Remarkable Distant Galaxy Found That Looks Like Our Own

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of an ultra distant galaxy that appears surprisingly Milky Way like.

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  1. JeanYves Angers

    MERCI I wander one day when men will on other one like here if it will destroy like we did here? My English is not that good. Merci

  2. sam typhon

    immagine if we are looking at ourself, because the universe is curved

  3. thefinalroman

    James Webb is taking too long. Hubble is almost 30 and the best we have atm

  4. ReinhardB100

    Might be the Second Foundation :-D

  5. wozzapoet

    So, essentially, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…right?

  6. Chiky Scares You

    Imagine if we were looking at the milky way

  7. Lazarus Zoolander

    Cool beans, thanks for bringing us are Astronomy headlines.

  8. Zak !

    So how did that galaxy become so established and developed in 1.7 billion years, am I correct to think of it this way with regards to our universe only being 13.7 – ish billion years old? We had the big bang then some 2 billion years post bang this galaxy being discussed was in full display to emit the light we captured in the photo from 95.
    What’s really a mind blower is to think that 12 billion light years PAST that galaxy is other galaxies who’s effective distance from us in time, surpasses the approximate age of our universe. I wonder how all of this fits together?

    AH I see further into the vid it is not as developed as I was assuming.

    It is odd to hear you speak of “one day this galaxy could end up looking like…” So you kind of mean to say it has already developed into X type of galaxy but we will never know what that type is because of it’s distance. I mean in 12 billion more years we’d know what it looked like today in August of 2020 but I don’t think I’ll be around for that observation haha.

  9. George NoX

    its the Star Wars galaxy, we finally found it…

  10. Logan Forbes

    Amazing video! Good luck in the future!
    What do you expect from the James Webb Space Telescope? I hope you are as excited to get new images and information from this advanced telescope.

  11. Bryan Rebella

    We need to chat one day about the universe!! I love your videos

  12. Bram Moerman

    I think that we will have a lot of our ”knowledge” about how we view the universe, its size, its age, its evolution turned on its ears in the coming years. Since we are unable to conduct direct experiments with the universe (unlike other scientific pursuits), we depend on making observations, building postulates based on those observations, and then making further observations in the hope that they will strengthen the previous conjectures. The risk in this process is conflating causation with correlation.

  13. John Grobler

    You got a haircut!
    And really short, too. I also like no-maintenance hair :-)


    That’s wonderful 🌷 maybe they’re looking for the milky way galaxy 😀😎👍

  15. Average Woman

    How can we be sure it isn’t our own galaxy we’re looking at, back in time?

  16. Dazik

    It’s near that dark spot, there in the darkness? Nice. lol

  17. Ronald H

    Whaaaaaat Anton is early today. Fine by me though !

  18. Loki

    Picture some future intelligent life, out there somewhere, able to look at Earth and homing in on scenes from Portland.

  19. WhyNot

    NGL when I saw this I immediately thought of SCP-184

  20. Adam Pearce

    I wonder if we’ll ever see the gravitational lens effect within the gravitational lens effect, and so on..

  21. Garry I

    Maybe we are looking in a circle at our own galaxy.

  22. Klaus Gartenstiel

    it’s the thing we cannot see. population 3 stars, laying the foundation of all the galaxies in the universe.

  23. Phrayd edjez

    Your a legend. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and amazing information you share with us all. cheers

  24. RDE Lutherie

    The fact that the immage is from billions of years in the past, it probably looks a lot different now, or may even be long gone already is mind blowing! Maybe there’s a civilization that observed our galaxy too and saw it way before it could support life and looked a lot different! The day Gnort found another young distant galaxy. (<:

  25. Aerrin Longheart

    If the universe really is curved, if we look out far enough, will we eventually see ourselves – at least, some time in the past?

  26. japanese robotic machine

    it’s milky way and we are looking at it from “behind” 😮

  27. MeTwoFirst

    Someone made a CGI of a glob then turned it into a galaxy – oh the same guy that created Star Trek

  28. Bill Fox

    Hmm… Eye of Sauron comes to mind.

  29. Solanumtinkr

    … Solar systems end up forming in a certain way … I would expect even early gas to favour following the same trend laid out in physics and observation. Even back then space was still mindbogglingly big🤷‍♂️ What was formed would just be more massive in general🤷‍♀️

    Also with blackholes being likely very early on galaxies forming around them should not be quiet such a suprise. Maybe some of this has been over thought or we’re missing something obvious chaotic or not?

  30. Cathy Griffin

    I love your content. Thank you, wonderful Anton.

  31. Shaurie Pvs

    Maybe it’s our own milkyway galaxy in its young age, we are just seeing showing that space is curved and not flat

  32. Mark Shah

    Can I go there now? Anton!

    It is actually our own galaxy and seeing it our mirror image. Don’t be so excited.

  33. jonny the boy

    If we’re seeing that Galaxy as it was so many billions of years ago , why does he keep talking like that’s what it looks like now

  34. Emmi Panda

    i watch these videos every morning as i eat my breakfast, this video was wonderful just like all your other ones!! great work, my dude!

  35. AP KM

    Maybe it’s the light of our universe coming around from the other side of the universe reaching us?

  36. Rob Briggs

    Great job with your videos Anton! They’re very informative and I always look forward to tuning in. Love that your channel is growing and I wish you best successes.

  37. Noe Won

    Imagine it was OUR GALAXY! :O

  38. lasarith2

    8:40 it’s expected that this will become a giant elliptical galaxy in the future…

    I think he mean in the past because it’s already happened.

  39. Daren Wilson

    I was at Stanford back when lensed galaxies were called “cosmic arcs” and gravitational lensing was just one hypothesis to consider. Only a few years later they were called “Einstein rings” when the other hypotheses fell. Wow, we have come a long way! And now reconstructing the distant object through knowing how null geodesics bend around the lensing object. Same math but for a very different situation will be done for imaging exoplanets using our own Sun.

  40. Daniel Grover

    I love the “Hubble Deep Field” image(s)

  41. Osmosis Jones

    Courosity land in a place with water layers. . ESSA photos show vast water flows .
    Mars is 50% farther from the sun. Highest temperature on earth is 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
    You can do the math of course Mars would have more extreme winter’s poles and ice ages. But the equator might be like Alaska.
    . And there’s an old meteor that wasn’t had time to get burned up in a thicker atmosphere

  42. Henchman Twenty1

    An early post today to look at an early time in the Universe.

  43. Grand Imperator Tiberius

    I love this channel, this channel allows me, a relatively mildly intelligent individual, learn about new things and feel at least minimally smart! <3 Thank's Anton

  44. Kolas

    “… when we oriГinaly believed…” )))

  45. jacqui_sparkle

    I LOVE that you go from our galaxy to the others using the sandbox. It’s so great. I appreciate all the hard work you do and I learn so much!!

  46. TheFcukinBest

    Can anyone else see an optical illusion when the screen changes from the moving mass of stars to the stationary deep sky image at 8:43 ? 🤪😄

    To see it, you have to stare at the centre of the moving mass of stars from around 8:30 ✌🏻

  47. The Danish GSM Channel He

    I always wonder how IT looks right now, because its so Long back in time, and so much have being happening since then. Thanks so much

  48. Russel McFeathers

    Infinite time loop simulation confirmed, we’re just observing ourselves in the future and past at the same time.

  49. VulpisFoxfire

    ..Every time Anton mentions the galaxy having a bulge, my mind goes entirely the wrong direction…
    That said, I’ve heard the idea that space-time is curved…maybe we’re seeing far enough go go all the way around and see ourselves..

  50. Aurinkohirvi

    Why is our observed universe rim just about as far in light years, as is the suggested age of the universe?
    We can see only targets that move away from us slower than speed of light.
    But if the expansion rate increases, we can observe only ever closer and closer objects.
    So in the future the objects we could observe are closer than now, but the universe is much older. Right?
    Yeah, I know there are couple of other ways to calculate the age of the universe, and they suggest just about (give and take half a billion years) the same answer.

  51. Ariel Santos

    The craziest things that we can n cant imagine r real n waiting to be observed

  52. Rhea Smith

    Thanks a lot for putting out great information. Keep going!

  53. Anik Samiur Rahman

    Now I’m sure we’re seeing ourselves. The universe is closed in space-time remember?

  54. The New Khan

    Or maybe there was always just darkness but by staring at it for a long time we created things. Familiar looking things… a galaxy like our own.

  55. Bgrows Mars

    Life is everywhere, we are just one of the oldest civilizations in our galaxy!!!!

  56. darrick steele

    Knowing that we are here to witness a time where an Einstein Ring can be reconstructed to resolve its source’s actual form is breathtaking to me!

  57. András Ujlaki

    If we could find a giant cosmic mirror somewhere fairly far away, we could see our own galaxy in the past

  58. Tony Igwe

    This is one more evidence that it’s way too early to theorize the age of the universe. The observation has barely started.

  59. Christopher Borges

    Oh wow, thank you for this! Like always your videos are a welcomed moment of my day, first time am this early though XD Stay safe out there!

  60. Unfolding Ideas

    You’re spoiling us with two videos today!

  61. Cheng Zhou

    Object Class: Euclid

  62. primoroy

    “Source plane reconstruction”
    Another can of worms! 😉

  63. Bruce Redburn

    I like when you say “hello wonderful person”. I know you’re talking to me because I AM a wonderful person. 😀

  64. Gwardion Along for the Ri

    “Long, Long ago. In a galaxy far, far away.” Seems more plausible now.

  65. Neon

    Petition to name the mirror galaxy “Snickers”

  66. Southern star

    first wonderful person

  67. theholyghost

    Heads up: There is no math on ‘What the Math.’

  68. Complaingel

    Me: hears word bulge
    Troll in me: 😏
    Me: shut up troll in me Antons cool.
    Troll in me: 👍

  69. Ven Vex

    Imagine there is an actual huge mirror and we actually see ourselves

  70. Δημήτρης Κλεισιάρης

    “Be massive in the future…”
    But…we see this galaxy in the past…

  71. CyberiusT

    As much as I love astronomy and astrophysics, I think there’s a whole lot of our notions about space that are /way/ off the truth – tiny error built on tiny error until the result is just borked.

  72. Glenn Babić

    Anton, do they adjust for the lensing effect when calculating redshift and galaxy rotation speed etc?

  73. Treibhaus Effekt

    *notices galactic bulge* OwO :3

  74. Audio Maverick

    So it’s solved, the universe is a hyper-sphere and we are looking at the back of our head.

  75. Philipp Void

    somewhere in the universe, someone is looking at our planet and makes wildly calculations about what could be

  76. SN S

    “could become” after billions of years – most likely elliptical already

  77. Rohit Lohar

    gravitational lens effect. Very cool.
    Gravity change everything.

  78. Unfolding Ideas

    Whew! When you said this galaxy possesed two very important features I thought you were going to say McDonalds and Starbucks but thankfully you didn’t.

  79. Menace312

    Fun fact: “The big dipper” is also named: “Carl’s wagon”. Better name imo…

  80. Dharmadhatu

    Aliens: So what are humans good at?
    Humans: We can look far.
    Aliens: Cool!

    Seriously it always impresses me how far we can look into space

  81. Flickable Bean

    I’ve been neglecting a lot of channels that I discovered while on furlough, but I have been making an effort to keep up with yours because I love the content, always interesting, and I always learn something new, usually (90% of the time). Thank you wonderful person 😊

  82. mr.big

    Zoom in on that bad boy, I want to know what my Earth 2 counterpart is doing!

  83. Kyle Kissack

    The scale of the universe is truly unimaginable.. atleast for humanity

  84. Job Bouwman

    Is the uploadfrequency increasing, or is it blueshifted? If it’s the latter, we’re on a collision course with beautiful Anton.

  85. Silas Dense

    So facinating, that we are able to put together this type of lensing into images/data.
    Thanks Anton.

  86. Marshmallowmonster 77

    01:06 so they were looking at my soul huh?

  87. Gabriel

    Just take a moment to imagine how they felt after what they thought would be an image with maybe two or six galaxies, turned out to be an image of hundreds and hundreds of galaxies.

  88. Canon Waters

    Funny he says that in the “future” this galaxy may be a giant elliptical galaxy but it probably has been for billions of years. Crazy to think about

  89. Madao

    2:53 _And amongst the living are seen, carriers of the accursed Darksign._

  90. Oleksandr Byelyenko

    1:20 I see my reflection on the screen and think they found some eye-shaped objects….

  91. Niklas Starow

    I remember when i started subscribing 4 years ago, you couldnt have much more than a few thousand subscribers.
    Good on you for hanging in there all these years, the success of your channel is soly on your hard and honest work.

  92. Daniel do Amaral Rodrigue

    Remember: we are looking into the past, so it shouldn’t be “probably will become an elliptical galaxy” but “probably eventually became an elliptical galaxy”

  93. LuNaaX _

    Oh we’re early today :)

  94. Takwai Wong

    “Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.”

  95. C-S featured

    Maybe there’s a mid aged star with a small blue planet, quietly orbiting in its habitable zone.

  96. earth dweller

    Plot twist
    It’s our galaxy, we just discovered a huge mirror

  97. juan Valcecchi

    “When you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you”, but taken in a realistic way haha.

  98. untouchable360x

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

  99. cadleo

    Thank you, wonderful person, for putting out interesting videos so frequently.

  100. Frankie Vos

    maybe we are finally looking so deep into the universe that we went full circle and are now looking at the back of our heads.

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