NASA Ingenuity Is Having a Problem Flying + Other Updates

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about some major updates from the Ingenuity mission (and Perseverance) on Mars

Itravell CC BY SA 4.0
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  1. Lerrin

    Watching this video from Tacoma, WA 😁

  2. D A

    It would be great to schedule the last flight to blow dust from the rover on the ground.

  3. Eo Tunun

    The one thing I will never understand is how you can send a solar powered device to a dust covered planet and not provide the device with a means to clean its solar cells. By now, this has me going AAARGH!

  4. VulpisFoxfire

    Just a thought for future rover missions…maybe include a manipulator arm and a set of tool heads that can tighten down bolts/screws as a field repair kit. Kind of sad if the *only* reason the mission gets ended is due to a loose screw, either on Mars or in the funding department…

  5. deisisase

    Could Perseverance somehow pick it up?

  6. Simon Carr

    Glad your back Anton, missed your great videos. Hope the move went well, no doubt you still have a lot of boxes to unpack.

  7. K A

    Mars vehicles ALWAYS outlast their expected life span. This was predictable. NASA needs to get better at Contingency plans, should things go well

  8. Алексей Харченко

    oh man… i never interested before i discovered your channel, but quiqly after i got hooked up and watch every single video. maybe its just your charisma who knows XD

  9. Charles Holmes

    Welcome back anton!

  10. Jerry Boics

    1:00 I see the problem.. The top prop is spinning the wrong way! :p

  11. Rasscal

    Mars seems to be just one big super desert

  12. Lucid D

    In modeling servo are usually the weak point, they are tiny mechanical motor that create small precise inputs, like direction shift. They are key components for handling, in modeling they can rapidly become a problem if your model use a lot of power, or if you install a bigger motor in your model, you have to use better quality, stronger servos. They basically do the job of a car driver turning the wheel, but can be used for many different aspects.

  13. Brian H

    Interesting vid and interesting to find out what will happen.

  14. JOEY!

    It was a good little space helicopter… 😢🚁

  15. TiredMan

    does a planet core not rotating affects the atmosphere

  16. James Aron

    Wonderful post move return and failed Ingenuity helicopter servos post thrust margin recovery 10% speed-up test

  17. lies damnlies

    That little guy was just meant to be a flight demonstrator. A test. Proof-of-concept that “okay, we’re not insane”.

    But it just kept going, saying “Nah fam, I’ve got WAY more science to do!”

  18. SaGe OwL

    In less than 100 years, we got from the first helicopter flight to having one flying on fucking Mars.


  19. Paul Cooper

    Thanks wonderful mate. A drop from 1.2% to 1% is actually a largish percentage drop. So it’s quite a big thing they are wrestling with I guess

  20. Handy Dan

    I actually have a question as well. I’ve been looking into people seeing the Rover from earth. Why can’t we? I haven’t seen one video or when I look into it I can’t find any creditable photos. Are we able to see it here from earth or is it in a location we cannot access?

  21. Handy Dan

    Hello wonderful Anton! Hope all is well

  22. Hossak 2014

    I would love to see a documentary or talk outlining the proposal/development/deployment/people who were behind the ingenuity helicopter. The little chap will go down in history – where can I buy a plushie!?!?! :)

  23. Jax

    Will this be the final chapter for ingenuity? Or has it’s journey just begun. let’s find out in the next episode of Space Race!

  24. Mick Wilson

    Sorry Anton, but, no. Ingenuity is not a victim of climate change. You say “seasonal change” later but, still, it was an iffy intro.

  25. Skeginald P

    I’m the wonderful person Anton was referring to.

  26. Paulius Smirnovas

    Welcome back, Anton!

  27. Sean Mulqueen

    Hello wonderful Anton, this is person. Thank you for giving us updates on the goings on in space :) I’m sure I speak for many people when I say Thank you for giving us things to think about and learn about :) Keep up the good work mate, much love from NZ

  28. Golden Shine

    Ingenuity may have to wait for the season to change when atmospheric density increases. It has done more than expected.

  29. WeBeGood

    Rocket Hoppers would work great on Mars and other Low Gravity Objects. Mars is great CO2 propellant is plentiful, compress and fill tanks full of liquid CO2, batteries to provide the heat, solar powered Rocket.

    Resonance is a software problem with Ingenuity.

  30. highdesertutah

    47 revolutions per second so that Mars helicopter probably doesn’t sound like a Huey. Probably a zzzzzzzzzeezz.

  31. Tony Bjorklund

    The pitch angle nearing the speed of sound on Mars is probably experiencing some pronounced feedback to the position measuring device on the servo (encoder?). They’ll likely be able to dampen the pitch response of the PID loop and open the control loop up slightly to get it to fly again. Weird thing, as the air becomes less dense shouldn’t the speed of sound change, and the drag…. as well? So hopefully dampening the response slightly will not prevent Ingenuity from flying.

  32. tjames22123

    Lovely Video Anton. My favorite chill, relaxing and informative “authority” on galactic matters.

  33. Eri Deimos

    Welcome back! Ya look good! Hope all is going well. Great vid!

  34. DarkVoidIII

    The next NASA mission to Mars should be a mission to test and deploy a service rover. The first droid ever to go to Mars just for the purpose of servicing and retrieving worn out Mars rovers and failed test missions that have some parts that could be recovered and re engineered on Mars itself.

  35. Recovering_Californian

    I wonder if some day, far in the future, there will be a museum on Mars exhibiting all of these rovers.

  36. Superfly

    Anyone else watching the video wanting to reach out and dust off the solar panels?

  37. Secondary Containment

    NASA thought Ingenuity MIGHT fly for a period of time, but it surpassed that. Did they over-engineer it specifically for the possibility that it actually could fly? Did they under-engineer it because they were pretty sure it couldn’t? I would like to know which parts NASA thought would fail and then, why they didn’t.

  38. Corbin Buesch

    “It’s becoming more and more challenging for the helicopter to fly on Mars”
    Honestly that’s not too surprising when we see how much wear and tear does to motors and engines on aircraft in general. I mean they gotta be properly greased, and maintained, what’s doing those things to that helicopter on that dusty ass planet?

  39. flyshacker

    Outstanding video, Anton! SO informative, and I actually followed the whole story! You are an amazing teacher!! Oh, in addition to being a wonderful person.

  40. glentorn53

    Ingenuity is a bold and successful prototype. I’m sure her descendants will achieve even greater success.

  41. JT

    How did the apartment search go?

  42. Arkvoodle Of The Sacred C

    Glad you’re back 😀

  43. Benjamin Hathaway

    If there does prove to be a resonance at the higher speeds, one might be able to PWM the speed and increase the over-all speed without letting the resonance build up. (Or rather, vary the speed constantly)

  44. The Rogue Rockhound and P

    Bet we’ll see drone swarms on Mars soon

  45. Daniel Greenaway

    How many tons of dry ice powder will it take to moderate the atmospheric conditions on the planet? Would this sustainable for any length of time without a magnetic field?

  46. Travelin Jack

    Thanks for all the hard work. Hope move is going good! much LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. william gorham

    Hello wonderful person I’m glad your back! I hope your move was a success and your getting settled in easily. 🙂

  48. R A Feller

    For anybody who’s read Robert a Heinlein. The way to explore Mars is by round things that roll around being blown by this Martian winds and then when the wind stops or they’re caught up somewhere, they have a weight in the bottom that makes them orient cameras on the top side which take pictures of everything that’s going on. So why not let the Martian winds randomly distribute a whole bunch of inexpensive balloons with cameras inside that come out once they get stuck somewhere?

  49. dogfish 33

    you forgot one of the possible issues that caused the anomaly, it’s aliens obviously

  50. Julius Daltoe

    wellcome back, wonderfull Anton!

  51. Jim Curtis

    Wonderful as always anton ☺️👍

  52. Lou Mencken

    “The team actually posted a picture of the part responsible for [the shutdown].” Oh, sure, NASA, subject the part to ridicule by posting its picture online. Nothing like a heavy dose of international humiliation to motivate it to do better- don’t you know that those parts have feelings? Or is it just that you don’t care?

  53. Tiberious Antifragile

    I vote they design bridges to do that. My bridge crossings have grown stale and need jazzed up somewhat.

  54. Captain John H

    To put the 1.2% vs. 1.0% pressure into Earth helicopter terms, it is roughly the difference in performance between sea level and 8000 ft (2400 m). Keep in mind the service ceiling for helicopters is 15-20,000 ft (5,000-7,500 m).

  55. Mary Ann Bittle

    Glad to have you back, and I hope the move was uneventful, wonderful Anton!

  56. dominic williamson

    This mission was a triak run on arial recon on mars. Its impressive such a complex mission has gone on this long.

  57. Askuri

    Love to have you back so soon, but don’t rush yourself! Moving is stressful, take all the time you need.

  58. belstar

    Looks like mars will be a lot harder or maybe even impossible to fly on during the winters.

  59. Tony Perez

    Welcome back Anton

  60. Facta non verba

    I’m sure they could get help up there from Tom Servo. Theoretically, the Satellite of Love has got to be relativity close.

  61. João Pedro Vaz Mourato

    yay my boy is back o/

  62. Tom Schmidt

    Great post explaining Ingenuity’s problem in detail.

  63. Justin A.

    I’ve noticed NASA’s devices always seem to last beyond their original mission.
    I guess a little over-engineering is a good idea when you are flying your stuff millions of miles away from earth.

  64. yongeWok

    Great to have you back, hope the move went or is going smoothly

  65. Shaul Jonah

    It might have to wait till the air pressure gets back up.

  66. LNDN Haze

    Nice outro

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    That darn buttinsky Sun. 🤪

  68. Sahas

    Can you make a video on starship in Boca Chica Texas??? I fell like people are not aware of its impact or even it’s existence

  69. Steven Lombardi

    One would think they would design some sort of cleaning system for the solar panels at this point

  70. Weigh Of Balance

    I think Ingenuity will fly again. 🙏

  71. Guest Informant

    Tacoma Narrows wasn’t resonance? There are lots of videos on this eg minutephysics covered it 10 years ago /watch?v=6ai2QFxStxo
    Edit – looking back at the comments on that video, there’s a discussion to be had here :-)

  72. MacVerick

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  73. Charles

    Come on Ingenuity! You can do it! 🚁

  74. Dara M

    How was your flying move or did you experience any anomalies?

  75. Alan Hendoor.9

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    Don’t know maybe the solar panels R small for the helicopters

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  85. Erkut Eronat

    Nothing sad about Ingenuity eventually retiring. It did a fantastic job. We’ll send better ones to more places. Being able to fly in Mars was progress.

  86. Julian S

    Man! I’m selling my house and moving on the 22nd and I’ve been slowly moving things to storage for a month! Anton wraps it all up in days! True boss. If you feel like moving some more but do not have anything left to move then just hit me up!

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    Me just about to settle into a 3 hour complication video on the NASA Ingenuity 14th Flight Anomaly.

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    Anton is that nerdier friend I wish I had in high school to keep my passion for science alive and to kick my ass for going at the university

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    You are finally back to business!!welcome back !

  90. Carpe Mkarzi

    Fingers crossed and even if it doesn’t fly again it’s a massive success. Great build, great experiment and great team behind it.

  91. avi8r66

    Id prefer to continue the wheeled rovers but have them bring along a group of drones, perhaps 4, which are kept tucked up underneath. It should also be able to recover a drone, including pick one up that has fallen over. This gives them redundancy of the drones, letting the drones serve the mission as long as the rover is alive potentially. The heavy stuff rides on the wheeled rover, like satellite uplink, use the drones for scouting and mapping the terrain.

  92. Mike Spicer

    Sweet Anton the only one so far to say well only one worth a good listen to, great vid Anton best wishes to one and all 😃

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