New Discoveries From the Nearest Brown Dwarf Luhman 16

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries coming from the nearest brown dwarf system to us – Luhman 16.


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  1. David Compton

    Anton, if we can only see them in infrared, how do we know if they are beautiful?

  2. D H

    So this is not a video about Danny Devito with a tan… shucks

  3. bdsingletary

    Spike lee

  4. The Raging Storm

    Wouldn’t it be possible to kickstart the browndwarf into producing fusion and becoming a star?

  5. Steven Pilling

    Are there any hints of satellites around either object?

  6. Toby Worth

    Hello!! I hope everyone is feeling well today:) please remember to take care of yourselves, youre all worth it and you deserve a treat

  7. Canon Wright

    Could you smash these two brown dwarfs together and see if they become a star? If not, I wonder how many Brown Dwarfs would we have to smash together to make one???

  8. primoroy

    Wouldn’t a stable brown dwarf be more hospitable to life in nearby planets than flaring red dwarfs?

  9. BigCat


  10. Thomas Chrombly

    That brown dwarf looks suspiciously orange…

  11. Stan Burton

    How far apart are their orbits? Would there be enough mass to form an actual star if the two were to merge?

  12. Frisbieinstein

    Brown dwarfs in the Pleiades are young enough to be visible.

  13. Lucid State

    Has anybody looked into NASA astronomy and considered it to be an idiolgy rather than correct?

    All these theory’s for flickers of light edited into something that can’t actually be seen?

    Not even by NASA?

    They do state with all they show that their images are tarted up to an understanding.

    A little like putting lipstick on a ghost and calling her Francis

  14. Chris O

    Isn’t it obvious, the universe is teaming with life.

  15. El Guiñolo

    You don’t say “Brown dwarf”, you say “Size challenged Person of Color”.

  16. Paul Brown

    Jupiter was probably a failed star and was also probably hot billions of years ago.

  17. Mr Ben

    Do brown dwarfs produce enough heat to have an orbit in a habitable zone? Could there be liquid water on a planet orbiting a brown dwarf at a correct distance? If so, is there enough visible light to support plant life as we know it, or would a plant analog have to harvest energy from the infra red? If a human was transported to such a planet would they be in near complete darkness with only starlight to illuminate their surroundings, or do brown dwarfs put off enough visible light to navigate?

  18. The Infidel

    so are they Stars or Planets? The melting point of silicates is around 1200 C …so the surface should be solid but is not?

  19. Visual_Vexing

    Brown dwarfs have the characteristics I’d expect from a star somehow encased by an advanced civilization, for example in a matrioshka brain.
    Does anyone know how we could tell that they are actually natural objects?

  20. Kenos Entity

    cheers anton

  21. Boris Be loud us

    I imagine brown dwarfs are made when binary or trinary proto stars eject their partner instead of merging into massive stars. Look for nearby red dwarf stars as the culprits for the loss of mass

  22. mikejones3rfs

    Brown drawfs are so cooool!!!!

  23. ThaRealUnknown

    Daily star posted an article yesterday about Nasa and the discovery of a possible parallel universe to ours, i am very curious on what any input you would have on it. can i get help and upvote this so Anton sees it?

  24. Grant Jarvis

    Good video 👍

  25. CE

    hi anton!

  26. Bruce Jenner

    my thought is, how much crap is in the middle of space? and how can a half light speed ship not bash into all the crap out their?

  27. Tom Mohnasky

    James Webb what?

  28. Manj Sher

    I’ve got limited data, but not for Antov

  29. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    one of my fav objects

  30. Bo

    raining ROCKS? 🤕

  31. Brookdweller CDA

    Any update from Richard Muller at JPL on our Sun’s binary partner, Nemesis, the black dwarf?

  32. Ovi Haliuc

    New webcam?

  33. Duke Jet

    What about our sun’s twin?? This is a binary system

  34. Joshua Rodriguez

    Getter the pressure an gravity greater the heat

  35. Tat2dude _419

    5 thumbs up and
    No views. Weeeeird!! Lol

  36. David Levesque

    With that star heading for our solar system( to occur millions of years from now). Maybe these two will light up. Of course it probably won’t be enough warning time. But we could view it as an example of one.
    At the rogue star heads our way, other stars and brown dwarfs, should be pyrotechnicking away.
    An idea.
    Good luck

  37. Aurinkohirvi

    Venus is the goddess of love. Of course it is the hottest and the brightest planet we have.

  38. Martha Newsome

    I wonder what would happen if they collided?

  39. Haim Ben Avraham

    It will be interesting to find water moons near these objects. May contain life. All that area between 4 and 6.5 light years, might become our habitat in the future. Our ‘ tropical’ interstellar paradise.

  40. A OK

    Raining rocks ? LOL that’s a good one !

  41. Philipp Marx

    A Starnet😂

  42. Gregg Weber

    Sounds like Jupiter’s Big Red Spot is temporary.

  43. jr ch.

    BEWARE 👀

  44. Gregory Parker

    A Hot Jupiter?…..forgive me if someone else has mentioned it.

  45. Eric Wood

    Have exoplanets been discovered orbiting a brown dwarf? Is that possible?

  46. nobudy call

    James webb… loading….

  47. Nicolas Kuschnir

    Do brown dwarfs have planets/moons?

  48. Aj C

    I wonder if one of them will ever been named Gary Coleman?

  49. May the Schwarz be with y

    What would the habitable zone be on a brown dwarf? Could there be life on theoretical moons?

  50. Pretentious Bear

    Thanks for not click baiting too hard on this one.

  51. belstar

    James webb hype!!!!!

  52. Jim Cochran

    Have astronomers been able to tell if Luhman 16 has a magnetosphere or not?

  53. BeauBeau Kitty

    Makes you wonder Gravity Wise How dangerous could these Fe-iron high burnt down Brown Dwarfs be. How close is too close for a no chance at return trip?

  54. Encode Decode

    G where are the heavy years

  55. Ken Paulsen

    “…eight times younger than our sun…” (?) What does that mean? Does that mean 1/8th the age of our sun?

  56. Robert Emmons

    Your link to Universe Sandbox 2 displays an Amazon page showing the program is “Currently Unavailable”, and has been saying that for quite a while.

  57. M.P. Oliver

    Anton, your channel very unique and valuable compared to the great number of others…

  58. M N

    This is super interesting and cool

  59. James Hurley

    Hmm the difference could also be caused by orbiting satellites of heavy density.

  60. Frankie Anderson

    Brown’s dwarves are cool but I’m bigger fan of Red Dwarf.

  61. Stephanie Hand

    Hi i just want to say, next year if everything goes right JAMES WEBB


    Luv luv luv your documentaries Anton , such a good narrator okay 🤓

  63. tajnesh

    You may have had this question before. If we look at how Venus, if Venus was the size Jupiter would it become a brown dwarf or not?

  64. michael El

    The planets are and were called gods. Can’t wait to see our sun micro Nova even if it kills 80% of the planet savages. These are great times. I can’t wait to see what happens next on cosmic level. 😍😍😍

  65. Mazerguru

    Thx again Anton, your vid’s are always worth a watch, keep it up m8.

  66. Rastrman TheSeer

    Aha! We’re getting ready to discover our sun’s binary twin! Probably another brown dwarf, but more massive than these two. Cheers.

  67. M.P. Oliver

    Someone please, harness me one of these Brown Dwarfs and I’ll pay COD, OK? Must have one…

  68. Jari Haukilahti

    Shoudn’t this place be a perfect destination for a laser beamed solarsail since any life has not started yet eg no aliens of any kind or sort.

  69. artkaboom

    Thanks Anton interesting as always! Maybe consider this, Earth is full of life, what if an entire planet is alive, even if not one entity then perhaps a spherical colony with others close and not so close. Something like the mysterious brown dwarfs… I like it. copyright!

  70. Drumchef hubdad

    Thank for all the great contwnt Anton, and thanks for not treating us like we are 2 years old. Some of us understand quite a bit and we don’t like people like Brian Greene, who thinks everyone including scientists and especially women who talks down to everyone. I’ve learned quota a bit from you and it is much appreciated.

  71. Matkat Music

    That Teespring link leads to an empty store.

  72. Blackhorizon

    NASA scientists detect parallel universe ‘next to ours’ where time runs backwards

  73. Ecktor

    I ended up reading it as _Le Human._
    So… No aliens, huh? 🙁

  74. N Marbletoe

    I suppose there’s a size of dwarf that creates it’s own habitable zone… itself ?!?!!

  75. Marrethiel

    Imagine the life on these planets.

  76. Upcycle Electronics

    Just wait, I bet one of these two has a large planet orbiting it closely. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Just like Earth and Venus.
    The Moon is our great filter…IMO

  77. Yan Digilov

    Anton, you mentioned a few episodes ago that there might exist poles to the universe, as a whole. Can you do a video on that?

  78. SciFacts S

    Random Fact

    A full NASA space suit costs $12,000,000

  79. Jacob Allred

    Where I Live. That I can see the space station almost every night. Well, it’s interesting to see the space station hanging up there all the time.

  80. Frisbieinstein

    What’s so mysterious about their creation? Gravity.

  81. Galaxy05

    I haven’t been so early in like… never…

  82. white jesus

    I created brown dwarfs backwards in time by declaring them to existence as dark stars

  83. MC's Creations

    Pretty interesting, Anton! Thanks a lot! 😊
    Stay safe, everybody! 🖖😊

  84. Sidney raboflatz

    It’s cold outside
    Theres no kind of atmosphere
    I’m all alone, more or less
    Let me fly, far away from here
    Fun Fun Fun, in the Sun Sun Sun

    Wait, thats Red Dwarf

  85. onehit pick

    We should be focusing all energy on finding and getting a detailed view of the birth of a star in all available spectra.

  86. Kris Grauel

    I look forward to the discovery of planets around brown dwarfs.

  87. Louis Anthes

    Any analysis of brown dwarf moons and how they might be affected by the energy received from the host?

  88. Undeviated

    I smile back at Anton when he says bye bye at the end.

  89. clement kayina

    Imagine hitting an invisible mass while traveling in space

  90. Southern Gothic

    Rocking the facial hair :) I like it at least. Love the daily uploads

  91. john david Collins

    Thanks for your daily updates, I’m not in a situation to support your patreo but I appreciate your daily updates

  92. Kyles Isler

    I’ve been binge watching all your videos today. Keep up the awesomeness!

  93. GB MN

    I met Kevin Luhman, he works at Penn State, great guy. He pronounces it Lumen, like the light unit, hth.

  94. ConTroller

    Is it logical to assume that if these two brown dwarfs collide we could see a miniature Nova on a birth of a star?

  95. Rover Dover

    The Brown Dwarf was named after the scientist who discovered it. Hmmm, never pictured dwarfs as astronomers. Not with them living under mountains and all.

  96. Michael Hafer

    So cool that my old professor Kevin Luhman discovered this

  97. Jason Webb

    From the time I got out of college to now, it feels like astrophysics isn’t what I learned. Lol. This is a good thing no matter how I feel about it. Kinda like when I was taught in school that dinosaurs looked more like iguanas and alligators than what they are teaching now. I was taught that they were cold blooded hair less and definitely not any feathers on them. Lol. My grandson was telling me that dinosaurs had feathers and it is very possible that they were warm blooded. I told my son that I could have gone the rest of my life believing that the dinosaurs were very large lizards.
    So when I get phone calls from my old colleagues and them telling me that everything has changed. I have never felt more useless than I have in the last 30yrs.
    Keep learning and I hope that one day before I kill over, I will be able to understand gravity better that Newton and Einstein ever did. But I am not going to hold my breath. 🖖live long and prosper.

  98. Wiglev Clamor

    My nightly routine: Open the channel, press “Alle wiedergeben” (play all videos), select shuffle, watch the first video, turn off the screen and listen to the rest while falling asleep.

  99. Matija Perčec

    Brown dwarf.. never encountered one of those in all my years of playing D&D.

  100. Kris Grauel

    Five Jupiter masses of difference could be very significant.

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