Signs of a Tunguska Like Event, but in Chile and 12000 Years Ago

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a detection of a bolide explosion in Chile 12000 years ago.


 – NSSDC Master Catalog

ESO/B. Tafreshi CC BY 4.0
Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0

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  1. sperz35

    Same time frame as the younger drias impact hypothesis. That theory just gets stronger and stronger.

  2. Tyler Morgan

    This is around the same time as the comet in Greenland. Both are around the younger dryas period what a time for humanity that was!
    Could they be the same comet or two different ones landing around the same time ?

  3. Jacen Solo

    People have been saying this for years now. Looks like the science is catching up.

  4. Jerry Sponagle

    You are a pleasure to listen to sir. 😎👍

  5. The Rude French-Canadian

    Guess we know why there’s discrepancies in our timeline and why there’s huge ancient monument peppered across the earth we couldn’t explain…

  6. Mike S

    Great science. Thank you Anton.

  7. Reverend Fry

    12K years ago was the Younger Dryas event. It has been surmised that the Sun has a micronova event triggered by the solar system passing through the Galactic Current Sheet every 12.5k years.

  8. Bruce Tutty

    All likes Anton, thank you.

    It really does look like there’s a large offshore trench (?) to show a displacement, adjacent to the shallowest part of the shoreline. Could be a landing strip for an impact, but i’d need more Tektite or iridium evidence?

  9. T Samuel

    The comet shower 13K BCE that ended the Ice Age has been dated as early as 11K BCE, this fall right in that time span. Supposedly better data puts the date at 13K BCE. The planet’s temperature rose “instantly” several degrees.

  10. Gregory Kitchens

    Someday an archeologist enters a cave and finds “whoa, bro the forest like…totally exploded yesterday it was wicked” written in 12,000 year old ink

  11. Play with me in Second Li

    In that this is the “Ring of Fire” could these minerals be produced in a volcanic eruption?

  12. Kang TheConquerorIII

    Thanks Anton…You are watched and respected by those who are lovers of science the world over. The information you provide is priceless

  13. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    Anton, well just how many “Tunguska” events have there actually been?

  14. Sebastian Bueno

    This one is going to be interesting! I live in Chile and I had never heard of this

  15. Hortensia delosSantos

    How many events seem to point to 12,000 YA? It doesn’t seem to be coincidental, but something global. How about a major Sun event? A micro-nova, for example? Some think a huge blast from our Sun kind of fried Earth all those years ago.

  16. PenguinTamer

    Love the video, but I don’t understand how people can say we’re overdue for something that is 100% random.

  17. Eric McSwain

    I would enjoy what you think about the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis. Some suggest that a series of small impacts could be involved. Could this suspected Chilean impact be related?

  18. Eric Campbell

    Seems way too coincidental that this type of event also coincides with a possible similar event in North America which altered or extinguished extensive mammal species as well as the Clovis people around the same time. And then add to that coincidental climate change.

  19. Patti RockGarden

    So very interesting! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful information!

  20. lee smith

    The guessed time frame for this puts it around the same time as the impact that some scientists think may have caused the end of the ice age, around 11600 – 12500 years ago, if this was a smaller part of that comet then it would have helped in the megafauna die off.

  21. Penney Burgess

    You never know what is going to become an hypothesis until you ask the question.
    It’s a good question.

  22. Gilles de Brouwer

    Timing of this impact might be the same as the Greenland impact

  23. SP AK USA

    It would shave off a chunk of time if their was a way to see what happens on a different planet during a impact

  24. berend ale roorda

    not too far off in time with the greenland hiawatha impact

  25. Tom McGowan

    Anton, love the podcast. I also enjoy your expression ” a lot of”. It’s where I hear your Russian pronunciation of the letter “L’. Just wait until the James Webb sat. gets functional.

  26. tst ccnt

    At 4:50 you discovered Trolite. Amazing mineral!

  27. RedReaperThe1st

    Amazing information!! I listen to you on my way to work! One million subs is almost here guys! Good job Anton

  28. Glen Waldrop

    It sounds like this is around the same time frame as the Greenland impact, which would explain a bit.

    Gotta wonder if maybe two chunks came in at the same angle a few seconds apart, one hits Greenland and one is an air burst over Chile.


    You forgot the links Anton, anyway, thank you for the great content. Altho i got the links, later in the video.

  30. Ancient Architects

    Great video, Anton. A lot of my subs have sent this to me today. Great channel, great content. 👍

  31. Brendan O'Daly

    Anton, have you seen the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis? This seems to be very related to your video.

  32. Paul Sweeney

    Might this be part of the same event around 12,000 tears ago that resulted in the northern ice dams breaching and also possibly the Hiawatha crater in Greenland and or the Abu Hureyra/Sodom event?
    The north American event was supposedly an object which broke up, maybe fragments hit the atmosphere at slightly different trajectories.
    It’s all really just guesswork, as you say, but the more we discover, around 12,000 years ago, there appear to have been multiple meteorite strikes of varying strengths around the globe.

  33. Stephen Owens

    In a previous video awhile back, Anton laughed off the Younger Dryas hypothesis basically by mocking this theory…and here we are. 😁

  34. Miguel Elgueta

    That’s amazing. I love your videos Anton, cheers from Chile

  35. tracy miller

    Anton you are still my favorite scientist. Your explanations are always cut and dry without any unnecessary details padding the content. You also have a quality that somehow shines the truth always . Keep it up.

  36. Sparkslinger 7007

    dude, really look forward to your vids, you never fail to catch my eye with interesting content, good on you, if you’re ever in the states I’d be honored to buy you a beer. Keep up the good work!

  37. Brian Betron

    Great job Anton keep up the great work

  38. Mary Ann Bittle

    Fascinating! This bolide hypothesis is pretty solid. There hasn’t been volcanic activity in that area for millions of years, so that wouldn’t have put down a layer of this stuff so high in the soil layer. The bolide idea makes sense.

    As you mentioned in passing, it also might make sense of the huge petroglyphs/geoglyphs in the area. The peoples there could have thought to communicate with the “god” they witnessed in the sky, to stop the god from being “angry.” It really does add up pretty well!

    Thanks again for what you do, Anton. I can’t say it enough what you mean to so many of us! Every single day, you bring us the layman’s description of these papers, so we can learn something new, and that is a wonderful thing!

  39. Sy Iridium

    Some people about 12 millennia ago:
    – “Finally, after years of wandering, I think this will be a good place for our tribe to settle. Let us setup a settlement and rest our weary bones!”
    * a giant rock in the sky explodes, sets everything on fire and melts the sand *
    – “Welp, damn…”

  40. Mark Short

    800c sounds low for a bushfire to me since I’ve seen brass melt in bushfires and the melting point of brass is 927c and that happened where the fuel load wasn’t as high as other places but it’s still a long way below the temperature needed to make formations like this but in Australia at least, our bushfires can get hotter than 800c, maybe our bushfires are a bit hotter because of the high oil content of eucalypts

  41. E Kramer2

    Thank you wonderful Anton!

  42. Jari

    Where was the moon when Tunguska happened then it might be traces of the event on the moon like some minor impacts

  43. zatoichiMiyamoto

    Greetings from Chile wonderful person!!!

  44. Varl Morgaine

    4:37 800 Celsius? :D Nice video thx for all the hard work

  45. Adam Productions

    Another grand slam from Anton

  46. Theophrastus3.0

    I would imagine that most of those events happen over the oceans, considering how there’s a lot more water than land mass on planet earth.

  47. Ruhlov Nikita

    Спасибо большое за контент

  48. Edgar Castillo

    Atacama desert and his secrets. Nice. Gracias Anton

  49. Sam Steele

    What about the glass found in Egypt? I need to look this up and study more but I wonder if it may be more world wide around the same time ?

  50. Big_Tex

    I look forward to the episode where Anton explains this never happened after all.

  51. Me

    Thank you so much! You do amazing work!

  52. Sekknia

    Donde está toda la tropa de weones??

    Somos el mejor pais de Chile hermano!!

  53. Drew Northup

    I detect a pattern:
    • Someone says space rock go boom 💥
    • Anton makes a video
    • More at 11 (PM)

  54. D.D. Kapps

    I find it very interesting that this happened in a region of the Atacama that happens to contain a large assortment of ancient geoglyphs, in fact there are many more geoglyphs in the Atacama than in Nazca in Peru, although they are much more widely scattered. And right near the locations given in the article there are some images which seem to be astronomical in nature, including a big hillside assemblage seemingly showing the sun, the moon, and another sun! Rather suggestive once you discover the area was subject to an large airburst far in the past. The Atacama geoglyphs haven’t been studied much, and to my knowledge never really dated accurately, so… Probably they have no connection to the bolide at all, but who knows? The geoglyphs are just another ancient mystery in a region full of them.

  55. m m

    the world of large scales and high velocities seems to be where solids are less solid than i’d imagine and gases more sturdy. i’m so used to lifetime at my current scale and relatively low speeds

  56. ayy lmao

    Very strange, there was another meteor event in Greenland around 12,000 years ago that actually impacted and left a crater. Wonder how close the two were in time and if this was a fragment of the Greenland meteor/comet

  57. Scott Owens

    Hey Anton, I love it! Read the articles I could find. Question for you. What do you think would happen if about the same time a bunch of those flew across?? Hmm let’s say the North American continental ice sheet??? and I’m thinking the entire northern hemisphere. Seems we could explain many things from many civilizations. Our history before the younger drias is next to nil. There’s too many things that point to that time as a resurgence. The question is from what. We’re on the brink of understanding we are a bullseye in a ongoing galactic pinball machine and we get our ticket punched often

  58. Chad Cuckproducer

    Gotta wonder if this was inspirations for the bird gods in and around that area.

  59. giarcsavage

    interesting video. I appreciate how you stick to science, not politics. And i respect your grind, new stuff all the time!

  60. Mark P

    be glad when we get another biggie

  61. Michael Striker

    (Going for ludicrous) “They” killed the elves!

  62. Eleanor Chapple

    Something really big happened about 12000 years ago. Note the buried cities being found in Turkey from apparently this era. Could several meteors have fallen and broken up like the ones that hit Jupiter at the end of the last century and been scattered across the world. I’d be interested to know if there is any scientific evidence of this in this and other parts of the world.

  63. Nicholas Parreco

    I’ve wondered if the Native American Gods Eye represents an event like an asteroid.

  64. Lewis Taylor

    I wonder if this same explanation works for Libyan desert glass which has fascinated me since I first heard of it. I mean, I have heard conjecture to this effect, but not much more than that.

  65. Calieb Clemons

    I wonder if this chunk of rock was at one time attached to the comet from the younger-dryas impact. It’s the same time range.

  66. yomogami

    if i remember there was several events across europe and north america around 13,000 years ago [possibly eliminating the clovis culture in north america]. air bursts are very deadly it seems

  67. XxThe Awoken OnexX

    Thank you for the wonderful video Anton

  68. Rich B

    A similar event occurred in Egypt. A green glass was created and can still be found today. Some of this green glass was used to make things by the ancient Egyptian.

  69. Ben C

    And finally observing the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis.

  70. Blue Mamba

    Sometimes I just wish I could forget all unlikely things that could kill me 🤔

  71. Arturo DeLaGarza


  72. Jungle Jargon

    Yes, wonderful person! Time is the key. 🤔🙂

  73. Itsjustme Justme

    There are more and more parts of the puzzle coming to light. There must have been a whole series of impacts from a desintegrated, short period comet a.k.a. meteor stream. The frist big event (of several hits in a short time) caused the Younger Dryas, the next big event ended it, probably there were several small events in between and the series of events continued at least until 8200BC when another major event happened. Maybe the Younger Dryas starter was not even the first of the series, research should go further into the past.

    Obviously this series of multiple impacts and possibly hundreds or even thousands of different sized air bursts (spread over a few thousand years) had a major impact on life on Earth, including developement of human civilization. And, also obviously, we are very lucky that that big guy desintegrated and did not come in in one hit. A direct hit, all in one piece would have been a hit not too much different from the dinosaur killer. I don’t think we would watch and read and write here today, if that happened ….

    Adressing not Anton but other commenters and here instead of under their comments just because I don’t want to write it multiple times:
    There was no high tech civilization before. It would have left at least some biologic traces. There would be genetic traces of domestic breeding of vegetables and livestock. It would not all have got extinct again without any trace. But there is absolutely nothing. Every genetic research in domestic vegetables or animals ever done was only able to trace back to wild ancestors between a few and about 11000 years ago. Only the dog is substantially older but that does not prove anything because dogs fit perfectly to the hunter gatherer lifestyle of the stone age.
    There also is not one single introduced species on the wrong continent. No matter where we go, we take our vegetables and livestock with us and rats and mice follow us closely. If there had ever been a global civilization and everything got extinct again, at least rats would have survived. But it is well proven that this only occured a few centuries ago.
    Even another type of evidence makes a lost high tech civilization highly unlikely to say at least. It is the total absence of pottery prior to the Younger Dryas. Pottery is extremely long lasting. If it was in use before, there should be something to find. But even Göbekli Tepe, built just after the Younger Dryas, is still pre pottery.

    Of course that does not mean that history books cover the whole truth. There is way too much still unknown and history is made up from very incomplete data.
    A pre pottery hunter gatherer civilization with technical standards like the people of Göbekli Tepe can possibly have been existing at least twice as long ago. It can not have existed endlessly deep in the past, because there is a developement visible in flint and other stone tools and everything that’s substantially older clearly shows a lower stage of developement. But a Göbekli Tepe stage civilization 20000-25000 years ago is totally possible and if it existed that early and can once be found, it is well enough for a major rewrite of human history.
    We also should not forget that the first humans in the Americas are proven to have migrated as south as Mexico at least 25000 years ago and scientists say it is nearly impossible that they made the whole way over land because there were deadly glaciers in the way. It is way more probable that they sailed down the west coast. Also, there is no other explanation than sea travel for the ancestors of the Aboriginal Australians reaching the continent at least 60000 years ago. Migration to Australia also is one of those things that keep on getting older. Even though stone tools were far from perfect back then, they must have been quite experienced wood workers and they must have been able to sail a boat for a few days non stop.

  74. Marcfx

    There are signs of extremely high temperatures that melted rock in Peru, near Cusco there’s church walls and other ancient building sites that has melted granite…..these are thought of having an age of around 10,500 years ago but, could well be a lot older..

  75. Kruler-WestOz- Nauman

    LOL oh look 12,000 years ago again, (Sarcastic surprised face), now they just have to keep sorting out the mess with carbon dating and then reevaluate everything done since well in some groups cases last Monday and get some newer dates for other holes, lumps and bumps.
    What interests me is that cluster was mostly Northern Hemisphere, was Chile an outlier or are we missing a whole bunch more, hardly surprising seeing as the Southern Hemisphere has more water coverage.

  76. William Dargin

    Rocks like this and the one in Greenland keeps resetting human development. It is an interesting idea.

  77. Gregory Frye

    Lots of interesting things happened to earth about 11-12,000 years ago.

  78. chris


  79. Kronik Maths Debator

    Maybe just maybe this took out an ancient civilisation and added to the universal flood stories

  80. Maia Allman

    Graham Hancock has been saying according to cultural history, there had to have been a major event 12 000 years ago.

  81. Jim Curtis

    Wonderful as always anton 😊👍

  82. Max Graham

    Thank *you* wonderful person. Your videos are a staple of my day for reasons such as this. I’m very much a fan of stuff like this!

  83. Ryan Barringer

    Looks like about 1,000 new subs a day. 1 million, here you come. Well deserved.

  84. PsyintZ

    While I love Anton and have an enormous amount of respect for his fascinating content… I’ve noticed that whenever he refers to a previous video and points up to the corner, the annotated video link never seems to show up. -Does anybody know if he’s merely forgetting to include those in the post-editing process, or- is it possible that I have some sort of setting that has turned those off? Does anybody else see them showing up? If so, I would assume it’s some sort of setting that I need to locate and fix on my end. -However, if they aren’t showing up for anybody, I would assume that means he’s just not remembering to add them after he’s done recording.- Any input you guys can provide would be helpful in assisting me in solving this mystery, so thanks in advance!

    Edit: Another Tuber helped me solve the problem, therefore I have crossed out any parts alluding to Anton forgetting to add the annotations because he most definitely didn’t and, of course, the problem was on my end. Thanks Mike!

  85. Carmine Gangemi

    Maybe this event was visible to the inhabitants of Gobekli Tepe and served as the catalyst to bury it.

  86. sebastian arriaza

    Thank you Anton, great to hear news related to my country again :)

  87. sifridbassoon

    “..that seem to occur only either in the desert or on some other objects like, for example, Pluto..” 🤣
    Anton, you’re such a card!

  88. Scott Bishop

    The Younger Dryas (around 12,900 to 11,700 years BP) was a return to glacial conditions after the Late Glacial Interstadial, which temporarily reversed the gradual climatic warming after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) started receding around 20,000 BP…..

  89. Ancient History

    For these events, this one and the proposed ones in the Levant, would be quite interesting to get better data for. To see if they really happened. But who knows, perhaps in the future! Interesting story.

  90. Robert B. Seddon

    😎🤙🕉….ode to the history of the earth!

  91. Anaryl

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    Neat to see prominent communicators discuss evidence like this. Thank you, Anton!

  93. Times end

    What an incredible discovery , out planet is a history museum waiting for more discovery

  94. Albert van Lingen

    Looks like earth was target practice between 8000 to 13000 years ago.

  95. Kerry Ohalloran

    Randall carlson knew this and has been explaining it on his channel and elsewhere for donkeys years

  96. Kenyon Moon

    I wonder if this possible impact had any relationship to the hypothesized impact in North America about 13,000 years ago.

    One impact would not be an ELE, but several in quick succession could.

  97. Locadio Marcucco

    Very interesting, thank you wonderful Anton.

  98. Christopher Vaca

    Mt. Verde Chile is one of my favorite prehistoric sites. They never had a chance.

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