New Strange White Dwarf That Survived Its Own Supernova

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new discovery of a very strange white dwarf that creates more problems for astronomers than solutions.
Picture credit: ESA, G. Nelemans, find out more about white dwarf here:
Other picture: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick

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  1. Breaux Segreto

    As we strive to understand and learn more… we should realize we truly know nothing, in the grand scheme of things. The more we know, the less we know. Thanks Anton. Cheers- Dr. Breaux

  2. Victis Oof

    So if the universe has a size (pretty sure that it’s a sphere right? Think he made a video on it) then what lies outside the universe?

  3. Seth McFadden


  4. Helder Almeida

    Anton I’ve a feeling the supernova is not explosion but is strong winds like a massive Corona ejection all over the star.

  5. Moebym

    the universe only gets weirder and more wondrous the more we learn about it.

  6. Mike King

    This story is weird on so many levels

  7. Henchman Twenty1

    White Dwarf that survived its own Supernova travelling counterrotational in the galaxy: “You don’t know me. I do my own thing.”

  8. dominant reaper

    I am, and always will suggest your channel to people that like this stuff.

  9. Brad Kemble

    Matter in space is not all the same age. I know why

  10. Rando 416

    So everything we have ever known is false. Interesting…

  11. HoneyBadger Videos

    Robert Downey Jr is a stellar remnant after dolittle

  12. Marcel Forrel

    Anton #1

  13. Monkey King


  14. Johnny skys

    If life started in the universe after the BB then isn’t everything in the universe alive?

  15. Absolute Zero

    Since it is travelling so fast against the galactic flow and it has some evidence it was near a supernova could it have been in a binary system where two white dwarf stars existed and the other one took in enough matter first and went supernova blasting the other out of its system?

  16. Omerita Chiquita


  17. Osmosis Jones

    Lack of phosphorus in space is either evidence against life or evidence for life.
    . if someone is feeding on it and metabolizing on it in space . maybe centuries between feeds going from source to source. I’m thinking microbes but how big can a microbes get in space . little to no gravity restrictions.
    Found that bacteria divided faster in lower gravity. Doe’s that mean super earth have to much gravity for mitosis.
    Or individual cells take investment in themselves. Maybe different ways reproduction even less dense folding of DNA

  18. Duane Dibbley

    allow me to translate, the have no idea what’s going on without invoking explosions or collisions

  19. Bosman Boss

    Scientific wrong again?

  20. pixelpatter01

    Both the extreme velocity and the smattering of heavier elements could be explained if this white dwarf was a star that was orbiting a larger star that had gone supernova after pulling the outer layers off of this star. The scattering of the heavier elements are emitted by the larger star before it went nova or during the nova. The high velocity is from its tight orbit to the star that went nova; when the nova happened the orbiting white dwarf was flung away.

  21. Decurion505

    A stellar hiccup?

  22. Emmet Ray

    Another reminder of how much we don’t know. Our understanding of the universe is still primitive.

  23. Lucifer Mephistophilies

    Now that we know the source of the event that caused it. We can examine its beginnings and what started this chain of events.

  24. Adymn Sani

    Sooo…did Perlmutter just lose his parking spot?

  25. Jake Randolph

    It’s an elder civilization that has awoken.

  26. PoorMans Chemist

    Could have been caused by it colliding with another object?

  27. P4GY


  28. Kevin Richerson

    Perhaps the original star was formed from two red dwarf stars and had two cores that both remained when the star transitioned to a white dwarf and then it went supernova and one of the cores survived.

  29. Blues BX

    Damn. So you’re telling me that this star explodn’t? Bruh thats wild!

  30. erik nelson

    Interesting. Just when we think we understand aspects of the universe an exception presents itself

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    Awesome Anton Great Video Keep You Videos Updated Daily Good 👍👍👍👍😊

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    You shuld have 526.000.000subs by now 😕. Keep going 👌

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    Man proposes.
    Universe disposes!

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    eh magic maybe ??? rofl focus on the email anton .

  36. D. A.

    Being the first in Anton’s videos is like searching for gate 1 at the airport, it doesnt exist. We are all one!

  37. Red Axe Cat

    I studied white dwarf formation and composition for my first thesis and a white dwarf with a mass of 0.2 solar masses seems extraordinarily low for this composition. This is the most interesting news on WD’s in a very long time and I never would have heard about this object had it not been for your channel, since I have switched the focus of my research. Keep it up!

    (Boring/Interesting Correction and Details For Anyone Who Loves White Dwarfs As Much As I Do Below)

    Why this is really interesting
    The smallest possible white dwarf from the evolution of a single star given the age of the universe is around ~0.45 masses of the sun, which would still be made of carbon/oyxgen. Smaller white dwarfs are possible in binaries where one star becomes a white dwarf and strips mass from the other, but for this mass to later transfer back and create a .41 solar mass white dwarf made of heavier elements than carbon and oxygen is very strange. We definitely need to find more of these objects!

    Why WD’s shrink as their mass grows
    White dwarfs shrink in radius as mass increases because the electrons must be confined to a smaller and smaller space in order to supply the degeneracy pressure required to prevent collapse. The upper limit on their mass (Chandrasekhar Limit) exists since as a white dwarf shrinks and increases in mass, more and more electrons must attempt to occupy the same space (forbidden by Pauli Exclusion). The uncertainty principle thus requires that as their position becomes more and more definite their speeds become more and more uncertain, and in the limit as the mass approaches the Ch. limit, “classical” physics tells us they would have v=c, which is of course impossible. Thus once the Ch. limit is crossed, electron degeneracy pressure is no longer sufficient (technically not allowed as the speeds of the electrons would exceed the speed of light), the white dwarf collapses and causes a type 1a supernova. I still think it is safe to use type 1a supernovae as standard candles given that we can confirm that they are indeed 1a supernovae by observing their spectra.

  38. Doug Davis

    If its traveling in a different way that tells me it was ejected or possibly collided. That could have added mass and inertia to do a partial 1a.

  39. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi thank you very much this one is very good!

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    Just bought a wonderful person hoodie whoop whoop

  41. Kelvynnjs

    If a supernova remnant goes supernova is it a super supernova?

  42. jumbonium

    the other elements are not from partial supernova, they’re from nova
    nova happens on the surface of white dwarfs, it’s thermo nuc blasts
    nova happens if a white dwarf suddenly takes a bit more mass than it’s healthy

    this one is actually the cannibalized one
    the eater white dwarf (maybe a neutron star) simply experienced a huge nova event that sent the white dwarf into a tralala direction and the nova gave to the dwite wharf also those rare elements

  43. jumbonium

    anton owns a bunch of quantum elves that know where to search for new wonderful topics, there is no other explanation for that because I’m browsing arxiv like constantly and these topics are simply not there

  44. arno kosterman

    You see the same with more mass is oftenend smaler than less mass😍💟🍀💟
    Zo this one is like water falling down to the ground when it as gas had reseaved inoff to become liquid😍
    To pull down wit the inviormentel plasma.😍
    So now this star is valling back to become more dinamic in a later stages😍🌈💟💫

    Cool you see🛸🌐💟

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    what a legend

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    Stellar remnant² ?

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    You never mentioned anything about Neowise as it was passing through

  49. Andrew Crowe

    New vid woot!

  50. Galaxia7

    ‘Stellar remnant’, I’d call them stellar corpses

  51. Noah Ludford

    So what I’m getting from this is space just got even more dangerous.

  52. Michael Holbrook

    I’m pretty sure I know less than I did before the Video

  53. Tom Gun

    Maybe 2 stars hit each other and a partial supernova was triggered?

  54. Terry Haines

    Supernovae seem to be the rock stars of the Universe. But when I was younger (many decades ago), astronomers talked about how a star could become a nova. Now nobody talks about a nova, it’s all “supernova, supernova!” What happened to the object called a “nova”?

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    The thumbnail looks like Kenny from South Park. (not you Anton, the graphic)

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    At 250 km/s my commute would take about 0.004 seconds.

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    Nice video, Anton. You’re looking tired. Try to get some rest.

  58. Aaron Lowe

    It could have had a heavier partner that disrupted the nova and flung it away from the original system. Oh, just reached 6:36, lets see what they say… hmm pretty close. 😎

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    What a strange-let star 😁

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    I love you Anton …… no homo …. I sware every time I watch a new video from you I just get the urge to play age of empires 2 DE or aHd. Like god damn it ima bout to fall asleep it’s a new vid aaaaannnnnd im playing aoe.

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    2:11 Scientists there all the same brightness,
    Me many years ago, – are you sure about that .

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    Dear Anton, those papers you put in your videos make me blind. It’s because your videos comes at midnight in European time and it’s dark here 😁

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    You‘re a very clever bloke Anton

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    Fantastic. It’s always great when we can question our assumptions! 😃
    Thanks a lot, Anton!!!

  65. Perseverer One

    That’s one tough cookie. Great analysis, by the way.

  66. Al Bixx

    Could it be a three star system and the two closer to each other went supernova the third got kicked out of the system?

  67. Anirban Chakrabarti

    The universe is just weird sometimes lol

  68. David Ragan

    5:49 Dunno why but I get the feeling that it ran into or too close to something and the gravity of it cause it to change course and maybe go prematurely supernova?

  69. Kevin does not fok smash

    How do you come up with these videos and so the research on them everyday? I wouldn’t even know where to start!

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    This isn’t even my final form.

  71. Apex Shinøbi

    Beta White Dwarf: “How…how did you-”

    Chad White Dwarf: *”I’m simply built different”*

  72. Roberto Salas

    I wonder what’s actually hiding in the core of that solar mass! Imagine the possibilities, what if aliens stopped the explosion by harnessing the power from it… 🤔😅

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    “Aluminium”!? You’re losing your Canada-ness, good sir.

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    Hi, Anton!!!! I am a big fan of you since 2018!!! Only 4 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days ago, on March 20th, 2020, I got my own account. I was on my brother’s account lol. Great video, thank you so much!!!! I love you!!!! Keep it up with the great content!!!!

  75. Erin D.

    Anton, you should watch Suspicious Observers. They discuss what’s going on with this star.

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    Waiting your content daily is one of the best parts of the day. Thanks Anton

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    Wonderful white dwarf survivor

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    Not gonna lie, I was wondering what happened to you. I stopped seeing your videos in the news feed. Glad I Subscribed!

    Thank you for your content

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    Wow… Just think it survives one of the most violent phenomenon in the universe just insane to think about the how 😆

  80. Holden Robbins

    More common than we were taught. Stars have nova all the time.

  81. Emanuel Petre

    Sounds like another nail in the coffin of dark energy

  82. bigeman88dj

    Anton teaches me more in 13 minutes then any teacher could in a lifetime…

  83. Doc Holiday

    With respect,

    Type 1a explode from the inside out, leaving no remnant, ever.

    Since most stars form in pairs or 3s the likely explanation is a companion star exploded, sending a stripped white dwarf off into the cosmos.

    No heavy metals is proof that it did not supernova.

    The progenitors for type 1a are not heavy white dwarfs approaching the chandrasekhar limit. They are polar white dwarfs like AN Ursae Majoris B.

    Of course, being human, I could be wrong.

    PS Anton rocks!!

  84. David Gray

    It seems like every day something unpredicted is discovered in space.

  85. Naturenerd1000

    Wow that’s crazy!

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    What is the website where Anton gets his information? I know he’s mentioned it before but I don’t want to go digging through video after video.

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    This guy is great. He makes great videos, which teach me facts that I dont learn in school. He posts every other day which takes time. Keep up the great work Anton!

  88. Joseph Knurek

    you should really watch suspicious observers if you dont. there are many novas, including minor ones where the stars survive no problem everyone else is just figuring it out, but its been known for years. ya many types of supernovas, means all their distance estimates are just that, best estimate with our current state of limited knowledge. lol

  89. Squirrel ASMR

    That stable channel thing sounds so cool

  90. Armstrong Earth Being's,

    Can’t make that stuff up…

    Oh wait, this is scientific data you’re reading.

  91. James McDonald

    So in the 2x WD scenario, one of the partners finished early and the other went out for a “walk”.


  92. Melodra

    its just a glitch it will be patched in the next update

  93. Victor Bruant

    I thought stars that are massive enough to explode in a supernova would turn into Neutron Stars or Black Holes instead of White Dwarves?

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    Do not go gentle into that good night,
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    Finding objects previously unknown is so exciting.
    I look forward to finding out more as the research continues.
    Thanks Anton.

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    it’s like that song, “I’m my own grandpa”

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    “Star Remnant”, a sophist and nice way to say “star corpse”.

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    So basically it ejected all the stuff that was just hanging on to it.

    It got a divorce! Good for that little guy.

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