Scientists Revive 101 Million Year Old Microbes From the Seafloor

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new mind blowing experiment that managed to awaken 101.5 million year old microbes, who got hungry pretty quick.
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  1. Baxter Powel

    very interesting!

  2. Yesmister Noawmenace

    And before you know it, the damn thing escapes the test tube and then the lab and starts a new pandemic :D

  3. Steve G

    One hopes the strictest of protocols were used to keep these bacteria from escaping while they were being revived, and that they were destroyed soon afterwards.

  4. Zed Zardoz

    I’ve seen this movie… it doesn’t end well for the humans.

  5. Kyles Isler

    So… Coronabacteria20 next year? COBAC20?

  6. Not Sure

    What could possibly go wrong?

  7. Ian Stobie

    3:40 Oh no! Those irresponsible scientists again.
    Next they’ll be reviving dinosaurs and communicating with random space aliens.

  8. Nobody Special

    ….Don’t we have enough to deal with in 2020? Now we have to worry about *”The Blob”* becoming a real threat..?

  9. John Mitchell

    Great! Here comes Covid101

  10. TRU Dat

    Great, what could go wrong with that?

  11. KingKatRider

    Okay so what Walkin Talking ButtPlugg thought this was a good idea? Great timing guys. I think the human race has developed a death wish.

  12. naiboz

    Has nobody seen the X-Files ffs 😂

  13. Richard Robin HSSC Enterp

    Oh great as if COVID isn’t enough now we are resurrecting 100 million year old bugs

  14. Premed1981

    life… finds a way

  15. m 88

    101 million years 4 months 2 weeks, 2days 5 hours 25 minutes and 38 seconds old bacteria to be exact

  16. Kit Uchiha

    maybe not such a great idea to do so in 2020?

  17. Jeff DIxon

    Wow that’s incredible. Life is so trippy. And precious.

  18. Alan Recella

    the start of zombie

  19. Oat lord

    There’s gonna be life everywhere.

  20. Craig Rees

    Mind-blowing 🤯….sat there for all that time. There’s hope for cryogenics after all…. maybe?

  21. Jo Chele

    How many have been revived already?? That we don’t know of.

  22. odinip

    I wander how do they keep their genetic code from decaying?

  23. 1jw2

    I think it’s more humorous to think these scientists can calculate that something can be that old. Are they sure it wasn’t 102 million years old????? 🖕

  24. Nonya Business

    Some years ago, weren’t scientists also able to revive microbes that had been discovered trapped inside some kind of crystal like mineral structures for millions of years? I think its amazing that these most simple of lifeforms can cling to life on such crazy timescales

  25. Rafael W.

    the thing’s comin’ for y’aĺl

  26. Stardust Science

    Scientist please make vaccine for Coronavirus.

    Scientist:Nah but here is 101 million years old bacteria though.

  27. Bigxx Redxx

    That’s fcking amazing!

  28. Fuck You Google

    This doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.

  29. A D

    101 million years old? I’m going to take that with a grain of salt.

  30. Squirrel ASMR

    Imagine china tries this and revives a plague or something that wipes out humanity

  31. RealityDeviant

    One day hivemind bacteria species will appear and rule the universe :D

  32. Seb

    I love your videos they are the best part of my day thank you for your dedication

  33. Filipe Dias

    Is the (bacteriae) background video playing realtime??? :O

  34. Truely Chimera

    Great video. Thank you for sharing so much about this amazing discovery!

  35. Andrew A

    Comments section just as I thought. Thanks for the 😂

  36. Anthony Arosemena

    ‘Cause reviving bacteria from 100m years ago during a pandemic is a great idea!

  37. Peter Rabbit

    I want to take this opportunity to mention the YanDeredev memes that have attained immortality.


  38. Palm Pay

    If this is actually true, and if it can be reproduced, then IMO pan-spermia just catapulted a long, long, long way ahead of RNA world hypothesis.

  39. tore springare

    mankind will terminate itself, ancient bacteria..whats next Jurrassic park ???

  40. Ellen McGowen

    Let’s hope these researchers were *very, very* careful to eliminate all possibility their samples were contaminated by contemporary bacteria.

  41. Ross McLeod

    What with the seasonal fluctuations of methane on Mars and now this discovery, I reckon life on Mars is now a sure bet.

  42. peter catterall

    It seemed such a good idea at the time 😯

  43. Maxime Roy

    You certainly have the best science/discovery channel I’ve ever watched. Thank you! I really enjoy your videos

  44. allan pulp

    I dont think this is a very good idea.

  45. Rodney Blue

    six months later; global population drops to 200,000,000.

  46. Mark Fergerson

    So, when will yo have a “Zealandia will rise again!” T-shirt?

  47. Osmosis Jones

    Have you seen a paper. On calculations of the rate mars us losing its atmosphere . showing it would have had a thick atmosphere only 450 million years ago

  48. Chris Fiedler

    Darkness falls… the truth is out there :P

  49. KamuiPan

    Damn, immortal bacteria. I wish I had the vitality of those bacteria’s. Sight.

  50. Jerry McG

    Excellent news because we don’t have enough pathogens.

  51. Thorish

    Just wait for this bacteria to escape into the wild. Then we’ll be saying…
    Remember the good old days when we thought Covid-19 was as bad as it can get… 😷🤪😵🥴

  52. cultolessio

    Still four more months of 2020 left. Here we go…

  53. Adam Badali

    I want ALIEN MICROBES to be discovered by a probe!

  54. Osmosis Jones

    The oceans of supper earths might be more nurturing with with more volcanic activity.
    Releasing more material in to the water

  55. Miss Grace

    Guys we’ve been digging up ancient bacteria for a very long time, the difference is that we have the tech to see them now, it’s all good, chill.

  56. Supralobe

    I guess there’s hope for mars or titan afterall

  57. Suck Dickman

    This rly isnt the year to revive ancient bacteria :D

  58. 420Bill

    I bet that’s some good fertilizer! Lol Amazing compost

  59. PhillyShizzy

    I just saw the Beach House, this is not the news I want to hear after seeing that movie.

  60. Shane Hawk

    This doesn’t even remotely seem like a good idea. It’s like the plot of an apocalypse or E.L.E. movie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  61. Ben Spiers

    There’s a new study that suggests Mars may have been covered in glaciers.

  62. Travis Thornton

    2020 still has enough time left in it to end on a high note. Though it’s not likely the mad scientists are seeing to that.

  63. The Other Shore

    1:04 Hey Anton! You can make the “wonderful ship” t shirt now :))

  64. SN S

    Bacteria starts new Pandemic that wipes out all Life

  65. redxpen

    This is not the year to revive the dinosaur version of deadly bacteria

  66. CJ Dennis

    “Today we’re talking about something kind of mind-blowing.” When does Anton talk about anything else?

  67. Nick Kim

    4:16, is dude really inoculating a bacterial sample WITHOUT gloves……
    That person probably did not take a single class ever lol

  68. Morty Sanchez

    This is how a horror film starts

    It was nice knowing all of you.
    At least one of us will be a lone survivor… Some of us may be zombies

  69. Mike McGomer

    The Superpowers: How can we weaponize this?

  70. C-S featured

    I wish they have consciousness and could remember what it was like that long ago. But of course that is nonsensical fantasy.

  71. dead w0lf

    2020 is not the year to try this.

  72. yodaco ocadoy

    Some serious sci-fi movie red flags popping up here.

  73. Thomas Casey

    Wow fascinating every episode we learn something pretty cool. Remaining dormant for that long has some implications for life traveling in comets or asteroids. Maybe microbial life are the aliens most common out there.

  74. Superkobster

    the worst hangover ever, building up over 100000000 years

  75. Timpraetor

    Welcome back to life – I think that we’ll call you “COVID-20.”

  76. MeowMur

    Weve found it, Covid 1

  77. William Boulton

    China: Breaking news covid 19 spreading around the globe 🌎
    Japan: hold my sake

  78. Håkon Hallingstad

    “They decided to revive these bacteria. Naturally not the best idea in the world, but they wanted to try it”

  79. Killkor

    2020: My biggest trick is still in making

  80. SilverSage

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. BTW, Anton, I wait for your videos with the same anticipation I had as a kid waiting for my favorite Saturday morning cartoon. 👍🏼

  81. winterland6977

    What could go wrong?

  82. jumbonium

    anton petrov: hello, wonderful microbes

  83. Third Doctor

    The Panspermia Hypothesis just got a big boost


    “Actually not the best idea in the world because they don’t know if it will be safe, but they decided to try it.” Anton is the master of the understatement.

  85. Litivious Spartus

    Graveyard for radioactive satellites, Japanese reviving 101million year old bacteria….Godzilla anyone?!

  86. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting!!!
    Yeah, life is hard. You can’t kill it easily.

  87. Space Man

    *Reads title*

    “Sounds like a bad idea”

  88. The DORUK

    Ancient Microbe and Virus Resurrection ? Nice!
    We are on 2020… *We are all dead*

  89. Elsa

    Covid-19’s dad coming back with that milk:

  90. Greekpapi

    This is how most horror movies start!!!! These microbes will morph into some prehistoric, flesh eating creature…..!!!

  91. Curtis DeCoste

    Why does this seem like the opening plot to every zombie/virus/alien movie? 😂

  92. Sal Vastola

    I watched a movie 🍿 like that at 3am years ago.
    It didn’t turn out well.

  93. Farrier

    Great! Covid 101.5M BC.

    Just because I’m paranoid, It doesn’t mean it’s not coming to get me. 8¬

  94. rayblackwell75

    “Your Scientists Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should.”

  95. Schnick

    Nurse: You’ve been in a coma for 101 million years.

    Microbes: Oh boi I can’t wait to see how the dinosaurs are doing…

  96. CyberMonk

    This is how horror movies start.

  97. Paladin Smith

    This is how a sci-fi horror movie starts.

  98. Daniel Muniz

    AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO’S SEEN “The Thing”?????? It didnt end well!

  99. Victor Bruant

    Calvin doesn’t hate us, but he has to kill us in order to survive.

  100. George Weilenmann

    2020 is not the year for reviving stuff like this.

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