Planet Fomalhaut Disappeared, Turned Out to Be a Collision

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery coming from the famous star Fomalhaut and its mysterious planet Dagon.

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  1. Palparepa

    First Pluto, now Dagon. When will the madness end?

  2. Spectral Arts

    Thank you for another great video!

  3. R Eijkelhof

    Dagon. Perfectly named for ‘there now gone’

  4. SirKnasher

    It’s actually only the second coolest mistake ever made, the coolest mistake ever made was in fact me

  5. Scott Morgan

    was hoping we would get a video on this when I read the news about it, thanks for that, you wonderful person.

  6. ben trimble

    (seeing thumbnail) If it’s so famous, how come *I’ve* never heard of it? 🤔 And that’s meant as a serious question, not a smart aleck remark.

  7. Jens Philip Höhmann

    00:30ff: > _About 25 light years away from us_ lies _this beautiful star known as Fomalhaut._
    I rather think it tells the truth, if it ever talks at all. 😉

  8. kiddo280

    Hey! – you’re looking pretty sexy there Anton! 😃.. did u lose weight?

  9. JohnjacobsJHS

    Thanks to this guy I know more about the universe than in 65 years of my life.

  10. Richard Barrett

    Are you sure that we know today, are will you in a few years be changing this video with another explanation.

  11. ImSomeRandomBoi

    Did u took hair cut

    *while in quarantine?*

  12. Here There

    interesting!! thanks Anton!

  13. Marcos Danilo

    3:40 “real time”…

  14. Chris Sharp

    Mr. Petrov, You make the best, and most informative videos, Thank You, and keep up the excellent work.

  15. Julius Fučík

    Kudos for being able to pronounce “ui” in Kuiper correctly. So tired of the Koiper people 👍

  16. Anonymity

    Wow! What a time to be alive and have access to the cosmos in such a way

  17. jovalleau

    Mehrunes has made his way back to the realm of Oblivion.s

  18. Jas

    what happened to the new thumbnails? just curious.

  19. ricaard

    If we’d gotten there sooner, we could’ve seen massive starships leaving the planets in exodus!

  20. Farrier

    Would’t a collision of this magnitude create a lot of heat resulting in a high infra-red emission?

  21. JorgeAraujo97

    Those damn Sunday drivers. Gotta always be careful on the express interstellar lane.

  22. amykreilly

    Thank you, Anton. Will you do an episode with your dog?

  23. Comrade Meow

    Damn raccoons, stealing everything that isn’t bolted down

  24. Michael Martin

    Dagon: I used to be a planet, but then…
    Pluto: First time?

  25. MC's Creations

    One of the cooler discoveries? Sorry, Anton, I disagree. It’s one of the hottest discoveries! 😬

  26. Nate

    “Way to make the kids cry Niel!”(Discussion between Rodney Mcay, Neil Degrass Tyson and Bill Nye 😥😂

  27. Peasant

    Welcome Moon and Star, come to me through fire and war, OH OH.

  28. Maciej Bogdan Stepien

    Or… a Death Star testing, phase B.
    (just in case: do NOT send any radio signals toward that system)

  29. Christmas Snow

    Well, at-least we discovered it just in time to learn something new.

  30. Dunno Anyone

    When putting the bowl on your head make sure it’s straight.

  31. Jake Gravity

    Its crazy to think how long ago that actually happened…

  32. Hunter

    Damn i actually knew about it before you (unless you read the article the minute it was released but started making the video later)

  33. Steve Champagne

    It’s amazing how close we might have been to seeing this. Nice haircut, Anton!

  34. SoCal Surfer

    Formalhaut! I remember seeing that star last winter on my SkyGuide app, I really liked it for some reason lol.

  35. Dude Broski

    Thats what my parents always called me too…. “The coolest mistake we ever made”

  36. Just some chill Alien

    Scientists: That was a planet collision

    Me: That wasn’t a collision. It was intentional mass destruction. O_O


  37. Ray Watson

    “what is happening RIGHT NOW!” – well no. It happened 25 years ago. Space is BIG!

  38. W P

    Rip Dagon, we hardly knew you :p

    Great catch though o7

  39. Captain Hakob

    This is exactly what happened to us, we are watching our birth, in 100k years when it stabilizes it will look like us. The last time this happened in our system we got a new belt!

  40. Osmosis Jones

    Have we looked at the edge of Galaxy for planets

  41. Mike Stanmore

    Oh no! I have to redraw all those old “Traveller” maps from the 70’s and 80’s!

  42. ss

    Saturn: “I’m Jealous J1407B, Your Ring Is Bigger Than My Ring”


    That was very interesting. I remember the name and the hype about these new planet made headlines. Wonderful

  44. Simon Snotface

    Now that, is a cool story Anton. Keep up your stories bro.

  45. Soulwrite7

    Dagon : < Appears >
    Humanity : “Is this a planet”
    Dagon : “Apes are still too stupid to be harvested”
    Dagon : < Disapears back into the void >
    Humanity : “Dagon never existed?”

  46. Mike Harrington

    I see you have been working in the mirror at lowering your ears. Troubled times.

  47. Sandy J Renfroe

    Happy Haircut! Actually, I think I liked you shaggy, Professor. 😄

    I love your videos, you are keeping us well-informed.

  48. Mr Doctor

    The best thing about space is that explosions can take years

  49. InCrIpTiOn

    Whoa, Anton wit no brim!

  50. IcedElectric

    It would be strange to see a planet made out of paper… hmm, my imagination is gone ballistic…

  51. Steven Mitchell

    Maxwell Smart said it best, “Missed it by that much!”.

  52. J P

    “Ma’ no protein!? ”
    “Not right now chief, I’m in the zone”
    “Skanks, skanks, skanks”

  53. Füchschen

    This is kinda awesome and depressing at the same time.
    How many lifeforms got wiped out of existance this way.

  54. bumboybandit

    sometimes i just enjoy his soothing voice/accent. thanks again anton :)

  55. Sleepless Ghost

    Nope. You found the goddamn Quantum Moon

  56. Everett Barber

    5:01- Dagon was probably popularized a bit more in the H.P.L. short story called The Shadow over innsmouth.

  57. GoreQuill NachoVidal

    I was sure there was going to be life on Dagon

  58. noo

    Oh dear… Anton, looks like the “Corona cut” has claimed you too.

  59. Anthony Bautista

    Anton thank you for your seminars I think you’re the one of the most intelligent individuals around our time now and I enjoyed listening to you so much to learn out there question if yousecurities hit by a measurable amount of an asteroid cannot change the access?we know it’s not if we’re going to get hit its when That’s history shown access change from asteroids in the past?

  60. altareggo

    WE LOVE YOU ANTON!!! You bring us the coolest astronomical stuff EVER!!! You’re cute, too :-=).

  61. Michael Angelos

    I’m aspiring to be a wonderful person because of you.

  62. Sigi Soltau

    Despite this whole Covid-19 thing going on, it’s great to be a astronomer, even a hobby astronomer like myself.
    Stay safe everyone.

  63. Randy Barnes

    Yes, the hair cut does look good on him.

  64. Stu

    Anton, you should make a tee shirt that says “the universe in a nutshell”. ;)

  65. Jimbeaux

    This kind of reminds me how far we’ve come in our observations of objects that are crazy far away. And better scopes are going up!

  66. OmegaVideoGameGod

    Wonderful, all of you wonderful people. :D

  67. Darth 1970

    Well, Anton managed to find a barber. Looking smart!


    Is there a diameter where astroids start to form spheres or is it just lucky coincidence for asteroids?

  69. Rocflanagan

    08:43 “missed it by” –> <-- "that much" said in voice imitating agent 86

  70. nitbot

    This is really interesting IMO. I wouldnt say we missed it, we still got an approximation on what happened after theia collided with earrth. We just don’t have an image of exactly what happened in that one instant of time. But we’ll see that agian once we launch James Web and other advanced sensor spacecraft

  71. Robert Lee

    “Ooops … can I take that back?” (lol)

  72. Chuck Oneill

    Great Scott — they witnessed the destruction of Krypton!!
    “There’s no planet there —“
    “No, not anymore…”

  73. Cogitovision

    Death Star strikes again. That will keep local governments in line!

  74. cali delta

    where does this guy get all this info from lol he must’ve dedicated his whole life to this shit what a gangsta

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    I had been watching your videos for a while and just realized I wasn’t even subscribed, YouTube just kept recommending you, lol. I’m subbed now, keep up the great work Anton!

  76. cay k

    1:23 when the abyss stares at you, stare back

  77. Mike Laffoon

    Anton: Did you shave a “W” into the back of your head?

  78. Carol Lane

    Anton’s gone for the Kim Yong Un look this time round I see

  79. Marc T

    Dagon? Now it’s Da-gone.

  80. Jack Jones

    Just imagine optically seeing two planets colliding at high speed. That would awe striking!

  81. impulse 101

    You got a haircut, nice! I’m debating just shaving my head at this point.

  82. McWildLife

    Anton: “Hello wonderful person”
    me: “NO U” *uno reverse card*

  83. MachineThatCreates

    Which begs the question “where did the rock that collided come from?” Did it just wander into Dagon,s system? Can this sort of thing happen? What are the chances of this sort of thing happening “locally?”.

  84. Ortherner

    Pretty cool we witnessed the Aftermath of 2 Large Astroieds colliding.

  85. Krumple Themal

    Pluto sent out a memo about getting demoted to dwarf planet and this was revealing dwarf planet suicide.

  86. steve culley

    evenin’ Anton.

  87. Keef Junior

    Universe is constantly trying to end us in the most dramatic ways.

  88. Ovi Haliuc

    Anton has a new haircut! What a lucky guy. I’m starting to look like a Beatles fan right about now. I really need a haircut.

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    80% Talking about his new haircut

    Ngl, he do be lookin’ kinda fresh doe

  91. hector pardo

    They won’t tell you but Darth Vader actually destroyed this planet with the Death Star!

  92. Frik Na luzie

    We lost a planet… but we got interesting data about the process of planetogenesis! Progress!

  93. Mat Broomfield

    “Seeing it in real time” 20 years ago.

  94. The DORUK

    Lets name a planet after the amortal and everlasting exterrestrial deity of lovecraft and totaly expect it to act normal(!) :D

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    Anton looking suave af with the haircut

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    The side of Anton’s hair seems to have disappeared and now we know why

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    Dagon: this is no Moon!
    Deathstar: fires

  98. 5 Days A Stranger

    There’s a planet called Dagon? I want to name one Cthulhu.

  99. Carlos Pizcueta

    April 2020: Planet Dagon disappears

    May 2020: Planet Cthulhu appears

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