Signs of a Rare Powerful Explosion – Magnetorotational Hypernova

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of yet another type of a supernova – magnetorotational hypernova

Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes (SXS) project, Philipp Moesta, Sherwood Richers, CC,

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  1. Chris McDonald

    Very common back in the day 😂

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    Anton, have you thought about making Wonderful Person polo shirts in a cotton and polyester/rayon blend?

  3. Onder Ozenc

    The magnetic field energy must exceed the self gravitational energy to form magnetorotational hypernova.

  4. BlackBeltValeTudo

    I wander how the iron core is affected by the magnetic field?

  5. Tom Jones

    I nominate Anton to play the role of Chekov in the next Star Trek Movie ! He’s perfect !

  6. John Talbot

    Got to love the opposing cyclical, evolutionary and devolutionary nature of the cosmos and all within.

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    We need the X-Men now!!

  8. Wait, What?

    The Safire reaction produced heavy elements you know. No supernova is required. Just plasma and an electric field. Or do you dispute what they found?

    That is my major complaint about your channel. You tend to ignore the tenants of the plasma and electric universe paradigms in favor of everything being caused by gravity.

  9. hunter benoit

    6:00 I thought you were gonna start quoting the Lincoln Park song

  10. Bobby_Wabi-Sabi

    Great episode!

  11. Nathan Wright

    The ultimate super move of a godly Magneto.

  12. Boris Be loud us

    So this is like a star quake which is induced by magnetic entanglement on magnetars, but many magnitudes higher, destroying the outer shell?

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  14. SilverSage

    Kaleidoscopically trippy simulations!

  15. Jens Philip Höhmann

    Might Asassin 15LH have been a magnetorotational hypernova as well?

  16. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Say Magnetorotational Hypernova three times fast!

  17. JimElford

    I once experienced a magnetorotational hypernova the morning after a night of drinking pints and pints of Guinness.

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    I ordered my first shirt yesterday cant wait ur the best anton i love ur videos keep up the amazing work

  19. Alasdair

    I am learning so much about cosmology from Anton, and I find myself asking questions that I then need to get answers to…absolutely love it!!! Thanks Anton

  20. Serious Maran

    So, is this where the infamous spontaneous Uranus gas emissions come from? :D

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    Oh man, I’m gonna use the term “Magnetorotational Hypernova” in my Star Trek spec script.

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    Amen, i hope is pierced messiah coming GB👁❤👁

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    Great video! Really interesting new stuff!

  24. Leonard Gibney

    How does somebody as young as Anton get so knowledgeable? At his age l knew next to nothing about astronomy.

  25. Deb Banerji

    Great teacher. Thank you

  26. 72marshflower15

    What if two neutron stars collide head on? Nearly improbable, but could explain certain voids..

  27. Mike S

    This is incredible. I am in awe of the universe, that I walk around on a planet that is in part formed with elements made this way. Unbelievable!

  28. //X

    You know the song “supermassive blackhole”? This is the second part.

    Magnetorotational Hypernova

  29. The Chunky one

    When these things explode are the elements created huge chunks of uranium, iron say it is it more dust like

  30. R Nacnud

    The presence of heavy metals detected can be explained by Luke Skywalker departing the region in his X wing fighter moments before the explosion.

  31. nate0

    That’s quite interesting. I wonder in which rotational velocity the layers were moving before instability?

  32. Kevin Jay

    Omg, I’m going to start working in Professor Arcones’, co-author of the term kilonova, team in September!!

  33. dotan wolf

    the “star” the scientists found is our sun! the solar wind has traces of all the elements. how did they get there? not thru the standard model thats for sure.

  34. janki prasad soni

    That’s too much amazing. Space is weird and wonderful…
    By the way, I am happy that physicists could gave such a cool name to this SUPERNOVA,

  35. Tassie Devil

    awesome video. lots of details. good show anton.

  36. James Aron

    Wonderful ultra-rare primordial magnetorotational hypernovas

  37. Jimbeaux

    Ironic that life can only form around a ticking time bomb. Kind of a Saw situation where you have to get smart enough to escape it before it goes off.

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    Anton Petrov does opposite day:
    “Hello horrible person!”

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    Early Universe:
    I want new shit
    Spin Faster

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    Best channel on Youtube, period.

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    Thanks for this latest cosmological report, Anton.

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    Thanks Anton. Very interesting. I like that you say “the scientists” and not “we”. Gives credit to those who are working in the field.

  44. Alexander Gooding

    Wait, so does it follow that fusion into high proton species increases energy output? I thought for some reason that like hydrogen to helium produced the highest excess net energy.

  45. Joseph Lawson

    What if a type 3 and a type 2 collide?
    I think this video describes one possible scenario.

  46. Space Texan

    Love the channel man, tons of fun!

  47. Multi topic interest

    Are magnetorotational hypernovae more powerful than Hypernovae?

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    Anton is amazing.

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    The lava lamp of the universe!!!

  50. John Irby

    The element “so on” is extremely rare, and is anti-radioactive.

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    Got it.
    Good job, Anton!

  52. Jibbie49

    Oh, Anton, how you can take such difficult information and explain it to us in such simple terms. That’s a Master Teacher.

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  54. Chad Valentine

    If James Webb is as great as we think it will be, will it be able to “see” generation 3 stars ?

  55. existence is pain for a m

    People come up with the most intense names for things..Magnetorotation Hypernova. That’s so cool.

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    good show Anton thank you

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    I thought that if two neutron stars merged the result would be a black hole

  60. Terry Cox

    I like the quote.. “We are the way by which the universe tries to understand itself”.

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    Hello Wonderful Person, Good Day, Eh! I remember when I was a kid I use to think, when are they going to find out more about space, now information and revelations, seems to pour in exponentially!

  62. Turd Furguson

    Just thinking about the
    big bang and that it may not even have happened makes me wonder what kinds of life could exist in a universe that’s always existed😑

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    Speculation, get up close and “Wow” it’s not what we thought it was part 3003 – The Return!

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    Pfft don’t worry about it, Anton. It was just me. Yesterday was Taco Tuesday, afterall.

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    It s amaising to find all this elemets here on the earth. Uran gold…. Woow

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    I’m wondering, regardless of this video, if you are informed about Voyager I finding space beyond our solar system is a lot more dense than previeously thought…

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    There’s gold in them there stars!

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    I live for Antons smile at the end of his videos. It’s the perfect juxtaposition after having my brain expand with knowledge like a human supernovae.

  69. Ebon Westbrook

    So we have just witnessed a 1st Gen star explode – neat

  70. Captain America

    The UmP stars are so old, they must need mobility vehicles to rotate!!

  71. Jeff Jones

    sounds like an anime final move

  72. consensus reality

    Thank you for introducing us to these images. They are incredible!

  73. Abenox

    When scientists need to +1 previous discoveries

  74. XxThe Awoken OnexX

    It makes you think how powerful the big bang really was lolz. Thankyou for posting this video Anton.

  75. David Arundel

    Never, underestimate the Nature of Nature ; we always, get surprises – some welcome, some not. Astronomers, just have to be watching by whichever data set, from whichever telescope, at the time this sort of Nova, explodes – goes Balistic.

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    where do you find all of this info?? just incredible…

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    “bilions and bilions…”

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    What a great name for a jam band….

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    That’s a strong contender for ‘video title of the year’:

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    Cool vid

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    Since there is a magnetic field, spin, and greater energy, is this like a natural Tokamak?

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    You’re the wonderful person, always pumping out entertaining, informative space science videos!

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    Couldn’t it have eaten a planet or two, like Kronos?

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    It amazes me that every time I look up at the stars, I am viewing the past of our universe. 🤔

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    Wonderful Antón! U r like family

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    P.S. Anton if you need animations of hypernovae for your vids I’ve got plenty of artwork from development of said hypothesis.

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    This is what the space race is really about, The great escape .

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    Also, great video as always! Universe is an amazing place!

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