New Study Finds Possible Causes For Earth Ice Ages

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the discovery of the reasons why our planet has periodic ice ages every 100 000 years.

  1. John Ward

    From ice age to mass extinction

  2. ZEUS O.

    It’s not true we have no idea what caused the glacial epoch.
    North and South America joined to change oean currents

  3. Harvey Holloway

    With the amount of videos you put out you must be a machine. Though I will say you must be intelligent, as your content is interesting and informative. How do you manage to put out interesting idea after idea on video after video. How do you not run out?

  4. Marc T

    We know perfectly well what caused the current ice age. It was the massive CO2 drawdown that occurred during the azolla event. The Milanković cycles just modulate the intensity of glaciation, along with some other effects like the cyclic greening and desertification of the Sahara region and the Mediterranean.

  5. Hector Corrales

    well, i really was on to the unsuscribe button, but…. since its april fool i forgive you XD, BTW in my country isn’t April yet.

  6. Ken Nardone

    I enjoy your space & science videos every night, Anton! You explain everything clearly, calmly and in a well organized format. Tonight I treated myself to one of the premium “wonderful person” t-shirts as well as a medium size “wonderful person” pillow. I will use these items this summer when I sleep under the stars at night! Thank you for sharing these valuable & entertaining videos about space & science. Cheers, Ken.

  7. sunmanpatoo

    @4:20 he mentions that at a time of 870,000 years ago, the Earth underwent a warming period. In Vedic literature, the age of Dwapara yuga lasts 864,000 years & is the age just before the current era of kaliyuga which lasts 432,000 years. notice the correlation of the duration of the yugas & how they both add up to the number 9. Also 432,00 is a multiple of 43,200 which is mathematically related to the movement of the solar procession. I say all this to say that if you calculate five thousand years back from today, it will bring you to the beginning of kaliyuga or approx 3200 BCE. add it all up you get 870 thousand years just about. Whenever a new cycle begins, there’s usually great climatic change. Dwapara yuga started about 870,000 years ago. The Vedas are fact, not mythology.

  8. jehl1963

    Anton; I love your videos and appreciate all of the time you put in and enthusiasm when you share the latest papers. But throwing in the comment about man-made global warming was jarring. Science is more than just publishing papers with predictions, as I’m sure that you know. The predictions also have to come true and be repeatable by others — and in the last 30 years of the anthropogenic global warming crusade, the predictions have been pretty much universally wrong. The “Hockey stick” never happened. That is generally a good indicator for discarding a theory — when it doesn’t work. Anyone can look-up and see that the IPCC “consensus” predictions published over the last 30 years have been wrong since the first report was published in 1990. According to that report there should have been about a 1 degree C increase in temperature above the underlying trend of a 0.3 to 0.6 degree C increase over the last year. It didn’t happen. Some dismiss it and point to the shift of the direction of the crusade to anthropogenic climate change, but calling it a different name doesn’t change the fact that all of the predictions of out-of-control human-sourced warming have been wrong. If people want to blame human-kind for a warming climate, first they have statistically disprove the probability of it being something else. The math for doing this is well understood. In the absence of this, it’s just conjunction — not science.

  9. Lexy Thomas

    Now thats alot of farts

  10. cc360

    The only reason Ice Ages happened is because Greta Thunberg wasn’t there to stop them.

  11. Black Hole Generator

    2.5 million years ago snowball earth. Feels weird.

  12. Karm Asutor

    we have to stop this climate change!!!!!!

  13. GlitterJuice

    very important points made in this video. thanks.

  14. Stuart Netherclift

    Hi Anton, enjoy your content a lot. Recommend anyone interested in climate variability to have a look at Dan Britt’s Orbits and Ice Ages YouTube video

  15. Jim Adams

    I have a suspicion that crustal displacement may also have been involved vis the fast mammoth and mastodon extinction. Some form of rotational re-balancing due to an uneven weight distribution of the ice sheets?

  16. Russian Bot

    We are dinosaur 🦖💨👨‍👨‍👧 farts

  17. Casey Todd

    Living in Houston, I for one can’t wait for the next ice age. You mf’ers better not even come at me… 103 degrees with 95% humidity would have anybody clamoring for the next great climate shift. Galveston isn’t really a beach so there ain’t a whole lot to miss.

  18. D Ronillon

    Hi Anton, what causes the change in eccentricity of Earths orbit?

  19. Αλεξανδρος Πατσαλος

    Dinosaurs released a lot of gas 😂😂😂

  20. Brian C

    Yes!! Anton is the epitome of science joy and happiness!

    Hello Wonderful People!!

  21. Malkevin

    Amazing to think that only a couple of the degrees is the difference between Europe being mild or constantly frozen

  22. poncho larpez

    Please look at Ralph Ellis’s study on paleo climate shifts. It’s been out since 2016

  23. chris daffron

    Its hard to believe that a single degree in axis tilt could result in such a change in climate.

  24. Jon Schroeder

    thank you anton

  25. vosstok75

    Very very interesting & I formative, thank you sir.

  26. FatalFist

    The prevailing theory is that with enough fresh water in the ocean, you drive the freezing temperature of the sea up so it freezes more reliably. More ice on the ocean increases reflection and if you could have Antarctica reach the tip of Chile while encircling Earth’s circumference; you would have covered enough of the Earth in ice to create a freezing cascade over the whole planet.

    The truth is, Earth is far away from the Sun that it should be perpetually cold. It’s our geothermal energy that is capturing heat from the Sun and producing it itself.

  27. Farrier

    Gaea is sick!
    She is getting a temperature and producing antibodies.
    It seems her body can tolerate only so many of her human parasites.

  28. skaltura

    Hush! Don’t tell this to climate change religion types, they do not approve anything else than human existence can affect the global climate! ;)

  29. goodgulf13

    The Earth is slowly losing it;s hold on the moon. What happens when the moon wanders away?

  30. wayne nahuy

    If i could start sav i ng the gas im releasing it could power lawn mower of future…but who can we get to mow lawn with it?

  31. Stougje Konijn

    Whaha, you lost me at 2.7 million years ago.

  32. Jason Mark Robertson

    Here i was looking at the older dryas and younger dryas ice core data, only to hear this nonsense.

  33. Tarquin The Rotter

    Anton, it’s pronounced oblickwitty, not oblickEWitty. Just sayin’. :)

  34. Kapt!n Obviouse

    Before we start … I’m going to guess the comets … Volcanos and sun?

  35. Kaneez Fatima Bakhtiari

    Milankovitch cycles precession and obliquity.

  36. Mr McBeardy

    Hi Anton, and greeting from Downunder! Mate, great video as always. I really enjoy the balance you have between cosmos, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and general planet earth information. You’re always incredibly upbeat and a joy to listen to, as well as being thoroughly informative and well-researched (yes, i go and do my own research too after some of your videos lol).
    In this particular video, I was surprised that you didnt touch on the fact that large pockets of Methane have been releasing from the permafrost over the past so many years.
    I feel that there is a correlation between ice ages and large methane build-up (just like you pointed out in regards to the dinosaurs). Although tilt and sun spot activity do play large influential roles in the progression of Earths climatic behaviour, i also think that there is a bit of a self-perpetuating cycle that goes on here on Earth in relation to methane pockets and ice ages/golabal warming process. Almost like a chicken and the egg situation… which i will now explain. Is it possible that global cooling causes methane to become trapped in permafrost over millennia, then as natural greenhouse heating processes take place over eons, it causes permafrost to melt; releasing the large pockets of methane that were trapped in that permafrost. The methane being released into the atmosphere contributing even more to runaway greenhouse warming, which in turn (and in conjunction with solar activity) causes the ocean conveyors to destabilize, and jet streams to change, which inevitably contribute to a proceeding ice age.
    Then it goes through the same cycle over and over.
    One thing that is abuntantly clear on this beautiful big blue planet, is the multitudes of cyclic activity, not only in natural planetary mechanisms, but also in lifeform behaviour.
    Namaste 🙏

  37. Nigel Kennedy

    Dinofarts hahahahahahahaha

  38. workingmans dead44

    well the methane explains why it may be gettn a tad warmer,all the bullsht coming out of the house of reprehensibles(congress).

  39. P.D. S

    the moon is an artificial construct

  40. Wetef

    I read “We may now know why ice ages happen” in the thumbnail as “You may now know why ice ages happens”. And for split second i wondered if the power had gone to poor Antons head. Then my brain started working wonderfully again.

  41. Alan Hutchins

    Could you find a way to show I video that shows the depth of our atmosphere from the earths surface up to approx 60 miles. Weather forming in 3D. Thanks love your stuff

  42. janusz delondre

    have the release of methane clathrates been taken into account?

  43. Naebulys

    Guys the Silurians are confirmed now xD

  44. Jóhanna Guðmundsdóttir

    What about the accelerating expansion of the universe? Isn´t it gonna impact the sun and the climate?

  45. Organon

    Will await your follow up video in 80,000 years, Anton.

  46. Karel Jansens

    When someone starts a video about ice ages by claiming we prolong the interglacial by emitting co2, I immediately stop that video, it being fake science. If that same person does it again, he will lose a subscriber.

  47. Lazarus Zoolander

    Bro everybody already knows its Trump’s fault, just like everything else.
    When the Sun dies it will be his fault to….

  48. elwoodzmake

    Today in Europe it certainly feels like an ice age :)

  49. Mr E

    Hydrogen combustion in the upper atmosphere almost instantaneous compression of the lower atmosphere create ice particles.

  50. Emanuel Patino

    Humans or whatever we evolve into have some serious agricultural obstacles when these high and low climate peaks happen.

  51. Osmosis Jones

    Wonder if there complex chemistry on Hot Jupiters or super puffs .as they evaporate compounds flow out to space

  52. Andre Gulbis

    Weird central artefact in middle of my screen is back….

  53. Angelika Skoroszyn

    Pff. Everyone knows it’s Frost Giants’ fault

  54. Tom Jelinek

    RE: Ice ages and obliquity – you risk confusing cause and effect. Expansion or contraction of polar ice results in weight distribution changes on the earth, which will affect spin, and possibly obliquity. The rest is all speculation.

  55. Miles B

    That’s not a Square, That’s swamp-gas, reflecting off the light of Venus off a weather balloon!

  56. Julien Reszka

    Isn’t this old news?
    My father already studied this when he was young.

  57. Islander2112

    Doesn’t methane oxidize into CO2 and H20 within the atmosphere with so much oxygen?
    Asking for a friend.

  58. Bad Axident

    A lot of variables to consider here. It’s gonna take some thought before I can make a positive suggestion.

  59. Jensen James

    Your titles are always, we may, possibly, could have, might be, new discovery every day. Sometimes you just say BS for a video a day

  60. S34n 7urner

    Wait, you mentioned climate change many times but didn’t have that little info bar link on climate change? How?

  61. Brian Steele

    This is what I thought is happening. It will be interesting when they find exactly what causes the ice age’s on this planet.

  62. W1se0ldg33zer

    Seems like it’s about every other year now where someone has solved what causes ice ages to happen. Dino farts is a new one and that’s really absurd.

  63. WW3 will be lit

    Solved it.
    Manmade climate change.
    12 years left.

  64. Alberts stuff

    Interested to know how the moon moving away from us affects all this 🤔
    I guess the further away it gets, the more the earth will wobble.
    I feel pretty dumb right now 😐

  65. migkillerphantom

    Obliquity doesn’t affect just one hemisphere. More means both get more light in the summer and less in the winter.

  66. The Exoplanets Channel

    Amazing video!
    Btw for those bored in the quarantine, *I recommend you a movie I watched today: “Solaris”.*

  67. Happy Times

    @5:10 what is the source of the chart; what are the horizontal units?

    Bless you Anton. Health and safety for you and yours!

  68. Holistic Researcher

    So the theory is that Dinosaurs were like pigs emitting methane…. Hahaha

  69. ranga rajan

    Yes. Humans are releasing lot of gas recently. claps please. I made a fart joke here.

  70. Phil Michael

    Weather manipulating has been altering any “natural” facts and statistics we are gathering today. When the North Pole blows straight south in winter and the equator spews tropical storms across the entire country aimed directly at the people. Hmmmmm what?

  71. Tim

    amazing content keep up the great content

  72. De Apenhoofd

    But what exactly is new? This has been known for ages.

  73. Triadii Official

    Anton actually reads our comments!
    He acknowledged the tiny magnifying square issue

  74. MC's Creations

    Really, really interesting!


    Hi Anton,
    what do you think about

    Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate

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    Very interesting video, also, I’m early, so that’s good.

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  79. Sergei Garbar

    Where are ww in Milamkovicg cycle – I found nowhere, only historic recoeds.

  80. ZEUS O.

    I didn’t know it was a question for the past 2+million years ago.

  81. ClanBez

    Wanted to comment that there was already a good amount of information on this subject before I watch the video. Not sure if this video will give anything new so I’ll dig in now.

  82. Veldtian1

    It’s like Randall Carson and his fantastic channel ‘Geo Cosmic Rex’ doesn’t even exist.

  83. ConTroller

    Fantastic show Anton. Any research on what the immediate effects of the warming is on bacteria fungi and viruses. Are pandemics going to become a part of daily life?

  84. Lord andrew

    02:33 anyone else see that face in the cloud?

  85. Sad Seal

    2:28 I really enjoyed that square there.

  86. Juan Collazo

    Thanks for the ice age lesson. Have you anton , heard of Randall Carlson? If you have . He too gave this lesson ,but with a lot of detail. 👏

  87. Daniel Lanctot

    Thank you for finally saying we are still in an ice age: I’ve been telling people that for almost 30 years. lol!

  88. k1w1

    The big smile at the end is always infectious.

  89. Erik Martin

    The rulers of this planet want us dead so they’ll kill us off with 🦠

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    Today I learned that the Dinosaur age was more appropriately referred to as the age of flatulence.

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    Anton, update your OS and Graphics Drivers that centre square is disturbing my brain :)

  92. Rob Harwood

    Hey Anton, higher inclination would give more sunlight to the South Pole as well, since the North’s winter is the South’s summer. Higher inclination gives more sunlight to *both* poles.

  93. Christopher Ellis

    Ah, poor Milanković! 🖤
    Changes in eccentricity can be quite perturbing. 🦕🦖

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    Hello.. wonderful Anton this is person. Enjoyed the info.

  95. Farf Agrogarg

    Dinosaur farts caused an ice age.. Anton, your shill is showing. I’ll believe that when they discover dark matter.

  96. Larry Davison

    Milankovitch cycles (Precession, Obliquity, Eccentricity), the ocean gyres that would mix polar and equatorial waters, and continental drift which moves land in the gyres way.

  97. nate k

    Anyone else stare at that little square the whole time? Thanks Anton for teaching me something new everyday.

  98. Mike Laffoon

    The cold in America’s northwest has nothing to do with the Earth’s tilt. My ex-wife had open heart surgery

  99. SpywareEverywhere

    It’s been said many times but life on Earth sure is lucky that we have the moon. For several reasons besides the one mentioned in today’s video.

  100. オカオトコIan

    Ice Ages occur whenever a huge shiny square appears and hovers over the Earth.
    The square reflects so much of the Sun’s energy, that the Earth’s atmosphere cools and allows the ice-caps to grow and progress toward the equator.

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