New Predictions On When The Solar System Completely Disintegrates

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the new study that identified the approximate time it will take for the solar system to completely disintegrate.
My apologies for the sound problems with this video.

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    why dis the thumbnail change like three times?

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    I have a difficult time getting excited about this. . . and truly wonder whether the time and money being spent on it could not be better allocated. . .

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  4. diGritz1

    This estimate is way off. My calculations put the end on Dec. 31, 11:59 2020

  5. KoldCerealKiller

    When the sun begins to become a red giant, it will push all the planets away from it. It will change the planets’ orbits instead of swallowing the three terrestrial bodies.

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    Kinda forgot the collisions between the Triangulum galaxy and Andromeda in those chances of encounter equations.

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    But with billions or trillions of rogue planets, what about our sun capturing some? This must be included

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    What about the possibility of the sun capturing a rogue planet?

  17. MC's Creations

    Unfortunately most of the times it’s really difficult to make simulations when you’re working in something like that. Even more in times like this when the universities are all closed. 😕
    Anyway… I hope someone picks this study and makes more simulations in the future.

  18. Little ol lad

    Somewhere in a distance galaxy
    An alien teacher teaching a class
    “Here… inside this galaxy , this tiny cloud was a remnant of solar system, was a home of aliens called themself homan”

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    Thanks for all the work you do.

  20. Almeda Riddle

    Shit, dolphins will have independently invented spaceflight by the time 5 billion years rolls around.

  21. Ryan Herst

    If other stars pass nearby our Solar System every ~20M yrs, and we can’t predict planetary motion beyond ~10M yrs due to n-body problem, how can we assume with any confidence at all what the solar system looked like before than 10M yrs ago?

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    Top priority: Find a red dwarf that has is being ejected from the galaxy that also has a habitable planet…. And settle THERE!

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    Considering that the average life span of a species is only 10,000,000 years, we won’t get to worry, or see the end of the Solar system.

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    I thought this was going to be about dark energy and the big rip. Not wanting to throw any shade on your cheery assessment, but when is the great ripola going to start tearing everyone’s clothes off?

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    Sun may lose its planets… but it may get better ones.

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    If we expect the solar system will turn into rogue planets how come the solar systems that seeded the galaxy with heavy elements haven’t flung planets through our system?

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    When Will The Solar System Completely Disintegrate?
    When Lord Darth Sidious drives by in his Death Star and laser beams all the planets.

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    it ends when you no longer have buddies!

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    You guys ready for science to hit a wall? Science will let you all down. Want to know the end, we have the book of Revelation.

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    So what are we going to do for the next hundred billion years while we wait to find out?

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    Thank you, Anton. What an interesting discussion. Forgive me if I refuse to worry about it. Anything beyond two or three paydays is beyond my interest at this point in my life. LOL

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    Just think. When you die, whether your buried or cremated, you will eventually be thrown in a hot fire. (When the sun swallows earth) lol

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    Long story short, 2020 december 31.

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    4 billion years from now be like: Dec 27, 4000002020

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    What would push the planets outwards when the Sun expands? I can understand the opposite move, caused by the drag from the expanded Sun’s atmosphere.

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    More than likely our own sun would pick up a few rogue planets over such a large span of time.

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    That first time you see a planet straight out of the solar system in Universe Sandbox is a real eye opener.

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    Love all your insights, these doomsday explorations are so depressing though, unsubscribing for a while as I saw so many asteroid hitting earth and end of the world videos that sucked

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    1:59 how’s it “a bit of a misnomer”? It is a full blown misnomer.

  67. Mark Lee

    It is relevant to assign risk factors to the end of our star’s lifecycle, but that will likely occur well after Earth itself suffers a catastrophic impact from one or more asteroid collisions. It has happened before. It will happen again. The odds of this posing a contemporary threat to our civilization are more likely than the threat of our Star reaching the end of life. Literally. It will happen before the sun goes EOL.

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    How long is the estimated expansion time before it sloughs off its skin and becomes a white dwarf?

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    The sad part is, I won’t be around for a definitive answer to these questions…

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    Isn’t it possible that something like that has already happened? if we had our sun getting too close to another system and stealing a planet or two from it? and/or having our planets’ orbits bumped around a lot?

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    Cool info, to bad the calculator wont the able to show us and be like” i freaking told you” everything will be gone about then!

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    Scientists: this is an amazing opportunity to study

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