New Analysis of a Strange Planet Shows a River of Metal Leaking from Atmosphere

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new analysis of planet WASP 121b and the discovery of strange river of metal outside of the planet.



  1. Roosting-Chicken

    When watching these videos I look at our tiny earth and wonder if other exoplanets have the idiotic problems we have here is there some cosmic being that took one look at us and said to itself “they are young, and they will soon learn” the comparisons to other exoplanets are so bizarre sometimes because I put all the bad that people do next to this new exoplanet that may or may not have the same issues we do or may or may not inhabit life I just hope we leave our ignorant adolescent selves behind and become a kind wise species but like the bonobos to a CHIMPANZEE I see is as the aggressor and humanity will never change in my life time

  2. Robert Chase

    How does iron escape? It should be molten, but not vaporous, so what is it doing in the atmosphere?

  3. JorgeAraujo97

    Rock on! Hope it still stuck on a mid-80’s Metallica non-stop festival!

  4. Volcryn Darkstar

    I wonder what it would actually look like. I doubt that it glows red hot like in the sandbox.

  5. Junsu Park

    Great video! Btw, how are you showing us all those planets and space stuff? Do you use a program that shows the universe? If u do can u pls tell me what the name of that is??

  6. Christiaan Overgaard

    What is with the name, “What Da Math”? Very good astronomy.

  7. Science Troll

    Title . . . . ” New analysis of a strange planet shows a river of meth ” ?

  8. ffggddss

    Earth, when placed in the same orbit as WASP-121b, loses its atmosphere in about 3 hours –– wouldn’t the oceans boil, becoming water vapor, and be swept away very soon thereafter?

  9. Science Troll

    If there’s enough aluminium and oxygen in that tail . . . . and a little iron for red . . . then there might be ruby crystals formed in the tail.

  10. ༼ つ 0_0 ༽つJosh Brvun


  11. omega311888

    i need some clarification, please. by losing atmosphere, its losing mass. is it possible that at some point in the future, it could lose sufficient mass and in doing so, eventually start orbiting farther and farther out until it’s flung off into space?

  12. Interceptor GT

    Is this stuff real?
    I don’t know if this is really things that are happening in the universe or if they are things happening in a computer simulation this guy uses..
    How does the computer simulation simulate things that are happening in the universe in real time?
    I don’t understand this guy’s channel..

  13. TropicalCoder

    Wouldn’t that exoplanet start to spiral away from its star as it loses mass?

  14. Wayne Shirey

    Is all of a gas giant except the core considered its atmosphere?

  15. Dysphoric Kick

    How fast is the planets rotation?

  16. Bobbi Floss

    Just imagine an Earth like planet out there the size of Jupiter or Larger. If they’re anything like us, there would be 10 times more religions, wars, disease, corruption, etc. Geesh…..

  17. Val Sarff

    My guess is that WASP 121b formed on the same plasma string as the star, as all planets and stars form that way. It may be the star’s failed twin. These bodies electrically fuse protons into heavier elements. In this case the amount of iron drawn off by the Birkeland current is unusually high. Instead of the star’s twin, a better explanation may be that it was replaced by the present star and is quite old, accounting for the extra iron production drawn off along the current. There is a decent amount of evidence that Jupiter was an ancient star in our system within mankind’s collective memory, but who can really say with certainty ….?

  18. Terrone Gambles

    I know he don’t believe this crap why should you

  19. Heregul Mithal

    Good video wonderful person.

  20. Tony White

    Hey wonderful Anton can you turn your mic up I love your videos and watch while I’m cooking and it’s hard to hear you as my volume I all the way up. Thanks from another wonderful person.

  21. reykjavikingur

    Could Earth be a Chthonian planet?

  22. Kansa City Shuffle

    Metal world

  23. Rickey Harris

    Definitely one of my favorite subscriptions. Always interesting and sharp.

  24. Kurtlane

    Two questions:
    1. Is there gold among those leaking metals?
    2. Any chance of some of that gold leaking into my pocket?

  25. Julio's Evil Twin

    Dark matter.. there you go.

  26. I hope You're offended

    Good video! 🍺😎👍

  27. Lala Land

    So that’s what that is

  28. frefrefro

    anton petrov is evolution
    smashes tanks —> that’s not enough, I need to smash something much bigger [starts smashing planets against each other] —> ok, lets go doing something constructive [starts making informational videos about space —> ?

  29. Julio Serna

    From atmosphere?

  30. Nonconcensusical

    Transition Metals.

  31. Rich Mitch

    Super *thicc* core

  32. Gunther Lippert

    not to nitpick, but the size comparisons to earth are way off..the earth could fit inside Jupiters’ Red Spot..
    It was shown to be much, much larger

  33. miklotube

    anton, i really love your very informative videos. That being said, your sound/voice sounds monotone rather than stereo to me, I am not any expert on sound or acoustics but I think it would be helpful to viewers/listeners to hear your voice more clearly. Perhaps modifying the position or a different brand of mic? I read overhead mic’s seem to capture sound much better. In addition, your voice sounds very “echoey” and I also read you can lessen the echo by using “absorbers”, I have seen people use walls (like cubicle partitions) even pillows / sheets hung up can lessen the echo. Any others have suggestions, please comment. Keep up the great content Anton!

  34. Tye Bunce

    Anton … watched a few of What Da Math on Youtube now … new boy to all this …
    I must say though you explain very complicated astrophysics in a simple enough
    language that most interested ‘Amateurs’ can follow ….
    Please tell me that you do some personal research before or after studying fellow scientific
    papers on these space issues or I’ll be thinking of myself as thicker than a proverbial
    earth plank. Also love to know Anton ….. do you talk off the top of your head or employ
    some kind of memory aid ….., teleprompter etc … ,,,!!
    Whatever, keep up the good work Anton …. space out and Bieee.

  35. Kayokak

    There’s a river behind a planet? That’s so… Metal
    Okay i’m leaving, sorry.

  36. burgzaza

    these gas giants cores (forgot the name) must look amazing! Probably smooth as hell with next to no craters.

  37. darth flagger


  38. Micha Grill

    Talking about a heavy metal planet

  39. Brentonius Aussiebloke

    Anton, you are one cool dude. Keep up the great work!

  40. WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso

    Thank you for sharing. The day you decided to share on you tube was a truly light bulb moment 💡👀. I’m the sort of person that learns by visual and being shown , I do read but prefer this way. If part of your intention was to share and reach for those that are interested but didn’t really study , well you reached me, and I’m grateful , if part was for hardcore people ,well I imagine you succeeded there also. thank you ,your truly appreciated .💫

  41. Topgun God

    River Metallica

  42. Christoph Trispec

    Better.. Much Better… Yess… Mmmm Yesss… (Tips Hat)

  43. Robert Schlesinger

    Very interesting video. Watching this video, one should wonder about the countless other strange planets are out there.

  44. _ Zoinks


  45. John Thomas


  46. Zenlarrus Hiro

    Is it a magnet planet? Does it have stuff of value?

  47. เดชา ขุนสว่าง

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  48. Liviu-Dan Timar

    What about baking ‘the potential atmosphere’. Under those circumstances, Earth would loose a larger atmosphere than Venus has to offer, simply because it has a lot more ‘potential’ atmosphere. ( : So many details in our Universe… : )

  49. AngryLotus


  50. iamlsusam

    A better comparison would be to say it’s like a comet’s tail.

  51. MC's Creations

    Well, Mercury comes to mind…

  52. Richard Deese

    Thanks for a very interesting video. I’m curious as to how helium aids in dragging metals away from a gas planet. I wasn’t clear on that from the video. As to the commercial that was shown at around 6:00, I must say you’re not doing yourself any favors with those ‘fake news is the fake news of the fake news’ [or whatever the hell they’re actually trying to say – assuming they’re actually trying to say anything in particular.] I skip such things as soon as may be. Those sorts of things are not viewed with any seriousness by a majority of scientifically-minded people here in America. They’re viewed with more realistic expectations by the same people who really like the History Channel’s “Ancient Alien Astronaut” shows; in other words, *_idiots._* The same kind of young people who think they can’t put anything on the internet if it isn’t true [a kind of running joke here.] Anyway, keep up the great work; I really enjoy your videos! Thanks again. Rikki Tikki.

  53. Adam Poniatowski

    isn’t it possible for the solar winds to strip it of its atmosphere? seeing its a gas giant, that is experiencing quite the tidal force from its star, it would be pushed/pulled apart due to the opposing forces.

  54. RyllenKriel

    Wasp 121 B, it’s time you saw a climatologist. We found metal in your atmospheric ejections. If left untreated this can really affect your albedo.

  55. jamie Russell

    How long could this have been happening and the planet still being the size it is? Is there evidence it has a really young star for its system?
    I predict they will measure the rate of loss and if you figure the largest size it could have been without being a star, the planet will turn out to be about 6000 years old.

  56. Clair Pahlavi

    A very large comet!

  57. Vampirerockstar

    METAL \m/

  58. speedy duck

    Anton, playing god once more and destroying our planet again…

  59. Mike Louis

    Perhaps we do know of a chthonian planet already. We call it Mercury.

  60. earl heck

    Is that the prison planet Crematoria.

  61. Rocflanagan

    We need the physics equivalent of the Tootsie pop Owl to tell us how many licks to get to the center, for this planet..

  62. C Harris

    Stunning. When you showed the size of our giant Jupiter compared to this megolith sized planet i was amazed how small it made even Jupiter look. Then Earth looked pea sized in comparison.
    Its evident that most planetary or stellar systems are extremely hostile and incapable of life(as we know it) and systems like this wasp star and the planet its shredding with intense heat and gravity are every where but it never ceases to amaze.
    I watch your reports every day Anton. You’re excellent at your research and devotion, so glad for all the work you do. Your stoic and calm nature really does well for your videos. I hope you never stop and keep doing what you like to do, we have maybe, maybe just now scratched the surface of our collective 🌎 knowledge so you will certainly not run out of cosmic subject matter.
    Binairy Finairy 💥😎

  63. PsyintZ

    Once again, Anton finds a way to make my head explode. Absolutely fascinating, my friend. Thanks for sharing, as usual!
    I’m a bit curious how this would look to the naked eye, though. If we had the capacity to park a shuttle near this planet’s orbit, what exactly would we be observing? What type of metal is streaming off into space? Is it in a liquid and/or solid state? Like, would we just see millions of differently sized hunks of metal trailing the planet? Or something entirely different? Regardless, the sheer amount of unimaginable intrigue looming out in deep space awaiting discovery continues to boggle my mind. I could watch stuff like this all day.

  64. Chris Munro

    You’re a good man Anton

  65. Benjamin Harman

    is this like what mercury may have been??

  66. Arno nümuss

    Thanks for making me appreciate our atmosphere.

  67. manabouttongue

    Could this is what have happened to mercury?

  68. I8XTC Forever

    Your right about one thing I am a wonderful person.

  69. General_Lagarto

    Anton! Can you talk about the supposed “Asteroid that 100% will hit our planet soon”?

  70. Bob Gentry

    It’s gold, or platinum

  71. katthefantastic

    Very interesting. Thank you math friend.

  72. ogieogie

    Anton, you’re a wonderful person.

  73. Macguyver 869

    They can’t take a good picture of a comet in our solar system so how do they know this???? Oooops they don’t so good luck with that!!

  74. smiley

    Wasp 121 is a good name for a heavy metal band.

  75. danny obrian

    I knew it ! Metallic wasps in outer space ! With tails !

  76. Dadson worldwide

    I dont understand how our suns massive plasma eruptions dont through astroids at us .when they snap they throw out a larger
    size than earth yet it burns up .

  77. t. gobold

    Damn that magnetic field must be interesting!

  78. stu Art

    Your volume is fine for me 👍. I know you don’t answer non patrions but I love listening to your daily videos. Gj!

  79. J Burrough

    I could not make out what he is calling the planet and what kind of planet it is. Hydrupitet and ?? I caught Wasp 121b can anyone help?

  80. Steven Pilling

    The WASP planet is actually hotter than most stars!

  81. B Smith

    I am learning so much from you Anton and the universe and planets are mind blowing. There is so much to discover so thanks for giving us insights.
    That planet with a trail is mind blowing.

  82. D Ronillon

    Melon planet! Cool!
    Maybe it is similar to wind picking up grains of sand.

  83. Burleigh Surfography

    Like most pop stations it can’t handle good metal🤘

  84. mosasidog


  85. TheMarker2015 L.S

    Anton you’re amazing man.

  86. Blinked

    When our sun starts expanding, what is the time period in which OUR Jupiter will become a hot Jupiter?

  87. Petrazenka

    Anton likes destroying earth in a lot of his videos.
    Imagine if he had god like powers in real life and solar systems was his to play with.

  88. custard the pipecat

    hello wonderful peoples!

  89. Peter Roger

    If Aliens land on Planet Earth…I want this guy to Report Live !👽

  90. John Ghost

    Dude, I’m spaced out most of the time, so no big deal ;-)

  91. Agent J

    Everytime I assume you’re exaggerating, you’re telling the truth, with minimal drama for effect.

  92. Ear To The Ground

    Very interesting as always. Thanks for what you do.

  93. Strick Nine

    Great video Anton and thanks for burning us all to a crisp. 😁

  94. fagottini

    metal molecule: I wish so bad to see our planet from above
    helium: wanna a lift?
    metal molecule: yea [sparkling anime eyes]

  95. v v

    This is the most METAL thing i’ve ever heard!🤟🤟🤟

  96. Frank Rohr

    Wasp is already a name for a band. Let’s go with
    River of Metal

  97. Sea Bass

    Anton: “Let’s see what happened when we put a planet really close to our sun”
    Mercury: “Am I a joke to you?”

  98. Phillip Brewster

    Can you imagine the gigantic electrical storms it would cause for metals to be melting into the atmosphere…

  99. Justin Norton

    Thanks Anton for all of your videos. You make it easy for a pot head like me to follow along and understand. Always informative and entertaining. It’s amazing how fierce and delicate our universe can be at once.

  100. Nate D.

    Tell me they’re gonna name this planet Metallica…

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