Quick Channel Update – I’m Sort of Homeless for About a Month

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Hello and welcome wonderful person. So due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to abandon my old studio/apartment where I worked for the past few months because the rent has suddenly jumped by about 40%. I found a new place to work/live from but it’s not available for another month and I have to stay in a hotel somewhere else meanwhile. I’ll try to make videos from there, but still not sure how this is going to work.
Hope all of you are staying healthy. I wish you all the best and enjoy the video compilations that will be posted for the next few weeks.

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  1. Maarten van Soest

    That’s it. I am enjoying your content almost daily so this is the time to become a patrion. Thanks for all your work buddy! You are awesome!

  2. ArlekTV

    Thanks so much for your hard work Anton. You’re a wonderful person!

  3. Kenny from Philly

    Thanks for the update, Anton and know that you will be in my thoughts, hoping you stay safe, happy, healthy & wonderful. If life every brings you to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, know that you are 100% welcome here whenever you want for as long as you need. We would be delighted & honored to share our home with you. Thank you for continually making awesome videos about space & science. You are in my life every night before bedtime & often end up in my dreams as well but that’s another story for another time, LOL. Cheers, your #1 Philly fan forever … Kenny from Philly

  4. Slack

    Good luck, dude! See you again in a month! :D

  5. Nidhin Das

    God bless you and your family.. hopefully everything turns out ok.. lots of love from India😊😊

  6. LoKey Wisdom

    Stay safe while you get it figured out!!! I can’t wait for the (updates) and “better” video :)) thou I still highly enjoy how it is now also👍🙏

  7. Grocel Fivetwelve

    2020 has stricken again. A year full of unforeseen ~circumstances~. Good luck out there, you gonna need it.

  8. Steve Corner

    You don’t live in Mayfair do you?good luck with the move buddy!✌️

  9. Jasonxhx

    Universe Sandbox 2 is listed as unavailable on Amazon for me.

  10. Pepinillo Rick

    I hope the best for you wonderfull person¡, we’ll be here in a month expecting to hear for you, stay safe men¡.

  11. Cameron Cluelow

    Omg im so sorry Anton. I really hope things work out with you. Keep making the videos, because youll need to be able to pay for that Hotel. ❤️

  12. Ozner Riznick

    Wow! I imagined you lived in a dormatory of some prominent university with a huge astrophysics lab and observatory with graduate students sitting around at computer stations giving you a constant feed of research data and new discoveries.
    Well done on the videos!👏
    I wish you similar success in you new living arrangement.

  13. Jakey B

    Good luck pal, I hope everything runs smoothly and you get in your new place asap. Chin up and keep going 👍

  14. David Ramos

    I hope you keep a high outlook on life we will support you through these hard times

  15. Diego Souza

    Thanks for the amazing content, Anton. Take your time and come back at full power!

  16. Zygfryd Homonto

    brother Anton, for me you can make the videos even in the … train – just make sure they are coming on ;-)
    your channel is so great that even if you have a camera from 1980 I don’t care ;-)
    all the best in the new place!

  17. Arved R

    Focus on staying safe for now!
    I really love your videos, I can learn a lot about something that interests me, space and sometimes your videos help me fall asleep! Haha, hope you stay safe and much love from Germany! :)

  18. Jamie Dimon

    Best of luck… I’ve been watching back since when you were averaging less than a couple thousand views per video. One of the few space channels that I latched onto.

  19. U4Eye

    I donated $ to Antom
    I know if All of us donated $2 to $5 a month it will help anton out. Thanks for All your great intellect and videos as our Whole Family watch you on our big screen TV👍

  20. Phillup Brinkman

    Thank you for the heads up! Good luck getting new digs! ❤️🤗🖖

  21. Hristina Trumpić

    Hey, Anton, you beautiful person, hang on in there 💪🏻😊 I also hope this will be the worst thing in 2020 for you.
    Like and a comment is the best support I can give you right now, so here they are!
    I like your channel very much!

  22. Getz Valerevich

    Anton, love your stuff. Always entertaining and important information been presented by you, keep it up brother, one of the few that make a positive impact for society.
    I have seen many live streams for stuff live mobile games and reactions, dude, if you set up a live stream and include “memberships” people will join and donate and you won’t ever have a problem with rent.
    Should consider it and give it a try, I am sure I ain’t the only one that would be keen to join.
    Good work bro. Than you

  23. SGT1 one99one

    Good luck to you the coming weeks, looking forward to the compilations you made. Always very interesting videos! Stumpled upon your channel by accident and you have provided me with so much accurate information and actually learned a lot from you.

    Don’t space out and see you soon wonderful person!

  24. Nigon Kouk

    That’s messed up man’ but damn””” you’ve been doing this all this time on a webcam’? :[) LoL damn you’re good”’

  25. Animidork

    I was half expecting “well anyways I will be homeless for a month and welcome to what the math!”

  26. pineapple ikush

    best of luck with the move, i hope to see more interesting videos in the future.

  27. Graeme Swallow

    Best wishes on your move, most Wonderful Person! My son and I always look forward to your content!

  28. RIP Roora

    Hope you’re enjoying S. Korea! Who am I kidding, there’s a reason why u moved there :) very underrated, most westerners here prefer Japan.

  29. Shiquon Smith

    **spirit hug** can’t wait to see you again my dude!! Hope everything works out 👍🏾

  30. Joe tuktyyuktuk

    Anton, you don’t know me but let me start by saying I very much enjoy your videos, I find them insightful, thoughtful and informative….and your not afraid to say you don’t know the answer to something….refreshing. I hope everything goes well, as well as it can given current circumstances. If there are any “wonderful people” in South Korea who can help Anton in this short term situation I call on you to help.

  31. Asildriez z

    I look forward to the future of this channel. Thank you for making such informative videos.

  32. Vita

    i know with certainty that you will be just fine and safe! sending you my best vibes through this transition period of yours ❤️

  33. Awakened Goat

    Wow, that’s crazy Anton I hope you manage alright over there! Just take it easy we’ll all be here waiting for your amazing content :D

  34. EoThorne

    Stay safe Anton! I can’t wait for the compilations!

  35. David Morton

    God bless you, my man!

  36. J Trotter

    Take care of you! Big hugs! We’ll be here when you get situated 🌻

  37. TAO TAO

    Best wishes to you. Thank you for this amazing channel, and I hope that unexpected change turns into a fantastic upgrade that you never even imagined. 💞

  38. Motosir Ali

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person. Hoppe the move goes smooyhly, stay safe!

  39. maciekgs17

    Best of luck with your move. I love to see your dedication to always putting out great informational content.

  40. Felipe Andrés

    Oh my friend… I hope you can find a comfortable enough place! Also, please don’t pressure yourself with the videomaking… we can, lovely, wait while things get better :) Cosmic hugs

  41. Marko Cunningham

    Come stay with us in New Zealand Anton! You’re always welcome here 😊👍
    Good luck with everything, I’ve convinced a bunch of my friends to start following you too! Hope that helps! 😁

  42. Rick Gowen

    Love your work very much and delighted to see you have a bitcoin wallet!! Be well, Anton.

  43. jose yepez

    Anton your a beast!! It’s been a complete honor I will try to help start a go fund me I’ll send you some

  44. Zusha Williams

    Sending love and blessings, stay strong and thanks for the wonderful videos ❤

  45. martin lincoln

    All the beast Anton, look forward to seeing you soon my friend :

  46. kiddo280

    You can DEFINITELY stay with me for a month 🤤.. or longer if u want 😉

  47. Htos 1av

    Wish we lived closely together! You could hang at my place! Heck, you could even use this work station I’m on! Good luck, sir!

  48. vin co

    Love and best wishes friend! Thanks for your work. I really enjoy catching up on the issues you cover.

  49. Mateusz Mostowski

    Anton: I can’t really afford it right now…

    Anton’s subscribers: Shut up and take our money!

  50. Adam Ganzer

    You’ve become one of my top 3 favorite YouTubers of the past couple years. Best of luck to you and hope to see you again soon! You are truly a wonderful person :)

  51. James Todd

    I wish you the best – definitely living in tough times regardless where you live at.

  52. Mike Armstrong

    You can come live with me !!! Seriously I wouldnt let you live on the street for one minute. You need to live some place stable. I live in the states, New England (Massachusetts) near Cape Cod its nice but I’m thinking of moving to Canada.

  53. Matthew Neptune

    Someone help this absolute legend out. I know when I get more money imma buy some merchandise. I hope you do well man!

    Also who dislikes a video like this? Genuinely hope whoever dislikes this video gets some mega bad karma lol

  54. LunaticSynapse

    I have been in a very similar situation. It’s rough and can be disheartening. Keep your head up! I look forward to you return 😉

  55. Joe Holman

    Love watching you’re videos man. Hope this little blip in road passes soon, much love from UK

  56. Justyn Delbridge

    Absolutely love your channel dude. You’re one of my favorite YouTubers and I’ll eagerly look forward to more!

  57. Jim S

    Hang in there, my friend. We’ll be sticking with you for the duration ❤️

  58. Roy Marsh

    Hey Anton, I need your channel! Stay safe! Keep uploading! Compilations are fine. Power!

  59. gtafan12ify

    Hey Anton, just wanted to say, your going to get out of this rut your in with your head in tact, for every rut you get yourself in life, it brings wisdom that would otherwise not be there if you didnt, i wish the best for you, and just know you got a friend in me

  60. jake Me

    I’m literally in the same situation with my girlfriend

  61. Asura Bomb#2

    Whew. I thought you’d be gone for good. C’mon man, don’t leave me. You’re one of the main science guys I learn from.
    You’re needed on this platform!

  62. finophile

    glad you added the addendum … I thought it was a “foreigner tax”

    ahnyong hi ka se yo

  63. Elwin Anderson

    We are with you 100% stay confident we all have our ups and downs in times like these 👍🏾🙏🏾

  64. Mario 673

    I wish I could help but I can’t do much unfortunately, your videos, over the past years, have got me from “I hate space, maths , physics and other things that meant “science” to “I love space and everything regarding science now” I’ve seen so many interesting things on this channel, so many new things that I learned from you, and if I’m not wrong I think that 90% of my liked videos are your videos, thanks for bringing us such good content and I hope that everything is uphill from now on, best of luck Anton

  65. pete'spal

    I went through something similar in January. I lost 20 lbs in a month from the stress, lol! Good luck, I look forward to your return!

  66. Bloodtopaz

    I guess your landlord isn’t a wonderful person.

  67. Eric Jette

    Sorry this is happening, Anton. I’ve been homeless a couple times in my life. Maybe it’s time to go camping on a beach and give yourself a vacation?
    Best of luck with your new place, and keep up the good work!

  68. EEVblog

    Better to move on than get shafted! Good luck.

  69. Félix-Antoine Bourque

    Anton, hope everything will go well. I know that taking uploading breaks can be scary for youtubers, but I think you have a very dedicated base that will support your channel no matter what. I know I will, because your positive attitude is always a bright part of my day and it even goes as far as making me a better (more wonderful) person. I don’t comment often on Youtube, but I thought this was a great opportunity to thank you for everything you do :)

    Best of luck buddy

  70. Reblz28

    I’m sure this is going to get lost In this amazing sea of love and support for you but YouTube will be here when you’re ready don’t rush your self you’re in a very stressful situation and it just wasn’t fair for your landlords to do that to you or anyone else. Take care of yourself first

  71. R Langford

    Now I feel bad for all the times Anton has said “patreon really helps me a lot”. Good luck for the future!

  72. Robert Boatman

    I wish I could help you . Stay safe …I’ll watch when you get up and running again!

  73. Ross Bentley

    Ey one of my favorite and most consistent YouTubers. I’ll see if I can help you out on Patreon!

  74. Peter D_law

    We should help him some how

  75. Lord Luxembourg

    Well I’m sure you can just find one of you’re fans nearby to stay with until you get your new house

    lol just stay safe and i hope its not to bad!

  76. WhoIs This

    My dad is currently homeless for almost a year now in Arizona. I wish I myself had a place to give him. I feel for you man.

  77. joette

    ‘Me too’ has a new meaning I’m out on Nov 1 just in time for storms

  78. Nunya Bidniz

    Best of luck! Been sort of homeless since the beginning of the year, starting to see some daylight at the end of the tunnel from the $ saved on rent. Never give up, never surrender!

  79. randybeatsofficial

    Good luck and much love Anton! You’ll get through this, and remember that you have a fanbase that cares and is willing to help you out of any hole you may find yourself into!

  80. Logan Mccool

    Love to see how positive he is in hard times❤️ keep pushing man

  81. Peter Rabbit

    I’m imagining you on the side of the street holding a cardboard sign:


  82. Baleur

    You’re so lucky to have a place to live, and the money to get a hotel…
    I was homeless here in China after 5 months of quarantine (schools closed, us teachers had zero income). And not able to return home due to insane plane ticket prices.. Now i’m temporarily living somewhere, but constantly feel like i’m a burden on those people.. The greatest danger of COVID isnt the virus, its the economic fallout to follow.
    I suspect far more people will end up in a bad situation the following year, due to financial bancrupcy, than actual deaths by COVID. Probably 10x as many people, if not more.

  83. Wayne Shirey

    “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but [Anton] hath not where to lay his head.”

  84. BackYard Science 2000

    I feel ya man. Covid caused me to lose my home and lab as well. Now I am living in a camper and the lab is in storage while we look for a new place and building to set up shop again. Keep your head up. We’ll both be back on our feet in no time.

  85. Warcow34

    good luck man, hopefully in a weeks time i’ll have enough to donate on patreon <3

  86. Chris Bennett

    Someone who lives near him, get this gt’dmn hero a place to live

  87. Jose Fernandez

    Anton, you are a very smart and hardworking man. I know you will be able to rebound quickly from this situation. I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for keeping us informed about the universe!!

  88. Karn

    Good luck Anton! Best of luck, I love you man. When you get back, be sure to make a big video on what we missed! <3 good luck and god bless.

  89. Jake Pierce

    Well if you stay homeless come to London I know of a good studio which was a music studio nice space would be sad not seeing your videos because I really like them )

  90. sobreaver

    Take the time you need, we’ll still be around when you’ll come back from your orbit ;) Best of luck !

  91. realbibob

    What a coincidence. So am I! I’ll also move in October and then finally have good enough internet to watch you in more than 480p.
    We gonna make it

  92. chaztech

    I feel your pain, the house i been living in for 13 years has ben sold during the pandemic

  93. Glenn Green

    There’s a room waiting for you in NJ anytime!
    Your buddy,

  94. Zarcondeegrissom

    be well and take care, best of luck finding a place that isn’t overpriced. We will be here wonderful Anton. B)

  95. nitrogen 15

    Whenever I see a science story on my phone I wait for Anton to give the real non click bait details.

  96. John Walker

    I need to ask my mother if her offer to slap me into next year is still available….. 2020 sucks.

  97. John W

    Alright man that sucks. I’m gonna buy something off teespring to help ya out.

  98. Garance A Drosehn

    Would this be a good time to buy some “Wonderful Person” T-shirts? Or would this be a particularly bad time to do that? All the order-handling and shipping is done by Teespring, right?

  99. Devi

    I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say we would love to see some vlogs from you! If, of course, it is feasible for you to do so. You are much more than just some YouTube physics guy. You bring knowledge, wonder, entertainment AND POSITIVITY to all of us and as much as we love learning about space, we want to know more about you too, Anton!
    Glad to hear that you have figured out your situation and best wishes! We’ll be right here when you’re ready! Xoxo
    PS-I know you have everything figured out financially, but just know that we, your fans, will never allow for you to fall into a desperate situation, just say the word and we’ll heed the call ❤️

  100. Anton Petrov

    Small addition: what happened is that the government of South Korea tried to limit rental prices by forcing land owners to only increase annual rent by about 5% max, but somehow this leaked before the law passed and the bill backfired as the land owners started to raise prices by 20-50% in a very short period of time. My rental contract was supposed to be renewed on September 1 and well the new rent had too many numbers in it. Luckily, some land owners are wonderful and did not raise the price that much, so I was lucky enough to find a place starting in October. And yeah, it was very unexpected and very unfortunate as this is in the middle of pandemic and a roaming financial crisis. Let’s hope this is the worst of 2020. Best of luck to all of you!

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