New Interesting Explanation on The Origin of ‘Oumuamua

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that suggests ‘Oumuamua may have been a strange hydrogen ice object.

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  1. Mitchell Geier

    Thanks as always Anton. Imagine if we could study an object from a time before stars.

  2. TheReady500


  3. Boris Be loud us

    Oumoamoa looks like a coffin

  4. LostGecko

    The rotating bit is for some kind of self-induced gravitation effect: the artificial gravity for their occupants inside. We human have been thinking of that for decades. Here it is for real. 👽

  5. l i t t l e l u l u

    God flushed the toilet, it’s a giant space turd

  6. The Program Show

    Actually really cool?

  7. Jakob Friedrich

    amazing! this may explain every single abnormal characteristic of oumuamua. interstellar origin, acceleration, low density, no coma observed, weird shape… we need to look for that hydrogen coma!

  8. Susan Doerr

    nemesis maturity on utube

  9. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi I am sorry to say Oumuamua is an space ship in abandon, my information is 100% so that is all I have to say about the subject.

  10. Barbaryotaku

    It has become a ritual for us. Anton proceds to draw a pentagram in blood and chant incantations.

  11. Filip Hájek

    Hi from czech republic :)

  12. dave schulz

    It looks like the monolith from Kubricks sci-fi masterpiece 2001 a Space Odyssey.

  13. Mike Provost

    Any one else here ever read “Ice Limit”..? :)

  14. mu99ins


  15. John Rettig

    I said it back in 2017 .
    And I’ll say it again .

    Galactus didn’t make it to the nearest gas station after his last meal .

  16. Shadow Heart

    ‘oumuamua I’ve come to bargain.

  17. Bruno Milano

    Maybe the tunguska event may have been caused by an object similar to Oumuamua

  18. pink hot acid boots

    7:32 anton says it’s remnants of extreme ancient galaxy
    8:20 anton says it’s only hundreds of millions of years old🤔

  19. Dennis Bækgaard

    Hello wonderful oumuamua, this is person

  20. H.P Lovecat

    You used degrees when speaking in Kelvin. How dare you.

  21. Richard Sleep

    Wow that sounds really plausible and interesting, thanks Anton.

  22. Humanity and Conflicts

    This is plausible. It would also contain some helium, deuterium and lithium and trace elements of higher order according to galaxy background radiation interaction over time (according to Eric Lerner).

  23. Galactic Cannibl

    A Celestial lost a fidget spinner

  24. Andre Gulbis


  25. bernard langham

    that’s actually the best explanation i’ve heard yet. until the next one… :D

  26. Retslien

    No “Hello wonderful person”? Are you getting new shirts or something?
    Other than that, another great episode! Thanks!

  27. Kieran Mackessy

    Delighted I found this channel

  28. Fomalhaut

    Stupid Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. I looked up ‘Oumuamua just yesterday. Where were you when I needed you most, Anton!?!

  29. Thomas Chrombly

    Oumuamua looks like a long pointy rock that broke apart from a larger mass during a collision. A shard.
    It was never that exciting to me. I definitely never considered it to be a sail of alien design. Its just an odd shaped rock to me.

  30. WhackBytch

    It was my spaceship coming back for me but they couldn’t stop so now I’m stuck here ☹️

  31. Browns Backer

    Your channel is awesome. In this day when science and truth are under attack, it’s wonderful to have a haven of sanity, truth, and facts….and the reality that as evidence is found, theories and what we thought were facts can change…not based on how we feel things should be, but because we have the ability to think and accept the concept that we all can learn new things!!!! Keep up the great work!

  32. Alberts stuff

    It doesn’t look very jagged, like I expected. 👍🏻

  33. Wayne Shirey

    Super video. Thanks, Anton.

  34. Nathan Halicki

    I have to place him on x1.5 speed.

  35. Dr.Green Thumb

    Thx dude for vid;-)

  36. wait until 2024

    I want you to know that you are liked and appreciated by many and personally I tell people apart mostly by how they move the muscles in their faces
    And I can also tell some good chunk of the charakter by that as well -and personally when I see you you ‘spark joy in me’ 😂
    I have to admit I tend to forget you for a few month at a time (I tend to change my phones ect) but when I find you again I always binge watch your video or binge listen – meaning putting my phone somewhere and multi-task some work and workout ect
    I don’t like to listen to music when I train so this is great for doing things in the house, workout, reading, being creative ect
    these kind of videos are sometimes rare and you are a prime example of what it means to give a consistent viewing experience
    Thank you

  37. Sidney raboflatz

    Launched from an alien civilization to plunge into our sun……

  38. Paul Williams

    It was Rama, -and we missed it. :(

  39. Mr Wolsy

    Arc shaped, swings though space like boomerang?

  40. Susan Doerr

    where we get our cosmic viruses

  41. Visual_Vexing

    This is literally a pretty cool hypothesis

  42. György Mohl

    Imagine if we somehow sent a probe after it, and it melted away before we reached it… All the news headlines were about “aliens went into hyperspace to escape from our probe”

  43. ツDempseyDaPro

    Love your videos. Found you a week ago and been watching all your videos

  44. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    This word is pain to my ears lol Ahooooo ahooooah ahooooooo ma

  45. CleanerBen

    The magnificent space turd’s origin is in the very bowels of the universe’s mystery

  46. Padmanabh

    Thanos’s Cigar, Macross SDF-1, Dolza’s fleet …no? 😂

  47. Juiceboxdan72

    Such a handsome fellow. Such cool content.

  48. Osmosis Jones

    The ice models. It would explode soap actually get flatter and rounder

  49. Dylan T

    Could the jwst see this when its operational?

  50. Robert Natiello

    450 light years away an Alien lobs a rock at us. You missed me silly Alien!

  51. I hope You're offended

    Thank you! 😷👍

  52. LuckyLucyHi

    Darryl Seligman (one of the authors of the paper) did an interview with John Michael Godier on the Event Horizon channel this week which is worth listening to.

  53. Mark Sinclair

    Anyone is here after viewing event horizons Recent video :D

  54. Nigon Kouk

    No Wonderful Person today aye’ :[) LoL

  55. Vibrator !

    Nice “duh!” moment – the simplest, most abundant material, at the lowest temperature, with the lowest inertia (angular and linear), under high vapour pressure..

  56. Stanimir Ivanov

    Its an alien ship. And its spining in reason to make some gravity.

  57. Pete Cornhill

    Enjoyed this one! Very interesting

  58. Steve Dolesch

    I bet it will change in a month. :)

  59. Chris P

    Hello wonderful treasure, Anton!

  60. Hunter Kreger

    Been watching for about a week now. Love the vids. Keep it up.

  61. Dan Casey

    Just want to say great channel, full of interesting and well presented information!

  62. Christian Martinez

    Woah! Well the fact it’s so rare is so awesome!

  63. SinistaN

    its a giant alien turd floating around, thats my theory

  64. amykreilly

    A N T O N is my Oumuamua! thank you wonderful hominid

  65. Alex Muldrow

    I remember seeing it with my own eyes the night it came

  66. Checo Beeper

    sounds like a fairly ad hoc explanation.

  67. Sebastian Price

    Damn that be long.

  68. Charles Achurch

    Sublimely sublimating.

  69. Matthew Turkmen

    Hello, beautiful person ;)

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    I was hoping you could help me. I ordered 2 of your teespring shirts and only received 1. I’ve emailed both manufacturers and shippers 3 times each with no luck. I just really want the shirt!

  71. Serif

    Hydrogen ice really seems like the best explanation yet. Thank you so much for making these great videos, Anton. You are the best source by far for high quality, fast, and frequent updates on the frontiers of science.

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  73. MrDoodle 44

    I’m still waiting for the arrival of the giant fan!

  74. sally-ann Williams

    It’s a fish with ribs and all. First image, amazing Anton.

  75. JTinATL

    It’s the Doomsday Machine from Star Trek

  76. Effat Siddiqui

    ‘Oumuamua was one of many astroids from our neighboring star systems.

  77. JulianFlaco 85

    Boy this is so interesting i been watching you sence 1 year before you have change you intro

  78. Ethan C.

    This is scary. I just watched a video about Omuhamuha

  79. The DORUK

    The Ritual of *summoning* Exterrestrial Civilazations towards to Earth for the 2020 Grand Finalle!

  80. Vermiliontea

    – Nonsense! 🥴 It’s an ancient alien space ship drifting through space forever. Godknows how old.

  81. THE SUZZ

    hello wonderful people!!!! I’ll say it for him hehe

  82. Litivious Spartus

    I thought about this real hard until my brain hurt and I came to the conclusion that it is a giant long rock.

  83. David M

    Changing direction?
    “Hey, the earthlings are on to us! Let’s head the other way!” 😜

  84. Dusty L

    What about our solar system passing it

  85. Hortensia delosSantos

    Very interesting, but I’d rather believe it is the probe featured in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. 🤔

  86. Alex De Visscher

    Very interesting! This is the first explanation for ‘Oumuamua that I find more plausible than aliens.

  87. Lux Jasper

    I was really startled by the video starting without Anton saying “Hello Wonderful Person”

  88. Artur

    I am a simple man, I see Anton, I press like!

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    WHAT?!!! No “Hello Wonderful Person”? Sadness.

  90. virkez010

    *gasp* He didn’t welcome wonderful persons today! Proof that it was, in fact, an alien spacecraft.

  91. Osmosis Jones

    Oumomah looks like shadow a Russian Mars prob sew before it suddenly went offline

  92. Javier Perez Tejerina

    What about “Hello wonderfull person”?? You OK Anton?

  93. Tachiro Akisu

    ANTON! My man, I was silently hoping you would cover this one! So glad to see it. Thanks again. Your show has become a regular part of my life. Please keep up the great work!

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    For me Anton is something I believe in. Wonderful person!

  96. MCMLXV

    Hello wonderful Anton. Do you also watch John Michael Godier’s “Event Horizon”?
    He just did an interview with Darryl Seligman, the author of that paper.
    Good stuff! <3

  97. Jeralis Boi :D

    Oumuamua: Hah hydrogen ice go brrrr

  98. infinateU

    How FAST was Omuamua going??? Is this why the “ice dog” managed to survive its close in counter with our STAR?

  99. Bassotronics

    When Anton does not say “Hello Wonderful Person”, then you know he had a bad day.

  100. Skoper

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