New Measurement of Andromeda Galaxy Size Suggest Gigantic Halo

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that identifies the precise structure and shape of the humongous galactic halo of the Andromeda galaxy

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  1. Francois Leveille

    At 4:28 and 5:42, you can very briefly see the ‘extra stuff’ is mostly located in a very thin disc around the center of the galaxy.

  2. Richard Weeden

    I wish I was born a few million years in the future, when Andromeda shines as bright as the moon in the sky, What an awesome sight that would be.
    Edit: probably billions rather than millions

  3. vivec the not false god

    Wow, that’s big.

  4. Piotr

    Simeis 147 nebula is few Moons wide, like really huge :)

  5. Peter Toth

    How would this newly discovered halo of baryonic matter effect gravity, and the question of “dark matter” existance?

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    1:24 BTW: Rio de Janeiro showing in the southeast of Brazil right there, the city where i come from. It’s pretty illuminated seeing it from space, wow! Sao Paulo even more.

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    Please do a video on the Urantia Book Master Universe Model!

  19. ErikJ Reddington

    What does this mean for dark matter? Is there enough matter there now around so the spinning speeds are possible?

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    Really interesting!!! 😃

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    I very much appreciate your efforts to provide us with science news! Keep it up, my friend!

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    imagine the view from those starsystems :)

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  27. Niklas Starow

    “We are going to build a wall against this foreign galaxy and the Andromedans will pay for it.”

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    I thought it was 3.75 billion light years away. Either time flies really fast or there’s been some improvements with the meseurment.

    (that’s what she said)

  32. Junior Ranklin

    Incredible… makes me wonder how big our milkyway galaxy truely is? How big is our halo?

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  36. JC DFFOO

    I read an article recently that said the halo around Andromeda Galaxy stretches about 1.3 million LY and its already touching our own Milky Way halo! Incredible!

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    Nice Job! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  39. Denis Tyrant

    What’s scary is that the halo that points 1.3 million light years away from the Andromeda is only half way to our galaxy. So that means that the other half of the halo is likely 1.3 million light years. So it’s very likely our halo could be the same size which I believe the study mentioned.

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    Is it because it is traveling towards us at an alarmingly quick pace?

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    Oh man… I still remember what it was like to download a 1-bit RLE encoded picture on a 300 baud modem off the gopher network back in the late 80s/early 90s. You shouldn’t complain. ;)

  45. Antaxtic II

    in conclusion, andromeda is a 3-c THICCC

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    Where I live I can only see Andromeda with the naked eye of I don’t look directly at it. 🤔

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    I was just looking at Andromeda through my scope last night, always incredible every time I observe it!

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    I remember when you made a video around 6-8 months ago or so that scientists were reporting based on dark matter found its actually Milky way that can be as much as twice the massive than Andromeda

    Lol scientists never gets tired of trolling us

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    “What is Halo, anyway?”

    Halo is a weapon!

  80. Henry Warwick

    Imagine you live on a planet around a sun midway between Milky Way and Andromeda. Then you figure out Andromeda is heading toward you and will sweep you up as it collides with Milky way. But in the mean time, you have a fabulous view of two great galaxies. Awesome.

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