Peculiar White Dwarf Planet Is 7 Times Larger Than The Star

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a discovery of a planet around a white dwarf.

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    Hmm. It looks like the Death Star. 🧐

  2. Lorrie Michael


  3. John Baxter

    I think they dont swallow planets. As they expand the magnetics push the planets further away.

  4. Front Runner


  5. Rich B

    So something like a Dyson sphere could be constructed around a white dwarf as a energy source for a habitat that is placed further out in orbit? This could theoretically could last a trillion years?

  6. GuerrillaRadio

    I wonder if a “puffy planet” (low density gas giant) could exist orbiting a smaller red dwarf and achieve similar diameter ratio, especially if it’s really close and hot.

  7. Wilbert Hull

    Possibly a rogue planet which was captured by the white dwarf.

  8. TruFrag

    I’m wondering if perhaps they have just enough mass to experience the Final Parsec problem.

  9. Not Sure

    This is more like it, Anton. The last four videos were real snoozes. Well done, sir!

  10. Chris Baker

    Love your content man ! I learn so much <3

  11. Butch Cassidy

    Shouldn’t the people get a award for finding planets around a neutron star?

  12. Intercaust

    When it comes to planets…size matters.

  13. ZMadHatter

    It could be a rouge planet that was captured by the stars gravitational pull

  14. Julian

    I’m late to the video but none the less I am still here to watch this great informative video thanks Anton!

  15. Theoneandmarlboroman

    Only 80 light years away :)

    Space ship dicovery 2.976.000 years later: YAY I am HERE!

  16. sabin97

    my favourite white dwarf is called tyrion.

  17. John Baxter

    Understanding white dwarf energy cud help us find a new power source.

  18. lambent ort

    Does the gravitational pull of the star on its planets changes as it transitions into a white dwarf?

  19. NBA on Demand

    I have been here since 3k subs, I’ve been off youtube for a bit, and youre at 600k!!! Holy crap the amount of growth youve have in the past 3 years have been insane

  20. Craig Childers

    Thanks Anton. I am not trying to be end of the world like, but I wonder if meteorite impacts help or assist in different ways, the heat and movement of our earth’s mantle and core.

  21. Patriotic Woman

    What if the other planet wasn’t evaporating, but instead was forming and scooping up all the hydrogen and other stuff that was floating around the white dwarf. Maybe that “evaporating” planet was just scooping up the white dwarfs shell, and that dust trail was really the stars shell slowly getting picked up by the planet. Maybe the planet wasn’t making that stuff, maybe that stuff was the stars shell from when it became a white dwarf and it was just scooping it up ..

  22. mike malo

    I understand that astronomy is a results-driven career, you have to make noise about yourself, research, discover, publish, etc., so each new planet found is precious and can make/break a budding career. But the idea of there being other planets out there is well established now and all the hints and hopes of there being life that go along with that, I’m sure anyone finding their first planet would say it’s a bigger rush than sex. The goldilocks zone, check, atmospheric chemistry, check, good neighborhood with few asteroids dropping by, check, Hey this place is huge! tons of room!! and would ya look at that: they are already zoned for Starbucks, Disneyland and KFC, Mmmm check and set, let’s go Baby!! BUT >>>
    Anybody check the planets density vs. its diameter? Hey, come on in, the gravity’s fine!! If you are a sumo wrestler, an Olympic weightlifter, everyone else is laid out flat in this new Yoga pose, blinking flatworm. The gravity is always glossed over.
    And I do think it would be interesting to have an eccentric orbit with a dwarf and every 3.5 weeks people just get lifted off and depending on rotational speed, either swim home or learn a new language.

  23. Bacsa Illes Oliver

    Is it just me always wondering on why he lives in Korea, and with a slavic name at that?

  24. James Barrett

    Seems like a good place for an advanced civilization to build a Niven Ring World 🗺.

  25. gertbeefrobe

    Could that large object be some sort of energy harvesting device?

  26. WIlliam Dusseau

    Maybe there is a Goldilocks zone around a white dwarf. I would suspect it would be a thinner band balancing heat and distance from gravitational tidal effect.

  27. Quiet Gamer

    Hope you’re doing okay, Anton. You look a little pale! >.> Kinda like a white dwarf, actually. Good video regardless!

  28. swaraj ks

    Plot twist- it was actually a homeless planet that got captured by the dwarf 🙄🙄🙄

  29. Alexandre Salau

    Interesting, building a Dyson Sphere around a White Dwarf may be a lot easier and safe than around other stars.

  30. Joakim Pettersson

    Strange how a “planet” can be bigger than its star.
    I guess the only thing weirder would be finding a huge and distant system were its only stars and black holes passing eachother by in substantial orbits

  31. Paul Wallis

    What about counter-mass interactions? So stable that they don’t affect each other negatively. If so, there’s a whole new theory to work on there.

  32. Butch Cassidy

    What if it became a giant diamond 💎 just orbiting it’s neutron star?

  33. VeroMithril

    “The sun orbit the planet” – The one place where the bible was right lol

  34. saultube44

    Well I have a theory, it’s just the gas remnant of the explosion of the Supernova, it seems obvious to me

  35. Shawn Greyling

    I had to read the title like 3 times, I thought it was a dwarf planet larger than the star😅

  36. Quinn Olsen

    Hold up.. did he skip the intro?!?

  37. Dragonfire

    Nasa astronomers found that small and dense concentrations of DM bend light stronger – can u provide more insight in this phenomenon from some papers etc?

  38. Nicholas Goodfellow

    Maybe the other hot planet just happened to be great at picking up energy from the star and this planet is not

  39. RDE Lutherie

    When the sun starts eating our planet, it will need good teeth and chew quite a bit!

  40. John Lame Elk

    Anton, our Eye on the Sky. Keeping us up on every new find. Great job.

  41. George Holloway

    By the way, what was that stuff about Anton being homeless? I missed out on the background to that.

  42. will2see

    The word habitable makes only sense when we specify for what type of life we mean habitable. I know that a habitable zone is defined as a zone around a star where a planet can have liquid water on its surface. And as far as we know, a biological type of life needs liquid water but that doesn’t mean that any life forms in the Universe must be biological in nature. I would even speculate (bet) that most of them aren’t biological in nature. So for me, the word “habitable” or the concept “habitable zone” doesn’t make any sense. It is an extremely limited and stupid concept.

  43. terrywest111

    This is fascinating discovery. It’s actually something I remember wondering about as a kid… if planets could be larger than their parent stars.

  44. Emmet Ray

    You have big gnarly hypergiants whipping around relatively tiny supermassive black holes in some galaxies so not such a stretch.

  45. jimmyboddave

    It’s always good to hear your voice Anton, big universe cheer too you

  46. R. & Sz. SOLTYS

    A very intriguing discovery indeed, even for regular audience of this channel

  47. TheElectricOrigins

    Degeneracy of matter and degeneracy of science…

  48. Emma - wir uns kennenlern

    0:23 sensationell

  49. James Levee

    The planetary nebula causes the outer planets of the system to fall inward.

  50. Nevada Okie

    It’s a big universe so anything is possible.

  51. Mateusz Mostowski

    When you’re 35yo, 6’2″, 300lbs bodybuilder, but still living with your mom

  52. Ivan 23 Caravantes

    Great, space Karen’s now

  53. Super Grafx Engine

    Actually it would be nice to make a video showing some of the steps to find a habitable planet.
    Like what are the scientists using to locate them, atmosphere composition and what technologie are they using and how accurate it is. Thanks

  54. Kris RedWarCube

    Would be interesting to know what the time dilation in the Goldilocks zone would be plus the radiation and exotic matter would be.

  55. Lavrinn D

    Proof our knowledge of the universe is just scraping the surface

  56. Ruben Manssens

    When a star goes into a red giant phase, it’s mass stays the same while it becomes a few thousand times bigger, meaning its not all that dense.
    It’s almost like a thin cloud of plasma.
    This can dramatically increase the temperature on a planet but even if the star swalllows it, the planet won’t just evaporate.
    Most likely, the planet will increase in mass.

  57. VMAXBX

    I love your channel Anton; a rare WORTHWHILE channel.

  58. Logan P E

    I sure hope reincarnation is a real thing, because I wanna come back when mankind is a real space – faring species.

  59. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting!!! 😃
    Thanks, Anton!
    Stay safe there, everybody! 🖖😊

  60. Edhi Kurniawan

    4:50 Hmm so that’s solar reactor. Maybe.
    We’re running out GN particles.
    It would make a very long lasting RTG-esque battery.

  61. Steve Sherman

    Anton to Spitzer Telescope : Hello beautiful telescope !
    Spitzer Telescope : Hello wonderful person !

  62. LiangLiang Xu

    Here’s a wild guess: Maybe that large planet was orbiting far away, and when the star in that system turned into a white dwarf, that large planet started do drift away along with other planets. But the gas giant crossed orbit with another planet similar in size, and then was slingshotted back into the system close to the white dwarf, thus being captured by the white dwarf’s gravity from close up.

    I’m not a scientist, this is just a wild guess.

  63. LinkxUSMC87

    I miss “welcome to what the math” and the 90s intro music 😔

  64. Daniel Archer I

    Our sun will never expand like that, stars cool and shrink as they age (generally), our sun will become an orange star, than a red dwarf, followed by flare star> brown dwarf, gas giant, grey dwarf, gas dwarf, ocean world, pre-earth, life-host, post-life, core-world, asteroid/meteorite/debris/dust. || As for white dwarfs, they are completely misunderstood, for starters they can not be the size of earth with hyperdense matter, as such matter does not exist in reality, there is more, i have 2 papers on white dwarfs, you can find them on viXra.

  65. Tydin

    Hey anton you single? I want you to tell me science all day everyday 🤣🤣

  66. Kashmir

    could this be a binary system with a brown dwarf? the other star might have blown some mass out of it

  67. ycu4AB

    “one even closer than the other” – haha

  68. Zo Fryer

    Matter appears to condense on the structures we can’t see. We are a condensate.

  69. Loam

    sounds like using a white dwarf as a Dyson sphere would be the way to go.

  70. Vlad Drakul

    *’It’s Anton, It’s Anton; yes! yip hip hip hip, hooray!*
    *It’s Anton, It’s Anton; time for physics lecture rave!*
    *It’s Anton, It’s Anton; all the wonderful people say,*
    *It might well be a lock down but with Anton we are saved!.. HEY!’*

  71. MondoTV

    Theory – this planet formed from the left over gases after the star became a white dwarf. So new planet, ancient system.

  72. Shadow*91

    1:25 reminds me of the question on my old electronic 20Q game “Does it have a hard outer shell?”
    The answer is NO!!

  73. Nat J

    I love how he calls random inanimate objects “beautiful” – including space telescopes

  74. kirby march barcena

    WD 1856: I’m a white dwarf
    GAS GIANT: Really? Have you seen Snow White?
    WD 1856: You’re full of gas!

  75. Mark Fergerson

    These observations need to be followed up with a Doppler study to see if there’s anything else massive orbiting the dwarf.

  76. AlmostEthical

    Apparently, at one stage in the early solar system, clouds expelled by the Sun’s ignition slowed Jupiter’s orbit, and it headed in towards the inner planets. The rocky planets were said to have been saved by the counter-tug of Saturn. Might this kind of scenario be possible with red giant expansion too? If so, it could explain both hot and cold large planets around white dwarfs.

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    You should say,

    “Bye and keep watching this space”

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    I know your busy moving Anton and have noticed your ‘what the math’ is gone but I so miss “hello wonderful person” badly.
    Hope it gets re-added wonderful person 👍

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    I was use to an intro. Where’s the intro!!?

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    I absolutely love this channel

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    Ngl im starting to miss the Wat Da Math intro tune, i started whistling it when i make my coffees

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    I had to do a double take on the title of the video.

    *Correction, triple take.

  83. Ace

    Maybe since this system is so old, the “planet” isn’t a “survivor” from the main-sequence stage of the star’s life…but formed AFTER from the gas and dust ejected from the star as it transformed into a “planetary nebula”, and over time some of that material could have coalesced into a new proto-planetary disk.

    So this could be a “phoenix planet”; reborn from the ashes of its former life.

  84. Steampunk Starraisin

    I love your channel and your work. You’re like a modern Carl Sagan…

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    Why do astronomers always host a good party?

    Because they planet.

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    I wonder if the citizens on that planet get new years day off?

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    Ask Elon if he has my Millennium Falcon ready yet .

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    When a planet eats McDonald’s…

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    White Dwarf Star:
    White Dwarf Planet: “Look at me, I am the captain now”

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    I guess this is Astrum’s question answered.

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    Idk… a huge planet and a tiny star just seems so disorienting an idea.

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    Maybe the White Dwarf picked up a Rogue planet.

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    BALANCE like it should be

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    At the start I was thinking “this won’t be just a puffy planet… it will be the puffiest of planets!”

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