Radio Burst From a Nearby Galaxy Came From Unexpected Location

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an intriguing discovery of a new FRB coming from a nearby galaxy M81
Pulsars in clusters:
Images: NRAO Outreach/T. Jarrett (IPAC/Caltech); B. Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF)
Alex Cherney/CSIRO
NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

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  1. Breanna K

    Anton your great, I just have a question, do you think there could be anyway any of those waves could be aliens? Any way at all? 🤞👀

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    That Galaxy has just gone through its own Big Bang.

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    Reminds one of the way synapses fire in the brain.

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    another discovery leading us with even more questions. we’re encountering aliens maan! lol

  6. Vasily Zakharov

    Those FRBs should be residual flashes of FTL jumps by aliens. :)

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    C-mon man,it’s the alien’s listening to their radio’s or watching tv. Lol

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    I assume gravitational lensing can affect GRB trajectories?

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    This is almost as freaky. 🥺

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    maybe its time to look back at hannes alfven and his work on plasma double layers…

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    Damn FTL traffic is getting noisy again :D

  19. K B

    The MRB is a coded message that says: ‘Hello wonderful person’.

  20. A Dude

    You need a video on ‘ISRU’ in situ resource utilization.

  21. Caleigh Fisher

    Thanks for the video. Are there any actual recordings to see wave form of total signal or signal cluster?
    The waveform is the only clue we have to understand process.

  22. NewGoldStandard

    This channel always has great content. Thank you.

  23. John Hoelzeman

    Watch these be communications of a vast, intergalactic civilization

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    Wouldn’t it be cool if they turned out to be the “universal” internet/gps nodes?

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    Thanks Anton. Your mastery of the English language is to be commended.

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    Could we have a look at milky way through a reflection kinda like we do with mirrors? Maybe some Einstein ring that circled light from us back at us? Maybe a cluster could do it?

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    Would a pulsar make a good intergalactic lighthouse? D:

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  42. Bob Dobbolina

    I’ve never understood why they aren’t called Brief Radio Bursts. Fast speaks to velocity not to duration.

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    Antwan look fresh as hell With that hair cut

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    Thank you! I dabble in machine learning and AI. Your video inspired me to participate in Kaggle/SETI competition to identify radio signals.

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    What is the bright disk of light at the center of each galaxy ?

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    Translation: We’re trying to contact you about your vehicle’s extended warranty.

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    It’s from aliens close to their central black home. It translates to: We’re circling the drain, save yourselves!

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    On “The Angry Astronaut”‘s channel he speculates they could be used by alien races to propel light sails (or would they then be called “radio sails”?).

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    Could you talk about quantum microscopes soon. I started hearing about them and what they could unfold.

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    It’s just the galactic community getting their news on…
    Seriously, though. I am wondering if there is a correlation between the (shape/geometry?) of a galaxy and the FRB’s? Are they more common in sectors where the galaxies are spiral shaped?

  67. Osvaldo Silveira e Silva

    The radio transmissions is a message that translate to: Shhh! They’ll hear you. XD

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    How do we know it came from this globular cluster, and not something from way beyond that?

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    Oh no, the Flood is coming. The Forerunners will activate them

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