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    The main question is how soon we get X-19 Class Solar Flares earth directed ?

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    I think the Carrington Event is at the low-middle end of what our Sun can do, and has done in the past. Hyper flares, and micro-novas being in the front rows.

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    We cover space weather daily and we don’t appreciate all the nonsense on YouTube about it. We’ve shared this video, so thanks Mr. Petrov. This will be a great information supplement for our viewers. Keep going, man. Best wishes! ☀️👀🌎

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    Hmm, 1,000 years is VERY recent in geologic and astronomical terms.

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    As always a great vid thanks, can we really say those peaks are most likely the sun though? We dont really have any corroborating evidence for that yet so it seems like a big assumption.

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    Hi Anton, your news and reviews are very interesting, I would like to ask you to look at what Aubrey de Grey is publishing. Is that real science? Why not so much on news?

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    Since learning about it last year I’ve been fearing a Solar activity that will basically destroy the modern world’s technology. Apparently we haven’t had a big one since electronic devices became widely available and personal. That’s bad

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