Primordial Black Holes Made From Fermi Balls, May Explain Dark Matter

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about primordial black holes and a proposition for how they could solve the dark matter mystery.
Fermi ball paper:

Illustris, CC BY SA 4.0,
ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM, CC BY-SA 3.0
Walt Feimer , NASA,’s_impression_of_theexpected_dark_matter_distribution_around_the_Milky_Way.ogv

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  1. Sneemaster

    Wouldn’t really small black holes disintegrate quickly due to Hawking Radiation? What would be the smallest size for a primordial black hole to survive this long?

  2. I.A. Woien

    This is an exciting theory!

  3. Saied Zangenehpour

    VER interesting. I was wondering if you would have another show to explain Primidial black hole further

  4. vFly CODM

    We will crack time travel through the abuse of frequency manipulation, in theory the vibration from the Big Bang is still out there so measurable we will just have to catch up lol

  5. Randy Kerchmar

    Seems that since the mass is already present in the Fermi balls, maybe the transition to black holes is unnecessary; all that is necessary is that the Fermi balls are unable to interact with the present universe conditions, electromagnetic waves in particular.

  6. Allen Russell

    But doesn’t modified gravity make all this so much easier? I still think dark matter and dark energy are math errors.

  7. Archer

    Dark matter is the matrix. Morpheus knew this along time ago.

  8. Tigershark620

    Whoever can prove the existence of something smaller than a virus beyond the orbit of Jupiter deserves a Nobel prize, if not rulership of the Earth.

  9. Monkey D. Luffy

    The water I’m drinking went into my nose when I hear the Fermi Balls 😂🤣

  10. Davie Jay

    Enrico fermi would be proud to learn his balls will be remembered far into the future
    Yea he did some stuff which was memorable too but… fermi balls is the achievement any man would have

  11. Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

    I really enjoy these from this wonderful person Anton.

  12. Alkeryn

    knowing they are so small, if they were traveling near the speed of light could they go through objects without affecting them too much ?

  13. generic cat

    Plot twist: Dark matter is the unobservable mass of advanced galactic civilizations that are cloaked

  14. Ace V

    20/80 rule, 20% of the matter in the universe has 80% of the mass, and 80% of the matter in the universe contains 20% of the total mass of the universe.

  15. Thomas Krul

    Wouldn’t these primordial black holes have grown in size during the early moments of the universe by sheer exposure to dense clouds of the first particles?

  16. Allan Kolenovsky

    Ok, I apologize if this seems like it’s a silly suggestion but could those early fermions be antimatter? Could this be the reason why the Universe as we know it, is mostly made up of regular matter and not equal parts of antimatter and regular matter?

  17. פליקס כץ

    But wouldn’t we observe the effect of a lot of those objects impacting solid bodies like stars and planets?

  18. XXXHoodooXXX

    So strange we as the universe creates a consciousness that can reflect on ourself.

  19. Owen MacLeod

    Been watching you for a long time now you’re my primary source of astronomy and cosmology and have been for years. I’m very glad you’ve been so active since I began watching I don’t think there’s any channel that compares.

  20. Planepants Games

    Fermi balls only occur when you’re cold or frightened

  21. Michael james

    WOW! They’re like a Betamax library, in a VHS universe!

  22. Jragon 1

    For your consideration: I like to think of the universe as a contained system, and the phenomenons we observe are solutions and actions that solve problems that arise from having the staggering amount of subsystems running simultaneously. This part might lose some, but, believing as I do afore described, the system may still be going through transitions to being optimized, AS SUCH, the constants we observe may not be at a stable level but will change until it is in, what I call, Origin cacophony into harmony of subsystems within supersystems contained within the oversystem (universe). Comments are welcome, both varieties! This is how humans advance, collectively intellectually, we are so much more when unified! d>_0b (good vid as usual Anton)

  23. Drivenbyfate1

    If primordial black holes are the cause of dark matter, would their steady evaporation be the cause of dark energy, like a bunch of little springs holding everything together and slowly unwinding?

  24. Bneus Moimeme

    An Asteroid with the same mass as a big mountain on earth , 100 times smaller than a virus!!?? MIND BLOWN

  25. Andrew Johnson

    Primordial black hole dating back to the inflationary period. So the universe’s stretch marks?

  26. Luis M. Hernández Bailón

    Very nice explanation!
    I just got my ‘Hello, Wonderful Person’ t-shirt, I love it!
    Now I can wear it and feel that I am the kindest, smartest and humblest, like Anton!
    I am so happy I found your channel :) Your videos educate, relax, and invite kindness in such a way!!
    I am still waiting for an ‘Awesome Person/Black Hole’ Hoodie and a t-shirt that I ordered, any moment now… Love it all.

    Go, Anton, Go!!

  27. Stefania Smanio

    Wonderful! Very interesting subject, quite difficult, yet very clearly explained. Even better and better day after day! Thank you so much, wonderful person!

  28. sdlgk

    Keep the good work, bratishka.

    You make my days.

  29. Miki Lynne

    Here’s one.
    There was an electric blackout that I witnessed at 1 am traveling east on the 60 freeway. In a strange coincidence the blackout was traveling at 65 mph, matching our speed on the freeway. You would see a transformer explode and an area go black. One by one, the next transformer would blow, and you’d see another area go black. This went for miles through the valley, matching our speed all the way. This was before cellphone video, or else we would have had a mega viral video! It was amazing!

  30. Tim Black

    Extremely interesting!!

  31. zubble7144

    Ocean’s razor: If the dark matter is made up of objects with mass on the order of asteroids, then dark matter is most likely rogue asteroids. As opposed to theoretical exotic bodies.

  32. will2see

    12:57 – Wow Anton! Your ability to make conclusions is staggering!

  33. Keith Reynolds

    The sheer number of tiny primordial black holes, the mass of an asteroid, to collectively have enough mass that out weighs normal mater by 5 times, is scary but probably impossible. In such a universe there should be no stars every single one is converted to black holes through collisions with many primordial black holes. Most planets and moons are likely also likely to be converted.

  34. excited box

    What if dark matter is just located in another dimension. When you use the 2D creature analogy they would feel the effects of the 3rd dimension but not be able to see things located in the 3rd dimension.

  35. cmilkau

    Holy crap these are TINY!
    proton 1e-15m
    U nucleus 1e-14m
    PBH 1e-13m
    He atom 6e-11m
    Cs atom 5e-10m

  36. Moose Itself

    I wonder if diffusion can actually account for how much the universe has cooled down since the beginning.

  37. Mike80528

    What about anti-matter black holes? That could help explain the lack of antimatter found in the universe given there should be an equal amount of both matter and anti-matter?

  38. Rene Stewart

    Cheers Anton 🙏❤👍

  39. Rene Stewart

    I’d totally put money on this explanation ❤👍 as in my opinion it follows occums razor relative to any other explanation 😁👍

  40. The Visionary Tycoon

    What if the Higgs Boson is responsible for these mini black holes? Rather than them disappearing, they could collapse into these mini black holes aka dark matter?

  41. Julian Cate

    My theory for the nature of Dark Matter is a particle/wave/energy thing called an “unprovablion”.

  42. Gaemlin Sidoharthi

    Amazing graphics and explanation, as always. Not sure I really understand why this micro black holes wouldn’t clump together, though.

  43. Vance Gilbert

    It actually makes sense, if you can imagine some chemicals going from solid, straight to gas, and vise versa, you can also imagine incredibly charged ions or particulates that could have been molecules, (literally moles) of the higher “island of stability” sized theorized particles predicted in the periodic table actually having enough of an effect on the local space to pop a primoridal pinhead-sized black hole spontaneously. Something like that could be the seed for a bigger black hole later, or just evaporate a moment later creating a miniature explosion by it suddenly being converted by Hawking radiation. It was small, but the universe was incredibly hot and dense too, so imagining relative extremes where iron was fusing in the middle of all that heat makes me wonder what it would look like.

  44. Silverfirefly1

    The visitors seem to possess gravity amplification. If this effect can exist at scale in nature then perhaps less hidden matter is required than we believe.

  45. George Futers

    We’ll presented as usual, love the way Anton makes you think and look at things outside your comfort zone!
    I often wondered if dark matter was ghost matter from a previous universe: no energy, just mass; but that goes against the standard model!!!🤔

  46. RichardInParis18

    13:18 maybe it would be easier for them to find us rather than vice versa! So if we all suddenly get spaghettified we’ll know it was a good theory!

  47. Nick Green

    If dark matter could just be lots of black holes, then could dark energy be just their combined Hawking radiation?

  48. Steve Richfield

    Wouldn’t a Fermi ball start out as a neutron star until it collects enough mass to become a black hole? If so, then maybe we should be paying more attention to “failed” back holes, aka Fermi balls?

  49. Thedeepseanomad

    Would be pretty bad if there was a lot of small black holes swarming the universe. Imagine one of those entering our planetary system upsetting orbits, or absorbing planets or the sun.

  50. Andy Cordy

    What? I thought we were fairly sure we understood the dynamics of our solar system in terms of scale and mass of the objects within it. Perhaps my understanding of black holes is totally whack but I’m really struggling with this idea that if such things could exist within our solar system, they would surely contribute to the forces exerted on the major objects we observe and therefore disrupt our ability to predict the orbit of the planets and their satellites.

  51. Gerald Meehan

    Dark Matter from the pure soul of Anton

  52. sirgay meerkat

    you had me at “FERMI BALLS!” great video wonderful Anton.

  53. chaoticpuppet

    Commenting for algo’s. Another great video thank you Mr Petrov.

  54. TheCreeperV2

    My favorite part of Anton is how he’s able to make something so complicated and explain it in layman’s terms.

  55. Robert Page

    I wonder if some of the space time phase changed into the the cosmic filaments, the gravity of which attracted matter into galaxies. That you be a lot of mass.

  56. Rob D

    I never subscribe to anything, but you got mine. Thanks for the daily space update.

  57. MrEnjoivolcom1

    Loving the facial stubble!!

  58. Robert Page

    The image of the cosmic background radiation and galactic filaments do seem to give the impression of a snapshot of a phase change of some kind. Like a high energy area of the universe suddenly cooling and crystallizing.

  59. Timmy Little

    That you Anton. I am a pretty dumb person. And the images and your explanation really helped me attempt to understand this. Its all so fascinating too me. I feel bad that none of us will live long enough to get answers to most this stuff.

  60. VJ Hanson

    Keep bringing it, you rule dude.

  61. VJ Hanson

    Dark Matter=micro black holes, reaching yet mind blowing. Staying grounded with an eye opened.

  62. Marc Sylvester

    Best channel on YouTube. Thanks for all of your work and interesting content on these videos, Anton. Look forward to them each day.

  63. Ken McCarty

    For decades I’ve thought it was primarily primordial black holes that made up most of dark matter, ever since Hawking suggested it. We cannot completely rule out new particles yet. But my doubts about new particles has increased exponentially cuz not found yet. So what else explains dark matter….more primordial black holes. We just cannot see them individually yet.

  64. billiondollardan

    Great Fermi’s balls, Marty!

  65. perf b

    I am so glad to be a wonderful person! :)

  66. I_Nvade

    You had me at Fermi’s balls 😆 🤣

  67. bobspurloc

    but regardless of their size… if they were near a dust cloud wouldnt we see the dust cloud spiraling around something tiny? or too low of a gravitational pull??

  68. D A

    I thought all of the missing mass was photons around black holes being slowed so much that they phased out of detectable lambda.

  69. D A

    ….Is it me or is he getting even more handsome?

  70. Daniel L

    Amazing work, you wonderful person, this making them as do no spin

  71. Noquarter Atall

    I watch a lot of libertarian content on odysee. I tried watching your videos over there a few times but they always buffer. The problem is specific to your channel. I watch at 1.5 speed fyi. Idk anything about uploading videos but I hope that helps. Thanks for the content.

  72. Justin Case

    Fascinating, thank you!

  73. z DOC

    I will understand 36% of this.

    And love 100%

  74. Jérémie

    You’re a blessing for the science addicts out there.

  75. planescaped

    Man, feels like half of space is named after Fermi.

    Aliens will think he and Kepler were gods or something.

  76. Old Man of The Internet

    This guy is like the David Attenborough of Science.

  77. Peter Isaacs

    Sounds plausible Anton. You explained it beautifully as usual.

  78. Sumori

    I interpret the voids as regions in a cup of coffee where the cream still needs to mix after pouring, chaotic interactions between everything from the start to the present of the cosmos leave it ununiform. Dark matter is an observation from those looking out into a churning medium that plays out over basically infinity relative to the observers, speed up time and as the cosmos churn, the voids probably reshape, move, expand, shrink, or vanish with new voids occurring too.

  79. LoPhatKao

    my inner immaturity: _if you have fermi balls, you should go see a doctor_

  80. Kevin Mulligan

    We must be super close to explaining Dark Matter ( emptiness ), I know Anton will be the one to confirm it for me.

  81. Tom Miller

    Why go to the trouble of exerting all that effort to expand into particles? I want a lie in and maybe some matter has the same desire.
    So the theory doesn’t rationalise massive expansion leaving behind clumps of matter that are already compressed into mini singularities that do not expand.
    (Occams razor).
    I just wonder why not?

  82. MC's Creations

    Hey Anton, that calculator doesn’t say how hot would it be (because of Hawking radiation)?
    Because… Well, JWST!

  83. Nurse Diane

    This is one of those videos like PBS’s “Space Time” – most of the stuff said I don’t understand. Still love you, Anton!! 😆 I hope you’ve seen I started supporting you big time on Patreon. You deserve it!

  84. Gary Anders

    Could Exotic Fermi Balls Explain The Origin of Dark Matter?

    Sounds Kinky, let’s go balls deep!

  85. Johnny Graz

    Enrico Fermi wins the prize for having the most things named after him. SPOILER ALERT: It’s called the Fermi Prize.

  86. Albert Einstien

    Getting warmer!

  87. Acron

    First of all great video and I was wondering since black holes loose mass overtime could the overall shape of galaxies and galaxy groups be altered in the very long run because dark matter would “lose mass”, or maybe the black holes would have lost an insignificant amount of mass before only them were left in the universe.

  88. AltCapwn

    Could the fermions, that made those primordial black holes, be the antimatter we’re currently searching in the universe?

  89. Nemo-Nova

    Just wanted to pop in and say, regarding the backdrop at the beginning of your video…
    I fell in love with that design a long time ago. The name of it is “Dark Matter”. So I tracked down the artist in the UK and asked his permission to put it on a wall covering/tapestry. He very generously said yes. I got “Inked Gaming” to do it for me. It turned out great; I love it.
    Edit: And I love your 3D graphic of it; you always have the best graphics, Anton. Thanks!

  90. vidhan p

    This is mad imaginative

  91. The Border Ryker

    If you think about it we’re surfing the shockwave of the biggest explosion in history. (Full disclosure. I may have had a smoke just before watching this 😬)

  92. Purplarious

    thanks a lot for the radius being compared to a virus, when you study lots of biology that lends a really vivid and relevant sense of micro scale.

  93. Mary Ann Bittle

    Great… now that silly song nearly a hundred years old, _Tiny Bubbles,_ is stuck in my head. 😄

  94. Virgiliu Stancu

    Maybe the Dark Matter is only Dark Matter … some kind of particles that we don’t know yet.

  95. andr1

    This is such a next level theory, wow, to even come up with a theory like this, mind boggling

  96. Psi34ax

    Somewhere out there, there’s a physicist letting out a little snicker while saying “Fermi Balls”

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    I don’t know if they can, but I know Anton will be able to teach all of us! Thanks Wonderful Anton!

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    Dark matter is so enigmatic it’s fascinating how varied proposed theories are in an attempt to explain it.

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