Nigerian Astronaut Stuck on a Space Station May Need Our Help!

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a Nigerian astronaut that has requested our help in helping him return to Earth.

  1. Nobilangelo Ceramalus

    I’ve emailed him a ladder. It has fifteen million rungs so it’ll take him a while to climb down, but it means that all the rest of you can stop worrying. The problem is solved…🤣👍

  2. DougJK

    I was so confused at first hahaha

    Edit: Also I just got Rick rolled from the link in the description lmao

  3. Leto Alexander

    we need to get him the address to the Wakandan embassy, theyll sort him out

  4. Vassilios Pavlou

    Anton you made my day. I’m so happy I clicked the get more info link.

  5. khmnc

    …i’m just going to assume that it’s april 1 in what ever timezone you’re in

  6. Martin Oriz

    Since WHEN has Anton decided to turn his channel into science fiction? I watched the video twice trying to convince myself. But I couldn´t.

  7. Inferno_Spud

    When the upload date says March 31st, I get very confuzzled

  8. Vojoo

    good thing i looked at the date before starting my rant xD

  9. Robert Garton

    I like it just transfer the money to my account, and I promise to spend it wisely. Yours Mr Ripoff

  10. Anik Samiur Rahman

    I few hours too earlier! Can I start helping this stranded astronaut after the digits turn to April?

  11. KB_314

    Thanks – we needed this laugh! Rick Astley was the cherry.

  12. KeiraR

    When Anton pulling a funny doesn’t look nearly as serious as regular Anton. :D

  13. propane butane

    At first I thought ehat the hell, then I could tell Anton was holding back his laugh.

  14. SuzNews

    Sheesh, Anton, we thought you lost your mind, because April 1st is still hours away where we are (western U.S.) 🤪

  15. Christian Shipley

    🤣‼ I was thinking, dude he can’t be that gullible. I totally forgot about April fools day!🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  16. danny newey

    Hahahah! He’s stuck in space with Shergar and Lord Lucan! 😂

  17. The Crater Games

    Sound like every scammer going for “grandson call”.
    Nice April fool mate :,-)

  18. Jd Money

    Lmaoooooo ok so if we wire ten grand each to the 🇳🇬 astronaut when he gets back on earth he will give us all a cool million .sounds legit I’m in .

  19. John Lame Elk

    Thanks Anton. In these woeful times it’s great to laugh, even at yourself. We all needed that moment of release.

    Ill be watching out for your early time zone next year. 👍

  20. Kento

    Guys, this is legit. I just transferred the entire contents of my bank account to help this poor man. I am going to be rich!

  21. TheSeventyFour

    I completely forgot it was April Fool’s. I came expecting a teardown and warning for such an obvious scam. Well played got me.

  22. Simon Sozzi

    0:17 OMG! For a second I believed this! 🤦‍♂️😅✌

  23. Alex 02

    Did Anton just rickroll us?

  24. Bedric

    The moment I read “Nigerian” in the title, I knew it was a scam LOL

  25. 10 Reasons Why I'm Right

    For a second there Anton, you had me thinking you fell for this; though I was waiting for the punchline.

  26. Doron Smulian

    I was tricked to write you a “check your facts buster” reply, so I guess I was fooled to some extent…
    Grate April’s fools gig, Loved it.

  27. Cognitive Meiser

    Who ever socially engineered and destroyed Africa resulting in this “419” comedy gold, thank you, it never gets old.

  28. Lessons - Reiser Music Studio Reiser

    You’re a day early. You were pretty convincing. 14 years in space! Yikes.

  29. Tim Attuquayefio

    I’m guessing it’s April 1st where you live? I was thinking WTM, how could he believe this? Good one:)

  30. Christos Potamianos

    It’s so sad that just because he’s African they left him in space 😢

  31. Kenny Smith

    14 years in 0g? Will he even survive coming back?

    Edit- lol

  32. Matt Hamon

    Stuck in space since the 80’s, someone is taking social distancing a little too far, and wow what a trend setter too

  33. Resurrected Starships

    Anton, you are a kind soul indeed to motivate your following to help this poor astronaut out. I will try to spread the word as well.

  34. Mark

    I was confused for a long time before I figured out it is the 1st of april today.. well done Anton!

  35. April Marie Sanderson

    April Fool’s! Thank God, i thought Anton lost his mind. And no, I didn’t click on it. 💆‍♀️

  36. Ivi-Tora Ineru

    Nigerian Astronaut: Which way home?
    Knuckles: Ah know da way!

  37. jim oberg

    There were emails about this as early as 2005, it was so damned imaginative I was almost tempted to send them $10 to see where the story went to next. But I didn’t.

  38. mosatsoni

    He had me at “Dear Mr. Sir”.

    Where do I transfer the money?

  39. Sander Hoogeland

    Haha, now that is one of the weirder scams I have heard of in some time. The scam is even in a weird way relevant to the channel. :) Great video.

  40. Olivia Green

    I hadn’t seen your sense of humor before Anton, I thought you were serious!😜

  41. Gino Giotto

    5:28 I just love the joy of trolling in your eyes here lol

  42. Bob Edge

    Halfway through this… oh shit its april fools lmao.
    Antonis one of the smartest people around lol no way he fell for this XD

  43. tanked warthog

    I love how everyone is uploading April fools jokes on march 31st

  44. Firestorm

    When I heard you say “link in the description,” Rick Roll was the first thing in mind and I’m glad I wasn’t wrong 😂 THE MEME WILL NEVER DIE!

  45. Luneque Silva Junior

    The link was, of course, the best part 🤣🤣🤣

  46. John Hughes

    Man this is going to be a running joke…I wonder how big it will get

  47. Frankie Bedek

    I like that he says it’s confidential right at the start, but is still sharing it. =P

  48. Dylan Jones

    Lol, I love how well Anton sold this. I mean, I was laughing away as he read the letter, but he kept talking with such a straight face that I was seriously starting to question if this could be real after all…then of course I clicked the links XD…and it just occured to me that Anton is a day ahead of me, and that’s why I’m getting an April Fool’s joke early.

  49. Youri van Steeg

    All he needs to safely return to earth is your creditcard number and the 4 digits on the back

  50. A.I. Joh-An Gerrison Bot

    Well, some of you guys, he lives in South Korea, so it’s literally the next day for him, in case you didn’t know that or something. Nice joke, Anton. BTW it’s still day over here.. Lol 🙃

  51. FranBunnyFFXII

    I forgot it was April Fools already in Korean. Dang you Anton.

  52. Christopher Heagy

    Dude, you seriously make my day better. Thanks for the content

  53. KingsBlade 7

    Sounds like a scam email, like those scam phone calls. Makes sense though, it is April fool’s day.

  54. Johan Fouche

    Leave him there. He’s just gonna sell drugs he took from the aliens when he gets back.

  55. journalsof jadednews

    I’m In, How Do I Negatively Affect My Bank Account? For This Nigerian Prince, Astro-Nut? lol

  56. Cewkaurai Zok'Aerrus

    Don’t believe it, Anton… it sounds like a “we need your bank account details to get a huge amount of money” scam

  57. ArcherWarhound

    Bwahahahaha! This is the funniest thing I’ve heard all year!

  58. jordan secrist

    I was confused for a second until I remembered the world is a globe and we have time zones. It’s April fools. Haha

  59. Riko J. Amado

    “Hello Wonderful Reader of this e-mail…” Ohhh noo. I am not falling for that old “astronaut stuck in space” scam!. Oh wait, I thought I was making a joke. It really IS a scam. lmao!!!!

  60. Eoraph

    The link in the description really shows the urgency of this sitution.

  61. Aniceto Maldonado

    Plot twist:
    A Microsoft Support Technician answers the phone.

  62. P2M

    It’s not even April 1st in my timezone yet. Jeez.

  63. DOPEdude 909

    Everyone: congratulations you just played yourself !

  64. Trace Adams

    LOL 😂 Nice. Outstanding Anton.

  65. Russell Dodd

    What a coincidence. I’m stuck in space at the Sputnik Space Station.

  66. Victor Palushi

    How did this happen? I guarantee he won’t be able to walk when he gets back!

  67. kyben99

    this video made my day. I can’t stop laughing.

  68. chris manus

    I thought, “oh man we lost him to drugs!”

    I was “googling” as soon as I heard Anton let on that he believed the email. ha ha
    I heard April Fools right as I was opening a window.
    Thanks, man. Anton- KING of the WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!! (WONDERFUL PERSONS!!!!)

  69. Iain Harrison

    I guess it’s April 1st in your part of the globe. Well played! 🤣

  70. Chandra Aerospace

    Me: Oh Wait, that sound so plausible…

    Me 5 minutes later: *Looks at Clock* Wait now I see… 😂😂😂

  71. Wyatt A

    That moment when its the day before April 1st-

  72. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    lol it’s still March 31 for me, I was wondering wtf was going on

  73. RantChant 316

    Will they take toilet paper for payment

  74. Hilmar Zonneveld

    For a moment, I was doubting whether Anton was taking the email at face value.

  75. Brainjock

    When you said first Nigerian I knew it was fake lol!

  76. Mykowser

    Yeah this happened to me in 2010. I just made it home yesterday. Thanks NASA

  77. eseskay99

    OMG Anton, I want to help. I am contacting all of my girlfriends and we are going to raise money.

  78. True Conspiracies

    Dude, you’ve been at home smoking a bit too much weed.

  79. Faik Erdogan

    What on Earth is he talking about 😂😂 i feel like some might take this serious

  80. The Platinum Tugboat

    This took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out this was a scam.

  81. Perikls arts

    I’m the president of Nigeria, I need to know more about it!

  82. jason Shores

    This is one of the funniest ones I’ve seen.

  83. Co Fa

    Man, that was the best april fool ever ; )

  84. Nicole Smith

    It’s weird how fast my confusion vanished upon realising the date lol. Also, it’s still 31/3 for me

  85. Sophia’s Vlogs

    Once I see Nigeria,that’s when I usually delete the email

  86. Jafooly Porchers

    Dont worry i know this guy, elon. He said he can go! Literally just msgd me back and said “im gunna go personally!”

  87. VAVVE

    Not gonna lie amazing april fools joke.

  88. bigeman88dj

    Once I get my $1,000,000 from that Nigerian prince who emailed me 4 years ago, I’m helping out!!!

  89. Magawengway Odakenday

    It’s amazing there is a whole colony of Nigerian princes orbiting us!

  90. Amberlee

    Oml, imagine how compromised his immune system has to be D:

  91. Lexy Thomas

    Just tell his mom to yell for him that usually works.

    “Damit! Get down here right now!!”

  92. PsyintZ

    Wait, this is real?? I assumed they were just taking their Nigerian email scams to a whole new level.

    Yeah, yeah… Happy April Fools Day to you as well.
    Great stuff, Anton. Thanks for sharing, bud! 👍🏼

  93. Beamer

    The way the world is at the moment – he’s better off staying where he is ;)

  94. Special EDy

    The ̶M̶a̶r̶t̶i̶a̶n̶ Nigerian, Bring Him Home

  95. Raptor302

    Me: **Clicks on the ‘Learn More’ YouTube link in the description section**

    You know what? I’m just gonna let it play.

  96. Flex Tech

    “Did you click on it, did you click on it?, April Fool’s”….

    Me: “It’s still March 31st here.”

  97. razeezar

    “He is in good spirits, but he just wants to come home.”

  98. Carl Williams

    I have a feeling someone has been in self-isolation for a little too long.

  99. Bram Moerman

    I had heard that they discovered a Nigerian Prince, dead in his room, surrounded by millions of dollars he had not been able to give away. . .

  100. Thiago Teixeira

    Astronaut: To help me, Press Windows key + R…

    Or maybe: To help me, go to the nearest Wallmart, buy a Gift Card…

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