No Red Giant Stars Exist Near The Central Black Hole…But Why?

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that tries to explain the mystery of why there are no red giants near the center of the galaxy.
More about red giants:

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  1. Norman Knight

    8:30 Extremely energetic conditions. Red light is low energy.

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    Love your content. Glad you’re so knowledgeable and do the research.

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    maybe black holes just react to hydrogen and helium in a way we dont understand yet

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    Because there is NO Black Hole near a red giant star………………nor far away…..

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    I really like your content on these bubbles. I hope we get to understand them in my lifetime. I think you’re interested in them as well. And I think that’s why I’m now interested in them! I hope you do more videos on them. Gosh the galactic center is an interesting place.

  10. Elaniago

    What does “near” mean exactly? Where are the closest red giants to Sgr A situated? That should help give some answers.

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    Occam’s Razor.
    The Black Hole ate them.

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    You NEED to do a follow up video on water. There were too many factual errors in the video, and the comment section is a hot bed of pseudoscience advocates.

  17. 77hodag

    I think it’s so cool that we can see the stars at the center of the Milky Way & how they interact with the supermassive black hole – that Nobel Prize was well-earned!

  18. Brexit Refuge

    There is always an exception, except this. So there is always an exception.

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    5:20 looks like a dz2 orbital, crazy

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    Lack of gaseous matter in the general area?

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    Well done

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    well, we know the answer to his last: no, there is nothing we can do about it.

  24. Allen Tac

    Expanding, less productive, expelling gas. Red giant or a human approaching middle age?

  25. Andrew Jonkers

    These improvements in galactic dynamic modelling and measurement are awe inspiring but also somewhat terrifying regarding our own small spec of dust.

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  28. James Lee

    My guess would be that’s due to the fact that red giants aren’t compact enough to survive the massive tidal forces involved in the region of such a massive gravitational source.

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    I once had the second comment on one of Anton Petrov’s videos…such a good time

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    “Is there anything we can do to stop it?” Let me answer that question for you now: no.

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    Because I prefer Green Giants.

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    They’re all in Dyson spheres

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    Hey Anton- will we actually lose our moon? After all that time would the Apollo artifacts and footprints still be there?

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    To over simply, Red Giants are too fragile to survive near a black hole.

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    How sad if humans would be the only beings with self awareness and an appreciation of what happens in the universe.

  45. Joseph Dead

    “there’s always an exception” and always exceptions to exceptions :p. red giants tend to be somewhat delicate at least as far as tidal forces go, the slightest imbalance could send them over the edge…then there’s getting their outer envelope ripped off…that can’t be conducive to long term stability or visibility/detectability as a red giant.

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    Anton “Oddly, No Red Giant Stars Exist Near Central Black Hole…But Why?”
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    Probably lots of collisions in the inner galaxy, so there should be fewer objects/parsec and probably exotic stars and planets due to so many collisions.

  52. Xeno Bardock

    All events in space are plasma events. Red giant and red dwarf stars have a very large anode plasma sheath surrounding them which is what glows red so the red stars actual size is smaller and it can also have planets orbiting inside this anode plasma sheath. Black holes are very high energy plasmoids. Cosmic webs are plasma filaments. Supernovas are plasma double layer explosions, a sudden release of stored electromagnetic energy. Nebular clouds are plasma clouds.

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    There Anton said it “ WE DONT REALLY KNOW” Everyone drink !!

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    @ 4:20 I love how you can follow the spiral outwards. It shows that the star is spinning and if the rate of expansion is known than you can workout the rate of spin.

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    I love this channel.

    Edit: I wonder how many planets orbit those stars that orbit the black hole.

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    If there were red giants present, that would be a lot harder to explain with the known laws of physics.

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    The magnetic dynamo charges them

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    Well if the event happened about 4 million years ago we could look to see if you can see any major events happening on earth at the time that cannot be explained by events that commonly occur in our system or on our planet

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    I wonder, if the red giants simply get torn appart that close, because as they expand out the density around the center leeches material off them,

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    1.6ly is 1half of 1 parsec,,,3.26ly… does that mean anything,,,?

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    The central cubic parsec around Sagittarius A* contains around 10 million stars. Although most of them are old red giant stars, the Galactic Center is also rich in massive stars. More than 100 OB and Wolf–Rayet stars have been identified there so far.

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    Does that mean I can make the prediction we will find some things called Wuzstars?

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  78. Andrew McNaughton

    Maybe this is a sign we don’t actually know what red giant stars are. I’m far more interested in the possibility that red stars are those which have moved out of alignment with their feed birkeland current and therefore they’ve swollen-up to try and catch more electrons to compensate. The concentration of currents at the centre means it’s much easier for stars to get fed by electrons and therefore they can never become red giants.

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    And if any already exist would we be seeing able to see them .
    If there any other galaxies would we able to see them

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