Scientific Evidence That The Universe May Be Spinning

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery that suggests universe may have an unusual spin and or some other orderly unexplained feature.

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  1. gingerbreadprime23

    Every thing is spinning in this universe like my goodness

  2. Matt J. Dylan

    Out of the blue, few minutes ago I felt the urge to listen to “pull me under” by dream theatre. Then I open youtube and the first thing I see is Anton. I guess “the whole world is spinning around me” line is somewhat literal, now.

  3. Adymn Sani

    look at a galaxy from the top side and it spins one way, from the opposite (bottom) side it spins in opposite way

  4. Magnificant Moon God

    This is amazing.

  5. Haim Ben Avraham

    Now, you got me dizzy!

  6. J0nn _ 0ner

    IT must be spinning into a something like a worm hole

  7. Custos

    Or who’s to say that we haven’t identified something akin to a universal jet stream

  8. MRTKmusic

    Thank you beautiful person! You make our lives better

  9. Ugly Pyro

    *2020: “Axis of Evil discovered”*

  10. Alex Larsen

    Well, the early universe was in fact more orderly with lower entropy.

  11. Memeuloco

    that thumbnail though….hahaha

  12. CyanDreamSeller

    I tought about those differences in Speed, tought being it may be internal motion

  13. Kane Smith

    Pause at 4:04 look at the image I think binary 1010 πŸ˜…πŸ€£

  14. RisE AboVe All

    Did anybody notice why everything in this universe almost round πŸ™Œ

  15. John Irby

    That’s reasonable, since everything within it is spinning.

  16. RicardoA BH

    I though it was a know fact that the universe is spinning?
    lol at least for me lol
    Would not make sense in my head, everything spins why not the universe?

  17. bbsqt lead

    My head is spinning! πŸ₯΄

  18. R Br

    Duh, that’s the real reason we have gravity in the universe

  19. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

    This rises the question: How far are we from the axis of rotation?

  20. Victor Smirnov

    Not “a bit more order”. It’s “a lot more order” to the Universe :)

  21. Stuart Bollinger

    A spinning universe seems a logical explanation for dark energy

  22. Morellio Benoir

    Thank you for the coverage Anton.

  23. Barry On

    Duh! If the universe weren’t spinning, it couldn’t all revolve around ME. :)

  24. Gregory Kitchens

    When I got the notification it also said that there is a structure to the universe, did that somehow change in the last hour???

  25. ζŽζ€θΏœ

    I feel a Navier-Stokes moment applied to the fluid dynamics of the universe coming on…

  26. Cthulhu Beatz

    Your annotation for your channel has a line running through it!

  27. BenBjornsen

    Now i have watched so many of your videos that last night you showed up in my dream, you had a retail-store selling wonderful person t-shirts, and the customers needed a certificate stating that they where a wonderful person to buy one haha

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    And I thought it was my smokeπŸ˜‚

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    Great video Anton, haven’t found as much time to watch the channel I gotta catch up

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    Hey Anton, pull my finger πŸ‘ˆ
    Great video by the way!

  31. Hugh Mungus

    Your research must be exhausting. Thank you, wonderful person

  32. Dhakti Zero

    we are strange quarks, looking out, looking in, seeing the same things, universes up and all the way down…

  33. Emery Thrash

    No one:
    Everything in the universe:
    *que music*

  34. Jay Mercha

    Everything else spins like planets and orbits so why not the universe?

  35. simas stumbras

    Love this slav nerd (meant as a compliment) I’m no scientist or astronaut or astrophysicist of any kind, just a regular person who finds this type of stuff interesting, love the way Antoshka explains the things he’s talking about , keep up the good work always get excited when the new video comes out

  36. Trebor Ironwolfe

    Anton, you make my head spin much faster than any galaxy.

  37. dragunW4RZ

    Anton you’re awesome, I would love to see you make a video about debunking the electric universe or your take on it!

  38. FuturisticHub

    The universe is one big galaxy!

  39. Roland Lee

    I always thought this was common knowledge. Literally everything in the universe spins. It would be surprising and unusual if it just stopped at a certain scale. It doesnt, as expected.

  40. Alex Couch

    Anton, I love your videos, you’re an amazing person, but please stop with these thumbnails. They scare me. They were fine the way they were before.

  41. FHM Consulting

    Waiting for someone to make a Lego model of this…
    Thanks Anton for another “mind blown” episode.

  42. Overloader7

    Remember when universe’s momentum was 0 and we could quantum entanglement?

  43. Justin Fuller

    just intuitively makes sense for DE and DM, and derives from the fact that spin exists at all…

  44. Nigon Kouk

    Cosmic Web = God laying out everything then lighting a match and saying… “Let There Be Light”.

  45. dannass5

    Thank you for these videos, You’re the man!

  46. Euclidean Plane

    we’re totally a photon, quote me future AI hivemind.

  47. Silas Dense

    Another great video.
    Thank you for showing amazing discoveries. πŸ˜†
    Love it!!

  48. onehit pick

    You have to look at relativity and especially relative velocity, and it’s implications to perceived spin.

  49. Lesli Mendonsa

    Damn thats exactly what i had in my mind for years.

  50. tasteslikeawesome

    I always assumed it would, finally my intuition wins. Here I come casino…

  51. Clifford James Bloomfield

    Background looks great but I actually got motion sick from the video.

  52. Jeff Smith

    thanks for your channel – 49:51 , which you say about 5:35 is a 2% difference not 1% – also, in American English “so called” has a negative connotation, inferring that there’s something not quite right about the nomenclature – you use this phrase very often

  53. OakPoacher

    Ive always felt like I was spinning so this comes as no suprise to me.😁

  54. Eve Again

    Wow, this is spooky, I was thinking on this exact thing just a couple of days ago, a universe-wide Coriolis effect. Better buy something nice to wear for my Nobel prize acceptance speech.

  55. Eric Mathiasen

    “governing” has the emphasis on the “v”, not the “r” :-)

    Took me almost a minute to figure out what you were saying when you said that word …

  56. Contemplate Eternity

    Lol, this is so amazing, my calculations totally predict this! Thanks so much for presenting all this new literature, Anton. You are a wonderful person. :)

  57. Peter the Angry and Disil

    4:00 That looks at first glance, just like Kelvin-Helmholz waves.

  58. Andrew Geary

    So I gess we might be spinning round the great attractor

  59. Nigon Kouk

    When the universe was just 10-34th of a second or so old β€” that is, a hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of
    a second in age β€” it experienced an incredible burst of expansion known as inflation, in which space itself expanded faster
    than the speed of light.Jun 17, 2017.
    In 2001, Dr. Wendy Freedman determined space to expand at 72 kilometers per second per megaparsec – roughly 3.3 million
    light years – meaning that for every 3.3 million light years further away from the earth you are, the matter where you are, is
    moving away from earth 72 kilometers a second faster.
    72 (kilometers a second) = 161,059.413 mph
    72 (kilometers a second) = 259,200 Kph
    Wouldn’t everything in the universe still be traveling away from each other at that same speed that it started with, since there’s no friction from air or gravity?
    (Speed Of Light)
    Miles per hr: 671,000,000
    Kilometres per hour: 1,080,000,000

  60. Hypocrites Pun

    Couldn’t imagine the different frequencies. Sweet video 😘😘😘

  61. Mikhail Linyski

    When it first occurred to me that the universe was spinning, I thought it makes sense.

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    Damn I thought this was common knowledge. As above, so below.

  63. Buffalohomer

    wait, this was never theorised before?

  64. Deadman

    Galactic school: ” where was the first place in the universe to have life”
    A pupil: the universe…

    Teacher: *A new genius has been born*

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    Anton your the best wonderful person on YouTube πŸ˜‚

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    Thank you, Anton! In this sea of tumultuous humanity, you bring life, intellect, and wonder to the world!

  67. Java Man

    Thank you for finding these interesting nuggets of information every day. I suspect our picture of the universe will change as dramatically over the next century as it did over the last century.

  68. ksia ze

    Wold Universe spin suggest it has an acctual centre? (sory for my eng)

  69. Twin Falls Astronomy

    Back with them thumbnails o.o

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    Blackholes spin, and we’re inside a blackhole, so yeah… Duh /s πŸ˜‰

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    The thumbnails are back y’all πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘. Doesn’t change the fact that this is the best channel on YT though 😎

  72. Michael Sane

    It just seems intuitive that the universe is spinning. Everything in it is spinning.

  73. Gary Butler

    Even when I was a youngster I always thought that the universe was spinning…

  74. R

    I always enjoy watching your videos!

  75. Mew2King's Marth

    So we’re being spun right round like a record on a universal scale?

  76. eclipse

    the cosmic web is so amazing

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    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round!

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  79. Osmosis Jones

    Doesn’t The universe or Galaxy spinning alow relative faster the light travel. Or time travel as far back as time is already moving forward.
    So you could out light-years at the exact same time you start .
    When destination is moving towards you and moving at light speed.
    And traveling against universal mass.
    And. A force pushing out ward and enough energy around you. It vibrating just the atoms the atomd .a make atoms less dennse Would in increase speed with out in creasing mass or pushing but really reason nothing can move faster the light is because once at light speed there’s no more speed to gain

  80. Nick. C

    i really hope you get your own TV channel some day i love watching these.

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    “To everything, Turn, Turn, Turn”

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    I was under the impression that it always has been rotating…?

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    Once again, incredibly well presented! It make sense though, right?
    Well Done, Chief!

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    This is how I always thought about the universe

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    Does this mean the universe has a center after all?

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    So I guess the drunken uncle we all had was right least half the time?

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  98. Wouter

    8:54 You say we need to find out why it stopped spinning, but wouldn’t that just be because of the law of conservation of angular momentum? The universe increases in size, thus its spin slows down?

  99. Oat lord

    Does spin imply it’s a part of another system?

  100. Boldipie

    This is very interesting, huge discoveries are being made constantly, and our knowledge of outer space is expanding rapidly.

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