Planet With Unusual Parameters β Pic c Confirmed Visually

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an incredible achievement in trying to create a direct image of planet that was discovered last year.

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    Does the Titus-Bode formulae predict the same planet orbital radii from the central star of these newly discovered solar systems as our planets?

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    Hello wonderful Anton. Really enjoy your videos. However, you made one of my pet peeve misstatements: that asteroids were created by a process of dust particle accumulation. I’m constantly amazed at how many science geeks, actual scientists and such make that misstatement. Asteroids are obviously (at least in my simple mind) the accumulation of debris from planet and proto planet collisions. First off, they are made up of materials that require the heat and pressure of the interior of those early rocky planets and proto planets in order to form. You can not make nickel iron, let alone what appears to be volcanic rock, out of dust unless you mean it was the early planets that started out from “dust particle accumulation”. It is well regarded that there were hundreds of early planets and proto planets in the early solar system, and many, many collisions, eventually leading to the survivors we have today. Some of that debris from those collisions found an orbit in what we know as the astroid belt. Check out the recently released video of astroid Bennu for a visual tour of a pile of planetary remains. This is the astroid NASA sent a probe to collect some “dust” from and return to Earth with it. Only problem, now that they are there and mapping the surface in great detail, no obvious dust or sand patches, just what obviously appears to be planetary debris, Ooops.

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