New Problem With The Expansion of the Universe – It’s Not Uniform

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the new discovery that suggests we may have been wrong about the way the universe is expanding.

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  1. Rild Silverlok

    As I’ve said before on this platform ( youtube ); Lorentz did his transformations as an example of the udder absurdity of assigning inertia to pure vacuum or “nothingness”( remember inertia is a property of mass) . If its ‘nothing’ it can’t have inertia ( thus cannot be expanding ) and if it’s something then it’s inertia ( however infinitesimally small ) must have some CONSTANT interaction with light and some interaction with both general relativity ( and even if frame dragging is a thing , I think it would happen thousands or millions of times faster than currently predicted ) , and special relativity.
    TL;DR the current theory is space is expanding but is also completely transparent to light, and ignores any Quantum, or sub-planack level interactions : All of those cannot be true at the same time

  2. Robert macek

    Very good video Anton.. ! I was always thinking about model we have and established that it can’t be 100% precise. Very interesting..

  3. tokyo

    Anton, please remove the intro graphics, thx

  4. Seekerone D

    Scientists know nothing of our Sun. Study the Sun first. Please review Dr Pierre Robatailles ” Sky Scholar ” channel for simple basic knowledge regarding the Sun, Emission spectra, Structure and CMB.

  5. Sorrz

    oh boy more talk about the space and place

  6. Sam Harper

    Just when we think we know something. . .

  7. John Liller

    Well, this is what happens when you throw all your eggs into the gravity centric universe basket. The weakest fundamental force. Controls the entire universe. How about considering the strongest fundamental force? Electromagnetism?

    TL;DR: Tesla is right. . .

  8. Nelson Bonaldo

    Is there any equivalency between the speed of the expansion and the region where the cold spot is located in the cmb? Or even the great attactor?

  9. Aydın Bolat

    actually counter: 24

  10. Succubus Chan

    NOOOOOO! How could we have been _wrong?_

  11. Steve Krahn

    Anton, if the Friedmann equation for the expansion of the universe uses time as a variable, does the variation of time due to proximity of mass gravity alter the expansion of space in large voids compared to galaxy clusters?

  12. A Lineage of Dragons

    I would like to hear something about the great Dipole Repeller

  13. thought criminal

    wait.. so they thought the universe was expanding equally everywhere? I’d never considered that theory. I always assumed spacetime expands at different rates like time dialiation. Voids creating the most spacetime where time moves the slowest because it is expanding the fastest.

  14. pogan1983

    What if there is a true centre of the expansion and we are off-set?

  15. Alex Bowman

    Anyone involved in dark matter research ought to find something real to study.

  16. David Wishengrad

    been saying this for years….yes frame dragging seems right

  17. Jannibal Barcas

    That “relatively accurate map of discrepancy” is almost the same as the Cosmic Microwave Background map, what is the difference?

  18. BuildingCenter

    The problems with inflation and expansion just keep getting bigger . . .


    Hello, Wonderful Persons!

  19. El Guiñolo

    Well, the background radiation is not uniform, so no wonder the universe itself is not perfectly smooth.

  20. David Payton

    during the creation of the cmb, the energy released was very high and reasonably uniform.. over time this has dissipated some and the medium outside the universe has pushed back some. (lol not scientific advice, please dyor)

  21. Thomas Chrombly

    es•o•ter•ic ĕs″ə-tĕr′ĭk►
    adj. Intended for or understood by only a small group, especially one with specialized knowledge or interests: synonym: mysterious.
    adj. Relating to or being a small group with specialized knowledge or interests.

  22. Stuart MacLean

    Excellent!!! Fantastic News. I’ll add it to my list. Yours Stuart MacLean, Progenitor of The Big Bang Hypernova Hypothesis. =D

  23. BEBAY

    Hello wonderful Anton, This is Person.

  24. EyeDreamMellowDees

    when my 1st grade teacher in 1959 said to the class
    “the Universe is the same everywhere”
    I said “I don’t believe it”
    Then I was made to stand in the hallway.
    Help me care about cosmology again…

  25. Eddie Edmunds

    so following on from this discovery it could be calculated where our galaxy, the Milky Way, lies in relation to the centre of the universe. Maybe??

  26. ArmyOfAll

    Science! the dedicated pursuit of more questions as answers.

  27. DR.NEGA

    i picture the universe like vessels flows on dark surface bellow that galaxies does not want to fall into …dark void bellow

  28. Vinay N

    I won’t lose any sleep over this new.

  29. wms72

    I think the Universe is actually spiraling, revolving

  30. Dakota Dad

    so what does this mean for the theory that the universe is speeding up? which they always thought it was slowing or keeping a constant expansion until as of recently, so this theory cannot be true everywhere if it’s different speeds in different locations

  31. ParaNorm Show

    I’ve seen a number of strong postulations regarding dark matter being gravitons and dark energy bring anti-gravitons. Of course such things are swapping names for things we don’t understand yet which is kind of fruitless.

    One of the hardest phrases to spit out in these fields of study is “I don’t know”.

  32. J. Imel

    So, we are more like a mote floating in the ocean.

  33. 75hilmar

    Do you know the “Yeah, no sh*t honey!” vine?

  34. Joseph Paul Duffey

    Hi, Anton, I really recommend looking at some of the 15-sphere/15d models of quantum mechanics, gravity, and big bangs. These can integrate within classic 26 d bodonic string theory. That’s important IMHO because that introduces a golden mean based cubing of spheres on a higher dimensional analog. If correct, IMHO, the expansion and contraction is ultimately bubble like with seeds, bangs, and cooling within that cubed sphere dynamic, ultimately nesting within the leech lattice.

  35. IAT1964

    What does “relatively accurate” mean?

  36. John Muir

    I bet some part are expanding, and some parts are contracting, like eddies in an infinite cosmic river

  37. Minato420

    4 minutes ago? I’ve only been this early to a video like 3times

  38. Lancemus Blanco

    Gravity influences the speed of everything.

  39. Kevin Street

    Does anybody know which video was about “Dark Flow” and some sort of attractor from beyond the visible universe? I found the video on the Great Attractor, but it sounds like Anton is referring to a later video than that.

  40. Bongani

    Welcome back Wonderful person ❤

  41. Tritun

    We are within a gravitation lens to someone’s perspective somewhere else in the universe.

  42. Cymoon RBACpro

    Hello wonderful person, everything you have said, so far Has been wrong!

  43. Papa Crow

    Alan Watts knew that in 1960s :)))) The Universe is just running away from our investigating it. And The Universe is The Body of God.

  44. Igor Kyriakin

    Good stuff. So some indication of the universe spinning then. That moves things along a bit.

  45. Ivan

    Can someone explain me in which direction are WE expanding?

    Why we look at things like we are in the center?

  46. mccloysong

    Damn, Anton, you sure do some detailed research. Impressive.

  47. them DUCKS gotta vote

    A dipole repellent? That sounds like a white hole or a suddenly missing SMBH. Then again… (insert facts here)

  48. Wayne The Seine

    Your endings with a nice smile and wave are always uplifting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and hard work.

  49. 2000wires gamming

    I don’t see this as a problem, we’re just finding out more about the universe

  50. Antichrys

    Unscientific irreverent interpretation:

    Scientists just accidentally tried to answer the question,

    “Do these galaxy clusters make the universe’s butt look big?”

  51. manmadegod100

    Not being able to explain something is not a problem. It’s an opportunity

  52. Stefan Hensel

    Thank you, Anton, for keeping us on track about bleeding edge science! There have been so many exciting discoveries lately that we well may stand at a door towards a revolution in particle and astrophysics, like a hundred years ago.

  53. Alex Bowman

    Perhaps the combined effects of multiple masses warping space bends space outwards making it fall apart.

  54. jason morgan

    I always said a stars speed of light differs so the whole” this explosion I’m looking at happened millions of years ago “is balogni .! Ejecti from the center of the Galaxy could in theory hit us in minutes!!! And probably already has many times but way slower. 🤔🤔🤔

  55. JRR31984

    8:30. What’s funny is that the images that you’re showing looks like an eye and a ear. :) (far reaching, I know)

  56. Howard Gardiner

    Maybe there’s hydrogen atoms messing with the speed of light.

  57. Jonathan Ryals

    There’s always the possibility there are other “big bangs” or centralized/spent universal masses “out there” in the great beyond. It could be other masses tugging or pushing back against our expansion.

  58. OmegaVideoGameGod

    Awesome job Anton you’re amazing :D

  59. Black Hole Generator

    Maybe you get different results when you look at an image of the state a system was in from millions and millions of years ago that is ever changing, moving and merging as if all is one static image based on of which of courses you totally can make super accurate predictions for all systems in the present. When in reality it all is a process no static image.

  60. Kameron Briggs

    “anyways this whatever gravitational attractor thing” —> thats me as an intellectual too, lol.

  61. sorses

    Very exciting stuff, thanks for always being the first person to talk about this kind of stuff. Even if you aren’t always right.

  62. Jay Dawg

    i’ve been thinking theres a problem with ‘our redshift’ interpretations … and laniakea videos show galaxies flowing toward ever greater numbers of galaxies , kinda like water flowing from mountain tops to rivers and ever larger rivers and finally the ocean … gravity being like cosmic valleys produced by galactic mass …. i see the cosmic web as condensation of mass/ matter and not a universe coming apart as ‘dark energy theorists’ want to show… and at some point in the beginning the universe as a very large hydrogen gas cloud slowly condensing into matter ‘cosmic web’ we see today … ….hopefully Webb will answer some questions if or when it goes up…

  63. rommelfcc

    Gravitational eddie’s
    Space flows like a gravitational river

  64. Micheal Ray

    “We’ve” more like “mainstream scientific community”

  65. DR.NEGA

    The dark side of the universe is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural

  66. Charlls Quarra

    RIP to the Cosmological Constant 1915-2020

    Write F to pay respect

  67. gogibo66

    I love how every other video is debunking yesterdays science facts.

  68. Russell Dodd

    The more I learn, I realize the less I know.

  69. Danny Dazzler

    I’m really glad to hear this. Opens things up for so many new possibilities, the big bang is really a depressing story.

  70. Osmosis Jones

    If fison can’t happen in nature. Why hasn’t the universe ran out of hydrogen

  71. Joe Incognito

    Some of the best content on YouTube. Thank you, Anton.

  72. Neither Here Nor There

    I love this guy.. He’s somewhere between a stereotypical Russian bad guy, cartoon character and narrator.. either way.. he’s a great!

  73. Vince Klortho

    Anton, you should end the next video you do on this by having a graphic of the cosmic explosion with you, in cool shades, walking in slow motion toward the camera!

  74. Steven truthbetold

    Absolutely love this channel. Amazing work buddy. Keep it up.

  75. august rzf

    Tbh Most likley we are wrong about almost everything

  76. Nocholas

    I remember expressing this very idea to my dad when i was 17. Fortherecord, the universe will end in a crunch. Modern science has not revealed the dramatic changes that the laws of physics will undergo over the next several eons.

  77. Aaron Csóka

    New Problem with Language: It’s not Grammar

    As above, so below or whatever, lol 😂

  78. N. Butyl Lithium

    Last time i was this early atoms hadn’t been formed yet

  79. mandandi

    The universe expansion calculations are in a pickle now.

  80. Dakota Dad

    And just like I always say, just when we think we know something as humans, shows how much we don’t know. I love science, and this changes everything, I hope they come out with more info on this, thanks for vids

  81. ares106

    Oh man, more dark stuff.

  82. MC's Creations

    Fantastic. We’re finally able to start to question our assumptions. That’s something amazing, that can confirm a lot of things and change our knowledge about many other things!
    Who knows, maybe the universe spins. The future is going to be fun! 😊
    Stay safe Anton and everybody! 🖖😊

  83. Carl Jones

    “Hoping for an error or mistake.” So much for the big bang, dark energy/matter. It is like the assumption of constants. So much dogma in the funding pot.

  84. hey man

    This will be explained away and new particles created to make the math “work”, as usual.

  85. ImaGiraffe

    what if the big bang was just azathoth going to sleep, and the fact the universe is not uniform is just him experiencing sleep arousals

  86. 8 ball181 Hand

    “Not peer reviewed” you should lead with that Mr. Anton.

    -wonderful person

  87. TacShooter

    I wonder if scientists ever give up at moments like this and start chain-smoking weed instead.

  88. The Unblinking Eye

    Actually when you find something you can’t explain, that’s a _good_ thing. That means we missed something, and new discoveries await.

  89. AltGrendel

    Everything was everywhere at once.

  90. StarGate Atlantis11

    “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ― Socrates. The more we learn about the universe, the more we realize how little we know! The more things change, the more they remain the same. (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr).

  91. Greybeard

    We’ll just create another “dark” something to explain it and move on.

  92. Fred Glaeser

    “…all human science, is but a passing fable.”
    Herman Melville (1819-1891)

  93. PhilW222

    Interesting stuff – I’ve thought for a long time that we have have quite a lot wrong about cosmology.

  94. diGritz1

    ” It’s not the same everywhere”
    And we live smack dab in the middle of Dog patch.

  95. TacShooter

    We’re gonna need a bigger computer…

  96. Dylan Jones

    Many of the great scientific breakthroughs begin not with “Eureka” but with “Now that’s funny…”
    I forgot where I read that, but it seems applicable here.

  97. Joel Traten

    Nothing happens in contradiction to the laws of nature. Only in contradiction to our understanding of those laws.

  98. ArchEnema 67

    Balloon manufacturers everywhere are shocked by this revelation.

  99. Unknown Filmmaker

    “We may have been wrong … ” should actually always be, “We are probably wrong about a great many things.” Anyway, keep up the great work.

  100. MasterDep

    “I look at the comments and all I find is philosophical quotes.”

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