New Star Spins So Fast, Its Shape Changed Into a Disc

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a newly discovered record holder for the fastest spinning star in the galaxy.

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  1. Mike Cunning

    Great. Now we have the foundation for a flat earth.

  2. oOo

    Thanks for your episodes… now in the Coronavirus times… closed at home…. in italy… i view this episodes and for this time my mind not think to “problems”….

  3. DreamBoat31

    Hello anton any information about zombie star on you’re channel please let me know thanks😀😀😀😀

  4. Bathysphere

    Really cool stuff!

  5. LolGamez

    If such a star became a black hole, how fast would it spin? 🤔

  6. Mohammad Bahathir Hashim

    Flat earther may very happy with this finding. Now they have proof of flat stars :)

  7. Random Weaboo

    flat earthers: Thats smoking gun evidence!!

  8. Tau ceti

    But regulus,a fast spinning star, companion is a white Dwarf so it never went supernova.

  9. Forcebane

    Flat star theory confirmed? xD

  10. Bolshevik Cosmonaut

    Broke: Flat Earth
    Woke: Flat star

  11. Kanye Kubrick

    This star could go from Ottawa to Toronto in the second. That’s insane

  12. damedesmontagnes


  13. Janusha

    What about the fastest spinning star in our solar system

  14. Vaxtin

    You’re almost always out of focus in your little corner.

  15. SoGravvy Productions

    The equator spins faster than the rest of the Earth? How sway?

  16. Danilo Briz

    If you speed up planets orbits around the sun like mad, the solar system would look like a atom.
    It’s just a time scale perpective.

  17. Matt Weiss

    How do they determine the spin of stars?

  18. E 10

    Let guess me…

    You got all that information
    With just 24 hours
    Who did you sent to investigate
    Which crew ship??

    Next day your not gonna see it anymore..

  19. Nick Moore

    That star is T H I C C

  20. EPIC 201367065

    Either there’s some weird relativistic stuff happening at 3:40 or your GPU clocks are too high.

  21. Keith Douglass

    hi Anton. great info. just think of all the things to discover at far distance galaxies. Keith Australia

  22. pfuisi

    Thanks for the explanation Anton

  23. Dubby

    How fast could a star like our sun spin before it starts to fall apart?

  24. primoroy

    I’m not fat! I’m spinning really fast! 🤣

  25. trex nierobus

    i want but tshirt with your face on it.. saying.. hello wonderful earthlings, i pay double !!!

  26. asharn. y. gee

    Sounds like they way it’s spinning it’s putting disco into discovery

  27. AdamosDad

    The fastest spinning star so far found.

  28. Ỻucid

    gravity doesnt decrease, the centrifugal force is just over powering it

  29. The Unblinking Eye

    Bring back the pug!

  30. Nicholas Stroganoff

    You need to distinguish rotational speed from linear speed and explain their relationship.

  31. Nd Sempai

    Can we actually see start from other galaxies?

  32. thisisn'tmyrealname

    Imagine if it collapsed gravitationally. the spin speed would accelerate to a ludicrous degree.

  33. Andy Hellier

    It may have , we believe , it’s the usual is there actually a pic of this star

  34. Drab L Tuber

    That means the Earth is spinning twice as fast then.🧐

  35. annakeye

    I’ve always thought of you as pretty damned wonderful, but at 8:29 you become adorably so. Thanks for another great episode.

  36. MyDog Brian

    – All this information makes my mind spin.

  37. Nicholas Ward

    Hello wonderful person. Thank you for your videos

  38. Stephen Samuel

    So the star is spinning at about 20 times the escape velocity on Earth.

  39. sparkynm156

    Put a record player needle on it and I bet we hear Ronnie James DIO m/

  40. Dave Crupel

    Im blueballed.
    I thought you were going to show something spinning at 80%C or something like that.

  41. Nidhogg

    That s how a star would look, if someone threw it very hard like a baseball :D

  42. Sander vd Donk

    I learned so much from this channel…

  43. Happy Camper

    Couldn’t we use these forces(extreme spin) to send satalites into deep space, faster?

  44. Over Goddess Washu

    so when do we get the star into a torus next? XD

  45. LCmcpherson Mcpherson

    Ohnos flat earthers are going to eat this up 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Tyberius

    Keep up the great content with that huge brain of yours. Stay safe.

  47. One Sec

    Destroy it!!! Overzealous spinning is an insult to Anton, the god of Oops and Sorry.

  48. Simon Sozzi

    I thought it was censored! 🤬🤭👍

  49. j j

    My mate Jay can spin faster than that on his head

  50. Francois Leveille

    It’s the fastest spinning star we have discovered yet…

  51. Cindy

    The flat sun theory! Awesome. I’m going to be a big hit at parties now.

  52. Gary Fenske

    So has anyone thought that black holes, internally, may be spin at the speed of light, as a 2 dimensional object?

  53. Kartikey Sagar

    For a moment I thought this was another episode by GrayStillPlays

  54. Michele Wiltz

    Hi I just down loaded space engine 0.980 how do I use it ? seems confusing atm . have I down loaded the correct unit to brows the universe thanks

  55. Aziz Siddiqui

    Spinning Speedy Gonzales.

  56. Old Crow

    You’re amazing.
    What fun!

  57. Sean Brennan

    Always very interesting anton. Hello from the u.s. everyone.stay safe and dont get or spread the wuhan flu!

  58. Robert Trotter

    So does it actually lessen or is it just the factors balance?…
    Thank you for the post/subject in any case.

  59. david fasterer

    I’ve got a Hubble pic of this star I gleaned from a project….

  60. Torrey Kramer

    Liked the video while the intro ad was still playing. Love all your videos Anton. Keep up the good work.

  61. CoolBreeze640

    Would be interesting to learn how the fast rotation speed affects frame dragging.

  62. Teemu Järvenpää

    Man space stuff is amazing. Wish i was smart enough to work with this kind of science.

  63. schnitzelboy251

    Great brain-food, Anton! Thanks for the vids!

  64. Victoria A Beeching

    Got excited for a minute there, thought you were going to tell us about a new theory for creating solar systems, as opposed to rocks banging into each other and sticking together.

  65. Ortherner

    When your so big that a day of 48 Hours makes you become an oval.

  66. Richard Shane

    Fast moving ‘ mass ‘
    creates rotating ‘ mass ‘

    Faster mass in motion faster mass rotation

    Do all charged particle reality behave similar?

    ??? Faster the mass moving, faster the mass rotation???

  67. halburd1

    lovely. and when it splits apart and chunks fly off into space it will act like a fragmentation grenade. hope none comes our way

  68. Ina Elle

    Thank you Anton for the effort you put forward in your videos…I really like watching your “spin” on this topic, 😁

  69. Ammaar Mufti

    “And welcome to a demand”

  70. Blake Lonsdale-Cook

    Comment for algorithm, though I guess I’ll add this was an interesting topic

  71. Robin Chesterfield

    ACHERNAR: I is the fast-spinning star! Gaze upon my egg-ness!
    NEWLY DISCOVERED STAR : Hold my disk.

  72. depth386

    Reminds me of the picture of a dog wagging it’s tail with text “Have you ever been so happy you turned into a peacock?”

  73. Alina Almasan

    Yes!!! I’m a wonderful person.

  74. Max Leon

    Why aren’t you talking about the C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) comet that literally is almost near the Earth? That is probably the blue KACHINA comet from old stories
    Почему вы не говорите о приблежающийся комете C/2019 Y4?

  75. MC Peko

    Love your show. One question on the quality though: Is the cam you’re using on yourself extremely lo-res, or just always out of focus?

  76. Bird Man

    Hey baby, you know you’re a star because you have relatively large massive partners. ;)

  77. Darren Teoh

    Well, I guess we have found where the flat earthers came from. I always knew they can’t be from the same planet as us. They are something else, and now it’s proven! 😆😂🤣😱

  78. HellsGrimTyrant

    Thank you for all of the interesting and informative videos mate. I love your channel. Keep up the great work!

  79. MC's Creations

    Talking about dizziness… 😬

  80. Engin Atik

    Cosmic spinners have relatively large partners? And they are runaway stars? And they don’t last very long? Say no more: Same familiar sad story everywhere in the universe.

  81. Damalia Marsi

    3:36 that star has more spin than CNN and I didn’t think that was possible, Very impressive.,

  82. Aurinkohirvi

    Talking about dangerous missiles: runaway fast neutron stars.

  83. DME EMD

    Wow! That is FAST!!! God I love this channel, EVERY DAY epic science information 😊😊😁🤘🏻

    …and 120,000+ mph..WOWOWOW

  84. ItzSolution

    Out of curiosity, how come pulsars aren’t being stretched out due to how fast the star is spinning unlike these stars?

    Or am I just uninformed and pulsars are spinning ovals too?

  85. MrRABC1

    I find rotational dynamics really interesting. The sheer forces involved in large spinning bodies are quite mind boggling.

  86. The Danish GSM Channel Henrik Buitenhuis

    Thats crazy and I was just thinking that I was fast on my bikecycle…..well I don’t think that anymore….lol….Thanks again for the video .

  87. Denis Manciu

    The star : I am speed

  88. Clutchyfinger

    Its just sonic doing a spindash

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    Do you even sleep? Me neither so thanks for the updates!

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    You spin me round, round, baby…

  91. Carpe Diem Arts

    Eases my vivid-19 anxiety when I again am reminded of the scope of the universe and our place in it.

  92. PplsChampion

    8:24 that shirt better still smell like Anton by the time it gets to me!

  93. Horus raising Phoenix

    You know the rules, Anton, you have yell “Rasen-Shuriken!” every time you use that image.

  94. Henchman Twenty1

    The physics are just dizzying to comprehend.

  95. Ahmed Syed

    Runaway star, hmmm maybe the other star was asking for long term commitment.

  96. Junior Quick

    One day, we will find stars that rotate so fast that they start to resemble green beans.

  97. Poodleinacan

    “I’m telling you. This new star turned itself into a disc! A disc! Funniest shit I’ve ever seen!”

  98. Jack Jones

    “The fastest spinning star”….that we’ve discovered so far.

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    I’d rather have an Amazon Anton than an Amazon Alexa.

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