Odd Radio Circles Update – The Biggest Mystery In Astronomy

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new updates in regards to the mysterious Odd Radio Circles also known as ORCs.
Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.14805.pdf
Presentation and images: https://indico.cta-observatory.org/event/2684/contributions/23692/attachments/17300/22923/CTA-Oz_April20_ORC_2.pdf
Wormhole paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.15331.pdf
Images used: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Radio-image-of-Tychos-SNR-at-1375-GHz-with-linear-scaling-Extraction-regions-green_fig2_281487102

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  1. Fleury Jean-François

    I don’t understand : as everywhere, there are bands of absorption and emissions in radio wave domain. I don’t understand why the scientists behind these discoveries were not able to look for a known band, estimate the spectral shift or redshift and estimate in this way, the distance of these objects.

  2. Edward Owens

    Blackhole lensing of magnetar emissions would be my guess.

  3. oOo Gimmy

    wow i love all this !!! There is still something that amazes us …

  4. J Burrough

    Something is being missed, it’s just what it sounds like [in my opinion].

  5. bruticusmagnus

    They’re entities, I’ve seen them on star trek

  6. John Doe

    After converting the emission to audio the researcher hears “WAAAGH!”…

  7. Juan TANAMERA

    “Big” would be largely enough…”Biggest” has become so common….how long would “Biggest” hold ? In any case, it’s “very” interesting !

  8. galaxy

    these are dark matter reaction to major galactic events engulfing the entire galaxy into super gigantic black hole

  9. buster234100

    Are they evidence of black holes? The ring effect reminds me of what happens with visible light around black holes

  10. bc 95

    They’re maybe the remnants of wiped out planets/stars by Death stars.

  11. Eph-Jay Music

    Have we observed any movement from them? Could they be formed or forming in a contraction motion rather than as an emission?

  12. Steven Hanaway

    Perhaps we are seeing an accretion disk around some sort of object like a black hole

  13. MaddMely

    Honestly guys, it’s probably the exhaust port or “other side” of a black hole.

  14. Christopher Chung

    Maybe we are seeing gravitational lensing? Perhaps somehow its filtering most everything else with exception to radio waves.

  15. Jason Ross

    He said it !! “ we don’t really know”

    Everyone drink !!
    ( love you Anton ) !!

  16. Boril Mihov

    “Gork and Mork” remember those names if we find space orcs,между другото наше момче ли си ?

  17. Aaron Villalobos

    Maybe this happens when a blck whole explodes or something idk it frustrates me that we dont know what this is😂😂

  18. CyberiusT

    “something we can’t even imagine right now”
    LoL! Most people can’t even grasp how big a continent is, never mind anything larger. When we start talking astronomical events, we might as well be speaking in tongues.

  19. DailyTact

    Close proximity FTL wakes, probably inside the solar system. “Nooooo they are just really far away and bigger than galaxies”, right..

  20. qdllc

    I’d like to know why ALL of the infinity stones could be found in one galaxy given the sheer scale of the universe.

  21. khyron6

    Sounds like they might have found a whitehole.

  22. Liz Barry

    It’s a shame science has such bias against the mere possibility of aliens. Too many are afraid of ridicule. We must have open minds.

  23. Shimimaro89

    Me with a telescope looking at the orcs:
    “Oh no, they’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!”

  24. PsyintZ

    Fascinating. These days, it’s not often you see an astronomer look through a telescope and ask, “Uhh, wtf is that?!”

  25. Anik Samiur Rahman

    4:14 Tycos supernova looks like a neglected bacterial culture plate that has become a micro-ecosystem of its own.

  26. Ben Cahill

    Looks like the nothing of never ending story.

  27. Raymond Tribunal

    Haha i was actually going to guess a wormhole opening, then you said the size and I though no way. That would be so cool

  28. Adam Ganzer

    Unknown matter- Dark Matter
    Unknown energy- Dark Energy
    Unknown orcs-Dark Orcs…….. WAAAAAAGH!!!

  29. Don Carlo di Vargas

    Circular!? Is not everything circular in space? Except umoamoa of course

  30. Torjus HT

    Media: Worm holes confirmed baby!

    Jokes aside, really interesting how much we don’t understand about the universe.

  31. greg E

    All this stuff is really cool (I sincerely mean that). That being said we can barely get to the moon and and can’t even get to Mars yet

  32. Alex Musaev

    Спасибо, Антон, очень интересная тема! Сложно вообразить что же за явление должно произойти, чтобы появились столь огромные образования.

  33. Helena K

    Could an ORC be the site where a new universe has formed a “bud” and then separated from our universe if we are in a multiverse?

  34. Mo Dee

    Oh! That was me sitting on the edge galaxy blowing Os.💨

  35. TiagoTiago

    I wonder if there is any chance they’re dark-stars, dark-matter stars…

  36. Dominic Sparling

    Nano ai clouds eating 10 ancient civilizations that hit a Barrier in life

  37. Otto Lehikoinen

    Milky way white hole emission residuals. Hey ho. Sounds at least scientific, no?

  38. Andy Craig

    At first look, they look like the result of an obstruction between us and an energy source.

  39. Jeffrey A. Smith

    Mork is from ORC!
    But seriously, it’s amazing when nobody knows what they are or how far away they are. Wondering if the radio waves are blue or red shifted.

  40. Fire S

    2021: Halo music starts playing lol

  41. rifleman2c


  42. Bruce H.

    It’s doctor Evil’s new space lair, a cloud of Brown poop concealing his ship and “Lay-Zer”.

  43. Ad Las Vex

    “Ring like structures”
    Me: *grabs mjolnir armor and magnum with malicious intent*

  44. justin wolf

    Scientists: we found orc’s
    Gimli and Legolas: they are taking the hobbits to Isengard
    Scientists: 😐

  45. E Loesch

    Seems like they could be “radio relay” switches?

  46. scotty moondog jakubin

    maybe there is something there ! Caught in a space time continuum in the fabric of space ! Like exit here to leave the milky way !

  47. DJZofPCB

    Looks like someone figured out the mass of the Higgs boson…the hard way…. pooof

  48. connor hart

    I imagine that radio waves being the lowest frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum has something to do with this.

  49. PipiLongsocks

    6:20 Almost got through an episode without my brain exploding.

  50. Ray Misuto

    I’m sold, Wormhole has my vote, for coolness.

    We’re going to need a larger Stargate though, the Wormhole seem to be on the thick side.

  51. Ronan Morgan

    Imagine they are wormholes, suddenly time travel is more possible than ever before

  52. jairdabrini

    Scientist’s find Halo-like ringworlds at the edge of known space, names them ‘ORC’s thus upsetting all the real Orcs in Middle Earth to the point that they initiate the last and final war on the Elvens, Dwarves and Humans wiping them out in no less than 6 years.

  53. Nocholas

    At least they didnt call them FARTs Far Active Radio Transmissions.

  54. Danial Zelinger

    The two dislikes are from people afraid of worms

  55. Democritus8181

    The emissions are the exhaust from a Tantalus Drive Core when a ship becomes zero mass. Hi, i’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite radio bubble on the Citadel !!

  56. Team Spintop

    Hello wonderful Anton, I watch your videos every morning and every night, regardless if you have made a new one or not. And I’d just like you to know that I miss the what da math intro, especially the music.

  57. Wabbit N Red

    I Love u Anton, you always make me think and SMILE!!

  58. Orodon Kassa

    When you are too late to write a *Lord Of The Rings* joke…

  59. Mthermavrick

    Dah ‘Umies ar gettin’ on to our WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

  60. Fleem Q Swipes

    A radio source being lensed, maybe? If they’re physical rings, it seems unlikely that we’d be seeing all of them at exactly the same angle.

  61. Craig Mooring

    Astronomers always seem to find something to ORCUPY their time.

  62. Personal Dedicated Humor

    Alien cloaking device,
    Artificial alien gravity,
    Alien communication device,

    I’m going with that, alien communication device; they should ping a message to it and see what happens.

  63. Pinefr0st

    So. They’re literally space orcs.

  64. 5am5EpI01

    There is so much we dont know, just waiting to be discovered.

  65. Nikola Iliev

    “I’m looking forward to finding more orcs out there”
    – the old Aragorn

  66. Joachim Trolliûs

    another possibility, maybe black holes actually can explode if they hit a certain threshold
    mathematically a black hole cannot get over a 50 billions suns mass
    mathematics do not say what is happening beyond this point
    maybe the sm bh just explode taking with them also the entire galaxies in which they are

  67. Darth Niiphaarious

    Anton: Odd radio Circles
    My Brain: Space Orcs
    Thank god for Space Force

  68. Joachim Trolliûs

    I bet, it’s releasing a lot of energy if something is opening a portal in space-time continuum

  69. M R

    I was wondering when you were going to get to these. The answer is obviously aliens

  70. xephonics

    Tyranid Shadow in the Warp confirmed.

  71. Riley Hoffman

    I suspect they emit many different types of energy; we are just unable to detect them.

  72. One Shot

    Wow, the scientists who found the “orc’s” must be really excited

  73. Jeffrey Tak

    It sounds like ugly creatures with tusks on there face. 😂

  74. WestOfEarth

    I imagine it’s also impossible to determine the exact radio frequencies being emitted until a distance is determined due to doppler shifting.

  75. Creamy Pasta

    Just seeing the aftermath of the destruction of the Stargate network

  76. YTDekus

    It’s just some alien radiostations. Non-visible, but visible in the radiowave :)

  77. VR & AR dev.Studio

    Stargates in Standby Mode. Wait ’till you see one in use!

  78. Curas1

    3:20 orcs ? Looks more like Smaug ! See those eyes in the radio map ? I do..

  79. Raegwynn

    2022 – space elves discovered

  80. Michal Zienkiewicz

    3:50 so they r Probably, imho, remnants of something then. :) like shockwaves….

  81. TheGanamaster

    We have to admit, ORCs it is a good nickname, so much better than “PP CYCLES” LOL

  82. kostuek

    Just some aliens sending smoke signals, but with radio

  83. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire
    I went down down down and the flames went higher
    And it burns burns burns
    The ring of fire
    The ring of fire.—Johnny Cash

  84. Farrier

    The images are very similar to that of M87. OK! It’s only in radio frequencies but the structure is virtually the same. Isn’t it?

  85. David Henneberg

    They’re just space billboards they say Eat At Joe’s

  86. MemoFromEssex

    It’s a glitch in the Matrix.

  87. Osquar Osq

    Aliens and the explanation of dark energy.

  88. Glen Bounds

    I love a good mystery…..

  89. Agent Smith

    Klingon Cloaking Devices for planets

  90. AK_2Q2Q

    Radio Galaxies are the new frontier, I can’t wait tell we find XMRadio Galaxies. It might be tomorrow, Who knows? Space out!

  91. SneakySquiddy

    Space orcs confirmed. We need the God emperor to stop them

  92. PureMagma

    Thank God we have figured out how to detect Romulans when they are using their cloaking devices! I will sleep much better tonight knowing we’ve resolved this problem!

  93. Cyber Sec

    It’s that alien life form that trapped the Enterprise at least once in every Star Trek series.

  94. David Therwhanger

    OMG! There are now SPACE O.R.C.s! Some one call Astartes Militarum!

  95. Amrit Grewal

    In Marvel, that’d be a celestial’s fart, I think.

  96. ELITEsuspect

    Hey anton! Love your work, you are one of the reasons i decided to go the education path of space technology. I look forward to your content every day, keep up the work man and greetings from sweden!

  97. Taro McArthur

    That’s funny, don’t signal jammers do something similar? I’m not saying aliens but…

  98. Full Metal Gusset

    Cosmic crop circles 😁
    Hello Anton 💋

  99. Somewhere South of Minnes

    Last time I was this early, Anton lived in Russia.

  100. C-S featured

    They’re space crop circles created by space farmers.

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