Slime Organism Creates An Accurate Model of the Universe

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new incredible study that was able to recreate the cosmic web by using patterns created by an interesting mold grown here on Earth.

  1. Liviu-Dan Timar

    ( : Web, James Webb! : )

  2. Frank Walsh

    That was interesting and informative.

  3. Sergpie

    Even slime mold is gravitating towards an electric plasma-model of the universe.

  4. Mike Shepherd

    Maybe our whole universe is something very very tiny in another living something. :)

  5. azorthegreat

    It is funny how simular things may be simulated to be, mental barriers. Small jokes put together by the aliens that have inprissend us inside their simulation!

  6. arno kosterman

    Tada💟 beaitiful🌠 this is how i do it with everyting 💟 en reseaves the peaces of understandings of creations😍

    Good day wonderful person en wunderful persons🤗🙌💟 oll injoy beïng💗

  7. Aaron

    I’m telling you, I have said it 100 times. Our universe is a living thing. Just open your eyes and see it.

  8. wilsudi

    Seems like more evidence that our universe is a simulation.

  9. Lisa Lines

    Thanks for covering Anton.
    This slime grew in my front yard 2 months ago. Upon analyzing closely, I too came up with the likeliness of the cosmic web.
    This was my take:
    See how it waves out it’s feelers as it grows out… That is what I compare to a pulse or perturbation in the cosmic field.
    When a source of energy is found, it will organically determine the path of least resistance between the two (or more) closest points of energy sources. The feelers that find no sources of energy draw back its energies into the newly connected main veins/paths.

    The best part of this is not only its ability to spread, efficiently and intelligently redirect it energies, but is the comparison between organic energies in the slime veigns and cosmic energies (suns, planets etc.) in the cosmic veigns…
    It gives a good indication on how continuous that universal connectivity actually is.

    The thought that deep in the veigns beyond were we will ever see, any event may well resonate right through the highways, much like a heartbeat that pumps the blood through our veins.

  10. Shaave Beatbox

    I look forward to your video every day. I can’t get enough.

  11. Mc W

    Thank you Anton, you always present most interesting videos of current developments and discoveries. Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Ryan Stallard

    Imagine if we had discovered the slime before computers…who knows where we’d be.

  13. MyView

    Now the question is “Are we on a perti dish?”

  14. Alex

    Does the fluid flow in the mold represents something in the universe? How does the universe react when you squeeze a connection? Then the mold won’t make new connections, but improves existing network

  15. GlitterJuice

    i need the 2 slime waves to touch in the middle……

  16. galaxy

    Maybe inspired by Star Trek Discovery’s Lieutenant Stamets Spore Drive.

  17. kyle girard

    Keep up the good work buddy!! I enjoy your videos, I watch all you videos and always enjoy it and your super informative!! Good job Anton!!

  18. Mythiasorcio

    8:22 I want that as a block in minecraft.

  19. James M

    Fractals man, there is no mass only energy Waves interacting … Time is all at once. Scale is irrelevant.

  20. Lobos222

    I dont know, looks like a duck, walks like a duck. Still turned out to be a swan…

  21. Humanity and Conflicts

    There is an implication of this that we can use to find alien civilizations: Tampering with the shortest path will stick out.

  22. Doug K

    Thanks for the videos Anton. You inspired me to buy a telescope and have a skylight installed in my ceiling. My neighbors in the apartment above are furious.

  23. Tellestus 0

    C’mon Anton, everybody knows that’s just a map of the local universe. 😶

  24. Brad B

    theyshould bring it to space and see how it acts with no gravity

  25. Thorekk

    mycelium does this, and often mycologist think about this.

  26. Sorrz

    absolutely brilliant work by them and you anton for posting these vids! I thought they all had similarity’s when looking at them before this study came out.

  27. foodice11

    You called them animals. They are actually either a kingdom or a type of bacteria

  28. Killkor

    What if we had one in a lifetime chance to see the face of our god…

    … and it’s just some mindless slime mold.

    What would that make us…

  29. Anne Van veen

    Then I’m like slime when it comes to food also,the fastest path with least resistance!.😂,thank you Anthon.✌️💕

  30. Ken Caisse

    I confess I went str8 to the comments to see reactions to the title 🤣

  31. onehit pick

    This explains why every universe simulation to date simulates the universe that we observe. Just let slime do it now, and we don’t even need GPU clusters or supercomputers.

  32. Chris Valin

    awesome! gives so much more substance to imagine the universe

  33. DaveFromColorado

    I love watching and channel because I learned so much. On top of that, I love being called a wonderful person. I know that you’re stupid reason to watch the channel, but it’s one thing that keeps me coming back.

    Wonderful Person.

  34. Osiris Rex

    Watching from quarantine ❤️❤️❤️

  35. RDE Lutherie

    Some people have way more voids in their brains than others. (<:

  36. Lavrinn D

    The universe is actually a larger organisms science fair project in dish … the edge of the universe is a giant glass wall

  37. ztwntyn8

    Dang it, #13 like. Good thing I don’t partake in that deal.

  38. Al V

    How do you feel now after we find out that we are a part of someone’s brain 🤣

  39. Bob Coughlan

    29 thumbs-downers are still wonderful persons. They just don’t know it

  40. Denis Gantsev

    Who would win?
    -Latest technology GPU-based data centers
    – one slimy boi?..

  41. Thomas M

    Slimes really are the Mariest of Sues in the universe.

  42. Nathan M.

    I’m writing a paper on pareidolia on this paper lol.

  43. Joshua Rodriguez

    We’re gunna be seeing things soon beyond our expectations so it’s always going to be expecting the unexpected 🤔

  44. Darren Krivit

    6:00- We are Wonderful People Resistance Is Futile

  45. KC

    Literally just read the paper, and then your video was first in my recommended. Thanks for another great video.

  46. De Biotuin

    Thank you, this field on the border of biology and astrofysics I find fascinating

  47. Hlafordlaes

    Excellent example of complexity from simplicity. No need for magic.

  48. IamRasheed

    When I saw the title I was thinking of the mycelial network of Star Trek Discovery, but this is much more wonderful.

  49. Shaun Goodwin

    Interesting as always. Thanks wonderful Anton!

  50. Clutchyfinger

    Dark matter was slime all along. Thats where it all ends up after kids youtube videos.

  51. Joe Thompson

    Just ordered my Wonderful Person shirt! Keep up the good work!

  52. Caden Rolland

    Mainstream media headline: THE UNIVERSE IS MOLD

  53. Mosern1977

    So, maybe the universe grows as a mold does… Screw BB.

  54. The Grey Wanderer

    When you look at the universe from far away enough I’m sure it does look like an expanding wave of slime(plasma).

  55. Mike Holtackers

    This gives me huge Star Trek Spore Drive vibes 🤣

  56. David Lanham

    I’ve always said that a planet and a comet look just like a sperm and egg cell. Coincidence?

  57. Kyles Isler

    SciShow Space beat you to this by about 7 minutes lol.

  58. Mad G

    Imagine the Slime-Verse there’s lil slime people in this universe they have their versions of us and they are trying to figure out the same things we are but in their world.

  59. Stig Martin

    So you’re saying, we are all living in a slime mold? Lol 😂

  60. john conner

    Anton in 5 years…
    “We were wrong about slime organisms creating accurate models of the universe”

  61. 🖖🏽DuZy🖖🏽

    It’s all a part of nature like how our human bodies recreated in natures image/s it’s just a matter of perspective

  62. Math Ninja

    If the universe is one huge living organism, then we are the midiclorians…

  63. VillaMasterSF

    we are all part of a giant universal hivemind and every starsystem is an “atom” XD

  64. Mikhail Alexandrovich

    I have been studying astrobiology for years already. I just duct taped a microscope to my telescope.

  65. Zo Fryer

    “I’m not a bad slime”

  66. Twin Falls Astronomy

    Ah yes, Im in the wagon now, I set my timer for 4 pm MDT.

  67. Barry Kaine

    “What is here is elsewhere.”

  68. NBKAWTG Nobody

    Protists aren’t animals 🤦‍♂️ God damnit; we’re more closely related to yeast; damnit again

  69. Henchman Twenty1

    “We all are made of SLIME stuff.” ~ C. Sagan

  70. antwan1357

    This was always a mystery to me as to why smart guys in the eighties would say. If you understand how molds work you understand the universe.

  71. BUH lucky

    This sounds to me like the first baby steps towards a hyper-lane modeling computer.

  72. yacine

    for french/german speakers Arte has recently released an interesting documentary about Physarum

  73. Above & Beyond Vapor

    More validation of the metaphysical idea that the entire Universe is alive in some sense.

  74. AF

    “Can you guess what this is?”
    Something from the upsideown in stranger things painted yellow?

  75. Larzsolice

    Sounds like a proof the electric universe, since the “Web” would then be the most efficient way of organising Birkeland currents across the entire universe! Dark matter can not explain the voids in this model that you report. Dark matter doesn’t require efficient transport networks…

  76. Ellison Hamilton

    Slime?! Nothing new. Our nation’s Capital has been overflowing with it for decades.
    And they ALWAYS find the shortest route possible to our money. Scientific fact!!!

    Thanks Anton. Hope you are well! ❤😊👍

  77. Will To Win

    The fractal nature of reality!

  78. Ri3m4nn

    5:58 Spoiler Alert, the universe is a Borg Cube

  79. Polymelodic Sayon

    Human: Draws a straight line connecting two dots.
    Scientists: Eh.
    Slime: Grows in a somewhat straight line, connecting two dots.
    Scientists: Genius!

  80. Aaron

    We only see what we can comprehend. Believe me, there is much more going on. Much much more.

  81. Simon Senaviev

    This is one most intelligent creatures on Earth imagine If your Universe is actually one of those

  82. Cosmic Rey

    It followed the real active current state, nothing was modeled — a web of plasma tendrils creating a structure for the slimes navigation. It didn’t model anything, it followed the truth. Energy is the truth.

  83. Podkova

    Got my kids a tub of slime once. Big mistake. Wife was happy though, got to go carpet shopping.

  84. MCMLXV

    We’re just two lost souls
    Swimming in a fish bowl,
    Year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have we found?
    The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.

  85. Tasty Rainbro

    I love that pattern, it’s literally universal

  86. Kris F

    I had a slime mold develop in my fish tank. It was pretty weird!

  87. HorrorCraft

    Wow. I will no longer feel insulted by being called “slime” after this video.

  88. Jere w

    this is some Star Trek Discovery Ish how soon till they find the Mycelium network

  89. ezzz9

    The bigger we think we are, the smaller we truly are.

  90. smithologist

    “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

    – Hermes Trismegistus

  91. Gordon Dry

    “As above – so below, as below – so above. As within – so without, as without – so within. As in great – so in small, as in small, so in great.”
    Hermes Trismegistos

  92. StarGate Atlantis11

    Physarum Polycephalum: slim mold created everything in the universe. I’m in an existential crises!

  93. SpeedStriker

    Yesterday you told me that the dark matter is actually aether, and now you’re telling me that aether is slime mold? What is going on in the world these days?

  94. eric vulgate

    we see these patterns again and again in nature.
    our brains reflect them too.

  95. Anj Kovo

    Could it be the universe is one giant living organism? Just a thought

  96. Talha Barut

    2020 has been a weird ass year man

  97. Shane Pye

    I’m almost convinced that the universe is some kind of organism we are a part of. Drastically complex and unknowable.

  98. skaruts

    *Edsger Dijkstra:* _”I invented the shortest path algorithm.”_
    *Protist:* _”No you didn’t.”_

  99. mini moogle

    Theory#1: We live in a Simulation

    Theory#2: We live in a Slime

  100. Anton Petrov

    If you wondered what else is hiding in between galaxies, I made a video about the intergalactic space a few months ago:

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