Planet Nine Like Object Identified, But In a Different Star System

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a detection of a strange exoplanet that seems to have a similar orbit to the mysterious Planet Nine.
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    Isn’t there a stranger Jupiter sized planet 3billion miles away from its star to young to a rogue planet

  3. thepermman

    I wonder if there is a swing planet. A planet that switches solar systems every million years.

  4. Vega Astronomy

    I wonder if the planet is perhaps entering the ‘brown dwarf’ category. There do seem to be finding more and more star / brown dwarf binary systems these days.

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    Hey Anton I have theory on life as of 12/22/20: Life is so sparse yet rare, we’ll only be able to experience maybe at most a “slice of cake” where as in the universe, it’s timeline has the ability to outpace our existence.

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    Could planet nine be a rogue planet that got caught by the sun as it was passing by, giving it the large offset orbit?

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    Well we are closing in on this mysterious wonderful thing. Do we have any timeframe when James Webb might launch. And what about the strange signal we are receiving from próxima Centaurus . ? Exiting but apparently not some alien but what can it be?

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    I’ve been on planet nine for years it does exist in my own little universe…

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    This channel is insanely informative

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    Just curious, when considering its orbit, do we use sun as centre or the centre that sun and jupiter orbits?

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    LMAO! It must be Dark Matter! LMAO!!!!!!

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    I personally think this particular planet was once a rogue planet that got caught up in the binary star’s gravity!

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    Is that an actual image of an exoplanet?

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    How dare that HD star steal our planet 9! With our 8K tech, we’ll give them a lesson.

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    “This strange exoplanet is similar to Planet Nine” — in that we don’t know whether it exists? I’m more interested in exoplanets which can be compared with known objects, as opposed to comparing unknown things with possibly non-existent things.

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    YES! I’ve been saying this for a few years. I was hoping you’d do a video about it. HD 106906 B is the example. It’s strange and doesn’t make much sense. It’s been confusing people for years.

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    Our 9th planet has moved on and is in a happy relationship with another solar system now.

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    *1:59** The mass of Uranus is quite large ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)*

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    the interesting question for me is how close must a “nearby” star pass in order to stabilize the orbit of a planet of a different star system? that seems unlikely

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