Our Neighbor Proxima C Seems to Have Huge Rings Around It

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery from the nearest exoplanet to us located in the Proxima Centauri system.

Image credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

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    What if that planet was Sol System’s “Fifth Gas Giant” that ejected from the system since the Earth was having its first life?

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    Hi Danton, maybe, U think it can be a mistake in the Paper attached, I think it is correspond to other Planet in other System, can you check it please?

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    Right I’m joining the Hutton Orbital Space Truckers to check Proxima b (Eden) out!
    For the mug!

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    So has proxima c been 100% confirmed ?

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    Once the sun becomes a red giant what temperature will Mars and the asteroids be?

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    In Sauron’s eye 2 planets collide! Or not

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    Its like the rings around Uranus

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    A terrestrial planet with rings? Awesome! I’m wondering if the rings could form into a moon or two.

  20. n2201

    Is Sun noticeable star to anyone from Proxima C?

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    Please do a code on how do you tackle optical illusion light years away

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    The sky on that planet probably looks utterly epic.

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    Does this virus have anything to do with a possible asteroid/comet impact?

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    This wouldn’t have happened if Proxima had used Lime-Away.

    Use Lime-Away for the prevention of rings.

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    I want to hear about those little green(or whatever) beings out in the galaxy.

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    20 years to reach proxima B… I hope that probe experiment works

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    Will the JWT be able to directly image exoplanets?

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    Hey Anton, have we got any data back from solar parker probe about the effects of time dilation? has anyone done the math since it’s the fastest human made object ever?

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    Science fiction distant? Don’t you know that in grim darkness of far future there is only war?

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    Wasn’t Dagon two asteroids colliding, rather than comets? The image looks like it was part of an asteroid belt.

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    Space Mining time !

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    Proxmia c has huge rings -o-

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    Exoplanets: lyoko Dragon Powerd digimundo and browzer

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    Anton, love your videos! – perhaps, since these exoplanets are so different from EARTH, we should start developing humans who can thrive and n these expected physical parameters without so much extra technology…

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    Anyway, fascinating videos. I’m an avid viewer. But in my opinion, our star is being understated a trillion fold. Being in the main sequence is a misnomer itself. Out of the countless of trillions of galaxies out there with billions and trillions of stars each, ours is the only one we’re sure about that nurtures life. I think it makes it the greastest star in the entire universe. Love your show. Thanx.

  55. The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn

    I know it’s decades away at the earliest, but I’m excited to possibly see images of worlds beyond our solar system :-)

  56. The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn

    I know it’s decades away at the earliest, but I’m excited to possibly see images of worlds beyond our solar system :-)

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    Finally an exoplanet with rings!!!!

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    While not as common, I believe K-type orange dwarfs have the best chances of intelligent life for the long term.

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    Your link in the description goes to the one from the other day about the destroyed planet around Fomalhault, *not* about this event.

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    The Star Gliese 710 will be close to our solar system in about 1.3 Million years. Close enough for conventional space travel.

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    I think there are human beings on many other planets and they also can’t leave their own systems.

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    this universe is a fascinating place. thank you for all the information you provide, Anton. 😎👊

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    “Looking through the old data” means Looking through old pictures or videos and seeing where the planet was at certain dates. And calculate where it is traveling, and if it’s circling something.

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    I thought Red Dwarfs emit much more radiation and that they are extremely instabile, plus they randomly produce massive flares. So where lies the truth?

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    lots of smeg ups and eating of vindaloos

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