Our Central Black Hole Sgr A* Just Got 75 Times Brighter, But Why?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new observation that our black hole Sgr A* is flaring up and flashing for some unknown reason.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1908.01777.pdf
Second observation: http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=13007



  1. HighLife Helmond

    electric/plasma universe??

  2. OmegaWolf747

    A delayed reaction, like thunder after lightning.

  3. WizenedVariations1

    Sagittarius A* just adjusted it’s Swarzschild Radius and the boundary layer became excited as it too moves outward.

  4. Schpeet Schpoot

    Time to join the Puppeteer Migration to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.

  5. stuffing picturmotion

    Something got out of the way? X)

  6. Quinton du Plessis

    We dont have to worry about this black whole…………yet.
    On it getting brighter, is it possible that it could be friction?

  7. acevitamin

    your jaw even still hurts my jaw
    you lovely wonderful person

  8. LooKatHimOhh

    Maybe whatever fell in the black hole fell in it a long time ago, and from our perspective we are just seeing it because of the passage of time taken from the gravity of the black hole.

  9. 13F Adjust Fire

    Taco Bell! It happens to me every time i eat there. Its just releasing that gas bubble from the Frito Burrito.

  10. Michael Bramlett

    Interesting news. We should probably bomb it just to make sure it’s not threatening us.

  11. Desmond Cupp

    Simple explanation: Carrier has arrived.

  12. DanDiabloJSY

    Sorry guy’s, my wallet feel in… 😂

  13. Abdega

    Sgr A* heard it’s now a celebrity in the media after its picture was taken and is now acting like a diva

  14. Jared Zufelt

    Those stars are moving fast around Sag A. Our spiral arms are stable.
    At what distance from the center do speeds even out?

  15. Cormac Phillips

    Thuis all happened 23k years ago!!

  16. darren marchant

    something fell in and what didn’t fall below the event horizon got flung out as super hot stuff.

  17. Jason Overman

    One thing I like about this channel is that you don’t spend a third of the video asking for donations or trying to sell t-shirts.

  18. Jared Zufelt

    Are other nearby galaxies getting brighter?
    Electric Universe.

  19. Gerritjan Boeve

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person!

  20. Fun Horus Die

    So it COULD be anything. You’re serious. Anything. We don’t know. Anyone’s guess? Okay. Okay. What if. What if… God.
    **starts dodging rotten fruit**

  21. Andre.b. Hertsenberg

    Hey man. This happend a long, long time ago.. Anton, yur the best in explaining.. :-)

  22. Jeanmarc Louis

    If even if it was pointed our way there’s nothing we can do about it

  23. steel city rc

    She was hungry all big girls need to snack between meals

  24. Chad Gros

    It’s because we live in the firmament

  25. Shurmash

    Could this be the solar flash event? I’ve been reading about the cosmic samvartaka fire of ancient prophecy. Also the prophecy of Peter Deunov. The Mayans called Sagittarius A Hunab Ku or the center of creation.

  26. robert forsythe

    Sagatarious !!!!! Might want to bone up on some long ago astrology. Pondering 🤔 huge megalithic structures as well as Egyptian inscriptions of long ago events. There are many changes in store. BEWARE

  27. Phenotype

    Well that’s the kind of black hole that would make Uranus jealous

  28. Christina Foster

    Maybe it works like a volcano, it pulls in matter, then at some pressure builds too much, so it’s released and it makes light lava. LOL

  29. Gerald Bull

    God works in mysterious ways.

  30. ezzz9

    Something to worry about??? LMAO. No need to worry it billions of light-years away and if it was going to .. oh that right it billions of light-years away, still LMAO. Do you not know about all the knowledge we know about Black Holes?? say worry again. OH! you did hahahahaha……

  31. Michael Pierce

    It’s warming up for another age of magic ;)

  32. Hillary's love letters to Lorne

    thanks for the superb descriptions and discussion.

  33. M Al


  34. Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar Nandakumar

    Kindly refer my research on brightness variations in Tabby Star with reference to HHG and EZN dynamics based on Crystal research results of NASA perhaps by NASA also.

  35. Sanket Bhirud

    Hi try simulating the star with its orbital speed.
    in that case if a part of the star brakes of and gets absorbed, it might take time to spiral down to hit the accretion disk or event horizon.
    That may explain the delay.
    Though I think it might be difficult to simulate that in the game.
    By the way I am a blind viewer. and your descriptions are very handy to understand what’s happening on the screen.
    even though I cannot see what your simulating but I can listen to you and understand

  36. Tech Stuf

    This does not bode well….this is a ‘dark matter’ indeed…

  37. SirensC3

    Uh… this happened 23,000 years ago. Soooo ….. worry? Nope. Not me.

  38. 8 ball 2.o

    Thx dude u fix my fear. Your the best

  39. Incognito12000

    It was a steam flash from heavy rain during a winter storm.

  40. Rogue GarGoyle

    Maybe we’re looking at the wrong way and it was actually something or someone coming the other way? I’ll put my tinfoil hat back in the drawer now

  41. howard bullock

    First time I’ve ever heard our black hole feeding, which is a little concerning.

  42. just so 1

    I heard
    that predator left a spoon in his Mac n cheese in the microwave causing the big flash . All other theory’s are conspiracy theories

  43. sean soblixe

    take a closer look at the frequency of the flare ups . they could contain a messege frm artificially modulated to create a becon

  44. sean soblixe

    take a closer look at the frequency of the flare ups . they could contain a messege frm artificially modulated to create a becon

  45. Rinkesh Ambavi

    Black hole is suppose to be black with no light escaping it… how can it get brighter??

  46. Aleleeinn Aleleeinn

    Thanks for keeping the science in you presentations.

  47. starfield2

    Perhaps we got a mini version of the big bang event here.
    Something are disturbing a black hole and it causes a massive burst of energy sent out in space.

  48. me meme

    How dose a black hole become 75 Times Brighter when it is so strong a force that even light cannot escape it?

  49. Geoffrey Waldo

    What of the relativistic time dilation…if the event horizon is anisotropic some matter will appear to take much longer to fall through horizon.

  50. christopher emery

    I don’t know much, but I suspect it might be because of something that already happened.
    Which means what’s coming has already went.

  51. Austin Gregory

    Great video, Good job, and Keep it up.

  52. big boi dan

    Guys it’s fine it’s just the meme gods protecting us

  53. Kansa City Shuffle

    Its brighter now because it just graduated from a reputable online correspondence college.

  54. Drew Durant

    I think you have six “haters”.
    You are amazing!! Thank you for all the kick ass work.

  55. Chief Leef Gamer

    The Black hole killer
    “Hello,Wonderful Person”

  56. Mr. Commentator

    Sucks that we didn’t get the black hole image while the black hole became 75 times brighter.

  57. KiiDFLiiGHT

    The Black Hole is getting bigger than I expected. Indeed something big is coming.

  58. Doge Is Gaming

    Hahaha I’m here like Nani Dude It’s brighter?

  59. Omega Horizon

    Basically the Black Hole Burped..
    Nothing to see here..

  60. LSB

    Our black hole got bleached…

  61. sean soblixe

    to be more exact it happened about 100 ,000. years ago

  62. DOOO9 Project: Life

    Those 16 disslikes must have come from white holes.

  63. charles widmore

    Every so often a Black Hole reverses flow and burps out some anti-time.

  64. Toiaisan Diengdoh

    What if we’re not the actual ones who are observing. But being observed.

  65. ListigerWolf84

    Can you imagine that we aren’t seeing passed the black hole exactlym

  66. Christopher james Brown

    We are 25,640 lightyears away from Sagittarius A. Whatever happened to make it so bright happened that long ago.

  67. Buddy Dougherty

    What star Orbitz every 16 years? I couldn’t understand what you said.

  68. LH

    Maybe a black hole fell into the black hole.
    , or supernovae in the accretion disk.

  69. Zilla

    Great and interesting Video as always :D
    Greetings from Germany

  70. Tally-Ho

    always entertaining, always interesting, always on point, and always accessible! thank you sir

  71. Kendal Bridges

    It did so without alerting us that’s hilarious was it supposed to send us a memo LOL

  72. bandy32

    Maybe we see the delayed “firework” because time flows differently closer to event horizon?

  73. Adam Wright

    I like how you asked what’s going to happen in the future… do you mean what happened approximately 26,999 years ago?

  74. 10 David

    Shout out to Universe Sandbox 2. You the real MVP.

  75. MrTigg

    My guess is that it ate a few stars, and it spewed out the excess like holes do…

  76. Joseph Evans

    “I Am The Light,” waking.

  77. Lord Timothy

    It is waking up and the energy is about to alter our physical form.

  78. Vue Lee

    A super ship is coming through. Blink and you’ll miss it…..

  79. den2002ph

    A flatlike earth fall in the middle of a spherical black hole. Yep all earthlike planets is flat.
    This is a joke for those who are very serious

  80. kevin divine

    HELLO, nice person. I enjoy your episodes. Keep it up!

  81. Metaldetection tube world wide

    Maybe time dilhaliation between the observer (we) and the event at the event horozon 👌🤪😉…
    Btw very very very cool stuff , you fed my mind again 👌

  82. Robert Schlesinger

    Interesting and worthwhile video.
    Many thanks for the arXiv link.

  83. Γιώργος Γραμμ

    It was a glitch in the Matrix simulation, it was fixed in the new update :)

  84. U4EA2007

    They’ve finally fired their death star at us, 30k years from now we are screwed.

  85. xenovator

    Even a black hole has to burp sometimes. Digesting stars causes gas you know.

  86. Donna Tuttle

    Anton – I like how you explain space and what goes on out there so we can all understand . Thanks for all your videos !

  87. james pong

    We all gonna die!!!!!! [Running naked]😗

  88. Bond James Bond

    Relax ! It’s just Goku and Vegeta practicing 😚😚

  89. Nikolas

    what da math?!

  90. Quast

    Sometimes I have the feeling that 90% of the astronomical observations are:
    “Something fell in black hole!”

  91. R J F

    Maybe a brown dwarf fell in, or some type of star that isn’t bright enough for us to see… and as it approached it got shreadded by the gravitational forces

  92. Lunille_drawzIt

    I fear no man
    *That black hole*
    *It scares me*

  93. 900bz

    Im glad im alive to witness the end of the universe

  94. Terry Endicott

    Sagittarius A* started working out and studying hard, which is why it appears brighter and more energetic. Don’t be so harsh, it is just trying to improve itself.

  95. DR.NEGA


  96. Play More

    For 9 minutes I felt like a wonderful person. Thanks, Anton.

  97. Mike Hackenschmidt

    The black hole people were observing us. It was a camera flash

  98. jk45j f0908u4

    Stars: 100 AU idk that’s pretty far
    Saggitarius A: NOM NOM NOM

  99. Vampirerockstar

    Sagittarius A: “And this is to go even further beyond”
    Andromeda: ” “Nani?”

  100. Louis Anthes

    Except, don’t forget that that Sgr A* event happened 30,000 years ago…

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