Possible Discovery of a Superhabitable Planet – More Earth Than Earth?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of 24 potentially super habitable planets out there with one exceptionally interesting one.
Paper: https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/ast.2019.2161
  1. Treelight

    not the first, upload time 16 sec???

  2. David Ramos

    Love watching your videos! You feed my hunger for curiosity of the cosmos 💕 much love

  3. Tachiro Akisu

    Anton, the new camera and the higher resolution videos look GREAT…I can see you have beard stubble now…hahah just kidding, lookin good man, keep up the great work.
    Awesome episode

  4. Benny Stevens

    Hi Anton, I really love your videos. The new HD image quality of the videos is super, but what happened to your cool ‘What Da Math’ intro effect? Please bring it back!

  5. Lincoln Velasquez

    You guys …. how did they get through the firmament to see these “planets “? Dont be fooled

  6. Bassotronics

    @ 6:47
    That’s where all my girlfriends are at.

  7. I2yantheGreat

    Anton, how do you know having a higher gravity wouldn’t be detrimental to evolution of life?

  8. American by choice

    I always wanted to know what Anton explains in such an easy manner, our schools would be amazing if we had teachers like Anton teaching!

  9. RBweb _77

    Glad to hear you say about the moon, so many people forget how important the moon is to the earth

  10. Sunsetter Six

    Anton, for a moon to have a beneficial effect on the axial tilt of a planet, does it have to be 1 large moon or can multiple smaller moons with a similar combined mass have the same beneficial effect? Just curious.

  11. Martin Garcia Arvidson

    I was thinking of a orange prison jumpsuit look for this Halloween, I’ma take Anton’s orange shirt as a sign that I definitely should.

  12. I. F. B.

    Be interesting if we could detect phosphine in the atmosphere.

  13. David Yeoman

    Probably get there and see a sign ” Earthlings Go Home!”

  14. EFIL WV

    Let’s hope this theory is proven wrong.

  15. D4yDre4mer

    I love that you put my fav planet in the thumbnail xD

  16. JorgeAraujo97

    3:12 Damn, two hurricanes.

  17. Tim Hill

    Let’s just warm our planet and make it more habitable. If only we could do that.

  18. Josh Leach

    5:37 But that’s global warming and global warming is wrong.

  19. Christopher

    So, scientists believe Earth being 5C warmer is a GOOD thing for life? interesting.

  20. Sam Harper

    We’re going to have to rename all these planets once we make contact with the aliens that live on them.

  21. Chris Reaney

    One day soon human and other animal, plant, virus and bacteria DNA will be sent frozen or reconstructed by machines that can gestate and raise living things. Pretty much like we’ve seen in science fiction already. As we stand it’s the only way to travel the vast distances compact and economically. They’ll probably be thousands of these 3D printing kind of vessels sent to candidate planets within a few decades. Probably several sent to each of the best looking planets by different groups of people and nations over time as the technology improves.

  22. CJ Dennis

    10:05 There’s a Fraggle just to the south-west of the massive crater! “Down to Fraggle Rock!”

  23. RitaSparita *

    There’s probably a butt ton of these planets out there. We need a new answer to the fermiparadox

  24. frenstcht

    Okay. Let’s saddle up and send out some homesteaders.

  25. englishcoach777

    I think its a case of identifying vegetation on one of these planets. Then we will know its truly habitable.
    When this news comes we know we have hit the jackpot. The rest is pretty much just speculation.

  26. Lars Howen

    Here’s one with a bowling alley, a greasy spoon, a bar, and a small college football team. I wanna go THERE!

  27. Time End

    I’m still curious what kind of specific things or life in our ice caps.

  28. John Taylor

    Thanks for this, Anton. Incidentally I remember research concluding that higher oxygen levels would allow catastrophic fires. But I don’t remember what the threshold is!

  29. S̴a̴i̴l̴b̴o̴i̴

    Kepler-69 System could possible have a“superhabitable” planet


  30. FlirtUniversity

    Haha, Comment #500…
    I just love this Channel! Thank you Anton for producing such informative Videos about Space <3

  31. Kendrick Williams

    I bet life is already there, the question is how advanced

  32. Wandering Tall Guy

    I found a similar planet on elite dangerous during one of my deep space exploration trip

  33. trauty666

    i enjoyed Raised by Wolves. such a good show

  34. Mark Kuypers


    Thanks for sharing this kind of content.
    It’s super informative instead of just informative 😉

  35. Sushant Kumar

    I’m waiting for Anton to snap on day and go “hello MFers”.

  36. Karl Nemo

    30% oxy? Wouldn’t more Oh-Two lead to higher chance of atmospheric spontaneous combustion? I’d hate to be a firefighter on such a world.

  37. Yamazakura

    Looks like a world you can generate when starting a new game in Civilization.

  38. Ariana Diego

    24 other habitable planets: “dam’n, they found us…”

  39. thatsnotmyname

    Anton: next vid is about travel way beyond lightspeed.
    Also Anton: i have a ship like this and i will give it a spin.
    Me: Eart 2, here we come!!

  40. Drema Boy

    Yes, the fact that the moon is moving away from the earth at a calculated speed, poses an interesting problem when you reverse that and see the time it takes before it’s effects on the earth (or crashing into it) is a big problem, in regards to the claimed amount of time life is said to have been evolving on this planet.

  41. Dan True

    Regarding a bigger earth being more habitable.

    I assume there’s a break-off point to becoming a space faring civilisation on a bigger planet. I mean, if earth was 10% bigger then gravity would also be stronger. Could chemical rockets then ever had gotten us started in space? If yes, how much bigger before it would become a problem: 20%, 40% etc?

    This could be another filter in the Fermi Paradox. If life is more likely to evolve and be sustained on bigger planets, it might also be trapped there – assuming of course there aren’t better ways of escaping a gravity well than chemical rockets or that those methods would never be developed since their early space program would die pretty quickly.

  42. SG

    Kepler-69 aliens be like:

    NICE 👌

  43. Helix

    5:10 YES! Anton endorses GLOBAL WARMING. 5 more degrees would be BETTER. 🔥 🌎 🔥

  44. John Hosp

    God can you imagine the life forms that could be on that planet? Its so crazy thinking of that!

  45. LawfulEvil

    Sadly it takes too long to reach mars let alone light year’s away and i’m sure that a earth like planet has other living being’s and the planet is bigger so their population could be bigger

  46. disklamer

    So basically we are living on a b-grade planet, and are flying through space in economy class.

  47. Silvia Fox

    I would like to live on the “better Earth” please~

  48. Mike Laffoon

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  49. Dom Perignon

    Anton: “Hey beautiful peeps, I heard you like earth, so I added more earth on another earth to become a super earth!”

  50. TheZeroNeonix

    **When you find a planet that’s perfect, except its Sun is too active.**

    “We should take this planet and push it somewhere else!”

  51. Cpt_Kodai

    Note: more habitable for life is not the same as more habitable for humanity.

  52. Kumii0

    Wonder how many people would actually be willing to sign up to a berth posting on a generational ship, for colonization with the knowledge they will never see the destination but know they are laying the first bricks and steps across the void for it? Personally, I would if I met the rigors of the tests for space flight.

  53. Patrick Plevak

    5 minutes early gang

  54. Ken Dodman

    “Hello, wonderful person”
    such a fantastic way to start your day.

  55. Simon Repolt

    A Superhabitable earth is just earth on steroids

  56. Benny Stevens

    It’s a good thing that we humans have no means to travel to those habitable exo-planets, we’d only f#@% them up like we did to this one.

  57. Erkin Alp Güney

    Gray: crashes earth into sun
    Anton: creates a planet that has an earth similarity index greater than one

  58. m m

    “why don’t we just look for a planet named Risa?”
    “i don’t think you understand how naming works” :-)

  59. L Q

    Ffs everything is so far away 😭

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    Dammit Anton. Stop doing this until I have my Millennium Falcon. 🙄 Then I’m out !

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    Anton, YOU’RE a wonderful person. Keep the wonderful videos coming!

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    When can i move ?

  63. james

    I wish people really would look up again. I’ve been an astronomy fan since i was eight, and there have never been this many discoveries in such a short period!

  64. Ralph's Place

    Sol only has 2 billion years left? I better start packing my bags since I have a tendency to procrastinate.

  65. C-S featured

    Let’s see… life as we know it over there, maybe?
    Let’s brainstorm. Microbes like viruses? Bacteria? Protoctists? Or perhaps plant or animal like life? How similar May they be to us? Or would they be completely incomprehensibly unrecognisable still?
    Billions of us are really pissing ourselves desperate to know!

  66. VideoCrowsNest

    Earth: Doing well enough if things don’t get too hot around here, thank you very much!
    Superhabitable Earth: Hello there!
    Earth: Who are you?
    Superhabitable Earth: I’m you, but stronger.

  67. Aaron Robinson

    Scientists: We’re all dead from global warming. Also scientists: It would be perfect 5 degrees warmer.

  68. Shaggy

    “A planet orbiting right star” – Didn’t we discover that Sun is REALLY unusually calm? Did something change?

  69. Lapin Logic

    Anton “if the world is 5 degrees warmer”

    Greta Thunberg ” HOW DARE YOU”

  70. Kamel

    that moment when you realize you are the alien race that invades another planet

  71. Kati OBrien

    You make this information very interesting. Before I started listening to you I never knew there was so much to know about space.

  72. Durk Kush

    I want to live on the one with the screaming sun.

  73. Wahn Yoon

    Anton is one of the most articulate, well prepared and engaging science educators I’ve ever encountered. A blessing for the mind.

  74. Sebastian Saghin

    “Superhabitable planets”
    Stellaris players: “you mean Gaia planets?”

  75. Carl Ruffier

    Remember we need a magnetic field to protect us from radiation from the sun.

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    I’m ready to go there right now. I’m so done with this planet.

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    I’m calling it, that thing is a Venus Human Trap.

  78. SomeIntrovert

    “I-earth 12, the new and improvised I-earth, now with 4k quality”

  79. Aurinkohirvi

    And we need to start sending them super fast miniature probes, that fly with about 20% light speed at least.
    Yeah maybe we will develop something that outdates them probes and we get the data before they reach their destination. But maybe we don’t.

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    Hello wonderful person! When does the space ship leave? Gotta meet them 👽 lol

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    So a better planet would be warmer? Careful Anton, you’ll get the global warming fanatics after you.

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    I can’t wait for the release of Earth 2

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    This wonderful person brings us the Spice!

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    Why did i genuinely chuckle when i read “More Earth than Earth?”, as if i thought its not possible and our earth is the optimal planet.
    Phhf, im such a flawed mortal :)

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    Every day, I get home from work and I put on an Anton video. Thank YOU wonderful person!

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    I can’t be the only person who finds his awkwardly long goodbye smile at the end, so wholesome.🌝

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    Sign me up for the first spaceship there ! I’m feeling humanity is heading for dark days 😬

  88. Darren Bauer

    I’m sick of seeing an, “Earth Like.”, planet that turns out to be tide-locked , 600 degrees, and 3 gravities at the surface. Venus is more habitable than those! And, NO there is no life on Venus!

  89. Christopher Aquino

    Kepler-69 C is super habitable.


  90. The 4eyed K-9

    “A planet more habitable than Earth?” What a fantastic question.

  91. Mike Laffoon

    I wonder if a “more habitable” planet might have more intelligent “people” than Earth does? Oops, I Hope!

  92. Mike Cunning

    “More Earth than Earth” should be the name of one of these planets

  93. Autumn

    I’d name one of these “Earth 2”, I wonder if there are civilizations on one of these that look on earth like “Well life could exist there but its unlikely”

  94. Joe tuktyyuktuk

    Earth pours massive resources over decades to build a giant generational ship to colonize Super habitable planet, travels for centuries to get there. Only to arrive and find a more advanced civilization has beaten us there. Super habitable= Super desirable. LOL!

  95. WhatWeLearn 27

    Stellaris players: “it’s a gaia world”

  96. Garian9

    Waiting for the James Webb Telescope launch is like being a kid waiting for Christmas morning. To be able to see the composition of exoplanets’ atmospheres will be incredible.

  97. no2party

    When you find a system with a Gaia World in Stellaris…

  98. Salt


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    First we need a way to actually get to them.

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    480p Anton: Earth
    New HD Anton: Better Earth

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