New Discoveries From Pluto Suggest Huge Collision and an Ocean

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  1. Second Coming Of Bast

    A 93 mile deep liquid ocean almost definitely has to have life of some kind. I’m also interested in what exactly it’s core is made of and how big it is, to say nothing of whether that core was the asteroid that slammed into it.

  2. mpetersen6

    Oceans? Oceans! Surf’s Up!

  3. Bo

    some scientists regretting demoting pluto right about now.

  4. Osmosis Jones

    I wonder if the super Earth’s or Planets that make Jupiter look like Pluto are actually smaller and mass detected include moons and or rings. Or dust and water and asteroids in proximity. Maybe even artificial sattlities.
    How they detect a plants density is it’s pull on other planets in the system but moons would also pull on as well.
    I hear a Jupiter like planet with a Neptune like moon

    Could a warm Minni Neptune have an Earth like moon

  5. Lennel Arnold

    Eris might have an ice ocean too like Pluto. Orcus as well.

  6. Vincent Pellegrino

    I agree. Make Pluto a planet again.

  7. Ummer Farooq

    Bose-einstein condensate meteorite collision impacts.

  8. proton2020

    Bothers me Patrick Moore never got to see Pluto.
    If anyone in history deserved to see it it be him.


    i would love to see the biochemical soups all these ice shell ocean worlds have made. also would like to figure out the interior pressure and temps and depths… i doubt they have a molten core, but if they have a rocky core and there is some temperture gradient to get a convection system going, i kind of imagine something like a cavern like ocean with all kinds of interesting terrain. but unless we go big budget with space programs and wrestle with some serious engineering challenges, we may not know much of anything about their interiors in my life time. if the interior environments are like earth’s ocean, and not overly toxic, alkaline, or acidic, future generations may even be able to colonize such worlds, and if they are any of those things… that would be a hell of a thing to discover, on par with finding out Venus was not a 85 degree swamp planet and then try to figure out how/why that happened.

  10. The Drunken Troll

    I would buy a “what da math” tee …just sayin

  11. rubberduck3y6

    Astronomers’ explanation for any unexplained planetary feature always seems to be a collision.

  12. delta_reg

    Thanks for the video! Pluto fascinates me and I hope to live long enough to see the results of a follow up mission dedicated to the world.

  13. trf12567

    Pluto is still a planet. I don’t care what they say.

  14. DneilB007

    Astronomy: a field where an adjective (dwarf) is more important than a noun (planet).

  15. Tusharv shandilya

    Its always be a planet for me.,..

  16. anthonyshenfield

    Interesting ~ but I’m very sceptical that there would be sufficient heating from radioactive decay and gravitational flexing to keep any subsurface ocean of water from freezing very solidly

  17. Yahu Nanach

    Thanks I just ordered 2 wonderful person t-shirts for my son and I
    All the best to You Anton and all your viewers

  18. Ronin0087 -

    So, love your channel but FYI: the intro music doesn’t really match the style of your video’s imo. However all the best!

  19. Pete Randall

    Your videos are always fascinating; invariably well presented; and the visuals are just amazing. Keep up the great work, wonderful person! ❤️

  20. Fuck You Google

    Yuggoth is a beautiful place.

  21. Bill Fletcher

    Sputnik Venezia looks to me less of a heart formation and more like our man Pluto got a surprise lap-dance from a portly vaudeville diva.

  22. Bjorn Hiep

    Great video as Always, many thanks wonderfull person.

  23. Kevin Street

    Thank you for another great video!

  24. Haim Ashkenazi

    Thank you Anton. It is always a pleasure to listen to you.

  25. Keefer P

    Hello Wonderful ANTON! Do you have a channel where you teach some/all of the concepts you chat about?

    You’re usually interpreting & presenting someone else’s papers & ideas, but I’m curious to know what you’d teach us
    if you had a channel as a professor of physics, math, and astronomy, etc… I can imagine you’d have a lot of happy students!

  26. Kyle Kissack

    Thanks Anton as always.. love from America best to you and Yoda their bro👊👍

  27. L0rd_of_Hollows

    only Anton is nice enough to say beautiful wonderful person in actual conversation

  28. hairy leg dairy milk

    This was a great video.

  29. Edward Manookian

    Hi! I have space engine too! But the free version tho

  30. Bruno Rivest

    So interesting! Thx again for all those videos, and so well explained.

  31. The Old Khajiit

    Yees Pluto is still the ninth!!
    Thank you for the great video!

  32. David MacPhee

    Wow such an amazing video Anton. The New Horizons mission is an incredible success. Pluto is so far away. Thank you for helping us have such a good look at this complex system.

  33. Philip Edwards

    Do you know of software that might model surface collisions on liquid or semi-liquid spheres? I’ve been wondering about it for at least a decade.

  34. Pete Randall

    Your videos are always fascinating; invariably well presented; and the visuals are just amazing. Keep up the great work, wonderful person! ❤️

  35. Jerry Miller

    Ironic that some of the future space exploration craft will actually be submarines.

  36. Dennis de Jong

    Sorry for having an wild imagination. But at 3:00 I see an fish head and to the left of it an eye watching me from the deep core of this beautifull object.

  37. Dan Cleary

    Anton, A silly question… How can we take such bright (and detailed) pictures of Pluto when it is so far away from the sun? Isn’t space pretty much pitch black at those distances? Maybe UV only? Just wondering. Thanks, Dan

  38. Osmosis Jones

    Could a warm . Minny Neptune have an Earth like moon. Not Jupiter like planets. Neptune like planets..
    And how did George know gas planets could be in the habitable zone.
    Yavin Basin Endor. At the time gas planets that code would Been said impossible. I wonder how. Space experts who dismissed stars planets . Something that can happen in real life reacted at Discovery of hot Jupiters

  39. Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi thank very much, yes Pluto is still a planet. I do not care what a bunch of nick head in a room say.

  40. D1agram

    If it looks perfectly round from far, and perfectly flat from on the surface…
    it’s a planet.

  41. BlintXO

    this dude genuinely makes the best videos on youtube

  42. Astara St Germaine

    I am amazed with the mysterious and beautiful planet and see and hear more why it’s the planet of Transformation in astrology. Mind boggling.

  43. Almike 581

    Almost 5 years already! Good lord! I was 14 years old at the time now 18 almost 19.

  44. Osmosis Jones

    Can a small moon like size of Ganymede. Sized have a thick atmosphere.
    Provided by mother planet.
    . A super puffs would be to hot though.
    . Also what about a planet with larger moon. Farther out and it protects from asteroids much better then our moon

  45. elvolvasky69

    Pluto is still a planet in my hearth

  46. Eman Name

    Pluto and it’s aquatic underworld..

  47. Oliver Von arx

    To me pluto will always be a planet of our sol system. Very interesting news!! Yes, send another mission there asap please!! 👌

  48. Lauw

    In my heart, Pluto will always be a planet, even though my brain knows it isn’t.

  49. Mongo Hampshire

    Pluto is STILL a planet, and so is Eris! All Hail Eris! What’s that Cthulu Regio?!

  50. TOMAS

    ” W H A T ??? ” Pluto not a planet ?? Say it ain’t so , Joe ! PS ! You got the intro music , volume just right finally !

  51. Orion 59

    Pluto was promoted from the “last” planet to the FIRST Dwarf Planet!
    New Horizons should’ve be equipped with a probe to send down to do constant observations.

  52. thedrinkerful

    i paused at 6:07 and came back in about 30min and my fatass tought there was flying doughnuts behind anton lol

  53. lalaplant 89

    to me pluto will always be in planet family
    ps love pluto

  54. Christian

    Can you do a video about the “SN2016aps” supernova? Allegedly it lasted for like 6 times longer than an average supernova. Thanks for your videos!

  55. mappyhappychappy

    Pluto and Eris are honorary planets. Their greater size than the rest of the rabble, at the very least, grants them that.

  56. The DORUK

    It appears as potentially immense Habitats that are suitable for life is *literally* everywhere

  57. annakeye

    Thanks Anton. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into sharing this information with us. Many people hold real affection for Pluto, so it’s great to hear that there’s new stuff being discovered and speculated on. It seems water is a significant compound throughout our solar system, and possibly the galaxy. This bodes well for finding extra terrestrial life. And, I for one, welcome our wet.., oh nevermind.

  58. Richard Martin

    The question we are all asking is did they find the mass effect relay under Charon?

  59. Ben Gordon

    Thanks Anton, as ever!

  60. Ninfreak95

    Anyone who has played Mass Effect knows where this is going.

  61. Declan 6914

    Still a planet.

    A beautiful binary dwarf planet. I plan on skiing down Norgay and Hillary Montes in 20 years from now. I’m taking bookings.

  62. Ian Grant

    Hi Anton. You maybe should add the word Pluto to your description template? :-)

  63. Worse Than You

    Pluto is still a planet in the God-emperor’s eyes you heretic.

    Btw I’m referencing warhammer 40k for the heretics that haven’t figured it out.

  64. Man of Culture

    Among planetologist Pluto is still a planet. Astronomers are just a bunch of poo poo heads.

  65. Colonel Panic

    The only discovery I want to hear about Pluto is the discovery of a Mass Relay nearby.

  66. Orion’s Universe

    A vesta-like asteroid could make Pluto’s interior molten ice.

  67. Logan P E

    I’m a self taught mechanical engineer with allot of practical experience. To me, a massive collision seemed to explain Pluto’s features. Really cool to find out I might’ve been correct. I’m not bragging, I’m certainly not a real scientist. Thanks Anton, I really enjoy your content 👋🏻😁.

  68. hector pardo

    He talks like an airplane pilot!

  69. jason mcfarland

    He keeps calling the spot ,”the heart of pluto”. But come on. . . It looks exactly like the Disney dog (pluto). Not a heart. Its Pluto on Pluto.. . WOW lmfao. . .

  70. the blitz

    All of your vids are great. 👏

  71. Malachi186282

    There are some of us who grew up at a time when Pluto was still a planet inside the orbit of Neptune! ;-)

  72. Harsh Parekh

    Anton: This beautiful heart shape…

    Me: That is a ballsack.

  73. Chris P

    Hello wonderful person! 😂

  74. OlSkunGun PS4

    Researching space is a great hobby – it feels like jumping into a canyon and falling down from eternity.

  75. Space Pony

    Pluto is still a Planet. A Dwarf Planet.

  76. Jimbeaux

    Ocean? Atmosphere? Five times the moons we have? Its a planet!

  77. Raphael Nano

    There’s a new discovery of a star that makes wonderful videos on YouTube and its name is wonderful Anton

  78. Jim Schuler

    That would be a dwarf huge collision and a dwarf large ocean.

  79. Eamon Ahern

    In the time from when it was discovered to when it was downgraded Pluto had completed less than a third (30.65%) of its orbit. That’s an interesting fact some people might not have known.

  80. Lestat Angel

    I don’t know about everybody else but I would so go live there.

  81. Pedro Kantor

    A dwarf planet is still a planet. And the Pluto is a lot more interesting then Mercury, that’s for sure.

  82. Max R

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  83. NightBazaar

    According to Jerry Smith, Pluto… is a planet.

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  85. Veronica Stewart

    Pluto will always be a planet to me.

  86. Doug K

    You produce one or two videos everyday. Your eyes are in papers in-between. Thanks, love your work.

  87. Just Vienna

    Makes you wonder what other wacky amazing shit might lie on other Dwarf planets that we only have 240p monochrome images of

    Hopefully we find out before I’m dead

  88. RikuTheOne

    I feel like Europa has a promising Habitable underice ocean. Its very possible because of recent signs of water vaper exsploding into the atmosphere

  89. ] ginock [

    Hello wonderful Anton.

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  92. Colleen Forrest

    By Astronomical definition: Not a Planet.
    By Planetary Geology definition: a Planet
    By layman’s terms: a planet

    2 out of 3 wins!

  93. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Pluto is an honorary planet no matter what anyone says. Thank you sir.

  94. 1000 subs 0 vids?

    I don’t like the label “extraterrestrial marine life”, I prefer the name “liquid stranger”

  95. Krumple Themal

    Pluto: “Okay fine, demote me, dont call me a planet, I’ll just be more interesting then..”

  96. Dagger's POV

    Hard to believe it’s been 5 years.

  97. Ina Anja Kossowska

    Pluto, baby, don’t listen to these bullies, you always gonna be a planet to me😉!

  98. james taube

    We can make Pluto a planet emeritus.

  99. The DORUK

    Mr. Anton : Habitable Underground Oceans – Habitable Underterrestrial Oceans, *Everywhere!*

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    Pluto: Hard crusty shell, juicy liquid interior.

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