Scientists Create a New Type of a Glue Using Magnetic Effects

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new invention – a magnetocuring glue.
Press release and video used:
Image credit, Amy M Lavine, CC-BY-SA-4.0
Eurico Zimbres FGEL/UERJ, CC-BY-SA-2.0
Omegatron, CC-BY-SA-3.0
Jonathan Zander, CC-BY-SA-3.0
Niomno, CC-BY-3.0

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    Kudos to Gorilla Glue Girl, altho that’s for another video.

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    Good morning Anton! A cup of coffee and Anton info. I like starting my day this way.

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    I feel so dumb when I hear of discoveries like this. Wow…NANOGLUE. Somebody needs to trademark that name fast!

  4. xynor001

    Funny you talk about superglue i used it myself to fix my deep wound XD quite effective

  5. George Anderson

    I wonder if it would make the metal detector go off if you went through it with a pair of Magneto nanoparticle adhesive shoes?

  6. Hans PS Hansen

    wonder if this could be used in 3d printing? might save us a lot of energy

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  9. James Christopher Eckhard

    Mongolians used a traditional Recurve bow, not a compound bow … It was however laminated – as described. 😉. Compound bows use pulleys to allow the user to hold the bow fully extended with little effort. Essentially it opens harder initially, but then gets easier the more you draw on the bow string (the inverse of a recurve).

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    I never thought about how important glue is to the history of humans before.

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    Sounds like you should have published this on 1April. But as it’s not I trust you. Fascinating discovery

  17. Garland Davidson

    Really fascinating ,they could Probably use it for internal surgery like metal plates or something Perhaps.

  18. Ariel Tavori

    I wonder if this has applications in the advanced composites industry..?

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  21. Mark Rowland

    12000 years back Australians heated a grain, called, Spinafex, that when heated together, sticks to a stone blade and formed into a handle. This was shown on television.

  22. Johnny James

    Birch Tar, the kind used as a glue is really useful .. Youtuber Shawn Woods has a really great video on how to make it in a campfire, as well as beautiful fletched arrows his survival videos are excellent.

  23. John Davis

    Neanderthal? I aware I saw that guy in a local bar last year – pre-Covid

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    Glue in kindergarten, yeah we all know how nice it tastes, lol from Australia

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    “I could write a book about glue, I just, don’t really have time for it”
    I’m getting flashbacks to the April 1st video… and I like it

  26. Marcin

    I wonder how they plan to transport it. Also if its not reversible then it hardly markets it as magnetic

  27. peter middleton

    Ancient glues made out of sticky tree resins not tree bark. Tree resins and plant sap glues, (with beeswax including with carbon powder mixes), and many types of animal & fish skin glues have been used since the dawn of neolithic times all over Europe (including in most of the world from hunter gather times onwards), not just from the 1500s to be more precise. Other than these details a great vid as always, plus wishing you a super grand Easter too :)

  28. Richard Tucker

    Very informative.

  29. Jp

    I thought super glue was cyanoacrylate based! It doesn’t evaporate a solvent, it polymerizes in contact with atmospheric water!

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    Keep the videos coming on smart materials and building better stuff! Love the history of glue and possibilities!

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  32. E W

    Look at Jo Blocks (Johansson Blocks or gauge blocks) and their cool adhering property. Their surfaces are so perfectly smooth that they stick together when pushed together.

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    Another great video.

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    Adhesives rule. Three words; “3M VHB tape.” It’s insane. There’s so many amazing adhesives now, and not just from 3M. Thanks for the awesome vid.

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    I use super gleu regulary …snd still i always get a drop of it , thst makes it to my fingers haha …it made to do whats forbidden to be doing ..¿
    *The superglue paradoxe* is born lol

  38. Khasab

    I don’t think it was bark Anton, bark isn’t sticky. I think it was resin. Pine trees for example give of lots of resin. Insects get trapped in it. Fossil resin is amber

  39. Jon Stern

    This would be very useful for me in my work. We use UV and thermal-cured adhesives in the manufacturer of digital cameras. The thermal curing step is frequently a challenge as we often have a quite low temperature limit before the optics and image sensors would be damaged. I hope one (or more) of the major adhesive manufacturers (like Henkel) picks this up.

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    Cant wait for that glue book Anton

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    I’ll buy $1000 in stock right now, cause I already know where that product is going.

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    Emergency room doctor: “Eh, another dismembered arm? Put them over there next to the giant magnet. We’ll put it back on.”

  44. Paul Steffens

    I remember when the first blue led was made in a lab and now we have RGB leds everywhere. I think this will go the same way. In 10 years time these magnetocuring glues will pop up everywhere, even if only in more industrial settings.

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    That’s so clever. Brilliant.

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    This new way is soo cool:)))

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    You forgot to mention the Music instruments I think.. cuz from hundreds and hundreds of years ago – Glue was also used to construct them.. which in general – makes the subiect of Glue..fascinating. JUST EMAGINE where we would be if the Glue..wouldn’t exsist haha =))

  48. Men Guarding Their Own Wa

    My favorite type of glue is one that has 5 or 6 different names. It is a combination of silicone glue and contact cement, and it has the positive aspects of both, with none of the negatives. it is paintable, it remains flexible and stretchable, and it is removable; you simply rub on an edge until a small flap appears, and then you grab that flap and peel the glue off, leaving none behind. The glue is called ‘E-6000’ , or ‘Shoe Goo’, or ‘Goop’, and even Gorilla Glue sells it in their own tube. It is found at Canadian Tire, Walmart, and almost every hardware store. it is a rubber-type of glue so it stays flexible. But when gluing wood together, I prefer outdoor-type ‘waterproof’ wood glue. And for gluing stuff together where the solvent cannot evaporate, I like to use 2-part epoxy (JB-weld is my favorite epoxy).

  49. Anthony Smith

    As a crafter, I am intrigued.

  50. Serious Maran

    I believe super glue reacts with water, which is why it is so good sticking fingers together. Epoxy uses a catalyst. Wall paper and similar paste uses various vegetable starches. A lot of early glues use boiled animal hooves.

  51. Transmission Control

    It’d also make for an interesting 3D printing technique for variable elasticity within a solid if you can spatially control the field that does the heating.

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    Lol I’ve used superglue to close up cuts. Lol everyone thought i was crazy for doing that

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    I predict the appearance of the Great Pacific nanoparticle patch.

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    3:16 lol he said: ” the Glue really kinda exploited.” That would not be a good use for Glue… at least I don’t think?

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    I wonder how this induction heated glue stacks up in terms of power efficiency, and precise control vs RF welding🤔

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    Glue was probably the first bit of chemistry mankind did.

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    Isn’t Super Glue (CA) exothermic polymerizing glue unlike contact cement which is solvent based?

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    hey, it could happen! just sayin” fun video, thank you Anton!

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  65. John Doe

    Sorry Anton, but superglue actually came about via a scientist trying to find a new material for lenses in optic sights before the Vietnam war. After failing to develop a lens, and realizing it sticks everything to everything, he figured that it could be used as a wound sealant. Excellent video nonetheless! 👍👍👍

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    tell them to contact 3M, its the largest conglomerate and specializes in materials technology, materials manufacture and materials distribution. They would upscale the product instantly and have a working mass producable solution.

  73. Sazoji

    I’m pretty sure cyanoacrylate (active agent in superglue) is a rapid polymerizer, it acts so quickly it can light stuff on fire due to the reaction with moisture. no solvent needed to dry.

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    Anton, the glue made from horses is made from their Hooves, not their teeth.
    I wonder how this glue would work with Carbon Fiber Technology, or Carbon Nanotubes.

  77. Paul Sweeney

    I’m sorry, but I have to correct you on one point, Anton.
    The bow’s success derived from the fact that because of its size, it was now able to use a bow whilst on a fast moving horse.
    The previous bows were much longer, and were far more cumbersome to use on horseback, so during the Mongol hit-and-run skirmishes, they’d be able to maintain fire even when in retreat.
    Their tactics of hit, run and repeat/overwhelm were pretty much instrumental in their success.

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    Original superglue development was actually for making a transparent plastic (also for war purposes, making rifle scope lenses), Didn’t work well for that but it was very good at sticking to stuff. Superglue also hardens by moisture (from air), not really from evaporation of solvents.

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