Puzzle Solved! Cosmic Rays Caused DNA To Turn Right Handed

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of how cosmic rays most likely led the evolution of DNA molecules to be right handed over time.
Paper: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/2041-8213/ab8dc6

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    I wonder if people who are alergic to everything are developing a left-handed molecule preference?

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    Turns out only one chirality of Thalidomide caused birth defects, the other was an effective drug. Unfortunately it shipped as a 50/50 mix of each.

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    Hi love your videos. I have a question. You said that like started in a mix of different elements and organic material. But how do you have organic material present before life was started? Impossible

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    Fermi Paradox explanation number 648C. They don’t like us because we’re right-handed.

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    The radiation you measure could also be radon, unless you’re outside.

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    Indeed, d-alpha-tocopherol or the _right_ handed form of vitamin E is the form preferred by our bodies. All those people buying cheap Vit E supplements that does not specify the d/right-handed form are essentially consuming a less effective product and donating money to the manufacturers for no good reason.

  32. Chuck Just Chuck

    DOes this mean it turns counter counter clockwise (right to left)?

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    Super-interesting, Anton – thanks. By the way, are most of the scientific articles you cite open-access articles, or are they articles for which you have to have a subscription? Thanks again.

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    It would be cool if the deep biosphere hypothesis is proven true and we can find left handed life that developed do to the lack of cosmic rays

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    Well now that you said it, i feel kinda off.
    Also for other readers:

    You are now breathing manually

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    I’ve always had a thought that maybe the reason some people fit into their astrology signs has something to do with some type of cosmic radiation present at the time their born.

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    all of these latest topics that you are presenting are barely hypothesis so stop using expressions such “puzzle solved”, ” we know everything about” and such…it’s a click bait af because we know nothing certain about those topics..at least not for now

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    Would be interesting to see the resulting effect cosmic rays have on prokaryotic life. Till then its merley a “hypothesis” : )

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    Great video as always, I do have a question, as anton mentions muons decay and interact with molecules, our current hypothesis, which suggests life started alongside hydrothermal vents( which are pretty deep down). Based on this; is it not logical to assume there would be very little muon bias exposed to the early RNA and DNA?

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    That’s really interesting that they may have finally figured it out.
    I know they did experiments with the various chemical prototypes of DNA, and only resulted in clumps of organic matter (Muller-Frey).
    I always thought that it was the addition of external energy that led to true life existing on Earth.
    Does this mean all life “travels” clockwise. ;)

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    This video is neat

  97. Mephistahpheles

    Not every molecule has handedness. Simple stuff (like water, for example) can always be rotated to map directly onto any other water molecule.
    The more complicated a molecule, the more likely it does (but, even a massively complex molecule could theoretically have no handedness).
    (@2:19 Anton suggests they all do.)

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    no radiation->dark->left handed

    I knew left handed people are from the dark side.

  99. Alfred Sutton

    Most interesting topic you’ve covered so far, Anton. I’m going to have to look up the original paper and do some studying. When I was at university, this was considered THE biggest mystery in biochemistry. If this is REALLY TRUE, as opposed to another interesting but not-so-true hypothesis, this might be a game changer in our understanding of life on Earth, and perhaps life in the galaxy!
    Thank you for bringing this article to us today.

  100. Anton Petrov

    Several of you wonderful people mentioned there was a mistake with Limonene in the video.
    D-limonene (or R, + rotation, clockwise, right handed) is the terpene associated with the smell of citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, etc)
    L-limonene (or S, – rotation, anticlockwise, left handed) is the terpene associated with the smell of pine needles (mmm… pine needles)
    -Sean Michael Scully thank you for the detailed info

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