Newly Found Disk Galaxy Shouldn’t Really Exist

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery of what seems to be a disk galaxy in an early universe – something we didn’t think would be possible.

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  1. Ильдар Бикбаев


  2. Joe Blow

    “Dark matter”…. scientist’s term for “we haven’t got the foggiest idea what is happening”. Dark matter seems to have some intelligence then if it can guide galaxies to form in a certain way. The God and creation theories have as much chance of being right as the dark matter theories. Both are just complete fabrication inside someone’s head, with no proof. If that so-called young galaxy was in a disc shape, then surely that could point out that it could be much older, therefore the universe could be far older than is generally thought? It’s all fascinating and we’re seeing more and more magnificent discoveries virtually every day. The more we look, the more we are baffled by such wondrous objects in the far off universe.

  3. neemguy81

    WAIT! If the quasar was pointed at us, how was the disk showing red-shift/blue-shift? Shouldn’t we be seeing the galaxy head-on (o) instead of sideways (-)? Or was it the galaxy that the quasar’s energy/matter passed through?… nevermind. Answered my own question.

  4. Daniel

    I’m gonna buy a Wonderful Person shirt Anton, I’m a student with limited budget but you’re just so god damn awesome and wonderful that I want to use some of my food money to buy a shirt lol

  5. radradroadbot

    Why do they keep finding evidence that doesn’t support the big bang 🤔

  6. Joshua Rodriguez

    Fast orbiting or fast spinning black whole

  7. earth dweller


  8. Black Hole Generator

    Cool picture

  9. Paul the Audacious Bradfo

    I wonder if there are any Pop III stars in that old galaxy.

  10. shirley ann

    It looks like a Q.

  11. Richard Duke

    ! ! !

  12. Wayne Shirey


  13. C Burgess

    Rotating stellar nursery?

  14. Sans Nom


  15. Big Zed

    Sometimes I think about what other civilisations out there are doing. I hope that in my lifetime we meet someone.

  16. Dusty L

    I’m sorry but dark matter is so fanciful.

  17. Jeffrey Sylvester

    Someone asks:How was the universe formed and created?A Scientist would say by the big bang and a mysterious force called dark energy and dark matter. My answer: A mysterious force.

  18. TheElectricOrigins

    If it is impossible how is it that it has been discovered???
    You MUST HAVE SAID the impossible theory of Galaxy Formation.

  19. John Harris

    Wolf is spinning opposite the example.

  20. Eitan Arbel

    ALIENS !

  21. Paul Keating

    They know an extensive amount about what they do and think they can solve it, all they need is one more bet.

  22. Dan Fourtwenty

    Space – the only place where the impossible exists

  23. rodgersericv

    What’s more ridiculous? Flat Earth? Or Dark Matter?

  24. belstar

    But can we find life in this galaxy maybe with james webb telescope we can find out.

  25. john doe

    Electromagnetism not dark matter. Check out suspicious observers. Over 300 pr papers debunking dark matter/ dark energy.

  26. Gregory Parker

    Those Filaments are Hyper Space Transitways for the “Smart Aliens”…..which we are not……Evidence: Flat Earth/Globe/Space deniers ffs!!!

  27. erik nelson

    I just thought of something if Newton Stars in their various forms have INCREDIBLY powerful magnetic fields because of their rapid rotation speed that can be accelerated by gaining mass from an accretion disk wouldn’t the same be true for black holes? If this is possible could galactic filaments be formed by the magnetic fields of black holes? Perhaps dark matter is produced during a quasar event

  28. Harlan Harvey

    The beginning of most new science begins with the statement: “we used to think (insert random disproven hypothesis here)” or ” we once thought “again, failed hypothesis here”

  29. col403

    Anton has found Heaven

  30. Frank Fring

    “Violates our theorie”……..and yet there it is.

  31. helmeteye

    Won’t it be cool when they discover they are actually looking at the Milky Way?

  32. Vinay N

    well it exists buddy get over it !! now you know how the Catholic church felt when they were told about the moons of Jupiter.

  33. Kx53

    It spun backwards?

  34. Patrick Campbell

    Big bang and dark matter are in the same box. What if we are in a river or a donut shaped universe?

  35. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I have big problems with computer simulations. it all depends on programming. what if your programming is wrong and we still don’t know enough about dark matter even though i know some say we do… i say they are wrong.

  36. Redshift sky dude

    Can you make video about Pleiades cluster!!!

  37. Bullets ForTeeth

    I got news for you Anton…. Technically and mathematically… We should not exist either.
    If you look around the galactic neighborhood, its a miracle we are even here at all.

  38. Brian McQuain

    Great video!

  39. sunil s

    Hi Anton, Your visuals are awesome, it would be good if your videos can support Ultra Wide resolutions

  40. highachie my tale

    Dont say flat disk you will confuse flatearthers

  41. eclipse

    the title is dumb as hell
    just say it’s very rare or highly improbable

  42. Russian Bot

    Dark matter cracks or leaks in space time ?

  43. VulpisFoxfire

    What always gets me about these discoveries about distant objects, especially things at an intergalactic scale, is that they are what happened many, many, *many* years ago, Not what is happening now.For all we know, these structures may have long since burnt out and/or collapsed..just the light and other EM info that would tells us that hasn’t reached us yet.

  44. Gregorianeg

    well there might be many reasons… one of them is that the universe might be much older than we think… we don’t have 100% proof of age of the universe.

  45. Northman

    there is no such thing as the big bang just scientists that have a hard time saying “I don’t know”

  46. Matija Perčec

    How dare she?! The nerve of that galaxy.

  47. holylingus

    Dark matter .. the god of the religion called science … the invisible force that guides the destiny of the universe …

  48. Absolute Death

    What happened to your dog Yoda?

  49. Nick Bradshaw

    Dark matter and energy is just the coding framework for the simulation we all live in.

  50. Thuggee

    Could they be from an older part of ithe universe

  51. Scenic Cycling

    When someone tells you, the big bang certainly happened. Reply, the only thing we know with certainty is we know nothing for certain.

  52. Divino da Guia

    Make a video.about the CMB “axis of evil”, Anton.

  53. Divino da Guia

    Make a video.about the CMB “axis of evil”, Anton.

  54. L Dewey

    Love the video animations that you use to help explain your topic. Thanks for your great presentations!

  55. Ruben Avila

    Instant like.

  56. Osmosis Jones

    It’s never aliens but dark Matter is by definition an argument from ignorance

  57. vigorus

    please, wonderful anton, make your videos a little longer. i’m not a big guy and i struggle to keep up sometimes

  58. Gregory Parker

    Wonderful Anton, it’s Wonderful Greg from Vancouver (eh!!!)….. An yong!!!

  59. Hlafordlaes

    👍 Thanks for the daily hard work. Glad I’m not next to you on a factory production line…

  60. FairySox

    OMG, we so need the JWST

  61. David AE Levy

    That galaxy is so beautiful

  62. Typhoon cp

    Is this the perfect moment for a bad joke? Yes

  63. scania123 Scaniewski

    New video, nice btw greatings from poland

  64. LordKellthe1st

    Amazing video! Those simulations are freaking awesome:)

  65. Ascendancy18

    Hey Anton, love your content! Keep up the good work 👍

  66. Russell & Mayra Forever S

    Quantum Inertia explained it.

  67. Danielle Spargo

    amazing, thank you for this video!!

  68. Jonathan Noel

    What was the website with the galaxy simulations?

  69. Stephanie Hendricks

    Always a pleasure! Your narratives make it so much easier to understand the complexity of the universe! I am so happy for your success! Bravo!

  70. Eric Imfeld

    hello wonderful Anton, another great video. how is your dog doing

  71. Revathy Rajagopal

    That is just how the universe is, if something is supposed to exist, it will surprise me

  72. Toby Worth

    Hope everyone is feeling well! Im surprised im awake today

  73. Veggi

    Guess it is possible then :p

  74. Landy

    gg for 500k subs, you deserve them all

  75. MC's Creations

    Fantastic. The more we discover, the more we learn! ❤
    Thanks, Anton! Stay safe, everybody! 🖖😊

  76. Michelle Peacock

    That’s beautiful.

  77. j s

    So let me get this straight, you’re trying to figure out the movement of so called empty space right? seems legit to me it’s right in front of our eyes.

  78. Docta Osiris

    “as a matter of fact” pun intended? 😲 🤣

  79. Mark 7's

    Cool background opening picture! Where can I find that? Would love to hang that on my wall. Nevermind, got it. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  80. Kaarli Makela

    Very cool … such a pretty picture with that universe with all the dust cloud ringed around it.
    Here’s something that keeps coming to mind.
    As to the space of the universe stretching:
    Stretching sounds elastic … might it reach a point where it could bounce or snap back?
    Probably silly … unless it’s at the end and all the cold old black holes are smashed back together! My thought experiments keep going down a rocky track … :p …

  81. Matt Angiono

    Instead of “dark matter” just call it GOD MATTER, and physics can take over the headlines again….
    Just like the “parallel universe” we just found from some “anomalous data”…..
    Interesting video as usual anton!

  82. Martyn Notman

    “The Wolf Disk” sounds a great name for a galaxy. Very Asimov

  83. Joel Traten

    Nothing exists contrary to the laws of nature. Only contrary to our understanding of those laws.

  84. Ol’ Beast

    Love the vids Anton ❤️

  85. Jeff DIxon

    We are all stars. Keep up the awesome channel

  86. Kyle Kissack

    Your killing it with content Anton! love the channel man

  87. tore springare

    Hot milf scenario…sounds great Anton !!!

  88. Mystical Mind Tribe

    The Universe will NEVER fail to delight, puzzle, and surprise us… And we are it’s creation !!!!

  89. Jeff Allen

    I believe the universe is a LOT older than scientists actually think.

  90. Death Dodger

    Sup my dude

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    Half a million subs. Gratz!


    Yoo Anton i wanna sample you saying “hello wonderful person” for one of my beats just need your premission since it’s your voice

  93. 1fotcn

    The universe appears to be self-organizing at the very largest and the very smallest scales. No magic required, just physics. How marvelous it is, and we so lucky to know it!

  94. The DORUK

    *Imagine* if any civilazation has evolved/thrived/existed on that Galaxy, that are still Alive
    They’ld be literal Gods to our civilazation on terms of; well; every aspect

  95. Question Everything

    Not dark matter. Bozon currents.
    Cold theory lol you mean Plasma Universe

  96. Sorcerer Beroll

    Wait so we already have a limited ability to create virtual universes

  97. Chris Bowman

    We must always adjust our theories to reality – we have been stuck for too long clinging to our precious beliefs that don’t comport with the actual truth of nature. Just look at the history of science! We are always discovering fractions of the truth, but are always discovering more. And we’ve only been working with the first four percent!😆

  98. Galactic Cannibl

    Somewhere in an unfathomable sized microscope, A celestial scientist says, “They’re figuring it out, Ted!”

  99. RealityDeviant

    I’d love to live 500 years more to see how much still we have to learn about the universe that created us all.

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