New Earth Sized Planet Found by Listening to Radio Signals

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new amazing way of finding exoplanets by investigating the radio emissions coming from various aurora emitted by planets.
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    What really blows my mind is the fact that Jupiter emits more light in the X-ray range than does our sun due to the synchrotron radiation happening between Io and Jupiter’s poles!
    I was a radar technician in the Navy. There is an awful lot of information that one can glean from the processing of received radio signals.
    As an aside, isn’t language a funny thing. A radar mile is a measure of time yet a light year is a measure of distance. (For English anyways, not sure about other languages).

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    One interesting thing that this technique enables, is to measure the speed the planet rotates around itself using the harmonic oscillations in the signal: If the planet is tidally locked then the signal between the planet and the star is in sync and no such oscillations are expected, but if it rotates around itself then it is like a rotor in an induction machine (one of the greatest discoveries of Tesla) and we should not only expect such oscillations but even be able to calculate its rotation speed by them. So we can finally know for sure if the Trappist planets are tidally locked or not, if proxima b is tidally locked or not.. Well, don’t set your hopes high, its pretty sure they are tidally locked. But still.

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