Shockingly, We Released More CO2 Than Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the amount of carbon humans release compared to the famous asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
Several studies:


  1. Richard Grudzien

    A great video, Anton. Thanks for bringing all of this information together and clarifying the issue of global warming in such a succinct and intelligent manner.

  2. I'm that guy

    The asteroid killed all the dinosaurs then birds are related to dinosaurs & alligators is related to dinosaurs so wtf really happened?

  3. Jonathan Rising

    Hi dad

  4. It's Rupinder

    I read dinosaurs killed asteroids

  5. Life's a drag

    the carbon tax is a neo-liberal trick to make it seem their changing the world without doing anythig about it . Progressive Polictians clash with the them but often crushed by the power and influence corporations have over Governments.

  6. CMDR Josky

    Thanks Anton for this informative video. Your channel What Da Math is the best. 👍

  7. Azlan Ameer

    thats why there is stink in India😂

  8. John Smith

    How dare you!!! Do let Greta know!!!

  9. John Smith

    BTY how do a metal or a “SNOW BALL” can release CO2? did it fell just on top o a carbon deposit or what? Al the videos in this channel are manipulated as scientific and twisted to fit Anton way of seeing the world.
    I will kindly assume that it burn some trees and then of course humans had released more CO2 from hydrocarbons that a meteor from burning trees. Conclusion… human are killing the planet. Embrace Greta, AOC new deal and pay your a** in taxes… that will solve the delusional problem.

  10. Hue Man

    We are using co2 as dinosaur prevention.

  11. Brandon

    Man your hair grows fast!

  12. RaimaNd

    Sad that those videos get downvoted so much. Shame on the humanity.

  13. Frederick Woof

    And the uk governments don’t encourage domestic solar power anymore.

  14. Per Berg

    Thank you Anton finally someone who adress the human emissions VS the planets own emissions.😀👍🇳🇴 Seeing vulcanoes and asteroids its easy to think that we humans acounts for just a fraction of what the planet do when we actually emits more than the planet itself

  15. vertigus28

    Stick to the space stuff bud.

  16. jim bayley

    SuspiciousObservers says it ain’t still.sun science and real time weather her channel.venus is closer to the sun.some global warming scientists say mercury was habitable at one time and Venus was too.just the tilt of our planet cools or warms it. Do you know how much closer Venus and mercury are to the sun???????

  17. John Cislowski

    More like the siberian traps basalt lava province that caused the shift, which happened before this thing hit.

  18. Sonya Goughnour

    Anton, I can’t believe you are pushing the co2 and global warming theory, without once mentioning the cycles our planet goes through due to the sun. Very disappointed in this video.

  19. fahrscheine bitte

    Watch out of your window. Does it look like the dinosaurs would die? Is there any sign outher than co2 that compares with the situation at that time?

  20. Shaun Roscoe

    Asteroid didn’t kill the dinosaurs

  21. SDaniel

    Hopefully? We have to save the planet!!! Money cannot be more important then our only place to live…

  22. Xiefux

    so you are saying that an asteroid hitting earth and causing massive damage within minutes is basically the same as humans burning coal and oil for 250 years?
    didnt you say that earth is good at regulating carbon and it only goes out of whack if something sudden like an asteroid happens?

  23. J.J Whitty

    1 in 4 people disliked this Video! Strange

  24. Nick Madigan


  25. jon b

    Considering that the earth was able to death with all that co2 released in 1 day versus ours over say 200 years shows that the earth and its plants have an immense ability to process co2. Also considering the fact that this co2 was still dealt with even though plants were starved for light. This is probably because the ocean is a carbon sink. Which would have admittedly made the oceans more acidic.

  26. russell parker

    Might as well put a sixth one with numbers in it???? A lot of politicians avoid the topic???? There is no way that is a serious statement.

  27. Phillip Aubin

    Pop quiz: when people take atmospheric CO2 measurements and claim this- are they forgetting to subtract ALL volcanic CO2 emissions above sea AND below? Are they accounting for sunlight (UV) oxidation of sea water (converting organic carbon into inorganic)?

  28. iGame3D

    Goodbye wonderful people.

  29. Michael Davies

    Nice little Pale Blue Dot you threw in there. We are screwed if the planet dies.

  30. Dutch Flats

    According to CNN and the Global Carbon Project, for 2019 the US decreased CO2 emissions by -2.1% while the EU decreased their’s -1.7%. Globally emissions rose a relatively small +0.6% for the year due largely to China increasing CO2 output by +2.6%, India CO2 up +1.8%, and the rest of Developing Nations increase of +0.5%. The larger reductions in the West were as a result of changes from coal to natural gas use for electrical generation.

  31. Dave Morgan

    Make Greenland green again! :P

  32. Richard Hubbard

    And dark matter and dark energy are more than just mathamatical! Right. Antin, i actually cant believe you are falling for this garbage. So no, let me get this straight,… co2 killed dinos??? Scarry co2!!!

  33. jon b

    This is equating co2 with extinction events, when in reality, for example, the asteroid impact, the debris is thrown in the atmosphere is what killed everything. You should do a video on the 3 cycles, that effect climate potentially causing some extinctions through the start of ice ages. in fact previously climate scientists thought we were heading for an ice age because of the place we are in the orbital cycles.

  34. The Amazing Channel

    Watching this video will produce carbon dioxide

  35. Dusty Plasma

    A charcoal planet used for grilling galactic sized steaks

  36. The Slayer

    Wow best joke ever told, the human race destroys itself really fucking funny man.

  37. TheEEStudent

    PS.. Underground vaults as descripted in the Fallout franchise, is also a good idea. But then again, being stuck underground for so many years will not necessarily work out.

  38. Ed Felty

    @ 7:27 the CO2 Emissions graph produced by NOAA doesn’t track with the slow increase in our atmospheric CO2 levels since the end of the mini ice-age. Something is wrong with their calculations.

  39. Hlafordlaes

    Along with just about every other pressing issue, one discovers that humans are driven by their amygdala, or practically so. Rote reaction using subconscious heuristics, not reasoned responses. Married for life to self-interest, our survival brain is no friend of nuance or even fair play. Take, for example, the many “discoveries” on YouTube about how smart, friendly or grateful a given species is, and you find that it is _only_ once an animal is of no direct use (eg., horses) or is no longer a threat do humans “somehow” realize the facts and deal differently. Exact same goes for slaves and slavery. As for global warming, each human animal is far more incentivized by the brain to do whatever pleases in the moment.
    TLDR: If survival of our species depends on wise choices taken by all over long periods of time (> 5 minutes), forget it.

  40. jim bayley

    Anton thunberg

  41. bjohns347347

    Can someone please tell me the source for the comment at 8:12; “there is 1.8 gigatons of carbon buried in the earth and if we burn half of it we will have the temp of Venus”

  42. Globehead Gardener

    So human have released in over 250 years what an asteroid released in minutes? Doesn’t seem comparable lol

  43. Кирлджифук Стан

    Politicians are stupid.
    We won’t colonize anything.
    Everything will be dead by 2050.

  44. Nid Nev

    Nature will find a way. Homo sapiens will evolve into CO2 breathing species.

  45. cbody70

    Anton, sad to see you’ve jumped on the climate hysteria bandwagon. The asteroid released a lot more than CO2 in an instant that caused the extinction so it is a false analogy. Stick to what you are good at.

  46. Bumbum Inspector

    So wait, if we’ve started the extinction event already, how long do I still have to live?

  47. Fred Smith

    thanks for the video, so profoundly depressing, billions of carbon consumers, releasing waste into the atmosphere at rates higher than an ice core sample from, back in the day, when the planet sorta self regulated

  48. GhostRadio

    This is the kind of stuff I call BS on.

  49. Captain Haddock

    I think the co2 was the last of their worries. My pet vegetable told me to tell you to stop talking and breathe more.

  50. atheia kid

    Lmao at the title changes 😁

  51. Buck warpzone

    think about all this CO2 produced by flerfs…

  52. Matthew Squires

    How is the ocian acidic if many life forms survive?

  53. gary fracassi

    Has no idea whatsoever

  54. Lawrence Martin

    Oh no. I liked you Anton but now you’re peddling the CO2 greenhouse gas lie. Sad.

  55. Richard Russell

    Did you also count the co2 from the Deccan Traps? That was going on a million years before the asteroid hit. The Deccan Traps are a Large Igneous Providence. A massive basaltic earth fissure volcano that makes a supervolcano look like a firecracker. Geology has found out that the five major extinctions are due to these events. The asteroid was a coup de grace. The extinction of the dinosaurs was going on before the asteroid hit.

  56. Andrew Lee

    WOW that really puts carbon emissions in to perspective

  57. Shuhister

    0:47 Radius? Maybe diameter?

  58. ThE gLoBaL gOsSiP


  59. Patrik Holmström

    I’m listening to “sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari” and I’m at the end. Humans are really growing fast in numbers

  60. Tony Ruiz

    Deforestation is probably part of co2 rise ….trees love co2

  61. No Count

    There were also other effects, such as a lot of dust in the atmosphere, leading to a decline in temperature, atmospheric CO2, and plant life. CO2 levels in the decades following the collision actually dropped to barely above the minimum threshold to sustain life. Current CO2 levels are barely above 10% what they were in the Cambrian era, and we actually have more plant life today than we’ve had in decades, apparently. For example, there have been many large algal blooms the past couple decades, likely due to CO2 coming up from the ocean depths where it has been long dormant, possibly since the dust began to settle.

  62. jeroen dijstelblom87

    Wrong footage all over! Uses greenland impact images all over.

  63. Matheus Moreira

    Hmmmm… 🤔 what a weird comparison

  64. ZemiBorgmann

    We are all just a part of a game of civilization – Im afraid we’ll be game over soon

  65. Vaal River

    So sad, Kentucky Fried Dino would have wings the size of pork legs 🙈😋

  66. Fierce Phoenix

    I think I’m going to have to press ‘x’ to doubt…

  67. PlasmaBurns

    We need to start banning humans. Luckily i happen to have a list.

  68. Julie L.

    What even more awful than climate change itself is the sheer amount of people who are still denying the scientific evidence and that it is manmade.

  69. Bruce Jenner

    I imagine all the rich people with ocean front property will want their money back from somebody.

  70. AngelofDeth

    The Jurassic era had 5x the CO2 of today. The PPM at the period was between 1,200 and 2,500 and now is 407 PPM.

  71. Greatboy700 Barbarian

    Climate Change Caused by Us Humans clearly getting out of control.

  72. Clare Degroff

    When you say you fear a counter argument (in science) says everything. Science is totally about the counter argument. Proving or dis proving

  73. Chareidos

    Without/Before viewing the Video, just reading the title: “I am not surprised, since I know, that the Great Dying is the thing, where we are getting close at”

  74. mark anonimus

    yep were all going to die enjoy the time left

  75. Mr Andre

    How about?
    Asteroid hit earth, tons of dust blocks the sun to shine on large area of earth.
    Lack of sun kills off lots of CO2 living entities such as plants.
    Large hit in tectonic plates trigger more volcano to erupt and more dust into cloud and increase effect.
    Level of CO2 increases as a consequence. It was not that what killed life but was a consequence of a set of domino events

  76. CAK

    Anton, you should be on the other side of the ocean in skewwl eating cold raw broccoli and riding around in a solar powered covered wagon. How dare you.

  77. Martian Dawn

    This data is not correct. Volcanic activity at the start of the Eocene about 59 million years ago dramatically increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere; it averaged between 700 and 2,000 ppm throughout the Eocene. Methane levels were also much, much higher. The Earth was warmer during that period, which lasted around 30 million years, but the higher CO2 levels did not result in a runaway greenhouse effect.
    Then, around 30 million years ago, chemical weathering of rock exposed by the rise of the Himalayas stripped most of the CO2 from the atmosphere. Without that CO2, the Earth’s climate became vulnerable to subtle orbital variations. That lowered temperatures and started the cycles of glaciation that are currently the norm.

  78. James Konzek

    I’m sure glad we have a president like Trump who takes a keen interest in solving the problems of climate change 👍

  79. Michael Madden

    Somehow I do not think it was the co2 that killed the dinosaurs.

  80. Dino Spinx

    Super volcano: hold my magma

  81. Cheburushka

    “Uh oh” – famous last words

  82. The Inquisitor

    Anton’s channel gets hit by self inflicted asteroid.

  83. ColecoKid

    Nuclear Power: I’m here anytime you’re ready.

  84. SuMaSLo

    *Reading the comment section*
    Welp… Great Filter here we come!

  85. TimeLapseSteve

    “We’re too insignificant to cause climate change.”
    Also humans:
    “God created humans in his image.”

  86. Louie Cipher

    Human farts is our doom, double meaning…:)

  87. JG Mendes

    The unquestionable conclusion is that we are stronger than dinosaurs …

  88. qdllc

    Worry not. The planet will continue on long after we’re gone.

  89. Realpolitik Santa

    Um…the Methane and CO2 events do not show up in most of the 5 charts represented. Only 2 of the 5.

  90. Ellen McGowen

    Uh oh, American viewers are going to collapse into degenerate matter over this video.

  91. bfvaffel

    What about the energy and vibration the astroid transfer to the earth, releasing tectonic tension and an increase in volcanic activity?

  92. Dāvids Stalidzāns

    Man this topic is just as hot as the ancient civilizations one.

  93. rayne

    Hello, wonderful Anton, this is person as always

  94. Niji

    I’m not touching this one. Just gonna eat some popcorn.

  95. Profezor Snayp

    Imagine being triggered by climate change so much even mentioning CO2 makes you rage.

  96. xtofury

    Wow look at that graph, looks like carbon tax did nothing.

  97. Holden Robbins

    Breaking news, dramatic unexpected changes in the environment causes extinctions.

  98. xtofury

    “Probably” caused a dramatic climate shift; the causation however was dust clouds and not co2. The dust clouds choked out plantlife and algael growth in the ocean, thus drastically limiting the co2 absorption of those. Fires added co2. Many things added co2 during the disaster, thus the higher rate and correlation.

  99. Basically Kiet

    i watched this video when there were only a few views and comments,
    then i decided to refresh the page after a few minutes to see what people thought of it:
    all i can say now is
    that escalated REALLY quickly

  100. Anton Petrov

    For those of you interested in seeing more info, all of the studies are all freely available here and are a good read:

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