Research on Alien Life and Extraterrestrial Intelligence – 2 Hour Compilation

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Hello and welcome! I’m away for a week moving recording studio to a new location, so here is a compilation video about major discoveries in regards to Extraterrestrial Life from the last few months!

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  1. 3RAN7ON

    1:31:15 the shape reminds me of the Baltic Sea anomaly

  2. brenda williams

    How much soap was used at the sun car wash.

  3. Mike

    Operation lunar water bear rescue??

  4. Max Kronader


  5. Petr B

    My favourite it’s not aliens compilation 🥰

  6. Harvey Manfrenjensenden

    I’m a long time subscriber but this is the LAST place I would go for info on extraterrestrials. Dope channel though.

  7. Big Guy

    They’ve been here for millenia.

  8. AwesomeSauce

    My bet is a generation ship from Proxima Century moving towards Earth.

  9. Blackfeatherstill

    Very lucky tardigrades!

  10. RAKKAR

    The last starfighter!!


  11. Montana Central Bank

    All the stupid hopeless searches when it is right there in front of you.

  12. ahmet mutlu

    But space is not flat so it wont become flat as other objects on space didn’t turned to flat discs because of friction… therefore that theory is extreemely weak.

  13. Lou B

    Great compilation, Anton!
    Doesn’t the signal’s Blue shift rule out an Earth-based source (from the Sheikh paper)?

  14. Bogan Bob

    Congrats dude.

  15. Terri Miller

    Demons don’t be fooled

  16. Dave Keith

    Could large Cristal’s transmit signals.

  17. Linards Berzins

    Thank you Anton, these videos are necessary.

  18. Alex George

    So now they say it was a Nitrogen Comet which has never been seen ever until Omua Omua as well as a pancake or flat comet is also not normal, I guess we will never know what it was.

  19. Rune M

    Is this laser profile like the lasers on the last batch of Starlink sats? – anyone know?

  20. Michael Meadors

    Spoiler alert,👽 their crafts create their own gravity, they’re warping space-time, it is not a propulsion system, this craft moves freely through water, the atmosphere and outer space and you guys are looking for radio signals?

  21. Patrick FF

    Alien life does exist in the universe it would be insane to think we are alone. The real question is has it visited us?

  22. Thomas George Castleberry

    2 hours & 20 Minutes, thyat’s too much space talk.

  23. Mike B

    Still struggling to find intelligent life on Earth…

  24. stylianos kostudianos


  25. BusyBasaz

    I love the opening comment of the video.

  26. Sine Nomine

    SETI is a pathetic joke. It’s exactly like looking for smoke signals in hopes of finding extraterrestials.

  27. Jonathan Rice

    Can you teach a class. I would pay

  28. J H

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into these videos. Really makes my day

  29. Jyle Hansen

    Dude, you’ve got some really awesome videos, would you be up to talk about the concept of grabby aliens theory sometime at all?

  30. Looper Birhinger

    “I’m not saying it’s aliens, buuuuut….” U got me there for a second xD DONT JOKE LIKE THAT))))))))))))))))))) ahahah. lol

  31. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  32. Ante Fabijan

    This is the best account on youtube…just found out about it…i couldnt watch anything for 3hrs but this

  33. Daniel Engström

    The aliens are all the stuff we can’t see.

  34. Error 404

    Videos this long should have timestamps especially since they are appended videos.

  35. Marcin

    plants anticipate changes in lights too, its not reserved to living organisms. there are light related mechanisms that are usually responsible for that

  36. toekka baby

    There are probably other things to be discovered besides radio waves,
    Like gravity waves perhaps or some kind of radiation

  37. Joseph Anaya


  38. peter john

    ” secret Chinese satellite ”
    I’m an Aussie and if I’m to believe the media, should have no trust of the CCP, however I’m no dumbass and believe it could equally be a secret – ” Insert random continent ” – .

  39. Eri Deimos

    Has anyone tried playing the Proxima b signal backwards? Because if it’s “You ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog…” I have an explanation.

  40. Chris

    I am really glad that you can change the thumbnail without re-uploading the video.

  41. Justin Anderson

    I’m not sure if the Tokyo map is a sign of intelligence from the mold, or a sign of intelligence in humans using their surrounding mechanics to solve problems. I’m thinking it’s the latter. I mean, a similar thing could be done using electricity but we don’t see it as intelligent

  42. Lance K Shimabukuro

    Aloha, Anton: A question. Been reading lots of reports on Bernardinelli-Bernstein comet that’s currently inbound. All reports says that the closest approach it will make is outside of Saturn’s orbit. They also say that the orbit has no chance to deflect inwards to the inner system. However, I have NOT heard any mention as to where Saturn is in relation to the inbound leg and how it or any other outer planet may potentially gravitationally influence the inbound trajectory. What have ye heard in regards this particular point?

  43. Carlos Benitez

    It’s probably bird poop again 🙄🙄🙄

  44. Snowfang

    This is not bad, but I love sleep hearing you. The best part is when I wake up in the middle, smile and go back sleep.

  45. Las Gio

    Who else watched the entire video? 👀

  46. Chinchilla

    I can’t even imagine the thought process of the scientists that thought “tiny gun” and legit made it happen efficiently

  47. crash burn

    Step one, figure out how far away the suspect signal came from in light years.
    Step two, never mind…

  48. Broo_sh

    What if peoples start build over to sun carbon base material what make us a more free electricity???????????

  49. aurora m

    This is what I’ve been waiting for

  50. jbsmith966

    you know ET is smart if ET stays far far away from this planet.

  51. Rocks Cousteau

    These long compilation uploads are pretty awesome Anton. Nice to watch while I am waiting on videos to upload. Awesome Content

  52. Vlad16

    I know it’s fun to laugh and poke fun about this subject but the fact of the matter is if you’ve done your research then you know how serious it really is. People need to get over the fear of holding an opinion contrary to popular opinion. Millions of people have simply chosen to “go with the flow” in the absence of any contradictory evidence. “The Earth is Flat – because everyone else thinks it is.”

  53. RockerBob

    Crazy. Fascinating stuff. I’m a wanna be mycologist. Mushrooms and mycelium are a gift humanity does not fully understand, appreciate, utilize and so on! The more you know the more you know you don’t know.

  54. Joshua Schaffner

    It also asks.a.curious.question,has PETA seen this video about the velocity of tardigrade…and do.they qualify as an animal ? It’s a perfectly valid question,is it not?

  55. Cronte Misto

    One of my pet wild speculations is that there are folks intent on faking alien contact and are working methodically to learn how.

  56. Bryan Drewry

    If you weren’t such a great guy, I’d make fun of your comedic skills.. Ha..

  57. Josh KC Development

    The splash screen of this video says “reseach” instead of research. Love your videos.

  58. theSupertonesurf

    great job on doing this Video 5 Stars !!!!!👽

  59. Fleem Q Swipes

    Someone near Proxima was running a microwave?

  60. Nobody Knows

    What if our Universe is nothing more than one brain cell inside some alien’s head?

  61. William Arno

    I don’t understand why Anton hasn’t got a million subscribers If anyone deserves it It Anton 😎👍

  62. rub rub

    Anton, on the topic of extra terrestrials im wondering what do you think of the videos the pentagon released regarding those weird unidentified advanced craft ?

  63. E Van

    Life has to be out there.

  64. G

    Considering which star system the signal came from, especially if from Proxima Centauri b, which we don’t know too much about yet other than some basic features such as temperature and mass and stuff, I read roughly -39 celcius, and only 1.17 times the mass of earth and also being a rocky planet you gotta think there’s somewhat of a decent chance it is in fact aliens. For sure a slight possibility no doubt about it in my mind.

  65. Russell Leach

    Too long at one time for this feeble brain. I love to break it up into 15 minute increments

  66. Sir Miles

    Hey Anton, have you watch Isaac Arthur videos? Theyre gold. Try it!

  67. Jack Parsons

    great…. another, we don’t know, maybe video. I’ll add it to the thousands of others circulating daily. Thank Anton

  68. gijake1989

    Good news everyone…

  69. Dylan Kopff

    Your so spot on great work

  70. Savage O

    I find it humorous to think about another intelligent species, in a galaxy far far away, also trying to figure out if they’re alone lol

  71. Alexander insubordinate

    Anton please start being a bit more optimistic about aliens. Let’s manifest aliens.

  72. Osmosis Jones

    Maybe civilizations get more efficient with energy

  73. Ulysses

    Artificial intelligence would not be bound by the concept of time. A hive mind could accomplish quite a lot over millions of years.

  74. Osmosis Jones


  75. Osmosis Jones

    a slim mold is a brain and maybe the brain is not a computer but a network of computers and the brain and Slime molds are networks of computers

  76. thzzzt

    I’ve translated the signal, and inexplicably, it seems to be from a race of bodybuilders. The message: “Dude, how much can you bench?”.

  77. Michael Martin

    Awesome intro👍
    I’m not saying it’s aliens – but …😂🤣
    Green shirt green screen 😂🤣

  78. briggs hayward

    Thanks anton:)

  79. Eternal Gaze

    Bro, why don’t we just launch life starting organisms ourselves. Let’s get this shit started.

  80. Osmosis Jones

    Maybe life lives on those flares

  81. PeeGee85

    Anton: I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Fox Mulder: You’ll see it when you believe it.

  82. Osmosis Jones

    The signal from proxima centuri was actually from it’s dirrection

  83. gGuest

    thank you again Anton

  84. Marina Marina

    Антошка, Антошка! Пойдём копать картошку!

  85. Calvin Grondahl

    If humans were more like Anton then I would not fear for life in the universe. Most people are careful but “bad actors” will always show up.

  86. heatshield

    Man, this is going to be good.
    Best wishes on the relocation.

  87. Unknown Texan

    Not aliens, again.

  88. Tom Gucwa

    Well! Before we go too far , plz define intelligence , I’ve been tricked before ,ya know?

  89. Nicko G.

    Should look for some macro scale aliens in the grand scheme of things.
    But everything they do is pretty slow and boring, like the Ents in LOTR.

  90. aaah

    love these videos Anton!

  91. Rumple foreskin

    internet is an alien life form

  92. Jamie Davies

    Man I love you videos

  93. Francisco Pagan

    Anton: Stars ✨ Wars!

  94. Francisco Pagan

    Marvelous Anton: Possible aliens 👽?!

  95. Owen P

    Love the vids

  96. First Sergeant Fáwkes

    Hello wonderful people!

  97. Ron Reviews

    Aliens 👽

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    Awesome Video Anton

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