Radio Emissions From This Brown Dwarf Are Mysteriously Strong

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a first ever discovery of a brown dwarf found entirely using radio waves.

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  1. Anthony Slaga

    If water is found on in a brown dwarf than there definitely water on Mars and Venus.

  2. bimboblacky

    Anton, what a great young man you are. I hope that this endeavor really “takes off” for you!

  3. larryconcepts

    These are Star Trek’s long range sensors.

  4. wleizero

    Wow, a 500 megawatt magnetron, can’t help but think of ‘The Three Body Problem’. You went above and beyond with your ideas for ProximaCent or Trappist-1. Really creative … great vid!

  5. Morten

    I am actually very interested in buying the software you have linked, Universe Sandbox 2, but whenever I click your link it says its unavailable and doesnt know when it will be back in stock. You can update your link or give us somewhere else to buy it from instead? because its been like this for over a month at least.

  6. Osmosis Jones

    Would a brown dwarf stabilize the orbits of farther out planets around Binary system

  7. E.Kent.D

    You always come up with something interesting. Great for all of us.

  8. J Hearld

    How much does the moon effect our own magnetosphere?

  9. tony kent

    Best video I’ve seen for a while great information

  10. arno kosterman

    Nice 😍 πŸ’œ

  11. David Campos

    6:00 Witch is it 19 light years or 212 light years?

  12. primoroy

    Need to name one of these extremely noisy radio sources XERF the Galaxy Blaster! 🀣
    (XERF Del Rio Texas/Ciudad AcuΓ±a Coahuila – Defunct Mexican radio station that blasted the U.S. with 1/4 million watts of infomercials)

  13. Anthony James

    I did a brown dwarf and it had major emissions.

  14. Paulius


  15. Ian Barber

    Impressive credits

  16. Meleeman

    Anton be like *hint *hint *nudge nudge on proxima with the radio telescope study

  17. Yours Truly

    “Turn it off!” We thought it was the answer. But we were deceived. The Brown Dwarf is the source of the signal…the madness. “Make us whole!” “Turn it off!” These are its cries for help – its call to action…and we are the fools who listened.

  18. Madao

    Funny how these videos always make me feel like the first mission to an exoplanet is right around the corner.

  19. Sir Steve

    What is the closest brown dwarf to us and could it support life?
    To Clarify could a brown dwarf give light so that a planet can support life.

  20. Ivana Tinkle

    Brown Dwarf provide the perfect environment for life to flourish.
    Those are the types of star we should be looking at for signs of life.

  21. OmegaWolf747

    So someday, we’ll be able to use radio telescopes to see which exoplanets are worth bothering about, if they have a magnetosphere or not. Hopefully, someone will check Proxima b and the TRAPPIST-1 worlds soon.

  22. Canon Waters

    Off topic but finding a habitable moon orbiting around a brown dwarf would be so dope.

  23. Julian McMullen

    What’s he doing out in space?

  24. Osmosis Jones

    Could water vapor ice crystals in the upper atmopher protect atmopher or dust or ice cristals from comment or planets close block radiation

  25. Christoph von Knobelsdorf


  26. Emmi Panda

    great video as always anton!!

  27. sugershakify

    Really have to get you “woke” Anton.
    “Melanin enhanced fusion challenged stellar object”

  28. Richard Alleman

    It’s exciting to consider that within my lifetime, there may be a genuine discovery of an earth like planet nearby. All of these different ways of determining the surface features of exoplanets with respect to earth may eventually lead to funding of a massive optical telescope in space so we can get a birds of view of it.

  29. Peter Rabbit

    Tell everyone who might be interested, in 30 minutes, Spacex is launching astronauts into space! Live!

  30. Geoffrey Floydstein

    I had some delicious sausage pizza and am now also having mysteriously strong emissions.

  31. Sanguine BlackBlood

    How do we know it’s a brown dwarf if we can’t explain it.

  32. Federico Bauzo

    Very cloudy launch in Florida today was excited for this launch

  33. Benoit Lemay

    A far away gigantic fart almost became a star

  34. S34n 7urner

    The lack of brown dwarfs near us should tell us something as well

  35. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi thank you very much this one very good keep up the good work.

  36. RNG 999


  37. MaddMely

    Anton at 0:01 π˜π˜Œπ˜“π˜“π˜– π˜žπ˜–π˜•π˜‹π˜Œπ˜™π˜π˜œπ˜“ π˜—π˜Œπ˜™π˜šπ˜–π˜• π˜›π˜π˜π˜š 𝘐𝘚 π˜ˆπ˜•π˜›π˜–π˜• π˜ˆπ˜•π˜‹ π˜›π˜–π˜‹π˜ˆπ˜  π˜žπ˜Œπ˜™π˜Œ π˜Žπ˜–π˜π˜•π˜Ž π˜›π˜– π˜‰π˜Œ-
    Anton at 0:02 hi


    Very interesting. Nice to be able to detect a brown dwarf in an additional manner besides infrared.

  39. Reggie

    Was it Glimoscope?

  40. cj scottish

    Oh, Anton you sexy guy,

  41. Pup314

    Did he mention the name of the brown dwarf? If he did I missed it, can someone please post it here? Thanks.

  42. Ian Barber

    Have you done anything interesting in universe sandbox?

  43. nowymail

    Puce is the color that is brown and purple at the same time.

  44. Eddy

    Great video thankyou and you have found the remains of atlantis @ 4.41, bravo .

  45. reptilian ace Starfighter

    Me personally I always believe that red dress and brown Wars can Harbor planets with life

  46. M K

    As always, excellent video.

  47. 11pupona

    cheers from spain, I love your videos.

  48. SangsungMeansToCome

    Golden Brown (Dwarf), texture (almost) like sun,
    lays me down, with my imagination she runs
    throughout the night (of space), no need to fight,
    never a frown, with Golden Brown (Dwarf).

    Golden Brown (Dwarf), finer temptress.
    Through the ages, she’s heading west (spinwards).
    From far away, stays for a day (or two)
    never a frown, with (our) Golden Brown (Dwarf).

  49. Chris Hanner

    Thank you for another great video Anton.

  50. Paul

    can we get a what da math t shirt :(?

  51. James Fisher III

    This is my go to fall asleep channel. Not because it’s boring but his voice puts me to sleep in a good way. It’s very soothing.

  52. Jay Bruce

    Surely a star / system with a strong RF signal band ought to be a prime candidate for SETI to investigate?

  53. videolabguy

    Hello Wonderful Anton!

  54. John Walker


  55. Shadow Tek Studio

    Hi Anton I love your videos, I stumbled upon your channel a while ago and you brought back my love for science and the universe, so much that now I am actually starting to study physics.

  56. Vince Grant

    Thank you Wonderful Anton.

  57. sidney osborne

    Space X full self flying ….astronauts will be abducted and become programmed humanoids in preparation for relocation to mars….

  58. Adymn Sani

    I can talk nerd, but can’t walk nerd….

  59. Jay Jay

    Giorgio TsoukalosΒ can explain it: ALIENS

  60. Skye’s World

    So useing radio waves to contact Aliens is stupid because everything gives them off lol

  61. Baughbe

    “Welcome to Interstellar Radio on the Brown Dwarf Network. Today we have another 56,000 hours of “Music of the Spheres” The most requested song in all of history.”

  62. Rodney Voshell

    Love the content of this channel. Extremely informative.

  63. Wayne Slater

    That ring of auroras may look like an ELF loop antenna at RF. If pointed at us seems like that could explain the relatively high signal strength.

  64. Buck Hammond

    LOL you only hate yourself if you’re clicking thumbs down on a video about astronomy

  65. James Aron

    Wonderful distant unusual brown dwarf magnetosphere

  66. Epoch Xenomania

    I wonder if the fact it has such an intense magnetosphere, that it may be pulling in a wide array of electromagnetic frequencies & like mixing frequencies in our circuits, it creates trs very own range of EM oscillations from the wide range it pulls in and re radiates some of the energy of the end product of the mixed frequencies.

  67. Padmanabh

    Random trivia : LOFAR means delinquent in Hindi. 😁

  68. 1swerdna

    Anton, thank you so much for taking the time to break down these scientific papers for us! They are always a highlight of my day!

  69. Meikitamemo

    Shirt: Talk Nerdy!
    Me: Yes!

  70. Robert Trotter

    I’m hoping it’s the “magical” missing letter.
    Thank you as always for the post of the subject.


  71. Gerrie

    Hello Wonderful Anton :o)

  72. H Grace

    Thank you, Anton! Such a fantastic episode as usual

  73. Max D

    Do you have videos for beginners?
    For someone who doesn’t know anything about planets, moons, space, the universe etc…

  74. Angry Maus

    Anton gonna watch the launch in 2 hours?

  75. seionne85

    Hope you’re having a good day anton, thanks for the videos!

  76. Willyidol

    Answer if you love brown dwarves:
    what’s the name of Anton’s programming channel (besides the few coding videos on this one)? I’m looking for it everywhere and cannot find it

  77. Tom

    Its being used as an intergalactic repeater
    for heavy metal music.

  78. James Blackburn

    In these difficult times, it’s really nice to be able to just sit back and listen to a fellow with a Slavic accent call you a wonderful person and then tell you about space for ten minutes

  79. Jon Wisbey

    May be its hosting a Disaster Area gig…

    Seriously though, interesting stuff. Keep being wonderful Anton

  80. Enzar17

    I miss the What Da Math intro. Still love the content, though. Keep it up, Anton!

  81. Kazerz

    Thank you for all the daily content Anton, this is really interesting!

  82. Darren Bauer

    Maybe it’s cool enough in the outer layers that metals boiled off in the core condense briefly in the upper atmosphere. The hydrogen would reduce oxides to metals…

  83. The Boss

    Talk about the huge meteorite that skipped past the atmosphere a few days ago, there are a few videos of it and it was visible over the eastern United States.

  84. Colton Robinson

    What will other observers see when the light from our atomic blasts reach them?

  85. Aysilan Vilyeia

    Angle like how we see pulsars and quasars sounds likely.

  86. pingnick

    T spring having difficulties displaying shirts etc!?🀯

  87. Dave Morgan

    It’s sending out a distress signal. Will someone go out and rescue it?

  88. Harold Hale

    This of course brings up a question: is it possible to artificially generate a magnetosphere of sufficient strength to shield a planet sized object?

  89. animeAJ productions

    I had learned that Brown was like a reference to how an ember that cannot sustain itself. Insomuch that a Black Dwarf is the spent ember of a White Dwarf, which itself is a dead star.

  90. Filiolus

    Have a good day wonderful Anton/fellow curious people.
    (Thanks for making things so nice and easy to learn!)

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    This is the homeworld of the ancient aliens who built the pyramids

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    I love the t-shirt with the transparent glasses. They really are ‘see through’ !

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    Anton, YouTube generated subtitles turned brown dwarfs into brown orcs… I dont think the Dwarfs would take kindly to being called orcs

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  96. JTuaim

    Is possible that all dwarfs emit strong radio waves from their poles, but this one is pointlng at us?

  97. Valmayu

    I just realised that the glasses on his shirt are affected by his green screen

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    Can’t explain it – β€œ *ALIENS* β€œ

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    There is no one else on the internet like you. Humble, informative, interesting. I wish you continued success.

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    Low Frequency Array… Looks like something the hobbit’s would build if they ever began studying astronomy πŸ˜‚ I love it

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